My ugly face episode 21






Five months later after Catherina broke up with Jerry she has moved on and forgotten about that fool but she later met another guy at the supermarket.

She was coming out from the supermarket with Mary her friend a guy walked passed them and turned back.

“Excuse me ladies!
He said to their hearing.

They turned back as he rushed to meet them,
“Good day ladies!
He greeted with smiles.

“Good day!
They responded back and wondered why he stopped them.

“This face looks familiar,I known you somewhere”
He sounded referring to Catherina.

“Where did you know me from?
She asked confusedly since she can’t remember the face.

“We bumped into each other at the boutique last week”
He said reminding her.

Catherina thought and later remembered,
“Yeah I now remembered! You are the guy that wanted to blinded me”
She sounded with smiles.

“Hahahaha! Am sorry for that!
He sounded with laughs.

“It’s nothing!

Mary excused herself and gone inside inside the car waiting for her friend.

“I have been going around with this wrist watch I hoping to see you one faithful day,I believe is your own”
He said and show her the wrist watch.

“Yeah it’s mine,I have looked for this and tired”
She sounded and collected the watch.

“It’s fell off that day we bumped into each other”

“Thank you so much for bringing it back knowing fully well it’s a diamond watch if it’s some people they won’t bother to return it”
She sounded with smiles.

“Am so much different from others I don’t eat what does not belong to me”
He sounded with smiles.

“Thanks again I really appreciate for this”

“Its nothing! Am Frank by name,may I know your name?
He asked with smiles.

“Am Catherina!

“Catherina! What a beautiful name with a beautiful damsel? I hope you won’t mind giving me your contact?
He asked politely with smiles.

“Why not? This my card”

“Thank you I will call you later in the day”
He said and made his out to the supermarket.

She went back to the car as they drove out.

“So Cathy where did you know that guy from?
Mary asked.

“I bumped into him at the boutique last week”
She answered.

“Okay oooo!

“Mary can you believe that he returned back my diamond wrist watch?

“Like seriously! He did that?

“Yeah he’s such a good guy for returning that watch if it’s some people now they won’t bother to return it back knowing fully well the type of million they will make from the watch”
She sounded.

“His type are very rare to find”
Marry said.

A month later, Catherina and Frank started dating,one thing about Catherina she’s fall in love easily she didn’t hesitate before accepting Frank she believes Frank Is much different from other guys she has dated because of his first expression which matters a lot to her(the diamond wrist watch he returned back)

Frank became so loving,caring to her,the more love he shower her the more deeper she falls for him.

Mary supported their relationship she never find any fault in Frank sometimes she envy them because of Frank adores her and wishes she have that type of boyfriend.

Their relationship lasted for five months to one faithful day when Catherina decided to give him a surprise visit.

She drove to his house, packed outside the gate and walked inside the house she opened the key with her spare key.

She was so shocked when she saw ladies undies on the floor.

“Nope! this can’t be what am thinking!
She sounded glancing at the undies.

“Frank can’t cheat me! he loves me he won’t do that to me”
She sounded still confused and wishes what her instincts is telling her to be negative.

She went upstairs and just about to knock the door she heard a lady’s voice.

“Babe when are you giving me the money you promise me?
She asked caressing the hair on his chest.

Catherina became so dumbfounded and astonished when she heard that,she held her chest as her heart started breaking.

“Don’t worry love I will give it to you”
Frank said to her.

“When will that be? I need to submit that project ending of this week,ask your sugar mummy to give you money nah”
She sounded.

“I told her that I need three million for a businessshe’s working on it and once she gave me that money I will break up with her and put more effort in sponsoring your education”
He said to her.

Tears started flowing out like a river once gain her heart is shattered like a broken mirror.

She pushed the door and rushed in,they were shocked to see her.

“What’s your sugar mummy did here?
She asked.

Frank jumped out from the bed and sounded,
“Catherina! this not what you think let me explain to you”

Catherina slapped him and shouted angrily,her first time of rising her hand to hit a guy.

“Frank what did I do to you to deserve this? Why did you choose to hurt me like this? All this while you were pretending to love me and using my money to sponsor your girlfriend in school”
She shouted angrily.

“No love! is not what you think”
He sounded trying to defend himself.

“Don’t call me that(love) because you don’t know the meaning of that I heard everything you were discussing with her,Sometimes, I wish certain people wont tell me that they love me,I want to know why? So that i wont waste my time Believing their Sweetest lies, you said you don’t want to see me get hurt,so does that mean you closed your eyes when you said that? Forever, you promised,you promised the moon and the stars in the sky,it was all a fake promises,I thought you were much different from others I don’t know all love and cares were nothing but pretences because of my money well thank God I was able to find out the real one before giving you the money you ask for it’s over between us and don’t you ever step your sinking foots in my house if you don’t want to taste my action”
She shouted angrily and walked out.

