My ugly face episode 14





“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this! You are pregnant Catherina!
Madam Risa shouted in shocked!

“No Ma! I can’t be pregnant! There’s a mistake somewhere!
Catherina sounded so unbelievable.

“A mistake! You want to tell me the result is fake? asking the Doctor fake the result?
She shouted angrily and threw the result on her.

Catherina saw the result and became so dumbfounded and speechless she couldn’t believe she’s actually pregnant.

Jackson overhead the shouting and rushed out from the room to downstairs looking so confused and wonder what could be going on.

“Aunty Catherina what’s going on? Why are you like this? Was that thing you are holding?
He asked confusedly.

“You are unbelievable Catherina! I can’t imagine this I thought you were a saint? What baffles me the most how girl with this ugly face will go out sleeping with men so for that past two weeks I wasn’t at home you now used the opportunity to sleep around with men are you not shame of yourself despite this your face you still have the guts to get pregnant you are nothing but a disgraced to womanhood”
She shouted angrily she felt so disappointed.

“Aunty Catherina Is pregnant!
Jackson mumbled in shocked.

“Ma I was not sleeping around with any men”
She sounded.

“You were not sleeping around then how did the pregnancy came about? Did it fall from the sky? Or are you Mary mother of Jesus?
She shouted.

“Ma my boyfriend is responsible for it”

“Your boyfriend! Catherina you are finished! Did you think that you so called boyfriend will stood so low to marry a girl with a monster face?
She shouted angrily.

“I have to call your friend Peter he’s the one that introduce you to me”
She shouted and gave him a call.

📞 So Peter you didn’t tell me that your friend live a wired world life?
She shouted.

📞 Who are you talking about Ma?

📞 The girl you introduced me to hire as your replacement”

📞 Ma I don’t know her ooo she is not my friend ooo I met her the day of my interview”
He said.

📞 Oh my God! You mean you brought a stranger in my house?
She shouted so unbelievable as Peter disconnected the call .

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this a stranger has been living in my house all this while and I didn’t know,you know what go up and pack things and leave my house”
She shouted being more upset of not being aware Catherina is nobody to Peter rather a stranger.

Jackson knelt down and started pleading,
“No Ma! Please don’t throw us out in your house please Ma”

Catherina was lost she know what to do wether to pleaded or apologize alot was going through her mind concerning her present condition.

“Why are you standing there mopping at me like a fool? I said go up and pack your things”
She shouted angrily.

“Please Ma don’t do this to us,don’t throw us back to the street, we don’t have anywhere to go please Ma”
Jackson keep on pleading.

“Doesn’t your Aunt’s boyfriend have a house? I can’t shelter a pregnant woman talkmore of a stranger in my house”
She shouted.

“Aunty please say something nah, Beg her you know we don’t have anywhere to go from here”
Jackson said to her.

“Ma thank you so much for your hospitality I really appreciate all your efforts towards us the shelter over our heads and the provisions you are so kindness and such of you are rare to find and am deeply sorry for fooling you into believing we are Peter”s relatives and for getting pregnant under your roof am sincerely sorry”
She said to her and went upstairs to pack their luggages, Jackson followed her behind.

Madam Risa sat on the couch stomping her feet’s on the ground,
“How can I harbor a strangers on my roof for months? This girl is so unbelievable! She even got pregnant under my roof with that her monster face she still have the mind to be sleeping around with men what type of human being is she?
She shouted.

“Aunty are we really living this house? We need to beg Madam Risa nah”
Jackson sounded.

“Jackson help me with the clothes on the wardrobe”

“Aunty Catherina if we leave this house what will be our fate now? Are we going to go back to the street?
He questioned.

“Not at all! Once we leave this place I will call Charles and inform him the situation at hand I know he will find a solution for us”
She said.

They packed their things and walked downstairs,
“Ma thank you once again for your kindness towards us I promise you I will surly reward you for being kind and providing for us”
She said.

“Leave my house I don’t need your reward!
She shouted.

“Good bye Ma I will definitely miss you”
Jackson said to her.

They glanced around the place before using the door,Madam Risa stood up and banged the door.


Catherina gave Charles a call,
📞 Good morning love!
She greeted with a sad face

📞 What’s it my Love? Your voice sounded somehow”
He asked.

📞 I need to tell you something it’s very important”

📞 What’s is it? Did your Madam do something to you? Did she scold you?

📞 Charles am pregnant!
She sounded sadly.

📞 You are what? Pregnant! Catherina what type of prank is that one? stop it I don’t like it okay”
He sounded while laughing thinking it was a prank.

📞 How can I prank you with such? Am being serious Charles am pregnant I discovered it this morning”
She sounded.

📞 You are Pregnant! No nah Catherina! You can not be pregnant! How possible could this be?
He shouted dropping a bombshell and hanged up the call.

📞 Charles what are we going to do? Charles! Charles are you still there? Say something nah don’t keep silent on me,what are we going to do?
She cried out and later discovered he has hanged up the call.

“No nah! Charles don’t do this to me nah!
She cried out.

“Aunty what’s it it? What did he said?
Jackson asked being so worried.

“Jackson am finished! He hanged up on me! Am finished what am I going to do? How can Charles do this to me I thought he loves me? Why did he hanged up on me?
She cried out and couldn’t believe that Charles actually ended up the call on hearing about her pregnancy.

Jackson gave her a bear hug and wiped out her tears,
“Aunty stop crying for nothing,Did Charles told you he’s not responsible for it? neither did he tell you he’s not willing to be a father?
He asked her.

