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My soul batch 2


Adindu Presh


Janne walked majestically into her office ignoring the greeting from the front desk Receptionist.
She got into her office and slumped into her chair and placed her head on her table in deep thoughts.
She couldn’t just figure out how Pascal knew about Her and Jide.
She had kept that part of her life secret for a very long time on the advice of her friend Vicky.
Vicky and her had been friends since secondary school days and gained admission into the same university in the same year but for different courses.
Vicky knew every detail about her and she thought she also knew everything about Vicky. Their bond wasn’t friendship anymore but more like sisters so she trusted Vicky with her life and took every advice she gave..

The beeping of her office phone brought her back to the present. She picked it up
“Yes Joy what is it?”
“okay.. Let him in”

Few minutes later, The door opened and Jide walked right in. Janne opened her mouth in shock and surprise. The Secretary had told her she had a visitor who said he wants to discuss a business proposal.
Jide walked in all smiles and sat down opposite her crossing his legs.
“surprise! Surprise!!” He said clapping his hands.
“wha..what are u doing here?!”Janne snapped in anger
“Oh Janne.. I miss this part of u.. Cuter when you’re pissed”
Janne breathed down trying to cool down a bit.
“Why not sit down while we talk about the business proposal I brought” He smiled feeling all relaxed.
Janne reluctantly sat down still looking at Jide
“Janne, where is my son??”HE suddenly asked
“Which son are u talking about?”She asked fuming in anger
Jide gave a gentleman smile
“I’d ask u for the very last time.. Where did u keep Oluwajuwon??”

“U must be very stupid to barge into my office and ask me irrelevant questions.. Oluwajuwon is my son and I have full custody over him and where I keep him is none of your business at all.. Last time I checked, u weren’t interested in him.. God! Jide u ran out to God-knows-where immediately after the birth of my son leaving me to the mercies of nature where I had to strive and fight for the survival of my son and I.. Jide you abandoned us!!”

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did!! You fvcking ran away!!”tears started dropping from her eyes.

Jide stood up and walked to her side as he placed his hands on her hair petting her as she sobbed all the more..

“I have a lot to explain to you Janne.. I never abandoned u or my son and I never will.. You just don’t want to give be me a chance to explain things to u.. I was… ”

He was interrupted by the opening of the door..
Janne raised her head up and her eyes met with Pascal who stood fixed at the door looking at both of them..
She quickly adjusted herself and stood up..

Pascal fixed his eyes on Jide..
“Brother Jide??”
Jide couldn’t understand the situation of confusion between Janne and Pascal
“aburo, what are u doing here?”Jide asked Pascal

Pascal faced Janne
“is he the Jide? My own blood brother??”…….


Fauzi and her brother Azeez came out of the car with bags of groceries as they headed to Fauzi’s new apartment in school.
“So I’ll be alone in that house?”Azeez asked
“No nah.. I’ll be coming to check u up during weekends.. You are starting your new Job at Baba’s company on Monday and you’d be busy. I too would be busy with school stuffs..”
“But why can’t u just be going to lectures from home?”
Fauzi laughed as they headed to the flat and she opened the door with her key.
“I don’t want to get distracted ko”
They went inside and Fauzi collected the bag of groceries from him and headed to the kitchen where she kept them and came back with an orange juice and 2 glass cups.
Azeez collected one glass from her and poured a good quantity of juice and started drinking.. Fauzi did likewise.
“So.. Tell me about your girlfriend”She asked facing him
He laughed and dropped his cup on the stool in front of him.
“I don’t have”
She gave him a questioning look
“Don’t tell me that! I know you’re lying!!”
“Coz I can see it in your eyes and I can read it from your mind”She said placing her hands on his chest
They both laughed.
“Well, I’d tell u all u want to hear under one condition..”
“Which is?”
“Tell me about yours first”
“But I don’t have any!”
“But u have a crush?!”
“Yess.. Nooo”
Azeez laughed “you have a crush.. Tell me about him”
“OK.. Not like he is a crush.. But I’d say his the closest male friend I’ve got for now.. His cute, nice and funny.. I just like him but nothing is brewing between us o!…now I’ve told u about mine, tell me about yours”

