My Ugly Face

My ugly face episode 11




For the past week Charles has not gone to see Catherina and he has not been himself,he always restlessness and have this guilty conscience on him, Catherina’s words to him keep on echoing on his head.

“Why am I feeling this way? Why can’t I stop thinking about this girl? why am I so restlessness like this?
He walked around so helpless on his room.

“What am I going to do? I feel so guilty for not giving her a listening ear,should I go and meet her and apologize to her? am confused I don’t know what to do?
He took a glass of water and finished it at a single gulp.

He sat down on the bed with his hand on his jaw and stomping his feet,thinking on what to do.

“Should I go and apologize to her for being mean to her to kill this guilty conscience or should I go and pretend to love her then use and dumped her?
He thought being so confused.

He tipped his finger on his cheek thinking on the right decision to take he now remembered something that usually helped him out whenever he’s in a situation of confusion.

“My ideological Coin!
He sounded and rushed to get the coin from the drawer.

He kissed the coin and said,
“You have helped me in a thousand times and you have never failed me,I have come to seek your help of being confused I need you to help me out in this situation”

“The Head will be Apology while the Tail will be Pretence,is time to help me out”
He said and threw up the coin.

The coin fell on the Head which Apology,he picked it and said,
“I know you will give me the right decision,thank you for being there for me”
He kissed the coin and put it back to the drawer.

“I need to go and see Catherina right now and apology to her”
He went to the wardrobe to get a nice outfit to wear.

At the moment Charles stepped into the boutique Catherina’s heart started racing so fast like a racing car with this smiles on her face.

“Don’t be stupid Catherina! Why are you smiling for this guy? He is not here to see you so stop being over reacting besides he made it clear to you that he will not have anything to be with ugly face”
She remembered his hurtful words and her excited face automatically changed to a sad face.

Charles approached to her and greeted with smiles,
“Good afternoon Catherina! How are you doing?

“What did you want Mr?
She asked without looking at him,her eyes were on the account book.

“I want you Catherina!
He sounded with smiles.

“Pardon! You said what?
She asked with this funny look on his face.

“I said I want you!
He repeated himself.

“Mr I can see that you are not here to buy anything you came to receive fresh air from the AC when you are satisfied you can take your ass out”
She said focused back on the account book.

“Ouch! that’s so mean Catherina!
He sounded with smiles and continued.

“I know you are angry with me for the way I spoken to you I didn’t mean to do that I over reacted I should have given you a listening ear then insulting you I have not been myself since that day that’s why I came to render an apology to you but I want to do it in a better way,I want use to go out for dinner at Grace Land Restaurant”
He said.

“Mr your apology is not needed you can go”
She sounded proudly.

“Catherina please give me this chance to render a sincere Apology to you please”
He pleaded.

“Please Mr I don’t need your apology besides you didn’t do anything to me I allowed my stupidity and foolishness to get over me being too naive to confess my love forgotten that I have an ugly face nobody will never want me in their lives”
She said.

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“I know I was so mean to you right from the first day that’s why I need to give you a sincere Apology please meet me up at Grace Land Restaurant by six pm I will be waiting for you,If I did not render a sincere Apology my guilty conscience will keep on hurting me please I need to talk to you”
He said and made his way out.

Catherina gave a soundly sigh and sounded,
“What rubbish? Did I tell you that I need your apology? Your apology can go to hell I don’t care”

Few hours later, Jackson came back from school and met his Aunty moody.

“Aunty Catherina what’s wrong with that face? Who upset it?
He asked starring at her.

“Can you imagine that Charles came here?
She sounded.

“Charles! What for? Did he came to buy something?
He asked.

“Had it been he came to buy something my face wouldn’t have been like this”
she sounded rolling her eyes.

“What did he want?
He asked.

“He want to take me for dinner”

“Why? What for?
He asked confusedly.

“He said he felt so guilty for spoken to me that way that he need to give me a sincere apology I should meet him at Graceland Restaurant”
She said rolling her eyes.

“What’s was your reply to him?

“I simply told him that I don’t need his apologizes”

“Why nah? You should have said that to him you should have accept his offer nah”
He sounded.

“Why should I accept his offer?

“He need to apologize to you right( She nodded her head as he continued) Don’t you think an apology dinner date will later turn to a romance date?
He sounded.

“What are you saying? Let me tell you am not interested with his apology dinner neither a romantic date with him”

“Aunty Catherina did you want to tell me that you no longer feel anything for him even if a thin thing?

“He did not want me so why should I keep the feelings alive? I killed it right from that day he rejected me”

Jackson giggled and said,
“Aunty Catherina you can lie ooo! You think i have not been watching you like a movie thinking about him even last night you thought about him,am I lying Auntie Catherina?

“So you are now a monitoring spirit? You no longer go to sleep you will be monitoring me abi?
She asked.

Jackson giggled and sounded,
“I knew it the feelings is still mutual so Auntie Catherina take this chance to have dinner with him who knows this apology dinner will lead to something so sweet and beautiful”
He winked at her.

Catherina laughed and tapped him on the head,
“This your head eeeh I wonder if this head belong to a twelve years old boy”

He laughed out loud,
“Auntie this head is too much it knows something alot both in academic and in adventure of love story”

Catherina bursted out laughing,
“Jackson is so good to have you by side thank God someone like you came into my life what will I do without you I love you my Jacklyn”
She hugged him.

