My Ugly Face

My Ugly Face episode 1





Meet Catherina Patrick she was named the most ugliest human being in the whole universe.

She got a disgusting and scary half face,she got no family nor friends nobody what associate with an ugly human being like her,she is alone in this world.

Anywhere she pass kids started running and crying all because of her ugly while some will call her all sorts of names Monster,Beast even Chimpanzee while some say all manners of things to her
🗣️ What type of monster is this?

🗣️ Where an earth did this monster came from?

🗣️ Oh mine! She is damn ugly,the ugliest human being in the world.

Catherina happens to be a graduate with a good qualifications but no company want to give her a job all the companies she went to rejected her all because of her face.

She wondered around the street looking for job,shelter and someone to call her own family but nobody want to welcome her in their lives nor even care to know the reason behind her ugly face.

Catherina met and fallen in love with Charles.




Grab your Popcorn 🍿🍿as we Ride on this journey of Her Ugly Face …..





Catherina walked around the street with her CV looking for where she will see a job vacancy,she has been wondering around the street for months,her one side ugly face is a disgusting scar from a fire explosion it also covered her eye too ,anywhere she passed people will stop what they are doing and start staring at her saying all manners of things to her.

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🗣️ God Forbid! Which planet did this girl came from?

🗣️ What type of human being is this? Is she a Monster or what? look at her face.

🗣️ What am I seeing? a beast or what?

Children seeing her coming will start running away being so scared of seeing such face.

“Hold me mother! the beast is coming,I don’t want her to devour me”
A kid cried out and ran to her mother.

Catherina became so worried about her life,
“What type of life is this? Am I not human being like them? Why is my own life different from others? People called me all sort of names and said all sort of things to me,children run away from me because of this my face,is not my fault am like this rather is circumstances of life that got me like this”
She sounded in tears and keep on looking for a job vacancy.

She walked for about an hour under the hot sun till she finally see a signboard that says “Computer Operator Needed”she graduated as a Computer Engineering.

She breathed in relieve and prayed for things to turn out good for her.

“I hope they won’t be like others that ran away once they set their eyes on me,Oh Lord please let this one turn out good for me”
She prayed and walked inside the office premises.

One of the workers saw her and started shouting being so scared.

“Blood of Jesus! A monster! A beast! I cover myself with the blood of Jesus what I don’t know will never know me”
He shouted and ran out.

“Please don’t run away! Am not a monster am a human being like you”
Catherina shouted and ran after her.

The guy was shouting in fear,
“Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die now! Please don’t devour me!

He ran inside the office and shouted to his colleagues,
“Shut the door! A monster is coming! She will devour us! me I don’t want to die oOoOO!

His colleagues didn’t take him serious and laughed at him.

🗣️ Bro are you okay? Why are running and sweating like this?

🗣️ Is the monster! She is coming close the door”
He shouted trying to close the door but they stops him.

🗣️ Is like you have started seeing things,What did you mean? Did Monsters still exit in this world?
They still don’t believe him.

🗣️ Go out you will see the monster for yourself”
He sounded still sweating in fear.

The female colleague went outside and didn’t see anybody meanwhile Catherina have not gotten to the office.

She sighed and said,
🗣️ Bro you are not well at all,you need to take your medication, where did you see the monster?

🗣️ I saw her outside she wanted to devour me but I ran so fast please you have to close the shop I don’t want my running to be in vain I still love my life”
He said to them but they laughed and still don’t believe him,they concluded that he is seeing things and need to seek for spiritual help,they went back to their works.

Catherina got to the office,the guy saw her and shouted being so terrified.
🗣️ Look at the monster! The monster is here!

His colleagues saw her and shouted,
🗣️ Blood of Jesus!
They shut the door immediately including the windows.

“Please don’t close the door,am not a monster am a human being like you all I only came to seek for a job,I saw the signboard outside”
Catherina cried out.

🗣️ She said she came to look for a job”

🗣️ A monster came to look for a job? That’s not possible”

🗣️ She is just saying that for us to let her in then she will use our bodies for lunch”

“Please I desperately need this job to able to survive am a computer operator I graduated as a Computer Engineering”
She said to them knocking on the door.

🗣️ Am having a second thought,what if she is not a monster? Check it nah does a monster goes to school talk more of graduating?

🗣️ I will never believe that her trick,she just want to fall for her trick then use us for lunch”

🗣️ I don’t think so,she is not a human being like us beside what type of human being that will have such a disgusting and scaring face? if not a monster”

They all said and put their lives in the hands of God, Catherina keep on Knocking the more she knocked the more fear rate they will become their hearts were dancing in fear and prayed for the monster to leaves,they sweat that was dropping out from their brows can fill bucket.

