November 29, 2021

My virgin maid episode 1


⚡My Virgin Maid-Synopsis⚡
Theme: I Bought Her
Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense
Written by Ti fe✍️
The journey of faith and destiny brought two wonderful people together.
Charlotte, a young beautiful girl that was sold out by her Aunt Ruby, on a trading night in her clubhouse.
She was a virgin, so Ruby thought selling her would bring more cash to her. Not knowing she was actually pushing her to her happiness.
John, a young handsome guy was opportune to be at the club this very night, he saw how beautiful she was and bought her with the highest rate, shocking Charlotte herself.
She was taken to his house, and was asked to be a maid in the generous John’s house.
Chapter 1
I sat in front of the mirror with my eyes closed, waiting for my Aunt to finish working the wonders she performed on my face.
The loud music in the club kept penetrating the door of the room we were. Yeah, it is my Aunt’s club house.
I work as a cleaner in the club house. I was always back the stage and have never been seen by anyone.
Not until my Aunt came to me today happily and started getting me dressed and giving me a makeover.
She bought me a very beautiful golden gown with golden beads on it and a killer heels to wear. This is really weird.
“Tada!!” She said smiling as she left my front. I opened my eyes and I looked at myself in the mirror.
I looked so beautiful, I have never been worked on like this before. I stood up and looked at my Aunt in fear.
This is the very first time she is been nice to me after my parents died.
“Aunt, why are you been so nice to me all of a sudden?” I asked bowing my head slightly.
“Okay this is it Charlotte.” She said holding my shoulders and turning me to face the mirror.
“All these you carry will be very useful to us.” She said tracing her hand over my curvy hips.
“Ma’am, I don’t understand.” I said looking at myself in the mirror.
“Never mind girl, you will know soon.” She said in frustration.
“Okay.” I replied nodding.
“I will be back soon. Prepare yourself and wear your shoe.” She said and moved out of the room.
I am Charlotte Cena, I am 19 years old. I am who people call beauty, I had the curves and shape to make a man drool.
I kept staring at myself and truly I looked beautiful. My hips were so big in the body hug cloth and my cleavages were exposed.
I felt uncomfortable in it but I and no choice than to comply or Aunt will skin me alive. I kept walking in front of the mirror adjusting the cloth to cover my exposed cleavages but it kept coming down.
“No one would ever know I am 19 years old,I look 25.” I thought smiling.
“But why all these make up?? I have never been dressed in expensive clothing since my parents died.” I thought.
I wore my shoe and I stood up to try carrying it, it looked so beautiful. I was still admiring myself when Mrs Ruby my Aunt came in smiling.
“C’mon girl. Its time.” She said happily.
“Time for what?” I thought but I dare not say it out. I nodded smiling faintly as she held me and we moved out into the club.
The lights in the club house were dull colours but the my cloth was glowing under them.
“You need to compose yourself.” She yelled into my ears because of the noise in the club and I nodded in obedience.
I looked around me and I saw other girls of my age dressed in expensive and extravagant clothes.
They looked so beautiful too. I wonder what is going on.
Suddenly the music stopped and everywhere became silent. My aunt went up the stage. Well, she is the owner.
She also wore a beautiful blue gown exposing her body. I don’t blame her, she isn’t married.
“Good day ladies and gentlemen. This is another day we all have been waiting for.” She said smiling as all the audiences clapped their hands.
“And we will be bringing up our best and beautiful ladies for you to pick your choice.” She said happily.
“Pick your choice?” I thought in confusion. What is going on here?
The girls started walking to the stage swaying their butts and b**bs. I stood still where I was and kept watching like a dummy.
I saw my Aunt shake her head trying to pass me an information and I grabbed it immediately.
I walked up the stage as the last lady on the stage and stood in front of everyone facing the ground.
I sat in the club house discussing with Davis my friend when the music stopped pulling our attention to the stage.
“Oh John, see this ladies they are hot!!.” Davis said happily.
“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes and facing my phone.
“C’mon Johnny, you are so cold.” He added and I giggled still facing my phone.
“Who is taking this lady? $300.” I heard Mrs Ruby say.
I looked up to the stage and I saw the Lady in front. She had a wine coloured hair and she was awfully thin.
“Geez, she is ugly.” I said irritatingly.
“Yeah, I agree to that for the first time.” Davis said making me burst into laughter. I continued playing games on my phone turning deaf ears to what was going on.
“John see this Lady.” Davis said hitting me very hard.
“I am not INTRESTED.” I said making emphasis on the interested.
“Please just this once.” He said still hitting me hard.
“Fine!” I said and looked up to see the most beautiful lady I have seen in my entire life.
My mouth dropped open and my phone slipped off my hand falling right into Davis hand.
“Who wants her? She is still intact, still very tight. $500.” Mrs Ruby announced.
“I, $500!” A man yelled from behind me. He looked so rough and ugly under the colorful bulbs.
“Any one else. She is going?” She added again.
“$700!” Another man yelled. I looked at his direction and I saw how huge he was, he had big muscles like that of a wrestler.
“If this guy handles the lady, I am sure she will die. He looks so brutal.” I thought looking at the Lady again.
“Is that all?” She asked and I didn’t hear anyone talk.
My gaze was glued to her face. She looked so shy and couldn’t even look up properly.
“So she goes to..” She said.
“$1000!” I yelled cutting her.
I saw the lady look up in shock and she kept staring at me. She is so beautiful.
“Hey!! John, are you okay? $1000!!! For a Lady!! Are you kidding me ?!” Davis whispered almost like a yell in my ears.
“Wow!! That is a lot of money.” Mrs Ruby said happily.
“Anyone else?” She asked but no one answered anymore.
“So Charlotte goes to Mr??” She said pointing at me.
“John!” I replied standing up with my gaze still on Charlotte.

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