My ugly face episode 9 – 10






“Aunty Catherina my friend will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday he invited me”
Jackson said at the moment he came out from the bathroom.

“That’s nice! You will attain the party”
She said arranging some clothes to the wardrobe.

“But Aunty Catherina I can’t go alone I want you to go with me”
He said and sat on the bed.

“Why should I go with you? Is your friend’s birthday so go and have fun”
She said.

“That’s the more reason why I want you to follow me,I want you to have fun too have a good moments for once”
He said trying to convince her.

She went closed to him and dragged his cheeks softly,
“That’s so thoughtful of you Jackson but I can’t go with you”
She said with smiles.

“But Aunty why can’t you go with me?

“Have you forgotten that we work on Saturday?
She asked and went back to what she was doing.

“I haven’t besides the party is by 5pm and we close by 4pm we will take permission I know Madam Risa will allow us”
He keep on trying to convince her.

“How will parents fix a child’s birthday by that time? are you sure Is a birthday party you want to attain?
She asked having a second thought about the invitation.

“Best reason know to them or probably they want my Aunty to attain that’s why they fix it by that time so Aunty Catherina will you follow me to the party?
He asked.

“I don’t think if I will go you know we used to do some house chores after work”
She said and jumped on the bed.

“C’mon Aunty enough of this excuses and have fun for once please Aunty follow me to the party nah”
He pleaded with his hands folded.

“Jackson why are you being so persistent for me to follow you?

“Because I want you to have fun for once,Please Aunty follow me to the party nah”
He pleaded it wasn’t easy for him to conceive her until he started Twinkling her.

“Stop Jackson! Enough of this nah you know I don’t like it”
She shouted rolling on the bed laughing so uncontrollable.

“If you want me to stop say you will follow me to the party unless I will not stop”
He said twinkling her so hard.

“Stop nah! You know Madam is sleeping this noise will wake her up”

“Then say yes!

“Okay! Enough now! I will follow you to the party”
She said and Jackson left go of her.

“Yeah! I won! I know am gonna win you!
He shouted happily.

“You have won nah! This boy you won’t kill me!
She said breathing so fast.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!
He said giggling on her face.

Catherina pushed him aside and sounded with laughs,
“For your mind you think you knows how to get me right?

“Yes nah!
He laughed out.

“Abeg let’s pray and go to bed”

“Now that Aunty Catherina has finally accepted to attain the party with me I hope Sir Charles won’t fail to do the assignment? let me wait and see how tomorrow will be”
He mumbled when Catherina was praying.

After their prayer,they slept off.

Charles was so restlessness to sleep the voice of the little demon keep echoing on his head he was so scared that even when the breeze will blow the curtains he will become more scared thinking that the demon have come to devour him,he refused to switch off the light.

“God what’s all these nah? Why did my enemies vowed to torment me like this nah? what have I done to them?

“I have never involved myself with anything Marine kingdom then what am I going to do with the Queen mother?
He asked being so scared of the encounter with the demon and confused at the same time.

“What I don’t know will not know me so why should I go and meet her? Am not going anywhere”
He said.

At the moment he made that statement the wind blow the curtains and he became so terrified,he started shivering in fear.

“Please don’t kill me,I will go and see the Queen mother,please spare my life”
He pleaded in with the feeling that the demon is in his room.

“Lord I put my life in your able hands please come and protect me over the night”
He prayed and lay down.

He was not able to sleep,if he doze off he will heard a sound of the wind and stood up in fear,he stared at the curtains with the thought that the demon is there.

“What’s all this? this little demon will not allow me to sleep,don’t you sleep in your kingdom? Please go I will not fail your instructions I will come and see your Queen mother tomorrow”
He pleaded in fear.

Charles didn’t fall asleep again,he worked as a watchman in his room.

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Before 5pm Charles was at the restaurant waiting for the Queen mother,he got himself a glass of juice,he waited for about twenty minutes the Queen mother have not showed up.

“I have been here for the past twenty minutes and the Queen mother is not here,what’s wrong? Did I miss the time? Nope I remembered that little demon told me 5pm and I came before the time”
He said looking around to see if he will see the little demon.

“What type of joke is this one? Is like I will start going oooo, but wait ooo what if I leave now and they will be here and will not see me? Is better I stay and wait for them I don’t want to play with my life”

Catherina and Jackson got to the Grace Land Restaurant,
“Jackson what are we doing at Grace Land Restaurant?
Catherina asked confusedly.

“That’s where they are hosting the party”
He answered.

“How can parents host a child’s birthday party in this kind of place? A party that suppose to host at home”

“Aunty you don’t know that this my friend eeeh they are very rich they like to lavish money anyhow,let’s go and fun abeg”
He said and held her as hand as they walked inside the restaurant.

“I hope Sir Charles is here already?
Jackson mumbled.

“Did you say something Jackson?

He replied with smiles.