Azeez gulped down his remaining juice and cleared his throat
“Her name Is Hadiza”
“Uhmm.. Hadiza, how did u two meet?”
“Hadiza, ur friend.. ”

Fauziat dropped her cup and looked at him in awe…


Uche whistled happily as he buttoned his well ironed long sleeved shirt. He dressed on corporate with shoe and tie. He glanced at the mirror again and took his neat files as he stepped out of the room.
His mom was at the dinning taking bread and tea.
“Morning mom” He greeted and headed for the door
“Where are u off to so early? To your frequent interviews that yields no good results?”She laughed lightly
“Mom when will u stop taunting me? When will u stop? Other mothers pray for their children but all I get from u are insults and bad will!!”
“I will stop taunting u when u have sense! I told u to go and meet my brother in the states..he’d look for a good job for u over there and hopefully you’d become useful in this life but No.. U refused! You stay in my house and eat my food everyday without contributing a dime!! What a worthless child you are.. Shame on uuu”

Uche shook his head in pains
“You and I know the type of business your brother is into.. drugs!! Cocaine for Christ sakes and you want me to join him? what type of a mother are u??”
Perpetual hissed loud and long
“Anything that brings money is legit business.. join him or remain miserable!”
“I reject it in Jesus name.. I can never be miserable.. Let me get going before you ruin the remaining part of my day”
He hastily left while Perpetual mocked him..

He got to the Company just in the nick of time because his name was called in shortly after as the next person for the interview..
He adjusted his tie and walked in after saying a silent prayer.

He met the MD sitted comfortably on the sit..
At his table, the name “ABDULAZEEZ USMAN” was written boldly..
The interview went smoothly and he was asked to wait for a call in the next 2days…


Fauziat got back from lectures very tired. She slumped on the sofa and kicked off her shoes.
A sweet scenting aroma was emitting from the kitchen.
“Hadi, am back o”She shouted
“Get ur lazy ass over here”Hadiza shouted from the kitchen and Fauzi dragged her feet to the kitchen.
She met Hadiza on a bum short and singlet frying chicken.
Fauzi moved to a pot and opened it to see a hot jollof rice. She inhaled the aroma..
“Hadi my chef.. Can I take some while I wait for the chicken?”She pouted
“Don’t ever dare.. wash ur hands n help me make the salad while I finish up these fryings”
“Dan Allah nau.. U know I’ve been in Class since morning”
“So why didn’t u go to the canteen to eat something?”
“Coz I know my Chef would definitely make something so I was running along to come home”
Hadiza laughed and allowed her dish food..
Fauzi sat down on the long kitchen stool eating while Hadiza started making the salad having finished frying the chicken.
“Hadi, I have a date this evening” Fauzi said with a mouthful of rice
“With who?”Hadiza asked without looking up
“The guy that was knocked down by your driver?”
Fauzi nodded
“Hmm.. Fauzi u need to be careful with your feelings.. Don’t invest ur feelings on someone u are not sure you’d be ending up together with”She said mixing the salad steadily
“How do u mean?”
Hadiza stopped and looked at her friend
“You are a Muslim, that Yaro is an Igbo Christian. Baba wouldn’t like it and u know”
“Well, we are just friends.. Nobody is talking about marriage here ko”
“Just be careful, that’s all”Hadiza said dishing rice into a plate.
“What about u? You’ve never told me about your relationship life”
Hadiza smiled..
“I will.. At the right time”
Fauzi looked at her “So u can’t tell me anything? And am supposed to be ur best friend? But I tell u everything about me! That’s quite unfair”
Hadiza exhaled “Please Fauzi, don’t make this an issue.. Respect my privacy”
Fauzi was surprised
“Privacy? So as friends we should respect each other’s privacy ko? But I let u invade mine comfortably..”
Hadiza raised her hands up.. She was pissed off “Fauziat respect my privacy haba! When the time comes, I’ll let u know”
“Gaskiya I didn’t expect this from u.. You think I already do not know you and my brother are seeing each other? Kai and u never told me? What’s hard there? Keeping your relationship with my own brother secret? What type of a friend are u exactly!! I’ve been waiting to hear from you since but u kept acting numb! Walahi am disappointed in you..”She stood up and entered inside the room while Hadiza looked on in surprise totally losing her appetite..


