My ugly face episode 16





Catherina tapped Charles on his backside waking him up from sleep, Catherina is now Six months pregnant her stomach looks so big as if she’s carrying a dozen.

“Babe wake up! remember you have an interview by eight o’clock”
She said.

Charles zoomed up and shouted,
“Oh my goodness! I almost forgot”

“You need to go and shower let me prepare breakfast for you okay”
She said to him with smiles.

“Okay love and thank you for waking me up on time had been you didn’t wake me up I will still be sleeping and even wake up late for the interview,what could I have done with you my love?
He thanked her with smiles.

Catherina smiled and said to him,
“Possible everything! Just know that we are in this job hunt together so rush to the bathroom shower and come down for your breakfast I don’t want you to be late for the interview”

He hugged her and kissed her on the forehead,
“Thank you love!
He rushed to the bathroom while Catherina went downstairs to the kitchen to fix breakfast for him.

Twenty minutes later, he’s done and well ready to go for the interview.

“How did I look my love?
He asked with smiles.

“Let me adjust your tie before giving a compliment”

She adjusted his tie and sounded with smiles,
“Wow! Honey you look so dashing! Perfectly well dressed like a gentleman and you look like a CEO himself”

“Awwwwh CEO! Are you teasing me now?
He sounded.

Catherina bursted out laughing,
“Nope my love! Am being realistic love,the interview will be a successful one for us”

“Amen to that!
He shouted.

“The candle of hope is the source of light for success in life so don’t loose it,Failures try to blow it out but try to guard it with both your hands and Success is never permanent, failure is never final
so always do not stop effort until your victory makes a history and your Past is your experience, Present is your experiment, Future is your expectation, Use your experience in your Experiments to get your expectations Best of Luck my love”
She wishes him.

“Thank you so much my love,your words are inspiration to me”
He kissed her.

“Let me see you off at the door”
She held his hand as they walked downstairs.

They meet Mr Benson in the sitting room reading his newspaper as usual.

“Love won’t you go and seek for your father’s blessings?
She whispered to him

He giggled and said,
“He will never bless me”

“Go and try first who knows he meant besides there’s nothing wrong in trying”
She whispered to him.

“Okay ooo! Am doing this because you ask me to”
He whispered back and approached to his father.

“Good morning Dad! Father am going for an interview I seek for your blessings for a successful interview”
He said to him.

He ignored him and keep on reading his newspaper,Charles looked at Catherina she gave him a sign to try again.

He repeated his statement again to him,Mr Benson dropped his newspaper and shouted angrily,

“Why are you disturbing my peace this early morning?
He shouted.

“Father I only seek for your blessings and nothing else”
He said.

“I will never bless a failure like you,for the past three years you have been going for job interviews nothing came out from it due to you are a failure you will keep on being a failure for the rest of your life go and come back as a failure you are”
He shouted angrily.

“Haba Sir! That’s so hurtful to say to your son”
Catherina sounded.

Charles stood there heart broken with his eyes pure eye tears filled his eyes he wanted to cry but as a man he got to hold his tears,his father’s words broke his heart into pieces.

He threw his CV on the couch and shouted angrily,
“Am not going again,Father is right am nothing but a failure”

“Are you realizing it now? You realized it too late dear,better for you not to go because you will go and disgrace yourself then come back as a failure a wasted investment”
He shouted angrily.

Charles ran upstairs as Catherina rushed him immediately,she stopped him at the stairs,she held his hands,

“Why did Father hate me with so much passion? Is it my fault am unemployed? Why can’t he bless and wish me good luck for once? I think am a failure as he said for the past three years I have been hunting for job going for several interviews but nothing come out from it am I not a failure?
He sounded in tears.

“God forbid! You are not a failure! Don’t let father’s words weigh you down okay”
She wiped out his tears.

“I want you to know that when ever you are Criticized, don’t get upset always remember this
No stones are thrown on a Fruitless Tree,NO one will manufacture a lock without a key similarly, God wont give problems without solutions so defeat your problems with great confidence and a paper flying in air is due to its luck but a bird is flying due to its effort so if luck is not with you,efforts are always there to support you and one more thing don’t be a parrot in life, be an Eagle,a parrot speaks but can’t fly high,
but an Eagle is silent and has the willpower to touch the sky”
She gave him words of encouragement.

She held his hand as they walked back to the sitting room.

“Wasted investment! Failure! a total failure!
Mr Benson said to him.

“Don’t pay attention to him okay”
She whispered to him.

She gave him his CV,
“Go and come back with your mouth filled with songs of praises”

She saw him off at the gate and gave him a kiss of good luck before shutting the gate.

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At A&G DIGITAL COMPANY,Charles came out from the office he just had his interview,his face wasn’t looking bright at all he got the same sermons again”We will get back to you soon”as he was going with a sad face looking so depressed he bumped into a lady.

