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My son's friend


If I would have known what was going to happen,
I never would have agreed to let my son have the
Let me start from the beginning; my son turns 18
at the end of the school year and he graduated
this year. He begged me and his father to allow a
late night party with his friends. Usually my
husband and I would have said no, but he only
turns 18 once and on top of that he graduated
high school with great grades. He even took some
college courses while attending high school. So
we finally agreed to let him have the party. I don’t
know what we were thinking.
My husband and I spent several months planning
this big party for him, we got everything ready.
We even had my other son visiting with his
grandmother, so he ‘wouldn’t ruin the party’ as
my older son said.
Just a few days before the party my husband
received an emergency call and needed to leave
town to be with his brother while he was in the
hospital; my husband insisted that I stay to keep
an eye on the party, he wasn’t too sure about
leaving our 18 year old home alone with several
buddies coming over for a party.
So I agreed to stay, reluctantly. The day finally
came for the party; I was running around the
house doing some last minute cleaning. It was so
hot, I had on one of my short sun dresses, but
didn’t put on a bra or panties; it was just too
damn hot to put on any more clothes.
I didn’t realize how late it was getting; I was bent
over picking something up from the stairs when
the door opened. My son’s friends had decided to
walk right in. I heard a whistle, then quickly stood
up and looked back at those that had just arrived.
When I saw it was my son’s friends, I hoped I
wasn’t exposing anything I shouldn’t have.
The first one in the door, the one that whistled,
was smiling at me and said “Tony, you never said
you brought such beautiful entertainment for us
to enjoy.”
Tony then looked at his friend and said “that’s my
mom; she’s here to keep an eye on us.”
Tony’s friend, smiled and said “sorry, man didn’t
know she was your mother.”
I started going upstairs to leave my son and his
friends alone, but then the doorbell rang. Even
more of his friends were coming over. Before long
there were a good 100 people all having fun at
the party.
After a few hours, I was finally able to go upstairs,
to let all the kids have fun without my immediate
supervision. I got upstairs and went to my
bedroom, which was the only room in the house
that was secluded enough that I would get some
peace without having to listen to the music.
Once inside I decided to take a shower, I needed
to cool off from the day. I took off my dress, and
walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower
and stepped inside. Once inside I let the cool
water run over my body, causing my Tips to
harden just a bit, I was letting the water run over
my hair, down my body, cooling me off; this is
why I think I didn’t hear the door to my room
Once I turned around to grab the soap, I noticed
there was someone in the shower with me; and it
wasn’t my husband. Startled, I looked at Tony’s
friend and asked him what he was doing.
He smiled, and then grabbed me, pulling me
tight against him; so tight I couldn’t move away
and said “I came for my entertainment, and you
are going to give it to me.”
Then he gave me a kiss. I resisted, but he was
much stronger than I was. He insisted, pushing
me against the wall of the shower, forcefully. He
moved to start kissing my neck, I tried pushing
him away, I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. He
continued, I felt his hardened Joystick against me. I
knew what was about to come. I went to start to
scream for Tony, but he stopped me and said “Do
you want to ruin your son’s party? He is so
excited that so many people showed up.”
He knew exactly what to say to me to keep me
quiet. I did want my son’s party to be a success,
this will probably be his last party before he heads
off for college and it was nice seeing him enjoying
himself. But this was not what I wanted, how was
I going to get out of it?
He started moving in closer, he took one of my
legs and lifted it up towards his hip; giving him
more access to what he was searching for. I tried
to stop him, I really did, but he was too strong for
me. Once my leg was partially up, he forced his
hardened member into my tightly squeezed Kitty-
Cat; causing me to take a deep breath in pain.
This excited him even more; I heard a m0an
escape from him.
“I had hoped it was tight, I really would not have
enjoyed a sloppy Kitty-Cat.” Was what he said as
he continued to pump his Joystick in and out of my
He continued bleeping me in the shower,
bleeping me against the wall, moving his
engorged rooster in and out of my tight Kitty-Cat.
