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My ugly face episode 24





Then let’s go for it,that’s the only way to prove to you guys am not Jackson’s mother”
She shouted and her response got them confused.

“She agreed with the DNA test could it be she’s not lying?
Catherina thought with confusion.

“She suddenly agreed for the DNA that means she is not Jackson’s mother then who could the lady be? Am confusion right now,I know I didn’t slept with any other lady expect,I know she’s lying and we must go for the DNA test”
He thought.

Catherina and Charles looked at each other and shouted,
“We are doing the DNA test right now”

“No problem am ready and I will prove to you am not the mother besides why are we prolonging this matter when we have an easy way to solve it,why can’t you call Jackson and asked him who his mother is?
She shouted.

“Jackson was adopted and his parents are died”
Catherina shouted.

“You still have to explain to me why you have to give our son up for adoption after you have seen the result of the DNA”
He shouted..

“What explanation will i give to you? when i have told you times without number am not his mother so stop acting so importune”
She shouted.

“Enough of all these! Let go to the hospital right away and clear things off, Charles gave Doctor Mark a call tell him we are coming”
Catherina shouted.

“Better! Let’s solve this once because am fade up with this doubts you guys have on me”
Benny shouted.

“Let me change I will be right back”
Catherina sounded and went upstairs while Charles called Doctor Mark.

📞Good Morning Doctor! I want to know if you are at the hospital?

📞 Yeah I just arrived at the hospital,I hope there’s no problem?

📞 There’s no problem Doctor,We are coming”

📞 Okay I will be waiting then”
Charles ended up the call.

“Benny if this test come out positive again you will not like what I will do to you mark my word”
He shouted.

“The result will surly be negative because I don’t have a child besides how will a mother not know if she have a child?
She shouted.

“You owe yourself that explanation”
He shouted.

Catherina came downstairs,
“We may go”
She said to them.

Benny picked her handbag as they used the door to the car,they got into the car and drove to Good Shepherd Hospital.

Few minutes later they arrived at the hospital straight to the Doctor’s hospital.

“Good morning Doctor!
They greeted.

“Morning! Please have a sit”
He responded with smiles as they sat down.

“Charles I hope there’s no problem?
He asked.

“Not at all Doctor!
Catherina answered with smiles.

“Okay,What did I owe this morning visit then?
He asked.

“Doctor we came for a DNA test”
Charles answered.

“DNA test again? I thought you have done that before?
He asked confusedly.

“Yes Doctor but this time the DNA test is between Jackson’s sample and this lady here who keep on denying she does not have a child for me”
He said.

“Oh yes! I don’t have a child for you and I will keep on saying it”
Benny sounded rolling her eyes.

“Enough of the rush,we are here let the test be done”
Charles sounded.

“And am well ready for it”
She sounded.

“Let proceed then”
The Doctor said and gave on of the nurses a call.

📞 Nurse Nelly come to my office”
He said and dropped back the telephone.

“Take her to the laboratory to take her blood for a DNA test between Jackson Thomas we still have his blood at the lab”
He told the nurse at the moment she came to the office.

“Okay Doctor,Please Mrs may we go?
she asked politely and led the way,Benny followed her behind.

Few minutes later,She came back to the office sat down and waiting to receive the result.

Fifteen minutes later,the nurse came in with the test result.

“Here is the result Doctor”
She said and gave it to him,she uses the door.

They became so anxious to know what the result says,the Doctor opened it and gave Benny a strange look.

“Should I read it or give it to you to read?
He asked Charles.

“Let me have it”
The Doctor gave him the result,he read it and shouted,

“I knew it I don’t know why you keep on denying it”

“You knew what?
Benny shouted and dragged the result from him.

She read it and couldn’t believe she’s Jackson’s biological mother.

“Now breeze has blow the yash of the fowl is open what did you have to say? Deny it again?
Charles shouted.

Benny stood up and shouted,
“No! this can’t be! Jackson is not my son! I don’t have a child!

“Oh God! this is so unbelievable! You are still denying it even when the picture is clear?
Catherina shouted.

Doctor Mark was mopping at her with so much confusion, how a mother will keep on denying of not having a child even the evidence is clear.

“I will not accept this result,I don’t have any child!
She shouted and walked out.

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Catherina stood up and followed her immediately while Charles stayed to thank the Doctor.

“What’s going on with that lady? Why is she acting so unbelievable? She have seen the evidence she keep on denying it who does that?
Doctor sounded.

“I don’t know want to say Doctor,I don’t know why she is finding it so difficult to admit she has a child for me?
Charles sounded.