“And I so much love you,your happiness matters a lot to me as I always said when I grown up I will become a medical Doctor I will give you back your beautiful face”
He said to her with smiles.

Catherina hugged him again with tears of joy,
“You are so sweet Jackson I will forever be here for you and help you to achieve your dream”

“Enough of the tears before it will soak my cloth,let me go and change”
He withdraw himself from the hug and walked to the dressing room.

Charles got to the restaurant waiting patiently for Catherina and hoping to see her.

“I hope she won’t fall my hands!
He thought and took a sip of his drink.

He checked his wrist watch and sounded sadly,
“It’s thirty minutes passed and she’s not here maybe she will not come”

Few minutes later,he saw her looking for him,he was so overwhelmed with joy.

“Hey Catherina! am over here!
He shouted to her hearing drawing others attention.

Catherina saw him and her face lighted up with smiles.

Catherina approached to him,he offered her a sit like a gentleman,
“You are welcome,please sit”
He said with smiles.

“Thank you!
She smiled and sat down.

“I thought you won’t come but thank God you are here”
He sounded smiley.

“What will you like to eat? Here is the menu”

She went through the menu,
“Let me go for Jollof rice”

He waved at the waitress.

“Please get her Jollof rice then get me rice with white sauce”

The waitress wrote down their orders and made her way out.

Charles smiled and said to her,
“Thank you for coming”

She replied back with smiles,
“Is nothing”

The waitress brought their order and served them,
“Get us red wine”
He said to her.

Catherina stares at the food waiting for him to start before she will proceed.

“Catherina stop staring at the food and eat you will like it this restaurant knows how to prepare a delicious delicacy”
He said with smiles.

She took spoonful of the food and ate,
“How did you see the food?
He asked.

“It taste good!
She answered with smiles.

The waitress later brought red wine along side with a glass cups 🍷 she poured the wine for them and made her way out.

Charles took a sip of his wine and folded his hands to apologize to her,
“I don’t know how to start to ask for your forgiveness,I know what I did was so wrong I shouldn’t have said that hurtful things to you,I shouldn’t have insulted you like that nor even called your names because of your look forgotten you are a human being like me I acted so stupid and foolish”
Catherina stared at him.

He paused for a while and continued,
“An apology is the super glue of life it can repair just about anything and Sorry is not just a word to say,Its a expression to express for unfortunate event that experienced,I have been myself since that event and my self conscious will keep on killing me if you didn’t forgive me please Catherina am deeply sorry please forgive me”
He apologized waiting to receive a positive respond.

Catherina brought down his hands,
“Charles I have forgiven you and I know as a human being we have different way of reacting into a setting situation and I know it came as a bombshell to you and you were not expecting such thing from an ugly girl like me so am cool with you”

“Thank you so much for forgiven me now my heart can rest and my mind will be in peace but if I will like to know how you got this scar on your face if you won’t mind”
He said with smiles.

“Well is a long story and if I start to tell you about it we will sleep here and even the next day”
She sounded with smiles.

Charles bursted out laughing,
“Catherina you are so funny ooo! What type of life story will take up till two days to finish?

She laughed and said,
“My life story is like a movie script you know it takes directors weeks or month to direct a movie”

“Hahahaha! I see! you canmake the story brief maybe next time you will finish the story line”
He sounded while laughing.

“Well it’s a tragedy that I will never forget in a hurry a tragedy that left an awful part in me a tragedy that hurt the most a tragedy that took my loved ones away from me a tragedy that left this unforgettable scar that made me to look like a monster as people always called me”
She sounded in tears as she remembered her past life.

Charles was shooking his head with a pity face he offered her his handkerchief to wiped her tears.

Catherina wiped her tears and continued,
“On that horrible day we had an accident our car burnt down and my parents died at the spot half of my life was burnt and gave me this scary half face”

He shooked his head he really felt for her,
“Oh my God! This is really painful I can’t imagine such thing happening to me not even my enemy,What a painful tragedy? How were you able to survive after incident? What about your relatives?

“Relatives! They are nothing but a devil after the death of my parents they took everything my father laboured for they didn’t leave a dime nor even consider me as the only survivor,I passed through out I suffered to survive nobody want to render help to me nor even care to talk to me they all ran away from me because of my face nobody want me I was named a monster, kids saw me and cried out for help they don’t want to be devour by a monster,I roamed around the street under the hot sun searching for job but nobody want to risk their lives because of my monster face, I saw hell thank God for his Mercy and Love for my life I don’t know what would have become of me”
She said in tears,Charles wanted to cry but he had to hold it to console her,he wiped her tears.

“Your story is so touching,you really passed through a hell,I heard you said the only survivor what of Jackson? Isn’t he your brother?
He asked being so sorry for her.

“As I said the story of my life is a very long script as for Jackson’s case that will be another time I have to start going now before my Madam will come back”
She said and stood up to leave.

“One more thing Catherina I will like to be your friend,will you accept me as your friend?
He asked politely with smiles.

Catherina smiled and gave him a sweet reply,
“For sure I will accept you as my friend”

“Thank you so much! can I get a friendly hug?

“Why not?

He gave her a bear hug and whispered to her,
“Thanks for accepting me as your friend I promise you won’t regret having me as friend”

They withdrew from the hug, Charles went to the cashier and payed for their bills,he held her hand as they walked out from the restaurant.



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