My ugly face episode 8





Jackson was coming back from school,he sighted someone that looks like Charles at a supermarket,
“That must be Mr Charles,Aunty Catherina’s crush!
He shouted excitedly.

“He got all the description Aunty Catherina gave me, average in height,dark in complexion the dimple on his right cheek even that pointed nose,he got everything,Is the one let me go and meet him”
He said and rushed to meet him.

Just about to stop him,Charles’s friend came out from the supermarket,
“Oh mine! He’s with someone I can’t talk to him now,I need to talk to him alone”
He sounded sadly.

“Charles what time is the match?
Jackson overhead his friend asking him about the match,he felt so happy that he has gotten his name.

“Charles! Wow! I got something to hold,my attempt to approach him is no more in vain,Aunty Catherina will be so happy to know his name”
He sounded happily and walked out.

Jackson got to the boutique with so much excitement,
“Good afternoon Aunty Catherina!
He greeted happily.

“Afternoon! Why are you like this? so excited,did something happen at the school today?
Catherina asked with smiles.

“Nothing happened but I got a good news for you”
He sounded with joy.

“Good News!
She sounded and wonder what the good news will be.

“Yes Aunty! Good news! A news that you will make you scream on top of your voice,you meant even faint on hearing this good news”
He sounded excitedly.

“What’s the good news all about? My ears are itching to hear this good news that will make me to scream and even faint?
She asked focusing to receive the good news.

“Aunty did you want to hear this good news? Did you really want to hear it?
He asked nodding his head and rolling his eyes being so dramatic.

“Jackson tell me what’s the good news is all about and stop keeping me in suspense”
She sounded.

“Okay ooo! get ready to receive the bombshell or the excitement of the news”
He sounded with joy.

“Enough of this your drama and tell me what the good news is all about”
Catherina sounded being so tired of hesitation.

“Ready to hear this awesome news? at the count of I to 3 the news will be drop”
He shouted with smiles.

“You know what Jackson I gave up with this your annoying drama,I can see you are joking with me”
He shouted being so annoyed of his hesitation and sat back to her chair.

Jackson laughed and shouted,
“The name of your heart beat is Charles”

On hearing that, Catherina stood up from the chair and shouted surprisedly,
“What? How? Are you being serious?

“Am hundred percent serious,his name is Charles that’s the good news”
He sounded joyfully.

“Charles! he got a sweet name but how did get to know his name?
She asked with smiles.

“Aunty Catherina forget about how I got his name just be happy that you have finally gotten the name of your heartthrob,let me go and change my clothes”
He said to him with smiles and went to the dressing room.

Catherina’s heart was filled with so much happiness,the joy she felt inside was extraordinary and beyond human imagination.

She couldn’t stop mumbling his name with smiles even at night .

Two days later, Jackson sighted Charles coming out from a gym,
“That’s Sir Charles over there! thank God he is alone”
He shouted and rushed to meet him.

“Excuse me Sir! Good morning Sir!
He greeted politely.

He looked at him from head to toe with this surprised expression written on his face.
“Afternoon Kid! How may I help you?
He asked.

“Please Sir are you Mr Charles?
He asked politely with smiles.

That question got him so much confused and wonder how a kid get to know his name.

“How may I help you? Did you need money?
He asked confusedly and brought money from his wallet.

“No sir you can keep your money,answer me first,are you Mr Charles?
He asked again being so politely.

“Who gave you the information about me?
He asked confusedly.

“Sir can you please give me a minute of your time I need to talk to you?
He pleaded with his hand folded.

“Talk to me about what? Beside who are you? who sent you?
He asked with so much confusion and wonder why a kid will stop to talk to him.

