My ugly face episode 2

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Catherina sat down under the mango tree resting,she just came back from trying her best to get a job but all to no avail,people keep on running away from her believing she is a monster that want to devour them, nobody want to give her a listening ear all the companies she went to ran for their dear lives.

“God for how long will I continue living like this? For long God?
She lamented in tears.

“Nobody wants me all the places I went to seeking for a job all ran away from me all because of this my damn face, how did you want me to survive? How God?
She said in tears.

As she was thinking about her life and how this cruel world brought her to this miserable life in tears a kid at the age of ten walked to her and asked,

“Is it true you are a monster?
The kid asked looking at her.

The boy was looking so untidy,so dirty with his torn cloth.

Catherina looked at him being so surprised, nobody has ever care to talk to her,children cried and ran away from her and now this kid came to her.

“Answer me,is it true you are a monster?
The kid asked again.

“No! Am not a monster am a human being like you”
She answered feeling so happy that someone came to talk to her.

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“Then why did people call you a monster?
The kid asked and sat down beside her.

“Did my face really looks so terrible and scaring like a monster?
She asked.

“Yes! Your face looks so scaring like a monster but I know that monsters doesn’t exist they only exit in a movie”
The kid said.

“People failed to understand that, you are so intelligent to know that Kid”
She said to him with smiles.

“Then tell me what happen to your face? How did you get this disgusting face?
The kid asked.

“It was an accident”

“Accident! That accident must be a terrible one, how did it happen?
The kid asked feeling so sorry for her.

“It was fire explosion”
She sounded in tears recalling how the accident happened.

“Oh my God! Fire explosion!
He shouted.

“The fire burnt down my parents to ashes and gave me this disgusting face that made people to call me a Monster, all my family members rejected me they threw me out and took away everything my father laboured for,they made me homeless,nobody wants me I have been wondering on this street for months looking for job nobody want to me employ me, people called me a monster that want to devour them and ran away children setting their eyes on me started crying and ran for their lives but nobody care to ask and know why I have this half monster face,you are the only person that actually care to know, am alone in this world”
She sounded in tears.

The boy wiped out her tears and became so emotional,
“Stop crying Miss,I know you are not a monster you are a human being like me so I will be your family your friend if only you will accept to me my friend too”

Catherina hugged him so tight with tears of joy,
“Thank you so much for not being like other people that run away from me,am so so happy for seeing someone that actually care about me,I now have a companion I won’t be alone in this world anymore”

“Am also happy that I have met and found someone I will call my own family, what’s your name Miss?
He said with smiles.

“Am Catherina!
She answered with smiles.

“Okay Aunty Catherina!
He sounded with smiles.

“What’s your own name?

“My name is Jackson”

“Okay Jackson,you suppose to be in school but why are you not in school? Why did you looks so dirty and untidy like this? What of your parents?
She asked being so anxious to know.

“I don’t have parents I only have an Aunty”
Jackson said.

“Where is your Aunty then? How will she allow you to be so untidy like this?
She asked.

“I ran out from her house”

“You ran out! Why? What happen?
She asked surprisingly.

“Aunty Sarah is a very wicked Aunty,she maltreat me,she beat me up all the time and even starve me too,she nearly killed me that faithful day”

Jackson was washing the plate and all of a sudden the plate slipped out from his hand and fell down.

“Oh my God! Am finish Aunty will kill me today”
He shouted in tears with his two hands on his head.

Aunty Sarah who was in the sitting room heard the sound of the plate and rushed to the kitchen immediately.

“You break my plate Jackson!
She shouted angrily and gave him a heavy slap on his cheek.

Jackson fell down on his kneels and started apologizing in tears.
“Am sorry Aunty! it was a Mistake”

“You have the guts to break this my favorite plate! Did you know how much I brought this plate? Did you know how much I brought this?
She shouted angrily,she grabbed a pestle and started hitting him.

Jackson cried and pleaded,
“Am sorry Aunty I won’t break any plate again,please forgive me ,please Aunty you can starve me then hitting me this pestle I don’t want to die please Aunty”

“You deserve this type of punishment for your carelessness so that next time you will be careful, good for nothing child”
She shouted angrily still hitting him the pestle all over his body.

Jackson pleaded and pleaded but all his pleading went on a deaf ear.

Jackson stood up in a hurry and wanted to run out but she dragged him,
“Come back here! Where did you think you are going to?
She shouted and pushed him on the tile wall.

Jackson hit his head on the wall and collapsed immediately blood started rushing out from his front head.

“What are you doing? You better stand up oooo!
She shouted and started shaking him but no respond.

“Jackson if you are joking you better stop it ooo! Okay am sorry for hitting you I won’t hit you again,stand up Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!
She shouted and got no respond from him that’s when she realized that it wasn’t a joke rather a serious matter.

“What am I going to do now? Jackson you don’t have to die on me,You better wake up ooo!
She shouted and became so scared not knowing what to do that moment.

She checked his pulse and shouted,
“Thank God there’s still pulse! I have to call Mike for help”

Jackson lie lifelessly on the floor as Aunt Sarah rushed to get her phone.

She gave her boyfriend a call and told him to bring a doctor immediately to the house.

She took Jackson’s to his room being so restlessness and waiting for Mike.

Twenty minutes later,Mike and the Doctor arrived,
“Where is he?
Mike asked.

