My ugly face episode 5




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Catherina waked up very early in the morning,said her prayer,
“Father Lord I thank you for this beautiful day for the life you have given back to us and thank you for given us a good hearted woman for given me job and also opening her home for us wholeheartedly,Lord I pray you should give me the wisdom and the grace to excel in my working place and I also pray you should make my first day at work a perfect one for me any spirit of people mistaking me as a demon or monster Father Lord I pray you should destroy that spirit in Jesus Name,Amen!

“Father Lord make the customers to like me don’t let them to run away out of scared,I pray you should protect this wonderful woman you provided for us give her health and long life did not let our staying in her house bring problems but rather let it bring peace prefect peace in Jesus Name,Amen”
She prayed.

“Wake up Jackson! it’s already morning we need to morning chores before leaving to the shop”
She said trying to wake him up.

Jackson opened his eyes a little bit still feeling sleepy,
“Oh Aunty Catherina! I still need to sleep please”
He sounded sleepy.

“Jackson you know this house is not yours,Madam gave us roof over our heads so the least we should do and show her our greatful we are is to help her out with the house chores and not lazing around like we got this house, stand up let’s go and do the house chores”
She said to her not knowing he has fell back to sleep.

“Look at someone am talking to has fell back to sleep, Jackson! Jackson stand up let’s go tidy up the house we are not in this house to be sleeping around”
She said and tapped him softly on the backside.

Jackson sat up and yawned like someone who has not eaten for months,
“Aunty Catherina be going I will come and join you okay”
He said.

“I don’t want to wait for you ooo!
She said and stood up to use the door.

“You will not wait for me Aunty Catherina,I will come now let me use the rest room”
He sounded.

Catherina used the door and Jackson smiled and jumped back to the bed,
“Oh my bed! You are so soft for someone to leave just a minute,you make my night a sweet and beautiful one”
He sounded and started rolling on the edges of the bed.

Catherina went to the kitchen tidy up some things then moved to the lounge tidy up and fix things in order.

“What’s Jackson still doing in that room? let it not be that he has gone back to bed?
She thought and decided to go and check him.

She got to the room and met him sleeping,
“Jackson! Jackson!
She tapped him softly on the backside.

“Yes Aunty! Is it time to eat breakfast?
He asked while yawning.

“Time to eat breakfast indeed! Jackson you told me that you will me at the kitchen soon then you went back to sleep why nah?
She questioned him.

“Am sorry Aunty! it just that it has been long since my body slept on this comfortable house and bed”
He sounded.

“Jackson as I said this house doesn’t not belong to us we are here to work and we don’t have to behave the way that pleases us please we have to try and put our best in this house for the Madam to like us by tidying up everywhere fixing her breakfast and other things,you know how difficult it was for us to get a job and now we have gotten one and a shelter we don’t have to allow anything to jeopardize our staying”
She said.

“I have heard you Aunty Catherina”
He sounded.

“Once I got my first salary I will send you to school or don’t you have dream of going to school again?
She asked.

“Nope! I still want to go back to school”
He said.

“Okay we have to try our best and avoid anything that will cause problem between us and Madam you know if we leave this house we gonna start living on the street and beg for arms again”
She said.

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“Going back to the street and beg for arms will not be our portion again”
He rebuked it being so serious.

“Amen! it will never be”
She shouted.

They went to the lounge waiting for the Madam to wake up,they sat on the dinning table happily glancing at the furnitures.

“Aunty did you know my biggest dreams in life?
Jackson broke the silent with question.

“I will like to know Jackson!
She said with smiles and pay attention to him.

“Aunty Catherina I wanted to be an Engineer when I grow up but I changed my mind the day I met you”
He said with smiles.

“Why did you change your mind?
She asked being so curious to know.

“I changed my mind because of you,I want to be a Medical Doctor when I grow up so that I will bring back this your beautiful face by doing surgery on your face”
He said with smiles.

On hearing that she became so emotions as tears started dropping,
“You will do that for me?
She asked in tears.

“Yes Aunty Catherina! You are the only one I have in this world,my family my everything I promise you I will bring smiles back to your face by bringing removing this one side ugly face to beautiful face”
He said.

“That’s so sweet of you Jackson”
She sounded teary eyes and hugged him.

“I promise you that I will take care of you and make sure you achieve your dreams”

Jackson peeked her and said,
“Thank you so much Aunty Catherina”

Madam Risa overheard their conversation while coming down from the stairs she shooked her head and mumbled,
“He is such a good kid!

Catherina and Jackson saw her coming down,they stood up immediately and greeted politely.

“Good Morning Ma!
They greeted.

“Morning! how was the night?
She asked with smiles.

“Our night was good Ma!
Catherina answered with smiles.

