My ugly face episode 23





Catherina gave Charles a call,
📞Honey! you need to rush to the house right away,leave what you are doing and come home”
She cried out.

📞 What is it? Why are you crying?
He sounded confusedly.

📞 Is Jackson!
She cried out.

📞 Jackson! What happen to him?
He asked being so confused.

📞 I got a call from unknown number saying that Jackson was rushed to their hospital,I don’t know what’s going on please come back home”
She stammered while crying.

“Oh my God! Jackson had an accident!
He shouted,worn his suit jacket and reached for his car key he rushed out immediately.

Catherina was outside the house weeping and walking so helplessly waiting for him to arrives,Few minutes later Charles honk the car horn.

“Open the small gate”
She said to the gateman as he was about to ione the gate.

She rushed out and got into the car.

“Which hospital are they?
Charles asked being so worried.

“Good Shepherd Hospital!.
She responded in tears as they drove out.

They got to the hospital, drove in and rushed inside,

“We came for the boy that was rushed in with the driver”
Charles told the nurse receptionist.

“You mean the accident victims!
She asked.

“Yes! How are they?
Charles asked in so much worried.

“Who are you to the boy?
She asked.

They gave each other a look before answering,
“We are his parents”
Catherina answered in tears.

“Yeah his father! How is he doing? We need to see him”
Charles asked.

“They were rushed to the ICU,the doctor have not come out yet you can wait for him over there”
She pointed at the waiting area.

They went over there, Catherina sat down while Charles stood up waiting for the doctor.

“God why Jackson? Please God save that boy for me if anything happen to him I will not be able to handle it”
She cried out.

“Nothing will happen to him love,put yourself together Jackson will be fine, Jackson will be fine okay”
He held her hand and consoled her.

Twenty minutes later,the Doctor came out,Charles saw him and rushed to him immediately.

“How is my son Doctor?
He asked being so worried.

“Are you the parents of the little boy that had an accident?
He asked.

“Yes we are his parents,How is he doing?
She asked in tears.

“His life is so critical,the accident was such a terrible one he lost a lot of blood and need a blood transfusion right away”
He said.

“You can take my blood Doctor am O positive”
Catherina sounded.

“Due to your condition Ma we can’t risk your life and the life of the unborn baby,your husband can donate the blood since he’s the father of the boy”
He said.

“But Doctor am not O positive”
Charles sounded.

“As the father your blood suppose to match with his but if it doesn’t we have to look for a donor”
He said.

They gave each other a look knowing fully well his not the father.

“Let me just try maybe my blood meant match”
He whispered to her.

“But Doctor what about the driver how is he?
Charles asked as he remembered Jackson was coming back with the driver.

“As for the driver he was not able to make it to the hospital he died at the spot,his body is at the police station you need to go there and clam it am so sorry for your lost”
He said.

“Oh God! What a lot!
He shouted in shocked even Catherina was shocked too.

“Is well,We need to go in for the blood”
He told Charles.

“Okay Doctor! Be strong for me, Jackson especially the precious one that’s still in there, Jackson will be fine nothing will happen to him okay”
He assured her and gave her a kiss on the cheek before going out with the doctor.

Few minutes later, Charles came out from the room he walked straight to his wife.

“Did the blood match?
She asked.

“I don’t know Love,the nurse took the blood and told it need to be tested”
He answered.

“But there’s no how the blood will match since you are not his father we just have to buy blood or look for a donor”
She sounded.

“Let the Doctor come out first and God still performs miracle so let believe the blood will be of match”
He said.

They held together as they prayed for the blood to be of match and for Jackson to be out of danger.

Twenty minutes later, the doctor haven’t come out they were so worried and wonder what could be going on.

Charles got a phone call from his father,

📞 I went to the house the gateman told me Jackson had an accident,how is he?
Mr Benson sounded being so worried.

📞 As for now we don’t know what’s going the Doctor came out and told us he lost a lot of blood and need blood transfusion so I donated mine for over twenty minutes we have not hear from him,I don’t know what’s going on again”
He sounded.

📞 Which hospital is that?

📞 Good Shepherd Hospital”

📞 Am coming there right away”
He sounded and ended the call.

Five more minutes making it twenty five minutes the Doctor came out,they rushed to him.

“How is my son Doctor? Did the blood match?
Catherina asked.

“The blood matched”
He answered with smiles.

“Thank you Jesus! I no you won’t make us weep”
Catherina sounded with tears of joy.

“So how is he now? Can we go and see him?
Charles asked.

Mr Benson arrived at the hospital,he rushed inside and saw them discussing with the Doctor.

“Who are you looking for Mr?
The nurse receptionist asked.

He pointed and rushed to meet them.

“Doctor how is my Grandson?
He asked him.

“Your Grandson is fine and out of danger”
He answered with smiles.

“Can we go and see him now Doctor?
Charles asked again.