“In his room”
She sounded.

They rushed to the room,the doctor asked him and there’s still pulse.

“Miss what happen to the boy?
The doctor while examining him.

“He slipped on the stairs and hit his head on the wall”
She lied.

Mike gave her a strange look,he knows that Sarah is lying.

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“Please Doctor you have to do something to save his life”
She said in tears.

“Don’t cry Miss he will be alright”
The doctor said and injected him on this lap.

“Will he be fine Doctor?
Mike asked.

“He will be fine once the drugs circulated on his system he will wake up”
He said and took his bag to leave.

“Let me see you off”
Aunty Sarah said.

She opened the door for him and see him off to the door,she payed him before leaving.

“Tell me the truth Sarah what did you do that boy this time?
Mike asked.

“That boy keep on pissing me off can you imagine that he have the guts to break my favorite plate”
She shouted.

“Sarah I have told you serval times to mind how you will be beating that child give him a beating that it’s his age he is still a kid,who knows the type of weapon you used on that made him to collapse you have to be careful with Jackson before ending up killing him one day”
He cautioned her.

“That kid always get on my nerves,he don’t used to hear word at all”
She sounded.

“Please Sarah don’t end up in killing this child one day please mind how you beat him he is still a kid”
He said again.

“I have heard you Mike thank God he is alive so let’s forget about him let’s go and have fun”
She said and kissed him on the lips twinkling her waist making it to be touching his d*ck.

Mike smiled and carried her,
“You really knows how to seduce me”
He kissed her.

They were kissing as they were heading to the room.

Jackson waked up being so weak,
“Why am I? Am I in heaven?
He asked.

He looked around the room as his face lighted with smiles,
“Am not dead thank God am still in my room”
He said.

He sat up and shouted in pain,
“Ouch! My head hurts badly,I need to leave this house right away before Aunty Sarah will end up killing me one day”

He stood up and closed the door slowly to avoid making any noise,
“I won’t pass the night here today it’s better I roam around on the street then being in this house receiving Aunty Sarah’s ill treatment I don’t want to die young”
He said.

“I don’t want Aunty Sarah to see me God please help me to escape from this house today”
He prayed and walked like a tortoise to Sarah’s room.

When she got to the room he started hearing moans his heart jumped with so much joy.

“Thank God she is with a man”
He said and went downstairs.

He slowly opened the door and wen out,he closed back slowly and walked to the gate,he opened it and went out.

“That’s how I ran out from her house”

“Oh my God! You went through that in the hands of that wicked lady? She is so wicked for doing such thing to a kid like you thank God you escaped from that house who knows what could have happen to you by now?
Catherina said feeling so sorry for him.

“She meant have succeeded in killing me then eat my dead body since is what she want”
Jackson sounded.

“Thank God for your life Jackson,but what of your parents?
She asked.

“Once I had a beautiful family until one day Mr Death snatched them away from me when I was five then I was staying with my Aunt’s house but her husband never like the idea of her bringing me into the house so he persuaded her until she gave me out to her friend”
He said.

“What of that your Aunty? Why didn’t you report Aunty Sarah to her?
She asked feeling so sorry for him.

“Aunty Sarah don’t allow me to leave the house,she will locked up whenever she is going out and if I try to escape she will punish me severely”
He said.

“What of that your Aunty? Doesn’t she visit you?

“The day she brought me to the house I was the last day I set my eyes on her”
He sounded in tears.

Catherina hugged and consoled him,
“Is okay stop crying okay am here for you from now onward you will be my family I will never leave you okay”
He said.

“Thank you Aunty Catherina”
He sounded with smiles.

“Jackson how were you able to survive for the past months? How did you manage to eat? Where did you sleep?

“I begged for arm and used the money to feed myself then I passed the night at people’s stores”
He said.

Catherina shook her head and sounded,
“That’s not good for a kid like you,how I wish people will stop being scared and running away from me and employ me we start making a living,get an apartment eat without starving all day then get you clothes send you to school that’s what you need”

“I will be so happy to go back to school,did you know I stopped going to school at the moment my parents left me”
He sounded.

“We just have to pray for God to intervene in our lives and give us a good job you will see everything will change for us”
She said.

“We keep on praying for God’s intervention in our lives”
He said and yawned.

“It’s seem you are hungry Jackson?

“Yes Aunty Catherina,I have not eaten since morning”

“Oh mine! Don’t have any money on me what are we going to do now?
She asked being so worried on how she will feed him.

“Aunty Catherina you don’t have to be worried,we will go and beg for arm”

“I don’t think people will help us,they will see me and run away”

“I know that once they see me being a kid with you they won’t run away because they will now know that you are not a monster but a human being like them”
He said.

He covered that disgusting face with his hand and said with smiles,
*You look so beautiful Aunty Catherina,I guess you must be the most beautiful one in your family”

“You are right Jackson right from when I was small people admire my beauty and called me epitome of beauty until that fire gave me this ugly face”
She sounded.

“As for me you are still beautiful even with the one side ugly face”
He said with smiles.

She hugged and said,
“Thank you for compassion,thank you for believing am not a monster”

Jackson stood up and said,
“Is okay Aunty Catherina,My stomach is tumbling and the worms are fighting please can we go now and beg for arm”

“Let’s go I don’t want the worms to end up killing each other”
She said as Jackson busted out laughing.

They made their way out to beg for arms.