“Please Catherina hold on don’t break up with me what happened here is the devil’s handiwork”
He shouted to her hearing and wanted to ran after her.

“Don’t run to her! leave her let her go beside we have gotten much money form her”
She said to him.

“What type of devil is this one nah? The three million naria she wanted to give me is gone!
He shouted.

“Is okay love you will still meet another navie rich lady we will make money from her come let’s go another round to calm you down”
She said and pushed him inside the bed.

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“Girlfriend what happen? Why are you crying?
Mary asked at the moment she rushed in, Catherina gave her a call.

“Is Frank!
She sounded in tears.

“Frank! What happen to him?
She asked in worries.

“I got him on bed a girl”
She cried out.

“Again! I thought he will be different from others”
Mary sounded.

“I have come to realized that all men are the same they are heart breakers,they will pretend to love you all because of your money once they have eaten enough they will break up with you”
She sounded in tears.

Mary placed her head on her shoulder consoling her.

“I can’t believe this,Frank we all thought he’s the one the right man for you so indifferent from others will turned out to be like them”
She sounded.

“Can you believe that he was using my money to sponsor his girlfriend in school thank God I didn’t give him that three million my money would have gone just like that”
She cried out.

“God! this is totally unbelievable!

“Mary am tired of men,they are bunch of losers bunch of heart breakers,I don’t think if I can fall in love again am so unfortunate with love my heart is tired of being shattered into pieces I will never love again”
She cried out.

“Is okay I really understand how you feel but I want you to know that when love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal”
She said to her.

“Since am so unfortunate with love I don’t date a man that loves me rather my wealth how will I be able to find this one man that will truly love me not because of my wealth? someone that will take of my father’s company not a gold digger that will destroy the company,how will I find that man? does it mean I will not find such man in my life?
She asked.

“That type of man is right there somewhere you will definitely find him and he will help you to build the company”
She said.

“How will I find the man?
She asked.

Mary thought about her question and came up with a plan.

“The only way to find that man is to disguise yourself”

“Disguise myself!
She sounded.

“Yes dear! disguise yourself that’s the only way to find that man,you need to disguise yourself in a way nobody we be able to recognize you”

“How will I do that?

“We will go to this make-up artist people they will disguise your half side face into a monster face”

“No! that’s a ridiculous idea! i can’t carry a monster face”
She sounded.

“Girlfriend that’s the only way to find that man, the make up artist will make the monster’s face to look so scaring and disgusting in a way people will be scared of you and won’t like to associate with you they will mistake you as a monster”
She explained.

“Mary this your plan is not good at all,I don’t want people to mistake me as a monster come to think of it if people mistook me a monster then how will find that man?
She asked.

“That person will be the only man that will never run away from you he will like to make you friend, Catherina just follow me plans you will see how it will work”
She said.

“This plan is something someone have to thoroughly think about it before giving in to it so I have to think about it”
She said.

“Take your time to think and decide”
She said to her.


“So that’s how I came up with the monster face”
Catherina said.

“This is so unbelievable! You have disguised with an ugly face just to find true love”
Charles sounded.

“Thank God I found that man that loves me so much that man that will handle and runs the affairs of this company I must say am so blessed to have found you thank you for coming into my life”
She said to him with smiles.

“Am the one that suppose to thank you for coming into my life you brought a light to me and perfect and beautify my life,Meeting you was fate,becoming your friend was choice but falling in love with you was completely out of my control,I love you so much and I promise to love till death lock on the door”
He said to her with smiles and hugged her.

“This is a moon which learns from you,that is a sun which respects you,there are stars which shine for you and here… It’s me who live for you without you my life will be meaningless”
He said to her again.

“I could give all the money in the world to have a minute with you,you are like a wonder which never stops making me smile,I truly love you and My love for you is like water,falling countless the beating of my heart for you is so heavy and soundless,the feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless”
She said to him.

Charles kissed her so passionately and said,
“I can’t wait to share this awesome news to father once he’s back from the village”

“He will be so happy and things will balance back to normal peace will be back to the house and the love he once had for you will come back”
She said with smiles.

“I can’t wait to receive a hug from him I really missed it”

“Is well love!

Catherina and Charles came back home that’s Charles’s house.

“I wonder how Jackson will react when he sees me”
Catherina sounded.

“He will not know is you because this face is so extraordinary he will be thinking that I came back with a goddess”
Charles sounded as she laughed out.

“Not only a goddess!
She laughed and sat down on the couch.

Jackson heard their voices and rushed out from his room to welcome them.

“Wow! Aunty Catherina finally you have revealed this your beautiful face”
Jackson shouted with so much joy.

“You know about this face?
They shouted confusedly.