Catherina looked around and didn’t see any sign of party she became so confused and asked,
“Jackson are you sure we are in the right venue? I can’t see any celebration here”

“Yes! am sure is this Grace Land Restaurant maybe we are too early that’s why there’s no celebration yet or should we go and ask question maybe they changed the venue”
He said looking around to see Charles.

“Yes we have to ask question,I don’t think is this restaurant”
She said.

Jackson later saw Charles sipping his juice,
“Thank goodness! He didn’t failed,It seems the scary encounter I had with him was much on him”
He mumbled with smiles.

“Aunty let’s go and ask that man over there”
He pointed at Charles.

They went to meet Charles, Catherina became so astonished and her heart jumped with excitement so happy to see her heartthrob while Charles stood up immediately with fear.

“So you are the Queen Mother?
He asked.

Catherina became so confused of his question.






“So you are the Queen Mother? I knew it when I saw this face to was not ordinary,you belong to the dark world(Marine kingdom)
Charles shouted in shocked.

He continued,
“See I don’t know what you want from me neither did I have any business to do with the marine world please am not interested with whatever you need to tell me please go and look for someone else”
He shouted at her.

Catherina became so confused of his statement,
“My head is filled with so much confusion,what’s going on here? Why are you saying such to me? What did you mean by a Queen mother and Marine kingdom?

“Oh you think you can lure me with this your pretences of being confused?You sent this demon to scared me and made me to be here as I said before I got no business to do with the darkness,light and darkness have nothing in common,please leave my life”
He shouted at her.

Jackson stood there mopping at them thinking on how to handle the whole situation,he never expect the outcome to be like that.

“What demon? Please Mr enough of this insults we are not here to see you we came for a party, Jackson let’s go”
Catherina shouted and held Jackson’s hand just about to turn and walked away Charles called them back.

“Excuse me! You little demon why did you made to come here?Is she not the Queen mother that wanted to see me?
Charles asked being a little confused.

Catherina became more confused,her confusion rate increase to thousands precent,
“Jackson why did you called you a little Demon? What’s going on here? Did you have hands in this?

Jackson scratches his hair as they payed attention to him waiting to receive the answer they needed,he didn’t know how to begin since he never imagined the outcome will be like that,he stood there mopping at them.

“What have you done Jackson?
Catherina asked.

He took a heavy breath and folded his hand to render an apology to them,
“Am sorry I never wanted the outcome to be like this”

“The outcome of what?
Catherina asked confusedly.

“What did you mean little demon?
Charles asked confusedly.

“Am not a demon and my Aunty is not a Queen mother”
He responded to him.

“Who are you then? Why did you came to me as a demon and told me the Queen mother want to see me?
Charles questioned.

“Did you meet Charles?
Catherina questioned him.

“How did this one get to know my name?
He mumbled.

“Please can we sit so that I will explain it better”
He pleaded as they sat down.

“First of all let me start by apologizing,am sorry for putting confusion in your heads I never expected my plan to be like this”
He said.

“Your plan?
They both asked.

“Yes my plan,Sir Charles am not a demon am Jackson and my Aunty Is not a Queen mother she is Catherina we did not belong to any marine kingdom”
He said.

“What’s your reason of scaring me off and stalking me for almost two weeks?
He asked.

“You have been stalking him Jackson?
Catherina sounded confusedly.

“I did not mean any harm I only want to make my Aunty happy by fulfilling her dream so I started trying to talk to you but you were not giving me the chance to do so I came up with the idea of pretending to be a demon which you fall for it”
He explained.

“So the birthday party was actually a set up?
Catherina sounded.

“Yes I came up with that because i wanted it to be a surprise for you to meet your crush”
He said.

“Her crush! Asking her crush?
Charles sounded confusedly.

“Yes! my Aunty have a crush on you”

“She’s crushing on me? This is unbelievable!
He sounded as he glanced at her one side ugly face.

“I have to leave you two to discuss as an adult”
He stood up and excused himself to another chair.

Jackson has left the cat out from the net Catherina don’t know what to do nor say to Charles she became so cold and speechless while Charles found it so difficult to believe that someone so ugly like monster have a crush on him.

They were in silent mode for about twenty minutes waiting for who to break the silence.

Charles giggled and sounded,
“This is unbelievable! I can’t believe you have a crush on me,how possible is that?

Catherina didn’t utter any word to him probably she is being shy of letting her feelings known to him.

“He didn’t mean what he said right?
He asked her.

“Catherina stop being shy speak up,you have to let him know how you feel about him and be willing to accept the result of it”
She thought.

She cleared her throat and breathed and gathered morale,
“Charles what Jackson told you was nothing but the truth,am in love with you”
She said.

Charles bursted out laughing thinking it was actually a joke,
“You are joking right?

“Am not! Am in love with you,I fell in love with you right from the first day I set my eyes on you if you can recall back on that day I lost myself I was starring at you”
She said.