Catherina knocked for over thirty minutes and telling to conceive them she not who they think she is but all to no avail she gave up and made her way out.

🗣️ It seems the monster has left”
He said at the moment they did not hear the knock again.

🗣️ Go and check If she is gone”

🗣️ You want me to die it will not work for you”
Nobody is willing to open the door until one of them took courage and opened the window slowly to peep.

🗣️ Thank you Jesus for saving my life for not allowing this monster to kill me”
She sounded happily.

🗣️ She’s gone!
She shouted with so much joy and opened the door.

They jumped and thank God for saving their lives some even knelt down.

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“God why? Why are you doing this to me nah? Why did allow me to survive when you know that I will suffer like this? You should have allow me to die with my parents”
She lamented in tears and sat down on a block.

“Tell me how I will survive without food nor shelter? Nobody want to hire me because they call me a monster,why am I being treated like this? God why? you better come to my rescue before I will kill myself”
She cried out.

She bowed down her head with her hands on her head thinking on how the journey of her life beings.

She wept so bitterly as she recalled back everything,
“Death you better come and take me ooo! I don’t know why you leave me am better of a dead person,How can someone live like this? no family relatives,nobody want to associate with me,no Job,no food no shelter,I have been wondering around for months no more seems to care about me then what am I still living for? it’s better I just die then suffering like this”

She stood up and picked up her file that contains her CV and made her way out to see if she can see a good hearted person that will offer her a job.

She walked under the hot temperature of the weather looking for a job,
“Oh God! am so thirsty,I got no money on me how will I drink water now?
She sounded and sighted a provision store.

“God please touch her heart let this woman help me let her not be like others”
She said and went to the provision store.

“Good afternoon Ma!
She greeted politely.

The woman raised up her head and shouted in shocked,
🗣️ So you are the monster people have been talking about? Please don’t kill me my kids are too tender to lose their mother”
She pleaded and ran inside.

“Please don’t run away from me,am not a monster am a human being,I only need water to quench my thirst”
She pleaded.

🗣️ Go away I don’t have water to give to a monster”
She shouted and closed her door.

“God not again! You better come to my rescue before I will die all the people I go to always run away from me,who will give me water to quench my thirst before I will die? I have been swallowing my saliva but now my throat is dry”
She said in tears.

She sighted a small eatery and decided to try her luck hopefully it will be a successful one,she crossed the road to the eatery shop.

The people there saw her and shouted,
🗣️ She is the monster people has been talking about”

🗣️ She’s the one,I heard that she devour people and used them as food.

🗣️ Run for you dear life if you don’t want to die”

They left their food and ran out for their lives.

“Please stop running away from me am not a monster”
She cried out.

The owner of the eatery wanted to run but Catherina’s cry stops her.

🗣️ You said you are a human being but why did you have this scaring face of a monster?
The woman asked being far away from her.

“Trust me Ma am not a monster am a human being,what happened to me is circumstances of things,Please Ma am dying my throat is dry I need water to quench my thirst nobody want to help me please don’t turn your back at me”
She pleaded in tears.

The woman felt so pity for her but yet still not conceived if she is a monster or not.
“Move back! Don’t come closer”
She said to her, Catherina obeyed and stayed a little bit far away from her.

The woman dished out food with water for her,she kept it at the stairs.

“You can have this but don’t come back here again”
She said in fear and stood at the existence of the inside door.

“Thank you so much Ma! May God bless you Ma!
She sounded happily and rushed to get the food.

She took the food and made her way out,the people that ran out sighted her they went back to the eatery to see if she has devour the woman.

🗣️ That beast didn’t do anything to you?

🗣️ We came to see if she has devoured you”

🗣️ Why did you guys think that girl is a monster?

🗣️ We don’t need a seer to tell us that before believing she is a monster? Can’t you see her scaring face? Have you ever seen someone with half fine face and half scaring face?

🗣️ They must be a reason behind that face”

🗣️ What reason will that be? Just that your God that she didn’t devour you like the way she used to do others.

They said and sat down to finish their food.

Catherina’s heart was filled with so much joy at least someone felt for her and gave her food and water.

Night started approaching she stood somewhere waited for people’s stores to be close so she can pass the night there.

She walked to a bush where she used to keep her bag,she took it and went to the store to pass the night there.


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