My ugly face episode 25




(Semi Finale)

“What happen? I gave him up for adoption then why did he ended up with Catherina?
She mumbled in shocked and ran out.

“Where is she running to? Come back here and explain to me why you hide such information from me”
Charles shouted and ran after her.

Catherina picked her handbag and walked out slowly with her heavy pregnant.

Charles held Benny’s hand and shouted at her,
“Peter the denials,What did you have to say again? Why did hide such an information from me? How could you be this wicked to do such thing to me?
He shouted angrily,Benny became so mute.

“You knew all along that Jackson is your son but due to your wicked heart you decided to stress us wether considering Catherina’s condition,you have to explain to me why you hide such thing from me and abandoned that child?
He shouted and dragged her to the car, disgracing her at the hospital.

Catherina got into the car as they drove back home, Charles being so angry dragged her inside and pushed her on the couch.

“Take it easy Charles! I know you are very angry!
Catherina shouted at him.

“Oya start explaining to me why you have to sold our child?
He shouted angrily.

Benny began by apologizing to him in tears,
“Charles am deeply sorry for hiding such thing from you and for stressing you especially Catherina so much when I knew I actually have a child for you”
She sounded.

“Breeze don blow fowl yansh don open you now know how to apologize right?
He shouted.

“When I discovered I was pregnant I have met Jude who promised to further my education at aboard so I don’t know what to do and my education was at risk at that moment,I don’t want the plans for my education to shattered”
She said in tears.

“Why didn’t you tell about the pregnancy?We could have figure out what to do”
Charles questioned her.

“I know that if I inform you about the pregnancy you will insist to have the child so that’s why I have to broke up with you”
She sounded.

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“Oh God! so the pregnancy was the main reason why you broke up with me!
Charles shouted.

“I tried everything human possible to abort the baby but all to no avail I even tired some unimaginable things just to abort the child but none was working for me,I don’t know what to do I was so depressed and desperate to terminate the child because of my education I don’t want to risk the opportunity for going to aboard my education”
She sounded in tears.

“This is so unbelievable! I can’t believe this actually coming out from your mouth I remembered you were so fond of children and wishes to have us but when the baby came you became a wicked person all because of your education at aboard”
Charles shouted.

Catherina was so speechless shooking her head and mopping at her.

“A friend of mine later advised me to have the baby and give it up for adoption since the baby don’t want to die so I later accepted her advice,she took me an organization that sells babies,I lived at the hospital for nine months when I gave birth to the child they took the baby away,I didn’t see the baby nor know the gender of the baby what I heard was only the cry of the child and I know nothing about the child not even the people that adopted him”
She explained in tears.

“What a wicked act?
Catherina shouted.

“Benny how could you be this wicked? Because of abroad you sold your child? I can’t believe you are this wicked if someone tells me you have the mind to sold a child I will definitely doubt that person times two, you are very wicked you can never be a mother”
Charles shouted.

“What baffles me is the way you keep on denying of not having a child and putting us into stress,i can’t believe a woman will be capable of giving up her child for adoption after going through several pains even in labour you still have the mind to sell the child?
Catherina shouted so unbelievable.

“You know what fate walks in a miraculous way,fate brought back my son to me had been Jackson’s adopted parents didn’t die in a plane crash Jackson wouldn’t have been with his Aunty and had it been his Aunty wasn’t so wicked and cruel to him he wouldn’t have ran out from the house and met Catherina and had it been I didn’t met Catherina and fell in love with her I wouldn’t have known Jackson and had it been Jackson didn’t had that accident I wouldn’t have donated my blood to him which now made me to discovered I had a son living under my roof,fate indeed walks in a miraculous way”
Charles said.

“Words will not be able to ever express
how sorry I am for this and I have profound regret and sorrows for all the unimaginable things I have done to you and I have committed a sin to make break your heart and am realizing that am very bad and wicked and didn’t deserve your forgiveness but please forgive me to lessen the grief your forgiveness will led to a relief”
She render a sincere Apology to him with tears.

“Catherina am deeply sorry for all done to you in the past being so mean to you and treating you so bad without considering your condition please forgive me”
She apologized to her.

“Well I hold nothing against you am just happy that you have finally confessed to us and we now his real mother”
Catherina said.

“I have forgiven you and I hold nothing against you again,my happiness is now over full and my heart is overwhelmed for finding out I have a grown up boy and also expecting another son from my heart beats the love of life”
Charles sounded with smiles.

“Thank you all for forgiven me but I will like to ask for a favour can i meet Jackson i need to tell him am his real mother and i also ask for his forgiveness?
She pleaded.

Meanwhile, Jackson stepped in and overheard all she said.

“You are whose mother?
He shouted and walked to them,they were shocked to see him.

“You are back from school?
Catherina sounded.

“What’s Miss Beauty talking about? I overheard her saying something”
He asked to Charles.

“Come over here boy!
Charles held his hand as he sat beside him.

“We need to tell you something and I know you are well grown up enough to understand what we are about to tell you”
Charles said to him.

