My Prince Charming

MY prince charming episode 59 – end

Together forever



🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

💖 Season 2 semi – finale💖

🌻 Episode 22 (59)🌻

Genres: Betrayal, Love, hatred tragedy etc..

On the wedding day

💓 Tiana 💓

I sat down on my watching the make up artiste do some finishing touches on my face

To say I was nervous was an understatement I was literally shaking

I am finally getting married to harry after all that had happened he’s eventually gonna be mine alone

I blush at that thought

Kelly was adorning my neck with a gold chain Harry got me and I watched as the bridal train got ready

They really looked stunning

I was now in front of my mirror trying to get my wedding dress on when Clara brought in on of the twins

“She’s been crying so I brought her so you could feed her”

“Oh my baby” in muttered as I collected little Ariel from her

This two has been a pain on my neck for the past one week but they are the best thing that has ever happened to me

Her face brought me the thought of Harry

We were in the Same house but wasn’t allowed to see each other

Mom said it was some kindaff bad luck to see your hubby before your wedding

C’mon who still thinks that we are at the 21st century

It was just a day and I missed him Terribly to mame matters worse mom had me guarded by my pesky sister

In few minutes Riel was asleep and Clara came to Carry her

I resumed to my dressing and in less than an hour I was done

“Whoa sis you look stunning” Kelly complimented

I looked at myself in the mirror and she was darn right

I looked beautiful in my strapless gown

“Harry is gonna fall in love with you all over again” she said and I blushed

💓Harry 💓

“You did it mehn” Adrian said

“Of course why won’t I” I shoved my hair looking at the mirror

“Do you think this is good enough” I said staring at my suit


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dude you look handsome if I were a girl I won’t mind having you all to myself”.

“Yeah yeah flattery” I scoffed

I am nervous as héll she’s gonna be mine forever in just few minutes

“We don’t have all day let’s move” Adrian said

“What if she doesn’t want me to marry her” I said dead on my tracks


you being delusional Harry let’s fúckin go”

“Don’t Blame me I dieing of anxiety”

“Yeah I know now move we’ve a wedding to attend”

I got into my car alongside Adrian as we drove off to the church with my heart rate racing as if it’s been chase

We finally arrived and I must confess mom’s got a taste for planning events I think she should take it up as a profession

She’s good

I watched in gracefully all the guest we’re on sit the priest was standing in front of the altar and Adrian follow me close by


I passed I received some winks and slutty smiles from ladies but my mind was focused on one thing my bride

I got to the front and waited patiently for her to show up

“What if she doesn’t” I thought but was quick to shake off the odd feeling

💓 Tiana 💓

“Let’s go tee”

“I’d be right down gotta take some things”

“We have no time to waste”

I ran down as I got into the car and we set off

“Wow” escape my lips staring at the beauty in front of me this place showed that there was a big of money slapping it off

The environment was glittering and shouting money money money

A blissful song stared signifying that the bride was around

Kelly covered my face with a veil as dad held my hands as we entered

Everyone stood at their feets as I walked by

I could see Harry grinning hard where he stood

He seem super excited

I finally got to his front and I deby the drool staring at harry he looked so smoking hot

I am finally getting married to my prince charming

“Do you Harry gold take Tiana Williams as your lawfully wedded wife in strength in sickness in wealth in trouble in poverty in weakness and in happiness”

“I do”

“Do you tiana Williams s your lawfully wedded husband in strength in sickness in wealth in trouble in poverty in weakness and in happiness”

“I do”

“Before I proceed do we have anyone against the union of this two should speak up or forever hold his peace” the priest said I find my chest beating really fast

“Yes I object this Union” a lady in hoodie said and everyone gasp

We both turn to the speaker as she revealed herself

“Maddie??” Harry and I called at the same time


love birds” was I heard followed by gunshot


🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

💖 Finale Season 2 💖

Final episode 😍

🌻 Episode 23(60)🌻

Genres: Betrayal, Love, hatred tragedy etc..