Jide and Pascal had left Janne in deep shock at that single revelation.
Jide is actually Pascal’s elder brother who had been in the states most of his life.
Janne and Jide met when Janne gained admission newly into the University. They attended the same home cell fellowship and from there, their friendship blossomed into a wonderful relationship. Jide was 2 years ahead of Janne, that is.. While Janne was in 100level, Jide was in 300lvl..
Janne discovered she was pregnant during her first semester in 200 level.. She panicked and told Jide who was overwhelmed with Joy and asked her not to abort it for any reason. He catered for her till she was delivered of a baby boy whom he named Oluwajuwon.
But a month after the birth of Juwon, Jide disappeared into thin air.. Janne was so foolish that she didn’t know or ask of Jide’s family during their relationship..
Jide only knew her mother whom he also showered with gifts..
Janne moved over to her Mom’s house and her mom took care of her and the baby till she was strong enough to go back to school..

Jide resurfaced after 3 years pleading for forgiveness and asking to be given a chance to explain but Janne couldn’t hear of that.. She told him there was no reason justifiable for his actions.
Jide went over to her mom’s house but was told that she packed out about a year ago. Jide was at a loss.. He kept coming around, pleading with Janne to at least tell him where his son is but Janne was adamant.
He went away for another 3months and just resurfaced again that day.

Janne picked up. her phone and dialed Vicky’s line.
“babes can we do lunch together her today?”
“okay bills on me.. there’s something important I’d like to discuss with u”
“OK babe, till then”

Janne heaved a sigh and tried to focus on work but all to no avail as her mind drifted back to the early incidence.


Fauzi and Uche arrived at an eatery and sat down while Fauzi called on the waitress and placed orders for her and Uche.
While waiting for their order, Fauzi started a conversation
“So how was ur interview yesterday?”
“Was fine.. Same usual ‘go, we’ll get back to u’ thing” Uche sighed
“Don’t worry.. am positive that this would work”
“I hope so.. The company is a big one and many applicants were there”
“What position did u apply for?”
“P.A..they said the Managing Director just came back from the states and he needed a P.A”
The waitress arrived and served them their food.
They started eating..
“What’s the name of the Company?” Fauzi asked chewing rice
“Usman and Sons and it’s like the MD is the owner of the Company’s son because his name is Abdulazeez Usman” Uche said munching his food.
Fauziat nodded slowly and smiled as she continued with her food.
They had a wonderful dinner as they laughed and gisted so much after which Fauzi took Uche home and he promised to call her.

Adindu Presh


“Who the hell is she to you?”Jide screamed at Pascal
“Boda mi..am respecting u o.. Don’t shout at me anyhow”Pascal said sitting on the sofa
“Pascal, are u stupid? U dare talk to me in that manner??”
“See, Janne is my Fiancee.. Engaged to get married so what’s your own?”
Jide hit his leg on the ground impatiently and paced about in confusion
“Your what??”Jide asked
“Pascal are u out of your senses? Wait.. Now I get it, I sent you Janne’s picture from the states years ago.. U knew how Father literally bundled me out of this country without prior notice. I confided in you, I sent u her picture and address and begged you to explain things to her.. You told me you’ve searched for her but she was nowhere to be found. Little did I know that u betrayed me.. You went behind me and stole my girlfriend!! Now u are engaged to her?? Oh shit!!”Jide grabbed Pascal by the collar of his cloth and raised his up choking him
Pascal was coughing “Lea..ve.. Meee”Pascal was struggling with his breath.
Just then, Yetunde their younger sister came in, seeing the scene, she quickly held Jide begging him to release Pascal who was choking already.
“Boda mi pleaseeee.. Ejor.. Tori Olorun, release him” She begged

Jide released him and pushed him to the chair. Pascal’s eyes was red as he was coughing trying to regain his breath.
“Bastardddd.. Am not done with u yet!”Jide said, took his car keys and went upstairs.
Yetunde bent down beside Pascal “boda what happened? I’ve never seen boda Jide in this mood, what exactly did u do to him??”
“Will u shut up and get out?!”Pascal bellowed at her..
She retraced her steps and picked up her purse hissing aloud
“I blame myself for coming to your rescue in the first place”She murmured and went upstairs to her room.
Pascal ground his teeth in anger as he straightened his rumpled shirt.
“This is just the beginning Jide.. There’s more to come..”He said and picked up his ringing phone
“Yes, I’ll be there in a giffy.. Wait for me” He said and left the house.