“No! You can’t be in love with me! This is unbelievable! First it was crush and now In love,no nah you can’t be in love with me”
He shouted being so surprised and stared at her ugly with this funny mindset of him having something to do with a monster face.

“Why can’t I be in love with you? Or am I not a human being to have feelings for you? Is it because of my face?
Catherina asked sadly.

Charles stood up and said to her,
“Catherina the truth is that I can’t date nor have anything to do with a half human face and half monster face your face scare me off”
He said and walked out.

His statement broke Catherina down she said to his hearing in tears, Jackson rushed and held her,
“Nobody wants me nor even care about me because of this face but they ever care to know why I have this disgusting face,they keep on running away from me thinking that am a monster I thought you will be different from them and care to know why I have this monster face little did I know you will regret me and walked away like others”
She cried out causing commotion at the restaurant.

All eyes were on Charles,they felt so pity for Catherina,Charles stood there mopping at her he turned his right and left side and noticed the eyes on him,he quickly walked out from the restaurant.

Catherina sat down on the chair,she felt so heart broken she never expect things to turned out like that being rejected for love because of her ugly one side face.

“Jackson i thought he will care to know why I have this face but he did the otherwise he rejected me because of my face if I had know it will been like this I wouldn’t have a damn crush on him nor even fall for him”
She said in tears.

Jackson wiped her tears and said,
“Stop crying Aunty Catherina,people may reject you but I will never reject you because you are my family,Sir Charles rejected you because she don’t know the value of you and I believe you will meet this one person that will never reject you he will welcome and embrace you he will care and take you as his one I assure that to you it will surly happen”

“It’s so painful to be rejected by the one you truly love”
She sounded.

“That’s true and I have come to know that every rejection in life is one’s blessing you have to be strong and move on and wait for that right person to come so please stop crying about Sir Charles and if truly he’s actually the one he will surly come back for you but if does not that means you guys are not meant for each other and life goes on”
He said and wiped her tears.

“Please let’s go”
He said and held her hands as they were coming out from the restaurant people started saying to her..
🌬️ Is so painful to be rejected by the one you love”

🌬️ Dear take heart life goes on”

🌬️ He’s not your spec if he’s will come back to you”

🌬️ Be strong and weigh yourself down with the heart broken”

They were saying to her until she lost sight of them.

“Wait ooo! Are you being serious of what you are saying? that ugly monster face we met at the boutique is in love with you?
Dan laughed and threw himself on the couch.

“Is not funny Dan,at first I thought it was a joke but when I looked into her eyes I saw this seriousness written all over her”
He said.

“Dude I remembered we have visited that boutique again so how did you guys meet?
Dan asked paying full attention to listen to the whole gist.

“Dan it wasn’t an easy journey oooo”
He sounded and narrated everything to him.

Dan laughed and laughed so uncontrollable.

“A boy scared you off? You were thinking he is a demon?
Dan asked while laughing.

“That boy’s acting was another thing he made me to fall for all his trap, Nollywood have to sign that boy his acting was superb”

“So what was your reply to that monster face girl?

“What did you expect me to tell her? I simply told her that I will not have anything with her nor even think of to fall in love with someone so ugly with her”
He said.

“Oh Boy you fuck up ooo! see love wan come find you,you come reject am”
He sounded.

“Dan may that love come find you”
He shouted as Dan bursted out laughing.

“But wait ooo! come reason this thing nah you for accept that girl nah use her as your sex machine come dey pretend say you love am once you don chop am finish you dump am,this one nah better advice be this ooo”
Dan foolishly said.

“God forbid! I can’t do such did you know what that means emotional blackmail,I can’t do such thing to an innocent soul”
He said.

“Nawa for you Charles! If to say na me wan this girl confess this love to I go accept her sharp sharp chop her like vegetables soup once am done I will play her out like football”
He said.

“Am not like you Dan”

“Bro reason this thing nah”
Dan said trying to make him reason with him.

“Dan I can’t reason such a ridiculous idea”
He sounded and lay on the couch.

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Charles became so restlessness,Catherina’s word keep on echoing on his head,
“Nobody wants me nor even care about me because of this face but they ever care to know why I have this disgusting face,they keep on running away from me thinking that am a monster I thought you will be different from them and care to know why I have this monster face little did I know you will regret me and walked away like others”

“I shouldn’t have said that to her nor even walked away,I should have ask her the real story behind her face”
He said rolling on the bed feeling so bad.

“I think I have to go and meet her then apologize for saying such thing to her”
He said.

All of a sudden Dan’s words pumped into his head,
“But wait ooo! come reason this thing nah you for accept that girl nah use her as your sex machine come dey pretend say you love am once you don chop am finish you dump am,this one nah better advice be this ooo”

“Should I accept Dan’s advice?
He said rolling from edges of the bed.

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Will Charles Accept Dan’s Advice?
Will Charles Apologize to Catherina?