“Not yet! he’s still at the IUC,the nurse have to transfer him to his ward”
He answered.

“Okay Doctor!
Charles said as the doctor made his way to his office.

“Charles how did the accident happened?
Mr Benson asked.

He narrated everything to him including the driver they lost.

“Musa has been our driver right from when my parents were still alive he was so loyal and humble to us I don’t know how I will announce this heart broken news to his family”
Catherina sounded being so sorrowful for her driver.

“Chai! Is so painful to loose such a man,God will give his family the heart to bear it”
Mr Benson sounded.

“The worst part of it all his wife gave birth just few months ago I don’t know how she will handle such a news”
She sounded.

“It’s well Love,God knows why he took his life and we can’t question him all we have to do is to pray for God to receive his soul in His blossom”
He consoled her.

“Is well! We need to go and inform his family so that they can go to the station to clam his body after we have seen Jackson”
She said.

“Okay love but I think Father have to go replace you because of your condition and most importantly we need an elderly man to go with us”
Charles suggested.

“That’s a good idea,in case like this you need an elderly man to accompany you”
Mr Benson added.

“Okay there’s no problem,you will go with father I will stay over and take care of Jackson”
She said.

Few minutes later,the nurses brought out Jackson from the ICU they rushed to see him,

“Jackson! we are so happy you made it”

“I thought I gonna loose you boy but God showed Himself”

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“Champion you made it”
They all said to him, Jackson was smiling at them as the nurses wheeled him to his room.

They got to the room,the nurses lay him on the bed fixed the drip before leaving the room.

Catherina gave him thousands of kisses on his cheek with tears of joy.

“Few hours ago I thought I will loose you Jackson but the thoughts of men are not the thought of God,God brought back to us am so so happy to see you alive”
She sounded with tears of joy as Jackson smiled.

“I know you are a champion and champions never loose a battle so happy to have you back”
Mr Benson sounded and tapped him softly on the shoulder.

It is so sad to have such a sweetheart fall so ill, Take care my little angel,Get lots of rest and Tackle life with all your skills overcome each and every hill if you persist with all your wil you will enjoy your life and all its thrills,get well my son”
Charles said and hugged him.

“What will you like to eat Jackson?
Catherina asked.

“I want to eat rice”
He sounded with a weak voice.

“Okay Charles will get it for you okay”
She said to him.

All of a sudden, Jackson rolled his eyes his white eyes covered the eye balls and he started convulsing.

“What’s going on? Call the doctor!
Catherina cried out while Charles rushed out immediately to get the doctor.

The doctor rushed in immediately with the nurses,he injected him and the convulsion stopped immediately.

“Doctor what happened to him?
They asked with so much worries.

“His body temperature is normal but I need to runs some tests on him to know why he convulsed”
He told them.

“Okay Doctor!
Mr Benson sounded.

The nurse took his blood with syringe for the test and made their way.

“Ma you need to rest don’t stress yourself because of your baby nothing will happen to your son so no panicking everything will be fine”
He said to Catherina and made his way out.

Catherina went and sat at Jackson’s bed,he had already fallen asleep due to the injection,she stares at him with tears filled in her eyes and caressing his hair.

Thirty minutes later,a nurse came to the room,
“Excuse me Sir,the doctor need to see you at his office”
She said to Charles.

“Okay,I will be there shortly”
He replied as the nurses used the door.

“Is like the result is out”
Mr Benson said.

“I hope is not something serious”
Catherina sounded.

“Let me go and see the doctor,I will be right back okay”
He said and used the door.

He got to the Doctor’s office and knocked,
“Yes! come in”
He went inside.

“Please have a sit Mr Charles”

He sat down waiting to hear what the test said.

“I discovered from the test result that Jackson have some damaged tissues from the brain and also blood are not circulating well on his brain and if care is not taken it meant lead to brain tumor or brain cancer”
He explained.

“Jesus! God Forbid! Brain tumor! What are we going to do Doctor?
He shouted in shocked.

“We need to operate on him right away,it depends on how to give us go ahead by filling in and signing on this paper for us to proceed”
He said.

“Where is the paper let me sign it right away?
He asked.

The doctor passed the paper to him,filled in some things and signed.

“In a few moment now he will be taking to the operation room”

“Okay Doctor”
He said and used the door.

He went back to the room,
“What did the Doctor said about the test result?
Catherina asked.

“He discovered that there were some tissues that damaged in his brain and he need to be operator to avoid involving into Brain tumor or Brain cancer”
He explained.

“God forbid! Not my own Jackson that will have brain tumor”
Catherina shouted.

“So when is he coming for the operation?
Mr Benson asked.

“In a few moment from now they will be taking him to the operation room”

Jackson waked up and overhead them talking about the operation.

“What’s wrong with me? Am I going to die?
He asked with a weak voice.

“God forbid! You are not going to die love”
Catherina said to him.

