My Ugly Face

My ugly face episode 24





“How possible could this be? How can I be Jackson’s father?
He asked in shocked starring at the result.

The Doctor became confused of his reaction and wonder why he will not know that he have a son.

“Are you okay Mr Charles?
He asked.

“No! Doctor am totally confused about this result,Is the result real?
He asked with so much confusion.

“Your reaction shows that you are not aware you have a son”
He asked.

“Doctor how can I possible have a child? I think there’s a mistake somewhere”
He sounded still finding it difficult to believe.

“Mr Charles the result can’t be fake, Jackson is your biological son the DNA test proved it so and I understand you were not aware so I will like to think about your pass life one of your girlfriends meant have been pregnant for you and you didn’t know about it so go home and sort it out”
The doctor advised him.

“That should be Benny,he’s the one girl I have dated”
He mumbled.

“Thank you Doctor for your advice and for the result”
He thanked him with smiles.

“You are welcome Mr Charles”
He replied back with smiles.

Charles used the door,he couldn’t stop thinking about Jackson being his son even when he got to the room he was glancing at him.

“All this while my son has been with me and I didn’t know no wonder I have strong bound with him but wait ooo if truly he’s my son he would have been with Benny and not Catherina am totally confused with all this”
He thought glancing at him.

“Benny have to tell why she hide such a thing from me and what happen to the boy?
He thought still giving Jackson a glance.

Catherina noticed his mood and asked him,
“Babe are you okay? Did the doctor say anything?

“The Doctor said he will be discharging next tomorrow”

“Wow! That’s a good news but why that mood? since you came back from the doctor’s office you have been so cold what’s going on?
She asked.

“Nothing love am fine”
He answered with smiles.

“But your face says otherwise,are you sure you are fine?
She asked again.

“Am fine there’s nothing to worry about okay and am happy for Jackson’s quick recovery he will soon be discharging”
She sounded with smiles.

“Yeah so so happy too,i can’t wait to have him back to the house”
She sounded with smiles.

“How am I going to tell Catherina what I found out about Jackson? It will be hard for me but I have to tell her”
He thought.

The house was decorated with beautiful balloons all different types and different colours, Welcome Home Jackson was written on the entrance of the door, Catherina and Mr Benson decorated everywhere for him even the dinning table was also decorated with all his favorite foods,drinks and fruits,they sat down with their faces lighted with smiles waiting for Jackson.

Few minutes later,they heard the sound of the horn.

“Father they are here!
Catherina happily said and picked balloons tied with ribbon.

They stood up and walked to the door waiting to receive a knock from them.

Catherina opened the door and shouted with so much joy.

“Welcome home Jackson!
She hugged him and gave him the balloons.

“Thank you so much Aunty Catherina!
He replied with so much joy.

“Welcome home my champion! happy to have you back to your feet and to this house”
Mr Benson said and hugged him.

“Thank you so much Grandpa!
He thanked him with smiles.

He walked inside and was so amazed when he saw the decorations they did for him.

“You did all this for me Aunty Catherina?
He asked being so surprised.

“Yes Jackson,it was all father’s idea to give you a welcome home surprise”
She sounded with smiles.

“Thank you so much Grandpa!
He hugged him.

“You are welcome Jackson, Catherina also played a role in making this welcome home surprise for you,she decorated everywhere and even cooked all your meals”
Mr Benson said with smiles.

“Thank you so much Aunty Catherina! This is indeed a surprise! I really appreciate it I love you”
He thanked her.

“I love you too Jackson”
She sounded with smiles.

“We love you Jackson and we can’t love you less you are like our own son”
Charles added with smiles.

“Thank you so much Uncle Charles! Can we go to the dinning table am damn hungry I can’t wait to devour all my favorite meals”
He sounded.

“Let’s go!
Mr Benson said as they moved to the dinning and had their sits.

“So Jackson which of the food will you like to start from?
Catherina asked.

“Let me start with Fried rice with chicken follow by white spaghetti with egg sauces”
He said with smiles.

“You are at my service my Lord!
Rose the cook told him with smiles and started dishing the food for him.

“Thank you Aunty Rose”
He said to her.

They ate,drank and merry for Jackson’s recovery.

Three days later,Charles has been thinking on how to approach the issue about Jackson being his son to Catherina.

“Babe my friend Jenny will be coming back next tomorrow from London she will be so happy to see the man that passed my test,she was the master planner of my monster disguised face”
She sounded with smiles but Charles was not paying attention to her.

“Babe are you listening to me?
She called out but no response until she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yes! What were you saying?
He sounded with a question.

“You are not here with me what’s going on? This is not the first you are lost in thought,I can remember since you came back from the Doctor’s office you have been acting so wired and it’s unlike you,What’s troubling you? Speak up,What did the doctor informed you? my instincts is telling me that he told you something but I don’t know why you don’t want to share it to me”
She said and moved closer to him.

“Talk to me love, remember we shouldn’t hide anything from each other, what’s bothering you?
She asked again.

“My love I don’t know how to tell you this”
He sounded.

“What is it? What did the doctor told you?
She asked being so confused.