He continued, forcefully bleeping me, over and
over again; moving his Joystick in and out of my
Kitty-Cat, kissing me, taking my bosom into his
hand. He started playing with my Tip, pinching it,
playing with it, kissing my neck. I was starting to
have a hard time resisting him; this felt so good.
But I had to think of my family, my son who was
just downstairs, my husband who was sitting in
the hospital watching his brother; what were they
going to think of me?
My reserve was starting to diminish as he
continued to pound my Kitty-Cat, smacking it
hard, going in deep. I felt every stroke as he
continued to move in and out of my Kitty-Cat. I
heard his breathing quickening, his heart started
racing, I felt his body heat rising. I know this is
almost over as he continued to slam his Joystick into
me, and then finally he releases; pushing himself
deep within me, his body pressing tightly against
me; his hands holding me tightly as he finishes
unloading deep within me.
Now that he has finished, I had hoped he would
join the others downstairs. He pulled himself from
me, turned and rinsed himself off in the water,
then shut off the water. I continued to stand at
the edge of the tub, next to the wall, hoping he
would forget that I was there and leave. He
stepped out of the tub, took one of the towels
and dried off. Then he turned his attention back
to me; grabbing me. I started to resist, but he
was so much stronger and younger than I was.
He pulled me into him. Tired of the fight, he
throws me over his shoulder and smacks my Buttocks,
hitting it hard. The instant pain reverberating
throughout my body, my Kitty-Cat getting slightly
w€t; I had never had that response before. I think
I liked it.
Once back in the bedroom, he throws me down
into the bed, moving quickly on top of me. He
applied his entire body weight onto me. Kissing
me, I go to slap him, but he grabs my hands and
holds them tightly then says, “I thought you
would stop resisting by now.”
I said, “I thought you were done, you bleeped me
now leave” then I spit on him.
Laughing, he says, “I just started.” Then wipes
the spit off of himself, and then says “if you want
to be like that I guess I will need to teach you
another lesson.” At that, he quickly moves my
two hands together, ties them tightly with the
belt from my robe that I had on the bed. Then
moves the remaining end of the belt and wraps it
around the iron headboard.
Once he is satisfied that I cannot get loose from
the restraints, he moves more slowly; kissing and
licking me. He started moving up, moving his
body against mine, I felt the ripples of his young
body against my skin. The sensation brought me
back to when I was just 18, as he continued
moving his body up, I felt his rooster rubbing
against me, starting at my Kitty-Cat then moving
up along my belly; it stopped for a few moments
at my bosoms. He took my large bosoms and
pressed them around his rooster; bleeping them.
Moving up and down in-between them; he was
pinching and playing with my Tips. Before long
my Kitty-Cat was getting w€t, this is something
my husband stopped doing several years back
and I missed it so much.
I heard him m0aning, he was really enjoying
himself, then he stopped, moving up he said “you
are going to suck my Joystick until I Pour.” Totally
shocked, I looked up at him, who would want to
put their Joystick in someone’s mouth that didn’t
want it there? I would just bite, and bite hard; but
then he grabbed my hair tightly in his hand. My
mouth opened in reflex from the pain, then he
stuck that large hard Joystick into my mouth. I was
about to bite down when I heard him say “you
bite and I will tell your husband that you insisted I
come here.”
So instead of biting, I relented and started
sucking; I must admit, I can do a better job, but
why should I make it enjoyable and easy? I
noticed he was frustrated, but that didn’t make
him stop. I think it made him more insistent. He
grabbed my hair with both his hands; forcing my
head up and down his Joystick. He was moving his
hips in time, bleeping my mouth. He continued
over and over, bringing his rooster in and out of
my mouth. I knew he started enjoying himself,
especially when my mouth started watering from
the excitement. I really can’t contain myself, I
tend to loose myself when I have a Joystick in my
He continued bleeping my mouth, forcing my
head farther and farther onto his rooster; until he
finally unleashed his load, making me suck all the
Pour off his Joystick and swallow every little drop.