🎈Chloe 🎈

I groaned bitterly watching Tiana cuddling her baby from where I sat

That was supposed to be me and my baby

That was supposed to be me getting married to harry but she took him from me

She took what belongs to me

And Harry even despised me
So If I can’t have Harry then no one Will

Because he’s mine and mine alone

I stood up and drive to the venue of the wedding

I put my disguise on and entered using the invitation card I got dubiously

I sat down at the far end of the hall watching how well decorated and elegant it was

This was supposed to be mine but some bítch took it from me

Anyways all ends today

In a matter of minutes my handsome Harry walked in looking all Harry like he’s always been maybe more more handsome than the last time I saw him

Its all a shame because we’d go do our wedding on the other side after I kill him

I watched as the bítch walk in looking beautiful and more of the reason I hate her

I waited patiently for the priest to reach the interesting part

“If any one has anything against glthr union of this two speak up or forever hold your peace'” he said

I stood up and walk out
I knew they were confused not until I removed my disguise

“How’d you get our of prison” Harry growled we angrily

“I have my phone ways boy”

I brought out my gun and I see them move back with fear glistering in his eyes

“Put that down”

“Umm no” I said as I made to pull the trigger

Then I felt something Pierce through me the gun I was holding fell off as I fall on my knees as blood gush out my mouth

Someone was faster than me I had been shot

I felt my eyes go heavy as life Gently left me I watched Tiana smirk

I fell down as I drifted off to the other side

💓 Tiana 💓

I opened my mouth in shock as I saw Maddie die in front of me and a man holding a gun behind her

Then Kelly laughed out loud “finally the Last bítch is dead as well”

“You know about this” Harry and I asked together

“Well yeah sort of..”

“Start talking”

“I felt like something bad was gonna happen so I had to inform a cop about it

That was when I learnt that Maddie escaped from prison

I would have told you but you know now

I decided against it and went solo

I noticed her weird movements so I signaled the cop

And when he saw her aim at you he shoots at my command” she said grinning

“Wow” was all that came out of my mind

She was right anyways because if she had told me I would have ignored her or probably become worried to death

At least finally she’s dead and I’d a peace of mind

“Now Is this a wedding or what” Kelly yelled and everyone shouted

The wedding continued ave Maddie’s body was dragged out

Even with her little stunt my wedding was still the best

I closed my eyes as I threw my flowers in the air which landed on no other person but Kelly

I can see her smiling and I just shook my head

My breath was taken away when Adrian knelt down in front of her with a really expensive ring

“Will you marry me” he said and I watched my sis go crazy over a question

“Heck yeah.. been waiting for that question” she answered

Must she always behave crazy

The wedding ended wonderfully at the church as we proceeded to the house for the reception

The reception was graced by lots of dignitaries and Harry’s fellow business partners

I can see most of them stealing glances at me and Harry was growling

“You shouldn’t worry am all yours” I wisphered


At night 🌃

🙈Small children cover ya eyes🙈


The party was over and everyone was gone leaving Harry and I to ourselves

Mom has taken the twins with her

According to her she wants us to have a memorable night if possible one that will lead to another grandchild

I was removing my gown when I felt Harry’s hand on my bare back sending cold shivers down my spine

I really have missed his touch

He trailed his hands downward releasing my dress to the ground

Right now I was in my thong the one Kelly got me as a gift

“Whoa looks seductive” Harry said trailing kiss to my neck line

He bit my ear lobes as he fondled my bøøbs a m0an escape my lips

I could feel his boner poking my aßs as I tried Containing the pleasure

He flipped me over and dive his lips in to mine Devoring my lips maintaining an idea contact with me

“Ohh” I m0aned as I felt his hands on the light fabric covering my cûnt

His hard shaft was poking my stomach as he slide the fabric sideways and dipped his hands into my w€t pússy

I m0aned in his mouth as he fingers drove vigorously in me

He carried me to the bed spreading my legs apart as he position his head at my pússy lips fúcking me with his tongue

My body shrudder as he kept going fast and giving much more pleasure

“Just fùck me already” I m0aned out

He raised his head up and position his dîck at the entrance of my pússy teasing me with it

He thrusts in filling me completely as he kissed me making me taste myself

He was going slow and deep fúcking me passionately

Soon he increased his pace and I couldn’t help but m0an

He kept going on that pace for some minutes until we reached climax

“I love you my princess”

“I love you too my prince charming” I replied drifting off to sleep



Five years later

“She gave me a wedgie” little Chris said crying pointing at ria

Chris was Mason and Michelle three year old son

They got married two months later after ours

While Kelly got married two years ago and she is heavily pregnant

I really feel for Adrian because Kelly’s craziness is overwhelming

They were all at our house for the little get together

I Heard uncle Joe was found dead a year ago at prison he was said to commit suicide

Though everyone forgave him but it seems he didn’t forgive himself

His death played a toll on Harry’s dad but there’s nothing he could do about it

But one thing was sure



The final end!!


⏹️ Never strife to get what isn’t yours

⏹️ In every relationship Learn to trust your partner no matter what

⏹️ Mind the kind of people you make friends with

⏹️ Do not jugde to quickly based on what you eavesdrop

Drop long comments and say what you have learnt from the story

This might be my last story here as an editor

Love you all💓💓😍

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