“What’s matters now you have know who the mother is if she likes let her keep on denying it to eternity”
He said.

“Thank you Doctor let me go and meet them”

“You are welcome!
They handshake each other and Charles used the door.

“How possible could this be nah? How can Jackson be my son? I don’t understand this”
She thought.

“Benny you are acting so unbelievable now,why can’t you admit you have a child for Charles? Even when you have seen the test result”
Catherina shouted her.

“Why should I admit what I don’t know? The test result is fake I don’t have a son”
She shouted.

“You have seen the result and you keep on denying it,is this your plan to get back at me or what? because I don’t understand this your acting anymore,why did want to put me in a state of confusion into believing I slept with another lady? Why can’t you admit it and let me have peace of mind?
He shouted angrily.

“I don’t know why you guys want me to admit what I know nothing about? How can claim a child that’s not mine? The test result is so fake you two collaborated with the doctor to fake the result”
She shouted.

“This is unbelievable! totally unacceptable!
Catherina shouted.

“Can you just listen to yourself Benny? What did you mean we collaborated with the Doctor to fake the result? What’s our gain for doing that?
Charles shouted.

“Reason known to you guys as for me I will not accept this result so we will be doing another DNA test in my Doctor’s hospital”
She shouted.

“Is not what you want?
Charles shouted.

“Oh yes! I need to prove to you guys am not the mother of that child so you will go and look for who you got pregnant”
She shouted.

“You see this game you are playing I also know how to play it keep on we will see how will win the game Sha you want another DNA test let’s go”
Charles shouted.

They got into the car,
“We can’t go to your Doctor without Jackson’s sample so we will go back to the house and get something that will can use as his sample we could have use Jackson’s blood but he’s still in school”
Charles told her as they drove to the house.

He left them in the car and rushed inside to Jackson’s room to find something that can give them what they need.

“What will I use now?
He thought as he searched for something.

He sighted his hair brush and sounded,
“Yeah! the hair in the brush will be perfectly good for the sample”

He reached for the brush,took his hair and put it inside a small zip lock bag and rushed out.

“Did you find something?
Catherina asked.

“Yeah I got his hair from the hairbrush”
He answered with smiles.

“That’s good!
Catherina sounded.

They drove out to the Benny’s hospital,they got to the hospital and walked inside.

“Is Doctor Maxwell in?
She asked the nurse.

“Yes Ma but he’s attending to a patient at the moment please kindly wait for him at the waiting area”
The nurse answered politely.

They moved to the waiting area sat down to wait for him.

Few minutes later,the nurse came back to them,
“You may now go he’s done with the patient”
She said.

“Thank you!
Benny sounded.

They got Into the office as Benny and Doctor Maxwell exchanging their usual pleasantries and got into a serious discussion.

“So what brought you into my office Benny?
He asked with smiles.

“We came for a DNA test”
She answered.

“DNA test for who? Did you have a child that you need to go for a test?
He asked being so confused because he knew Benny I don’t have any child neither have she mentioned having a child before since they became friends.

“Max that’s what I want to prove to this people that am not the mother of the child they are claiming to be mine”
She sounded.

“Can’t a mother know herself again? If she has given birth or not?
The Doctor Maxwell questioned them.

“I wonder ooo!
Benny shouted.

“This kind thing tire me!
Doctor Maxwell sounded.

“Mr enough of this questions and do your work!
Charles said to him.

Doctor Maxwell giggled and said to them,
“The result will shock you two!

“Tell them!
Benny sounded with giggles.

“You will be the one to get the shock”
Catherina said to him.

“Let see how it goes then, Where’s the sample you brought for the test?
He asked.

Catherina brought out the ziplock bag from her handbag and gave it to him.

“Benny let’s go to the lab to get your blood”
He said.

They went to the Lab few minutes they came back to the office waiting patiently for the test result.

Twenty minutes later,the nurse came in with the result.

“Here is the result Doctor”
She gave it to her and walked out.

Doctor Maxwell opened the result and became so speechless, dumbfounded and astonished,he gave Benny an awkward look.

“What’s the result said Doctor?
Benny asked being so confused.

“Is it not obvious that the result came out to be positive that’s why you have this awful look”
Charles shouted and dragged the result from him.

“I said it! See it here will you deny it again? the handwriting is written clearly on the wall”
Charles shouted and showed her the result.

Benny couldn’t believe what she saw,
“Am Jackson’s mother!
She sounded being so confused.

“That’s true! Benny the test result confirmed that the boy is yours”
Doctor Maxwell sounded.

“What happen? I gave him up for adoption then why did he ended up Catherina?
She mumbled in shocked.


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