Thinking that he was finally finished, I started to
relax until he moved back down. I had forgotten
how active 18 year olds can be.
He moved farther down, this time taking his time,
teasing me, rubbing his rooster against my lower
lips. “They are so smooth, I like that you have
shaved, the sensation is so much better.” He
says, as he continues rubbing up and down. I feel
him getting harder, just the sensation is about to
bring me over the edge. Then I feel him parting
my lips, slowly rubbing, feeling him move past my
cl!t. He smiled, there is no hiding the fact that it is
completely engorged, that I am starting to enjoy
his ministrations.
Moving farther down, then back up; then down
again. Each time moving closer and closer to my
dripping Kitty-Cat; once he has touched the
outside of the opening, I gasp. At the sound he
hears, he plunges deep inside, this time the deep
breath I take in, is with pleasure instead of pain.
The feeling of his young hard, rooster moving
deeper and deeper inside of my w€t Kitty-Cat
excites me in a way that I haven’t felt before.
I am pulling at my restraints, not to get out but
to force him deeper inside; to make him move at
my pace instead of his slow and steady pace. I
wanted; no I NEEDED him to Bleep me hard and
fast, to Bleep me like my husband was about to
break into the room and pull him off of me at any
Instead he continued moving slowly, bleeping
me. He moved in and out, each pump he went
just a little deeper, not as deep as the first
thrusting movement. He was teasing me and
enjoying it; I hated him, for treating me this way.
If he was going to force me to Bleep him, he
should take it hard and fast, not slow and steady.
He continued, going longer than I thought
possible, each time I was about to Pour, he
stopped and changed positions. He really was
enjoying this way too much. When he finally had
me almost at the point of no return, he pulled
completely out. I thought this was total torture,
just as I was about to yell at him to “Bleep me” he
slammed into my Buttocks.
This action instantly made me Pour. I came so
hard, the bed was drenched in my own juices, I
even yelled out in pleasure, pulling even harder
on the restraints against my wrists. At this
reaction, he stopped for a moment. I looked at
him and noticed that he didn’t expect the
intensity of my reaction. He had to give himself
time to restrain himself. I finally had taken him by
surprise. The thought making me want to
continue, to get the edge.
When I moved farther onto his Joystick, that was it,
he couldn’t help it any longer. He started
pounding even harder. bleeping me like you
would Bleep any LovePeddler. Slamming harder
and harder, moving deeper and deeper into my
Buttocks. I was calling out, m0aning, I wanted so much
more, I needed him to continue.
The harder he slammed into my Buttocks, the louder I
called out. I was going to Pour so bleeping hard. I
couldn’t resist any longer. I was forcing the
movements, making him Bleep me harder, and
go deeper.
He was burying himself all the way to his balls; he
couldn’t get in far enough. I needed him to Bleep
me. Yelling at him, telling him what I wanted him
to do. I took control, even though my hands were
tied. I told him “Bleep it hard, you aren’t going to
get anything tighter then my Buttocks, you aren’t
going to get anything w€tter, Bleep me like the
LovePeddler I am.”
At that moment, he could no longer resist, he
unleashed his load deep within my Buttocks, pumping
in deeper with each shooting thread of Pour. I felt
the pulsations deep within my Buttocks, the
movements causing me to Pour as well, this time
not as hard as the first entrance, but definitely
very satisfying.
Once he had finally released his load, he laid
down on me. Moving to kiss me, this time I kissed
When he was finally rested from his
entertainment, he untied me; then got dressed
and walked out of the room. I lay there, enjoying
the aftermath of such an exciting evening. Had I
known what was going to happen that evening at
the party, I would not have agreed.
You see, I am addicted to this boy. I am about to
go see him again; this time he said he may even
bring some of his friends along as well. I pretend
the only reason I see him is because he keeps
threatening me that he will tell my husband and
son, but the truth is I can’t stop seeing him.
By Innobetty1

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