“Am sorry! I wasn’t focus on where I was going”
He apologized immediately and all of a sudden he recognized the lady he bumped into.

He called out in shocked.

She also called out in shocked.

Benny happened to be his ex and it has been ten years they last saw each other.

“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe my eyes! Is this actually you Benny?
He shouted still in shocked.

“Oh yes! Flesh and blood!
She sounded with smiles.

“Oh my God! You look at you! You are looking so good and more beautiful”
He sounded with smiles.

Benny smiled and replied back to him,
“You are not looking bad thou!

He giggled and sounded,
“Don’t mind my dressing! Oh my gosh! it has been ten years we last saw each other what a small world?

“What a small world indeed! What are you doing here?
She asked with smiles.

“I came for job interview”

“Are you being serious?
She asked being confused of his answer because she thought he’s one of the employees.

“Did you get the job?
She asked.

“The answer only base on hope as for now, they gave me they usually language “We will get back to you” so what are doing here? are you also seeking for a job too?
He asked.

“I was appointed as the new Manager Director of this company today is my first day of work”
She sounded with smiles.

The news shocked Charles as he became so speechless,he didn’t know what to say again.

“Oh my goodness! You are the new MD of A&G DIGITAL COMPANY?
He shouted as Benny nodded her head with smiles.

“What a miracle? thank God I met you here,I sincerely need your help to get this job”
He sounded.

“You know what Charles,We will chat later just go to the cafeteria and wait for me I will catch up with you soon let me go and see the Directors”
She said.

“Okay I will surly wait for you”
He replied back with smiles.

“See you later!
Benny said and made her way out.

Charles jumped and shouted with so much joy,
“My job hunting will be coming to an end soon! Thank you Jesus for sending back Benny to me and for giving her Job to this company”

He walked to the cafeteria to wait for her.

At the cafeteria,Charles is still waiting for Benny sipping a bottle of cold water finally she later showed up and walked to him.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,as my first time of work I need to know the Directors and the Employees including their professional works and also address some things”
She said.

“Yeah I understand but I can wait for you till late it doesn’t matter because what I have been looking for ages is now in my nose”
He sounded.

Benny smiled and asked,
“So Charles how is life treating you?

He breathed and said to her,
“It has not been really easy for me since I graduated”

He narrated everything to her,Benny felt so pity for him.

“You mean you passed through that?
She sounded so pitiful.

“That’s why I sincerely need your help Benny I don suffer no be small thing”

“Is well! Are you married?

“No be person wan get money and well settled dey marry? my dear am not married”

“So no girlfriend attach?
She asked.

“What will I tell her now? I can’t possible tell her about Catherina,I need her help to get this job so Catherina should be a secret to her”
He thought.

“Nope! I don’t have a girlfriend”
He replied.

“Are you for real? Like seriously! no girlfriend! how possible is that?
She asked being so surprised to hear such from him.

“That’s true dear! that’s a decision I made for myself not have any girlfriend until am financial well balance”
He explained.

“This sound so unbelievable well I get to believe you”

“So how about you? Are you engaged or married?

“None of their above,am not engaged or married”

“Why? What happen? How can a beautiful damsel like you won’t be engaged nor even married?
He asked being so surprised.

“I was once engaged but he cheated on me on my birthday party with my girlfriend we broke up so since then I have been single”
She explained.

“That’s really bad! I get to believe that things happened for a reason had been you didn’t caught him with girlfriend you wouldn’t have known the type of man he’s you meant end up getting married to him”
He said.

“That’s true Sha! Look at our table is empty we have spend almost thirty minutes chatting without ordering for something,what will you like to take?
She sounded as they go through the menu.

“Let me go for Jollof rice”

“Don’t you want sallow? Your favorite soup is here, Banga soup with Oha leaf”
She asked.

“I don’t feel like eating sallow”

“I remember back then how you used to do all the house chores just eat your favorite Banga soup with Oha”
She sounded as they bursted out laughing.

“Hahahaha! I don’t joke with that soup ooo!
He laughed out.

They ordered their foods few minutes later the waiter brought the foods,they ate and chatted remembering their childhood memories even their relationship memories.

Three days later after the encounter with Benny, Charles haven’t told Catherina about Benny since he decided the topic of Catherina to Benny to be a secret so he also made the same decision not to tell Catherina about her.

A Knock came from outside,
“Babe please help me to get the door”
Catherina shouted from the kitchen.

Charles went to get the door,he opened the door and to his greatest surprise he saw Benny standing at the doorstep with her small bag of luggage.

He called out in shocked.

“Good evening Charles!
She greeted with smiles.

“What are you doing here?
He asked still surprised.

“I came to spend the weekend here”
She answered with smiles.

“Spend the weekend here?
He sounded being so astonished.