“Nobody sent me Sir! I came on my own”

His statement amused him that he burst out laughing.
“This is unbelievable! I have seen something in this country,so this is the strategy they now use to trap people by sending kid out to talk to anybody they seen on the road so if I start talking to you now I will forget myself and follow you”

“They plans has failed,kid go back back to whoever that sent you and tell him that he can’t see me, wonders shall never cease to end,they even gave you my name nawa ooo for this our country”
He sounded with laughs and walked out to get a taxi.

“Nobody sent me Sir! I came on my own please I want to talk you about something so important Sir”
He shouted and followed him behind.

“Get behind me you kid! Your magic won’t work on me,which kind wahala is this one?
He shouted and got into a taxi.

“Please Sir Charles is very important to you please”
He shouted to his hearing.

Charles took a heavy breath and said,
“This won’t be easy ooo, it’s gonna be a tough one since I have made up my mind to bring him to meet Aunty Catherina I will not loose hope even if it takes me for months I will keep on trying to until I succeed”

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It has been two weeks since Jackson started trying his best to talk to Charles but he has never given the opportunity to talk to him he still have this mindset that Jackson is not ordinary.

This time around Jackson saw him going to the gym on his way going to school,
“Sir Charles must talk to me this time,I won’t go to school again I will sit down here and wait for him to come out from that gym”
He sounded brought down his backpack and sat at the block waiting patiently for him like a dog.

Two hours later, Jackson saw him coming out he stood up and rushed to him,
“Good Morning Sir!

“You again! even at this gym! are you a monitoring spirit or what?
He shouted in shocked he was not expecting to see him at that gym,he changed his usual gym because of him.

Jackson laughed devilishly and started behaving like a demon,
“Charles I know is because of me that’s why you changed your gym but I got my eyes on you that’s why it was not difficult for me to locate you,if you like travel out from this city to a far place I will still got my eyes on you as a monitoring spirit am I”

Charles became so scared of this statement,
“I knew it this kid is not ordinary! Who sent you to get me? If it’s money I don’t have anything”

He laughed and said,
“As I have been saying for the past two weeks nobody sent me I came on my own”

“Then what did you want for me? If it’s my life please my life is too precious to me you can get someone”s else blood please leave mine”
He pleaded in fear.

Jackson laughed devilishly and said to him,
“I don’t need your life,If I want your life I could have taken it a long time ago”

“What did you want for me then?
He asked still scared.

“I want to talk to you that’s the only thing I want”
He sounded still taking like a demon.

“Talk to me about what? Darkness and light have nothing in common so I don’t have anything to do with darkness so get you behind you devil”
He shouted trying to be bold.

Jackson laughed devilishly and shouted at him rolling his eyes like a witch,
“Am the son of the seven python the heir to the demon’s land if you don’t want me to use your body for breakfast calm down and listen to the instruction I will give you”

Charles became so calmed and stand still in fear,sweating like someone that came out from the bathroom without cleaning his body, praying inside his heart for his life not to been taken by the demon.

Jackson laughed so devilishly and shouted,
“Tomorrow being Saturday I want you to be at Grace Land Restaurant by 5pm I get yourself a sit and wait for our Queen mother if you fail to do so consider yourself a dead human being”

“Why should I meet the Queen mother? What for?
He stammered in fear.

“Don’t ask any questions and follow the instructions I gave you If failed to do so…..
He laughed devilishly and continued

“Consider yourself dead,am I understood?
He shouted.

Charles nodded his head in fear,
“Yes! Yes! I will do as you said”

“Oya turn your back and run,don’t look back if you look back what you see you will take”
He shouted.

Charles obeyed and ran out immediately without turning back, Jackson laughed and laughed so uncontrollable.

“Oh my God! What a great performance! I deserve an accolade and applause”
He clapped and laughed for an acting well done.

“I can act oooo! I need to sign into Nollywood”
He laughed out.

“Why didn’t I came up with this acting since by now Aunty Catherina would have met Charles?
He asked.

“If he failed to come I will use this tricks on him again but I will appear to him in a dangerous way,I will disguised as a real devil”
He laughed out and made his way out.