“What is it Uncle Charles?
He asked being confused.

“If I tell you am your real father how will you feel?
He asked with smiles.

“I will be so so happy to have you as my father and thank God for granting my wish to have you as my father”
He sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Am your real father”
He told him with smiles.

“That’s a prank right? today is first of April so don’t tell me Is April fool because I won’t forgive you for such prank”
He sounded as they laughed out while Benny smiled.

“Is not a Prank,Charles is your biological father”
Catherina sounded with smiles.

“Aunty Catherina are you being serious?
He shouted.

“Am your father Jackson fate brought you back to me”
Charles shouted with smiles.

Jackson jumped and shouted with so much excitement,he gave Charles a tight hug.

“Finally I have met my real father who happened to be a good man thank you God for granting my wish so i can now call you Dad?
He shouted happily.

“For sure you can call me that!
He replied with smiles.

“Okay Dad! I hope my real mother is so such a nice woman I can’t wait to meet her,Dad who is my real mother?
He asked with so much excitement.

Charles looked at Catherina who gave him a sign to go ahead and tell him about the real mother.

“Your real mother is here with you”
Charles sounded.

“Like seriously! Is it Aunty Catherina?
He asked with smiles.

“Nope! Your real mother is Benny”
He answered.

“What? Miss Beauty! my real mother!
He shouted in shocked looking at Benny who couldn’t stop smiling at him.

“Benny is your mother”
Catherina said.

“God forbid! I reject it in Jesus name!
He shouted.

“Watch your tongue Jackson!
Charles shouted at him.

“She can’t possibly be my real mother,God I requested for a loving,caring woman like Aunty Catherina to be my mother and not someone so mean harsh and wicked to be my mother,God I can’t accept her as my mother you better change her for me and give me Aunty Catherina as mother”
He shouted.

Benny walked to him and held his hand,
“Son I understand how you feel.,….

He interrupted her with a shout,,
“Let go of me! am not your son and you can never be my mother”

“Jackson I know you never like Benny for once but she’s your mother now so please give her the chance to ask for your forgiveness”
Catherina told him.

“If is forgiveness she want I have forgiven her but she’s not my mother and am not her son”
He shouted angrily.

“Please Jackson find a place in your heart to forgive me all the wrongs I have done to you right when you are still in the womb I have done some many awful things just to terminate you and I even gave you up for adoption please forgive me for all my wrongs”
She pleaded in tears.

“So you never wanted me that’s why you gave me up for adoption? No wonder I never like you for bit and I don’t want you too so what did you want from me?
He shouted.

“All I wish is for your forgiveness so that my heart will be at peace,please forgive me Jackson”
She pleaded.

“Son to err is human to forgive Is divine,please let bygones to be bygones and forgive your mother Benny me I have forgave her for keeping you as secret from me for the past twelve years but fate brought you back to me so please forgive her”
Charles said to him.

“Forgiveness is a lovely perfume, it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift and forgiveness is the super glue of life,it can repair just about anything so please forgive your mother”
Catherina told him.

“Please Jackson forgive me your forgiveness will heal my heart and I will have peace of mind”
She apologized with tears.

Jackson went on a silent mood for a seconds thinking if he should forgive her or not.

“Whom am I not to forgive? When God forgives all our sins so I have forgiven you”
He said.

Benny hugged him so tight with tears of joy.

“Thank you so much for your forgiveness,my heart is now overwhelmed and at peace knowing all the people I wronged in the past have all forgiven me, thank you son”
She said and even pecked him on the cheek, Jackson’s face was not smiling at all.

“But this does not mean you will take me away from my loving family my Dad and my Aunty Catherina because I will never stop living with them”
He sounded.

“Nope! I will never do such thing,they are your family so you will stay with them I will be visiting you every weekend for us to share a motherly bound”
She said.

“Okay no problem”
He sounded and went back to Charles.

“I can’t believe I have been living with my Dad all this while thank you God for giving me such a loving father,I love you Dad”
He sounded with smiles and hugged him.

“I love you too Son”
He said with smiles and pecked him on the cheek.

“I will like to say something, Catherina I hope you won’t mind being a mother of two?
She asked.

“Not at all but why did you ask?
Catherina sounded.

“Since Jackson is so fond of you and you are also fond of him too so i will like you to have him as your real son and Jackson to have you as a mother and not as an Aunt again that’s make a perfect family a husband,wife and son”
She said.

Her statement really surprised them alot.

“Are you being serious Benny?
Catherina asked.

“Am being serious,take Jackson as your son and I know you will never forsake him as I did”
She said.

Jackson rushed to her and gave a hug,
“Thank you so much Miss Beauty I mean Mom you are the best for forgiven me such a precious gift thank you”
He shouted with so much excitement.

“You are welcome Son,am happy that you are happy”
She said with smiles.

“Dad don’t you think this family reunite cause a celebration?
He asked.

“I think so,let’s go out and celebrate for this”
He shouted.

“Yeah! let me go and change I will be right back”
He shouted happily and climbed upstairs.