“Is all about Jackson”
He sounded.

“Oh my God! Jackson! What did the doctor said that’s wrong with him again?
She shouted in panicking.

“You don’t have to panic my love is not about sickness”
He told her.

“Then what’s is it? What did the doctor told you about him?
She asked being so confused.

“Remember my blood matched with Jackson’s own knowing that am not his biological father neither am I O positive”
He asked.

“Yeah I remembered but it’s just a coincidence or an irony so that should not be bothering you beside why should it bother you when you know you are not the father?
She sounded.

“That’s the problem love according to what the doctor told me and what I discovered am confused”
He sounded.

“What the doctor told you and what you discovered? What are you saying? What did the doctor told you? And what did you discovered?
She asked confusedly.

“I went to the doctor for a proper information why my blood matched when I know am not O positive he told me that’s a probability that Jackson meant be my offspring”
He said.

“What? How can Jackson being your son?
She questioned with so much confusion.

“That’s the same question I asked him until the DNA confirmed it”
He sounded.

“What? Jackson your son! this can’t be! I think there’s mistake somewhere”
She shouted in shocked.

“There’s no mistake,the test result can’t be fake besides what could be the Doctor’s reason for faking the result?
He sounded.

“If truly Jackson is your son then how can you abandon him? and will not know you have a child”
She questioned being so confused

“I didn’t know I planted a seed in Benny’s womb”
He sounded.

“Wait oooo! Did I heard you mentioning Benny’s name? Oh my God!
She shouted.

“How possible could it be? Why can’t you know you planted a seed in her?
She shouted confusedly.

“Honestly saying love,Benny never mentioned being pregnant for me so am totally confused as you are and she need to explain things to me”
He sounded.

“You know what all these is nothing but a made up story so I won’t believe any of it until I hear it from the horse’s mouth,Benny have to give us a clearly explanation so bring her here tomorrow,how can Jackson being your son? this is unbelievable nah!
She shouted and leave the room.

Charles exhaled and inhaled,
“God! am confused in a second thought what if Benny denies it or confess she don’t have a son then who could be the mother? But I know very well Benny was the first woman in my life”
He thought with so much confusion.

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The next day, Charles summoned Benny and she came right away they sat down on the couch including Catherina.

“Why did you called me here Charles?
Benny asked with so much confusion written on her face,she knows very well that they got nothing to do with her but now she been summoned by them.

Charles cleared his throat and speak up,
“Benny the reason why I summoned here is something very important and matters alot to us and I want you to be very honest with me”

“What’s it? What’s my reason of being here?
She asked confusedly.

“Benny did you had a son for me in the past?
Charles bumped out the question.

Benny became so astonished with the question and with the look on her face you have no doubt that she has an answer to the question.

“What sort of silly question Is that? Wait ooo did you actually called me to ask me a stupid question? I can’t believe this that I left my house to this place to answer a silly question”
She shouted angrily.

“Benny please calm down I know why am asking you this question and I want you to be plain and sincere with me,did you had a son for me in the past?
He asked again.

Benny stood up and shouted,
“Charles I did not have a child for you period and thank you for wasting my precious time”

She wanted to walked out but Charles stood up immediately and walked to her.

“Is she pretending or what? Why can’t she tell us the truth and stop showing attitude? What if she’s telling the truth? Who’s Jackson’s mother then? Charles told me Benny was the first lady in his life before he met me that means she’s lying then”
Catherina thought being so confused.

“Don’t walk out Benny! Please come back this matter is so serious we need to talk it out please Benny tell me the truth did you have a child from me in the past?
He asked again holding her hand.

“What truth did you want to know Charles? I have told me I don’t have any child for you I have never been a mother before if actually I was pregnant for you should have known about it”
She shouted.

“Exactly the reason why am confused I should have known I should been aware about the pregnancy but i don’t know why you kept it from me and abandoned the child but fate has brought him back to me”
He shouted.

“Fate brought who back to you! What are saying?
She shouted confusedly.

“Jackson is my son the pregnancy you hidden from me and the boy you abandoned”
He shouted.

“Jackson your son!
She shouted in shocked.

“How possible is that? How can Jackson be your son?
She shouted.

“I went for a DNA test and the result confirmed he as my son”
He answered.

Benny giggled and shouted,
“Wow! Congratulations for discovering your son but am not the mother of that child so go look for the mother”

“Why is this girl giving us attitude nah? the picture is clear why can’t she spill out the truth why she denying it?
Catherina thought as she sat there mopping at them,she don’t want to put her mouth yet on the topic.

“What did you mean you are not the mother? When you know you are my first date the first lady I dated, it has been twelve years we broke up and Jackson is twelve years old will you call that a coincidence or what?
He shouted.

“Exactly a coincidence! maybe you got yourself drunk and got led with a lady due to the heartbreak so try to rethink because am the mother of your child”
She shouted.

“Benny enough of this denials why can’t you spill out the truth or did you want us to go for a DNA test?
Catherina shouted at her.

“Then let’s go for it,that’s the only way to prove to you guys am not Jackson’s mother”
She shouted and her response got them confused.


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