My Virgin Story

My V-rgin Story – episode 10

My V-rgin Story
Episode 10

Because of my ambition to be a writer, I used to leave my college of science during free periods to attend lectures on international relations in the college of social sciences. I used to sit in a dark corner without speaking to anybody in the class. One day, I walked in before the commencement of the lecture and sat down at my usual place. Suddenly I heard a feminine voice from behind me.
“Don’t sit there, that’s my seat!”
I stood up immediately ready to challenge who it was. I found myself looking into a pair of crystal clear eyes set in,side a pretty, dark, angelic face. All the anger I had felt at the intruder vanished instantly. For a while, I couldn’t say anything. I swung my gaze quickly from her face down her body. She was slightly dark; the colour of chocolate. She was slim, cute and with tiny wa-ists. She had straight, smooth legs typical of runway models. My gaze swung back to her face. But she was not frowning, she was actually smiling and it was an innocent, yet mischievous smile. Then I told her gently that it was my seat since I always sit there. She smiled and said that I had two options. It’s either I leave the seat or we share the seat. I knew the second option was not feasible. It would not be allowed by the lecturer so I left the seat for her and got another seat. But throughout the lecture I kept thinking about her. At a time during the lecture I looked at her and found her eyes meeting mine.
After the lecture, I was leaving the class when I heard the girl beside me.
“Why do you like staying alone without talking to anybody?”
“To avoid trouble.” I replied
She found me funny and started laughing. Then I told her it was because she was so beautiful and polished that I felt myself dumbfounded at first and had to leave my seat for her. She smiled and said her name is Rachel. I told her my name and we started chatting. She confessed that she had always seen me in that corner and was curious about me. That’s why she decided to look for my trouble.
This was to be the beginning of my second relationsh¡p.

I can say this is one of my best relationsh¡ps ever. Rachel had a very cheerful, intellectual, generous personality. There was never a dull moment with her. We were never in want of anything. She had a lot of money and although I never demanded from her, she never ceased to spoil me with money at every opportunity. At first we didn’t talk about s€× because of the kind of environment we were. I was in love and I was happy, I had the best girl in the world in my life. Then one day while we were walking back from the school cafeteria, I asked her what she thought about s€× and she said she was a V-rgin but she doesn’t mind trying it out with me since I was the right guy for her. She only needs it to be at the right place in the right time. As time went on we discovered we could barely be around each other without getting h—y. This girl nearly got me into trouble several times. There was a time in the chapel when the service was getting boring and we decided to stroll around. When we got under the stairs, she whispered into my ears that she was h—y. I had to k-ss her instantly and we continued k-ssing for a while. Then I felt her hand stray to my trousers, car-ssing my stiff c—ck through the fabric. My hands were already on her b-obs when we heard fast footsteps approaching us. We quickly broke up and dispersed. It was a security man; if we had been caught it would have been a semester suspension. I was looking forward to booking a hotel one weekend and taking her there to bleep her. But when I approached my roommate Johnson for advice, he said the love I had for her might vanish if I had s€× with her too early and I would start seeing her as a s€× object. I explained to her and she understood. She said she would wait but not for too long

During the long break, she took me to see her parents. Her father was a popular businessman, he was stinkingly rich and I was a little scared initially, having to stand to his scrutiny. After quizzing me for a while, he was satisfied that I was good enough for her daughter. He liked me because I seemed to be knowledgeable in a lot of things and he found easy to chat with me because he was an influential man who has seen a lot. Her mother was a sweet, gentle-looking woman. The resemblance between mother and daughter was too much. She had a slim body like her daughter and they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. I wondered if I actually see her outside on a normal day, I could toast her not knowing she is married for 25 years with 5 children. The mother also liked me and I had a nice time with them. After then she always asked about me. She used to package gifts for me and give me money whenever she visited her daughter in school.
During the Christmas I went to Rachel’s house again and attended their Christmas party. I was introduced to her siblings. She had two sisters and two brothers. The guys were tall and slim, like their father. The girls were also pretty like their mother. However, Bimpe who was Rachel’s immediate younger sister seemed not to like me and she tried to diss me at every opportunity. Rachel told me not to mind her that she was just jealous. The party was exquisite and explosive. There was plenty of food and booze as we partied till dark. Many big men were there; Rachel’s father’s friends. She was with me throughout and in the evening she kept whispering into my ears
“Tonight, am getting disflowered by you tonight.”
I laughed and said she was drunk. She said yes but that it was possible even with the prying eyes of her family. She said she would sneak into my room at night and do it with me. I was excited, looking forward to a night of hot, steamy s€× with the girl I loved.
As the party proceeded I got drunk on the alcoholic wine. Rachel went to sleep first, complaining of getting dizzy. Then later I staggered upstairs into my bedroom in a secluded chamber in the mansion. I was drunk; everything seemed to swirl in my eyes and I crashed on the bed. Before I slept, I had the imagination of s€× and Rachel playing in my mind.

To be continued

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