My ugly face episode 15





“We will be staying in this room together okay”
Charles said to Catherina.

“Where is my own room Uncle Charles?
Jackson asked glancing around the room.

“I will take you to your room okay”
He answered him with smiles.

“Okay Uncle Charles!
He replied with smiles.

Catherina sat down with a sadness expression written all over her face Mr Benson’s word really hurt her,Charles noticed her mood and sat beside her.

“My love are you okay?
He asked.

“Did my face look like am okay? Charles why didn’t you tell me about your father? I thought you stayed alone,why didn’t you tell me you are still living with your father? I felt so embarrassed he was so mean to her had it been i know I still live with your father i wouldn’t have accepted to live with you now how will I cope staying the same roof with your father? Our first meet wasn’t funny at all he was so mean and harsh to me tell me how I will able be to cope with him?
She sounded sadly.

“My love I really understand how you feel the embarrassment was much on you and it was all my fault please forgive me”
He pleaded with his hands folded.

“That’s was so painful at least you should let me know about your father”
She sounded.

“Am so sorry dear it just that my father and I are not in a good terms,you saw what happened awhile ago that’s why I don’t usually talk about him”
He said.

“Jackson pack the clothes inside the wardrobe”

“Okay Uncle Charles!

Catherina breathed in a relief and asked him,
“That’s bad! But why is your father so mean and harsh to you? What interfered with you and him?
She asked.

“Did you overheard him calling me a wasted investment?
He asked.

“Yeah I heard it and I wonder why a father will called his son such name? What really happened?
She asked being so Interested to know.

“Well my father was actually a good,sweet,caring and a loving father,he’s a retired headmaster he lost his wife my mother in a cool hands of the death due to financial problem had been our government are the type that pay retires their pension and their salaries my mother would have still be alive with us”
He said and paused for awhile.

He continued…
“My father vowed to change the situation of our living through me as the only child he sold all his valuable things including land to see me through in my education levels,the day I graduated from school with first class was the happiest day of his life,my youth service was a successful one too, time for my father to enjoy his sweat became so difficult for me to achieve unemployment became the worst nightmare of my life I went for several interviews but all to no avail I keep on seeking for employment since three years I graduated none was coming for me”
He paused as Catherina felt so bad for him.

He continued…..
“My Dad’s dream was shattered his hope of changing our situation of living was in vain his sweat was wasted in vain,my father now turned into a father I never knew he turned into a nagging wife he called me all such of names,”wasted investment,wasted sweat,first class for nothing”he even gone too far to called me a “wasted sperm” that’s was why I know my father hate me with passion even the ground I match on he distaste it,it wasn’t easy for me to leave under the same roof with him sometime I will wish to run away from him and never come back to avoid all his nagging but I can’t leave him,no matter what he’s still my father he’s the one that brought me to this world so that’s why I never talk about him”
He said.

Catherina really felt for him,
“Gosh! This is so bad! How can a father be so mean to his son because of unemployment? it wasn’t your fault you are unemployed rather is the government’s fault had been someone will graduate from school and get a job right away there will be no unemployment in this country”
She sounded.

“Is well! There’s this company I submitted my CV online if I didn’t get any respond from them I will visit the company I believe this one will turn out good for me beside I really need it because of our baby that’s coming on the way I need to provide for you and the baby even Jackson you guys are now my responsibility”
He said.

Catherina hugged him and said,
“Don’t worry love things will turn out good for us the job will be the last and the company will call you for good with our faith it will work for us”

“I believe so my love, Jackson are you done with the packing so I can take you to your room?
He asked.

“Yes Uncle am done already”

“Okay let me take you to your room,honey that’s the bathroom over there Incase you need to shower okay”
He said.

“Okay dear!
She replied and lay on the bed.

Jackson carried his bag as they used the door.

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“Good Morning Sir!
Catherina greeted Mr Benson who was in the sitting room reading a newspaper,he lower his eyeglasses probably to see who greeted him.

“Why should I respond to your greeting? Are you not shame of yourself for getting pregnant in the hands of a failure? My dear you will suffer in this hands you better run for your dear life,he have nothing to offer you he’s a wasted human being,he will turn you into a failure because that’s what he’s good at”
He said to her.

“Sir! Charles is not a failure being unemployed does not make him a failure besides it wasn’t fault he does not have a job I don’t know why you hate him because of it?
She said to him.

“I see! He has told you already well it’s all his fault look at his mate the people he was better than they are all employed living a better lives with his families then while my own son turned out to be a wasted investment to me being a first class holder and nothing to show for it is nothing but a wasted education I wasted my sweat for nothing”
He shouted angrily.

“Sir you don’t have to condemned your son simple because he’s not employed which you and I know it wasn’t his fault rather the circumstances of this country your son Charles is very intelligent you raised a brilliant son you should be proud of that and also pray for the good will of him with your believe Charles will get a qualified and well pay job”
She said to him.

“Enough of this your sermon! A failure is already a failure,Charles is a failure to me and I regretted sending him to school,if I were you I will leave him as a failure he’s he will not give you a better life rather he will brought miseries to your life”
He shouted being so upset.