Vicky and Janne were having lunch at an eatery close to Janne’s Office.. Vicky was eating noodles and plantain while Janne settled for snacks since she couldn’t eat due to all these happenings.

“So you said Jide and Pascal are brothers?”Vicky asked wide eyed
“Yes! Pascal barged in on Jide and I earlier today”
“but how come? Indeed this is a small world”
“My dear, I am confused, I don’t know what to do.. To think that am in love with my baby daddy’s brother.. I don’t know what to do.. Am blank!”
“Just calm down.. These would be sorted out.. Have any of them called u?”
“No..and that’s why am so bothered.. Even Pascal haven’t called me.. Am now, Jide is asking after his son”
“Hmm.. Don’t worry.. There’s always a way out.. I’d be meeting with Pascal later today and I’d talk to him and know his stand in all these..”
“Thank u very much.. Thanks for your help”
Vicky smiled and they continued with their Lunch..


Meanwhile, Fauzi and Hadiza had developed cold feet towards themselves after the last kitchen episode. Fauzi was mad at Hadiza for keeping her relationship with her brother a secret..
Hadiza on the other hand was angry at Fauzi for preying into her privacy.
The two girls were at loggerheads And spoke to each other only when necessary.

That evening, Fauzi went over to Uche’s place so they could hangout as earlier planned.
she waited for him outside the gate ND soon, he arrived and hopped in looking more cheerful than ever.
“What’s with the smiles?”Fauzi asked
“Babe guess what?” Uche said happily
“Oh. Tell me na”Fauzi said making baby face
“OK OK.. I got the job!!”Uche screamed
Fauzi smiled in delight seeing how happy Uche was..
“am so happy for u dear”
“that’s not all o..this appointment comes with an official car, a house and a huge monthly bonus…am so happy..”Uche exclaimed
“Alhamdullilah” Fauzi smiled
“Now. let’s go and celebrate your new job”Fauzi said and drove to a hotel where they stayed in a shade close to the pool and while Fauzi was taking juice, Uche was taking alcohol.
“Am so overwhelmed with Joy.. After so many years of struggling.. Alas! I have a well paying Job.. ”
Fauzi smiled “Am happy you’re happy”
“Fauzi, I’ve been meaning to tell u something..”Uche said with a straight face.. Fauzi adjusted urging him to go on.

“Am not very good with words and I’ll tell u how I feel without mincing words.. From that day I saw u at the hospital, I loved u.. There was this spark u lit in my heart on that day.. Fauzi I love u and am very sure about it.. I love the way u sincerely care about me and make my happiness your priority.. Even though u met me a poor guy, u still cared for me.. Took me out, not ashamed to pay the bills for both of us and assured me that everything would be fine. The bottom line is this.. I love you so much.. Would u be my girlfriend and companion? Let’s start from there and we’ll gradually progress into the next step..”He held her hands and she blushed looking down on the table.

Uche lifted her head up and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Will u be my Queen Fauziat??”
“Yes..yes”She replied and he kissed her one more time.
“I love u so much and am not letting go”
“I love u more” She replied..


From that moment, the love between Fauzi and Uche grew like never before.
They respected each others religion.
Uche never complained of how she covered herself up all the time and Fauzi never complained of him not meeting up with their appointment because he went for Sunday service. They made a promise to themselves to be s£xually pure till their wedding night and they adherred to this promise.. They shared few kisses and enjoyed each other’s company.
Fauzi told her brother Azeez alot about Uche too and they planned on meeting.. Uche was however oblivious of the fact that Fauzi’s brother is his boss and Fauzi had a hand in his employment.

Tragedy struck when Uche decided to introduce Fauzi to his mother…


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