“His silent said it all Jackson,I thought he truly loves me how can he do this to me? How can he got me pregnant and denied it? What will become me and you now? We are finished Jackson”
She cried out.

“Aunty please stop exaggerating this situation,I know Charles truly loves you and he will not abandon you with the situation at hand maybe he hanged up on you because he wasn’t expecting such news it was such a shock one for him I believe once he put himself together he will call you back please stop thinking negative”
He said to her.

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Charles sat on the bed with his hands on his jaw stomping his feet with thoughts running on his head.

“Catherina is pregnant! What am I going to do? Am not financial suitable how will I feed her and the baby on the way? What will I do? I can’t abort that child am not a bloody murderer I can’t kill an innocent soul besides that child is the seed of our love”
He thought.

“I will keep my baby we shall survive no matter how things seems to be hard for me I will surly provide for them”
He thought.

His face was lighted up with smiles,
“Wow! I can’t believe this I will soon be a father! I shouldn’t have hanged up the call on her alot will be going through her head now I have to call her back”
He sounded and reached for her phone.

“Aunty Catherina I told you he will call back”
Jackson said to her happily.

📞 Charles why did you hanged up on me?
She sounded in tears.

📞 Am so sorry my love,the news came as a shock to me and am happy i will soon be a father”

📞 What are we going to do now?

📞 Have your madam found out about it?

📞 She found out this morning and the worst part of it she threw us out and we don’t have anywhere to go”
She sounded in tears.

📞 Oh mine! that’s bad! Don’t cry am here for you okay,you know what I want you to go to Dan’s house I will come and see you there okay”
He said.

📞 Okay!

📞Take care! I love you”
He said and ended up the call.

“Aunty what did he say?

“He said we should go to Dan’s house he will come and meet us there”

“Aunty have you seen how things turn out well nah? I don’t know why you like to exaggerate things too much I know Charles won’t abandon you and he did not”
Jackson said with smiles.

“Can we now go to Uncle Dan’s house am damn hungry you know we have not eaten since morning and this is half past two”
He said.

They carried their bags and walked to junction to get a cab.


Charles ranged the bell as Dan ran out immediately to get the door,he opened it as they handshake each other.

He went inside and didn’t see any sign of them.

Bro where Is Catherina and Jackson? They supposed to be here by this time”
He asked confusedly.

“They ate waited for you but you didn’t show up on time so they fell asleep they are in the room”
He said.

He breathed in relief and said,
“Thank goodness they are here,I thought that something bad has happened to them”

“Dude what happen to Catherina? Why did her Madam threw them out of the house? I asked her she told you will be in the right position to give me the answer I need”
He asked.

“Dude I have a good news for you!
He sounded happily.

“Good news! Did the good news leads to the reason why Catherina was threw out?
He asked.

“Oh yes! I will soon be a father!
He shouted happily.

“You will soon be a father! asking Catherina is pregnant for you?
He asked being confused.

“Yes Bro! Am expecting a child from her”
He shouted joyfully.

“Bro! Bro! nawa for you oooo! e never reach a year wan una start dating you don already score goal e besides say una dey tatatatata too much”
He sounded with laughs.

“Dude you won’t understand oooo! Na love oOoOO!
He sounded with laughs.

“Well congratulations to you so I will soon be an uncle and a Godfather?
He sounded with smiles.

“Yeah! You are there Bro!
He sounded with smiles.

“So Bro what’s your plan now?

“They will start living with me I know say I no dey financial balance but I will surly provide for them”

“Bro that will be a double trouble between you and your father you know your father too the nag then bringing them home will now be a double nagging from morning to night”
He said to him.

“Don’t worry about that one Bro I will know how to handle it okay”
He said.

“Okay Bro! am happy for you and If you need anything don’t hesitate to tell okay”
He said to him with smiles.

“Thank you Bro! I know say you got my back”
He handshake him.

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Charles brought them home meanwhile his father was at the balcony he saw them coming and wonder what’s his son is up to.

“What’s this good for nothing son up to? Who are those people?
He asked.

He dropped tbe newspaper he was reading on the table he went downstairs to get his answers,he stood at the entrance of the door waiting for them to come in.

“Welcome to my house!
He said and opened the door he was so surprised to see his father at the door.

“Did I hear you said your house? Who are this people you brought to my house?
He shouted.

“Good evening Sir!
Catherina and Jackson greeted.

Meanwhile Catherina felt embarrassed she never knew that Charles stay with his father all this while she thought he leaves alone.

“Father meet Catherina my woman and Jackson her brother”
He introduced as Catherina and Jackson greeted him again.

“Your woman? What’s your woman doing in my house?
He questioned harshly.

Charles went straight to the point and told him the truth.

“She’s expecting my child so she is here to stay”

Mr Benson laughed the hell out of him,
“So Charles with this your dry Pocket you can’t control that in between your legs you went and still have the guts to got someone pregnant and you with this your monster face you opened your legs for this wasted investment you don’t have any shame at all you know am sorry for the suffering you are coming to suffer in the hands of this guy that wasted all his years in school without achieving anything your shame dey shame me dear”
He shouted at them, Catherina felt really embarrassed.

“What’s it nah? Enough of all this you are embarrassing my guest!
He shouted.

“You said embarrassing? You and your woman have not see anything I will frustrate you until you find something so meaningful to do with your life or you better leave my house for me nonsense wasted investment”
He shouted.

Charles didn’t utter more words to him,
“Let’s go up”
He held her hand as they walked up to the room and his father keep on nagging.