Catherina got so tired of trying to make him see things about his son’s predicament.

“I have heard you Sir but what will you like to eat this morning?
She asked.

“Where will you get money to prepare breakfast? Did you have money?
He questioned her.

“I have some money in my account so I brought some food stuffs yesterday”
She answered.

Mr Benson giggled Catherina wonder what meant be amusing him.

“This girl you are very funny so you are happy to be feeding a man? so you have made up your mind to be feeding a man for the rest of your life?
He asked.

“It just for the mean time Sir Charles will soon be financially balance”
She said.

Mr Benson giggled again,
“Keep on hoping! Keep on hoping girl it will shock you when all your hope turn out to be in vain,I will never keep my hope again on that boy”
He said.

“Sir what will you like to eat?
She asked again.

“Whatever you cook,I hope you are not bad cook if you can’t cook better tell me because I don’t want to eat rubbish”
He said.

“Trust me Sir,You will like my cooking”
She sounded with smiles and made her way to the kitchen.


“Babe it’s not really easy to chang your father’s mindset concerning you,I tried to make him see things in a right angle but his heart is filled with so much hatred that’s so bad”
She sounded being so worried.

“I have been doing that for the past two years to make him see things in the way they are but all to no avail so I gave up and i know the only way for him to kill that hatred is for me to get a job that job is the cure”
He said.

“Don’t worry you will get a job soon and your father’s heart will be cure you will regain back your father’s love”
She said to him with smiles.

“Thank you love for your words of encouragement and thank you for coming into my life I promise to love you till eternity”
He said and pecked her on the forehead.

“I love you so much did you know my life would have been meaningless with you,you came and light my life”
She said with smiles and hugged him.

“Can we go and shower now?
He asked with smiles.

“You mean for us to shower together?
She asked.

“Yes nah! I hope you won’t say no this time”

“Love am sorry to disappoint you again I can’t shower with you”

“No again! Why can’t we have a bath together?
He asked.

“Babe it just that am too shy to have a bath with you”
She sounded.

“Shy! How? Don’t have to be shy besides it getting nine months we started dating and two weeks you started living with me then why are you shy? Or are you hiding anything from me?
He asked being confused of her usually excused of turning him down.

“How can you ask such a question? What possibly could I be hiding from you?
She asked.

“Am just asking to clear off my curiosity because you have been turning me down for the past two weeks”
He sounded.

“My love am not hiding anything from you as I said am being shy to have a bath with you but give me sometime okay”
She said.

He breathed and said,
“No problem! Should I go and bath or will you go?

“You can go and shower first,Please bear with me okay”
She said and kissed him.

Charles smiled and sounded,
“This kiss can just healed my soul now”

Catherina laughed and sounded,
“Go and shower I gonna spoil you tonight”

“Naughty girl! Well I can’t wait to be spoil tonight”
He sounded while laughing.

“Go and shower!
She sounded with smiles.

She pushed him softly to the bathroom and shut the door.


“Baby what are you doing inside the bathroom? are you giving birth there?
He jokey asked.

Catherina bursted out laughing,
“I will soon come out okay”

“You have spend almost thirty minutes in that bathroom,What are you doing there? Why did you spend so much time while showering I have been observing you?
He quarried and walked to the door of the bathroom.

He knocked on the door and asked,
“Babe I don’t understand ooo! What are you doing inside the bathroom?
He asked being so confused.

“Babe I said am coming”
She responded.

“That’s what you keep on saying for almost thirty minutes now”
He sounded.

She opened the door and came out,
“Am here!
She sounded.

Charles being so suspicious looked around the bathroom to find a clue why Catherina spend so much time in the bathroom.

“What are you looking?
She asked as she also looked around the bathroom.

“Babe what always keep you at the bathroom? Did you know you used to spend thirty minutes in the bathroom even in the morning, afternoon and at night? Are you hiding anything from anything from me? This the third time am asking you this”
He asked being so suspicious.

“How can you asked me such a question? What possibly could i be hiding from you?
She asked.

” I need to know why you always spend time inside the bathroom and Is not getting funny anymore”
He sounded.

“Babe I don’t understand you anymore,this your query all the time is becoming too much don’t you trust me again or what?
She shouted being so upset,she sat down on the bed frowning her face.

He went to her and said,
“Babe I do trust you but the time you spend inside the bathroom is giving me confusion”

“I keep on telling you that I spend much time while defecating I don’t know why you don’t want to believe,what did you think I will be inside the bathroom if I may ask?
She asked being upset.

“Babe is nothing it just my head that’s confusing me”

“Please stop this your unnecessary question is annoying and it show that you did not have atom of trust in me”
She sounded.

“C’mon babe I do trust you okay and am sorry I won’t question you again”
He apologized.

“Is okay!

“I can still see frown on your face,can you smile for me let me you are okay with me? Please smile for me nah”
He sounded with smiles.

She smiled,
“Is okay”

“Thank you!
He kissed her.

They kissed so passionately and went to bed.