“I hope you slept well Jackson?
She asked and touches his head.

“Yes Ma!
He said with smiles.

“Please Ma what will you like to have for breakfast?
She asked.

“Tea with bread will be okay”
She replied and sat down.

“Okay, let me fix the table”
She said and about to leave Madam Risa called her back.


“Yes Ma!

“You guys should feel free in eating what you like okay”

“Thank Ma!
She thanked with smiles.

“Jackson I know you will like to eat noodles? is you kid’s food”

Jackson smiled and answered,
“Yes Ma!

“I think I still have some noodles in the kitchen go and tell your Aunty to make it for you”

“Thank you so Ma”
He sounded happily and rushed to the kitchen.

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A lady and her kid who happened to be Catherina’s first customer approached,they walked around to set the collection of clothes,the kid saw a tedder bear and left her Mom,she went to where the tedder bear is and started admiring it.

Catherina went to her,
“Did you like the tedder bear? tell your Mom to get it for you”
She sounded with smiles.

The kid saw that her face,she threw the tedder bear and started shouting for help,
“Mom! Mommy! Help me! A monster want to kill me!
She cried out and ran to meet to her mother.

Catherina ran after her,
“Don’t be scared am not a monster kid! Am human being!

She ran to her Mom and cried out,
“Mommy the monster want to kill me,Mommy please save me”
She hide at her back.

“Monster! Where did you see the monster?
She asked confusingly.

“Mommy look at the monster!
She cried out even panting in fear.

“Jesus! Monster! Monster in this place!
She cried her child and shouted in fear.

“Don’t run away Ma! Am not a monster Ma”
Catherina said trying to convince her but the fear in her was much.

“That’s true my Aunty is not a monster,she is a human being like us”
Even Jackson tried to convince her.

Madam Risa heard the shouting and came out from her office.

“What is it? What’s going on?
Madam Risa asked.

“Can’t you see the monster in your boutique? She want to devour my child,she was chasing her”
She asked being so terrified

“Ma I have been trying to explain things to her but she is too scared to listen”
Catherina said.

“She calm down she is not a monster,she is a human being her name is Catherina”
Madam Risa tried to convince her.

“A human being that have a monster’s face! I have never seen this type of human being with one half monster face and half Human face”
She shouted still scared.

“Listen to me Mrs there’s no how I will employ a monster in my shop,this lady you see here is a human being and not a monster”
Madam Risa tried to convince her too but none was working.

“Yes Ma! Am not a monster,come and touch me and see for yourself”
She said trying to move close to the woman.

“Don’t come near me! Stay where you are”
The lady shouted in fear.

Jackson became so fade up of what was going on,he thought on how to convince the lady and later came up with an idea.

“There’s something is our generation refused to understand,if I may ask you Madam does Monster,Beast nor even Ghost exit in this world?
He asked the lady kept quite on the question.

“I know you can’t answer that but no answer is capital NO monster are not human creatures nor did they come to existence, Monsters an imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts or you can say is someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful for a example a giant so tell me is my Aunty here a giant?
He asked,the lady kept silent on him,he continued his lecture.

“Madam monster never come to existence, monsters only exit in a movie that’s why they are called imaginary creature okay let assume she is a monster did you think we will still be here by now? won’t she devour us? please Madam stop mistaken my Aunty as a monster this face you see here is a trials of life and I assure you that this ugly face you see today you shall see it no more I will make my beautiful Aunty to be more beautiful again”
Jackson said and hugged Catherina.

His words was strong enough to convince her and it also touches her heart,Madam Risa shooked her head with this unbelievable expression written all over her face over Jackson’s lecture.

“You are right child, monsters doesn’t exist we let our assumption to get over us,am deeply sorry for mistaken you as a monster please forgive me”
She apologized.

“I have forgiven you Madam and am so happy that Jackson was able to convinced you and you believe am not the icon of this face”
Catherina said.

“Am happy that things are well settled I hope you can now go and continue your shopping”
Madam Risa sounded with smiles.

“Of course! Off I go”
The lady sounded happily continued her shopping.

“Am so proud of you Jackson,you are such a smart kid for being to convinced that lady the happiest part of it all you gave a lecture that made her to understand Monsters are not human being and they doesn’t exist,you are very intelligent”
Madam Risa said to him with smiles.

“Thank you so much Ma!
He sounded happily.

“Keep on being a smart and intelligent kid and make your Aunty proud,the sky will always be your limit in everything you do”
She advised him as Jackson thanked her again with smiles,Madam Risa made her way to her office.

“What’s your name kid?
Jackson asked the boy.

“My name is Christopher but my Mom like to call me Chris”
The boy answered.

“Okay Chris,Come let me show you around”
Jackson held his hand as they walked around the boutique.