“Then why did I need to go to the operation room? What is it for?
He questioned.

“It just a minor issue the Doctor need to operate you don’t have to worry you will be fine okay”
Mr Benson said to him with smiles.

Few minutes later,the Doctor and the nurse came with a wheelchair to take him to the operation room.

“Are we set to go?
The Doctor asked him with smiles.

“Yes Doctor! He’s a champion he will fight and win the battle”
Mr Benson sounded with smiles.

“Jackson remember you have a family that loves you so much,we will be right here praying for a successful operation and I know you will make it,I love Jackson”
She said with tears and hugged him.

They gave him a tight hug and wishes him well for a successful operation.

“I love you all nothing will happen to me I will come back for my loving family”
He said to them with smiles as they nurse took him out.

“Doctor please take care of my son”
Catherina said.

“Nothing will happen to him trust me on this the operation will be a successful one”
He assured them and made his way out.

“Babe you look so pale I think you need to rest take a little nap you can rest your head on my laps okay”
Charles said.

“I don’t think If I can be able to rest knowing fully well Jackson is at the operation room fighting for his life”
She sounded.

“Catherina you need it for the sake of that baby Jackson will make it alive just rest okay”
Mr Benson told her.

“Father I can rest,I will be fine the baby will be fine too”
She assured them.

They prayed and believing God for a successful operation and went to the waiting room to wait for them.

An hour later,the Doctor came out with the look on his face you will know the operation was so successful,they rushed to him and asked.

“How is the operation Doctor?
They asked.

The Doctor smiled with his smiles they knew it was successful.

“The operation was successful!
Catherina sounded.

“Yes! Jackson is out of danger”
He sounded with smiles.

“Thank you Jesus!
She shouted with tears of joy.

“Thank you so much Doctor you are indeed a great Doctor”
Mr Benson thanked him with an handshake.

“It’s God’s work Sir and with your prayers God prefect everything”
He sounded with smiles.

“Can we go and see him now?
Charles asked.

“That will be when they transferred him back to his room so go back to the room and wait for him”
He told them and went to his office.

Few minutes later, Jackson was brought back to his room they were so happy to see him.

“Aunty Catherina I want to eat”
He sounded with a weak voice.

“Can he eat now?
She asked the nurse.

“For sure! but let it be something light”
She answered with smiles.

“Rice will be okay then”
Charles said.

“It will be okay for him”
The nurse said.

The nurse fixed the drip and used the door,Charles went out to get him the food while Catherina and Mr Benson watches over him.

It’s getting late and the driver’s body is still at the police station,the body need to clam and his family need to inform too.

“Babe is getting late already and we can’t leave Musa’s body at the station you need to go and inform his family”
Catherina said.

“Yeah that’s true! We almost forgot about that”
He sounded.

“You and Father will go to his family and inform them then they will go to the station to get his body, please give them a cheque of two million naria and also send my condolences to the family and tell them to inform us whenever they fix the burial”
She said to him.

“Okay love take care”
He hugged her as they leave the room.

Two days later, Jackson is still at the hospital he’s too weak to be discharge.

The thought of Charles blood being a matched to Jackson’s keep on bothering him since he knows he’s not his father,he needed to get answers from the doctor so he visited him in this office.

“Good evening Doctor!

“Evening Mr Charles,how are you doing?

“Am good Doctor”
He answered with smiles.

“Your son Jackson will be discharge next tomorrow”

“Wow! That’s good news but am not really here for that”

“Okay,What brought you then?

“Doctor is about my blood being of matched to Jackson when I know am not O positive”
He said.

“That should not bother you Mr Charles besides your blood is O negative can donate blood to anybody moreover he’s your offspring”
He answered with smiles.

“Doctor let me tell you the truth Jackson is not my son that’s why so much confused the blood”
He said.

“Are you kidding me? But you and your wife told me you are his parents”
He sounded confusedly.

“Yes Doctor we lied to you we are his parents but not biological parents so is it possible am his father?
He asked being so confused.

“The blood test result showed it but in case you still doubt you can go in for DNA test we still have Jackson sample we can get your blood for the test”
He told him.

“That will be better because I need to clear off my head”
He sounded.

“Let’s go for the test”
They went out to the laboratory,took his blood alongside with Jackson sample for the test,they went back to his office.

Few minutes later,the nurse came inside the result and gave it to the Doctor.

“The result is out”
He said as he opened the paper.

“What did the result said?
He asked.

“The result confirmed you are Jackson’s biological father”
He told him.

“Jackson’s biological father! Nope it can’t be”
He shouted in shocked.

“You can see for yourself”
He gave him the result.

He read it and shouted in shocked,
“How possible is this? How can I be Jackson’s father?


🙉🙉 OH MY GOD! CHARLES Is Jackson’s Father! How Possible Could this Be?

🤔🤔Who Is the Mother Then?