My ugly face episode 17





“Spend the weekend here?
He sounded so astonished.

“Yeah! Am I not welcome or what?
She asked.

“Why not? You are definitely welcome”
He said.

Benny took her bag inside.

“What type of wahala is this nah? How will I handle this type of thing? How can she come unannounced? What will I tell Catherina about her?
He mumbled on how to handle the situation at hand.

“Charles why are you standing there? Come and take my bag to the guestroom nah”
She sounded and sat on the couch.

Charles went and carried her bag,
“What of Dad? it has been long I saw him”
She asked.

“Dad traveled to the village for family meeting”
He answered.

Benny stared around the sitting room and sounded,
“Nothing have changed here, everything is still intact”

Meanwhile, Catherina who was at the kitchen overhead the unfamiliar female voice and wonder who she meant be.

“Charles didn’t tell me we will be expecting a guest? Who could be the guest?
She thought.

“Well let me go and welcome the guest”
She said,dropped the onion she was slicing and walked to the sitting room.

Charles saw her approaching,his heart started beating so fast like a drum.

“Wahala ooo! Wahala ooo! How will I handle this?
He thought.

“Charles you didn’t tell me we will be expecting a guest”
She said and went closed to them to welcome the guest.

Benny saw her and became confused,
“Charles I remembered you told me you are not married nor dating meaning you are single so who is the pregnant lady?
She asked.

At that moment Catherina couldn’t believe her two ears,
“Did Charles actually told her he’s single? No it can’t be true,the lady don’t know what’s she saying”
She thought confusedly.

Charles himself didn’t know what to do,how to answer the question was so difficult for him,
“How can I deny Catherina at her present? God what will I do?
He thought and thought about his job that’s in the hands of Benny and later came up with an answer.

“She’s Catherina my cousin”
He said to her.

Catherina couldn’t believe her two ears she became so dumbfounded and astonished,
“Did Charles actually denied me or what? How can he do that?
She thought being so confused.

“Charles I didn’t know this your cousin sister but what’s she doing here with her heavy pregnancy?
Benny asked.

“She’s from my maternal side that’s why you didn’t know her,her husband traveled you know she can’t stay alone because of her condition that’s why she is here”
He said.

Catherina didn’t say anything she stood there in shocked at first she thought she was dreaming when Charles introduced her as his cousin but his second statement about her to know it was actually a reality and not a dream but still can’t find the reason Why Charles how to denied her.

Benny walked to Catherina to introduce herself to her,
“Am Benny Charles’s ex girlfriend I hope there’s food because am really starving”
She strength her hand for handshake, Catherina didn’t handshake her nor even smile rather she walked back to the kitchen.

Benny felt so embarrassed and brought down her hand,
“How could she do that? What’s wrong with her?
She asked.

“She’s fine maybe she’s not in a good mood”
He said.

“If at that she shouldn’t have rejected my handshake,is that how she used to welcome her guest?
She sounded pretending to be upset.

“Sorry on her behalf maybe she’s not in a good mood,don’t take it too personal okay,let me take you to the guestroom then shower and come down for dinner”
He said.

“I still know my way to the guestroom”
She sounded and went upstairs,Charles carried her bag behind.

Back to the kitchen, Catherina was cutting tomatoes she couldn’t stop thinking what happened awhile ago.

“Charles brought his ex home and even introduced me to her as his pregnant cousin,how could he denied me like that? What’s going on? Is Charles hiding something from me? I don’t know why he will brought his ex girlfriend to the house”

A lot was going through her mind, she lost focus on what she was doing and mistakenly cut her finger with the knife.

“Ouch! Ouch!
She shouted and Charles came in immediately.

He rushed and held the finger,
“Becareful love! How could you cut your finger like this nah
He said and took her to the washbasin.

“It’s all your fault I cut myself”
She shouted being so upset.

“Yeah I know you must be going through alot in your head but you have to hear me out first”
He said cleaning the wound”

“Charles how could brought your ex girlfriend home and the worst part you introduced me as your pregnant cousin? How could you do that to me Charles? What’s your ex doing in this house?
She shouted angrily.

“Please can you allow your voice let me explain things to you?
He asked in a low tone.

“What’s going on between your ex? Why is she here?
She questioned.

“Nothing is going on! It has been ten years since we last saw each other and i met her two days ago at the company I went for the interview she happened to the new appointed MD in that company”
He explained in a low tone.

“Two days ago and you didn’t care to tell me about her then you invited her home without letting me know about it?
She shouted calmly.

“Nope I didn’t invite her,she came unannounced”

“Why didn’t you tell me the real truth about me? Why did you have to denied me like that? are you shame to introduce me to her as your pregnant girlfriend because of my face?
She asked.

“C’mon don’t say that my love! I can never be shame of you and am deeply sorry for doing that and I know it was such a foolish thing to do but I got reason for doing it”
He apologized.

