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My Virgin Story – episode 8


My Story">Virgin Story

Episode 8

I soon moved on with life, but with deliberate caution this time. I avoided women and faced academics squarely. The time was fast approaching for my ND 2 examinations. Then I met Bose. She was one of the year one students I was taking tutorials. I just realized that we were involuntarily getting close. She was a simple, cheerful, down to earth girl. There was nothing romantic or s£xual between us as we never talked about s£xual matters. We used to discuss more of academics and other serious issues. She was th typical church girl; she was a devout christian, a worker in her fellowship. She didn’t even wear skirts so I beleive you should be able to picture the kind of girl I am trying to describe. I was already wary of women at that time and I never thought about s£x when around her. In fact I thought she knew nothing about s£x until one day she proved me wrong.
The end of session exams had ended and many people had travelled home. i was one of the few still around because of my project. i went with Bose to help pack her stuff before she travelled. When we finished packing we were very tired and we decided we had to give ourselves a treat. I hurried back to my room and took my bath, she also freshenèd up. I took her to the best cafereria in school and we had a nice time. As we chatted while eating i started noticing some things about her that I never noticed before because i had never thought about her in a s£xual way. Like I noticed she was actually pretty with dimples but she had innocent looks that masked her s£xiness. I noticed that she had firm bosoms and for a while I thought about sucking those bosoms but I dismissed the idea instantly. I thought if i suggested anything s£xual she would think am a pervert. After eating, I walked her back to her hostel and we continued chatting. She asked me to stay around as she was lonely and all her roommates had travelled. She started talking about romantic stuff, about her classmates that were dating each other and having s£x. I was surprised she could even talk about these things but i was encouraged and went further. Our conversation got really s£xual at a point and we were talking about s£xual experiences. she said she had a boyfriend whom she intented to marry. i asked whether she had s£x with him and she said yes. I said i thought she was a virgin. She just smiled and said s£x is sweet. At this time my tin was already hard as rock because I suddenly found her very s£xy and sensual. I realized we were the only ones in the room and the thoughts of bleeping her grew on my mind. Fortunately, she was thinking about the same thing. She was lying on her back on the bed and i moved closer, lying beside her. I told her i liked her but because of the respect I had for her and my broken relationship I didnt ask her out. I was holding and rubbing her soft hand now and she was smiling. seeing her positive reaction, i moved closer and started rubbing my fingers softly along her arm and her leg. She was still smilng and I thought yes, this is my lucky day. i I moved to kiss her, she placed her finger on my lips and said that she would have s£x with me on one condition; that I do it very gently and romantically, and that I suck her kitty. I said that’s not a problem cos I am a gentleman.

We started kissing on the bed. I must say she is a very good kisser. we just continued kissing and smooching for a long time, maybe 15 minutes. I was very patient, i took my time with her, caressing her face, her hair, and her whole body as a whole. After each break in kissing, she would smile into my eyes and say Oh my God. Then we would resume. I noticed her bdy was beginning to shudder and her hand was already rubbing on my jeans, trying to unzip my fly. This is a sign that she wanted more. I quickly unzipped my jeans and stepped out of it, giving her more access to my hard d—k now straining to be released from the boxers. She dipped her hand inside my boxers and grabbed my kini, she started stroking it while we continued to kiss; long, deep kisses with our lips and tongues. I promptly broke the kiss and moved my lips to her neck region, kissing her neck. She started touching the interior of my ears with her fingers, stroking them lightly; it created a very pleasant sensation. Then i removed her top and gently unhooked her bra. I found a pair of round bosoms with dark, thick nips falling in my hands. i have always loved big nips and I didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on those unmentionables and suck as if my life depended on in. She started speaking in low, sensual voice saying i should keep doing it that she likes what am doing to her. I removed my mouth for a while and asked her to lay back on the bed. Then I started licking her belly. Surprisingly she had a fresh, smooth body and that made me really hungry. i licked her belly and proceeded down to her belly button. I dipped my tongue into that depression and licked gently. Then i proceeded downward till I realized her skirt was a barrier. I promptly removed her skirt and then my boxers. All the time she just laid there soaking in all the pleasure making low sounds to urge me on. I didn’t mind, all I wanted was to give her pleasure. Then i proceeded southward, to downtown proper. I saw her kitty; a pretty little dark thing with a big c–t. i realized i was going to get the pleasure of life cos her kitty would be tight.

To be continued

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