“What could be your reason Charles?

“Remember I told you she’s the new MD of the company I went for the interview two days ago I need her help baby we need her help to give me the job that’s why I have to do that it’s for our own good remember how long I have been hunting for job and she happened to be an opportunity for me to get a job and I don’t want that opportunity to sip off from my hand please try to understand am doing this for us and for the little one that’s on the way”
He explained.

“So how long will she be staying?
She asked.

“Only for the weekend,please Love act like my cousin in her present you know we do this job please do it for me okay”
He said.

“There’s no problem but her weekend should her weekend”

“Definitely she will leave on Monday, thank you so much”
He said and kissed her.

“Did you help?

“Nope am almost done with the food just go and attain to your guest”
She said.

“I love you”
He pecked her on the cheek.

“I love you too!
She said to him with smiles as he made her way out.

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At the dinning table, Jackson helped Catherina to set the table for dinner.

“Aunty why the extra plate? Have you forgotten Mr Benson traveled? Even if he’s around he doesn’t eat with us at the dinning he prefer eating in his room?
Jackson asked.

“We have a guest”

“Who’s our guest? Is he Uncle Dan?
He asked happily.

“Not him rather she”
She said.

“She! Who is the she?
Jackson asked surprisingly.

“She’s Benny Charles’s friend”
She answered.

Few minutes later,the table was set they all sat down waiting for Benny,she finally came to the dinning table.

“Good evening Aunty Benny!
Jackson greeted her with smiles.

“Who are you little boy? Charles don’t tell me that you had a son out of wedlock”
She asked and sat down.

“Am not Uncle Charles’s son,am Jackson by name and you look so beautiful Aunty Benny”
He said with smiles.

“Thank you for the compliment Jackson”
She thanked him with smiles.

“But you know what you are not more beautiful than my Aunty Catherina”
He sounded as Catherina and Charles gave him a strange look.

“Is that an insult or what?
She shouted.

“How can I insult you Aunty Benny? am just saying the fact my aunty looks so beautiful than you”
He repeated it again.

“That’s an insult boy! How can you compare my beauty with this your Aunty’s monster face? How can you insult me? Don’t your parents taught you how to respect your seniors?
She shouted.

“Am not insulting you rather am saying the fact it just that you haven’t seen my aunt’s real ………..
He paused his statement.

“Stop it Jackson! where went your manners? Oya apologize to her immediately”
Catherina shouted at him.

“Am sorry Aunty Benny for my ill manners”
He apologized.

“The person that brought you up lack to teach manners”
She shouted.

“Sorry for his behavior,he’s just a kid and he’s being so sarcastic”
Charles said.

“Is okay but learn to use your words in a right way”
She said.

“Can we now eat? Catherina dish out the food”
He said.

Catherina dished out the food for them and took hers,Benny took a spoonful of the food and shouted.

“Oh my God! What type of food is this? too much pepper,did you want to kill me with pepper? Charles why didn’t you tell your cousin that I don’t eat pepper am not a Yoruba girl that like pepper”
She shouted.

“His cousin! What’s going on? Why is she referring Aunty Catherina as Uncle Charles cousin instead of his girlfriend?
Jackson mumbled confusedly.

“But there’s no pepper on the food”
Catherina sounded.

“Are you calling me a lair or what? Am not eating this food I need another meal”
She shouted.

Catherina shouted.

“What will you like to eat?
Charles asked.

“Did you have noodles and eggs? Because that’s what my system do this moment”
She asked.

“We suppose have it, Catherina please can you prepare that for her please?

“I should do what?
Catherina shouted.

“Don’t have to complain girl while treating your guest make them to be comfortable”
She sounded.

Catherina stood up to leave she stopped her,
“Please wait! You don’t know how I used to like my noodle before you will prepare rubbish for me,I want the noodles soft and don’t add onion to it then as for the egg don’t pour the eggs inside the noodles it looks so disgusting,slice onion and tomato whisk it together with the eggs make it to be spicy and not too spicy”
She explained as Catherina walked out.

“Catherina! Catherina!
Benny called out and no respond.

“Where’s this girl nah? Catherina! Catherina!
She called out again being so loud.

Catherina came out from her room to the sitting room.

“What did you want?
She asked.

“Please get me that remote control that’s there”
She said.

“Did you actually called me out from my room to get you a remote control that’s on the table? This is unbelievable!
She shouted.

“I don’t have the strength to stand up and I need to change the channel,please can you get it for me?
She sounded.

“There’s no problem!
She gave her the remote.

“Please one more thing”

“What’s the thing?

“Can you get me a chill glass of juice?

“No Miss! there’s no juice in this house if you need one go outside and get it thanks”
She said and walked out.

“That’s not how to treat your guest! am your guest treat me with respect”
She shouted at her.