My Wicked Uncle's Wife And Her Children

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 1 – 2



How can a dog peacefully live amidst of angry lions?

My name is Jumòkè adebowale.I came from a very rich home. But the story changed on the day me and my family were traveling to abuja to visit one of my father’s brothers who’s living there.As we were on our way, We had a ghastlier accident which led to my family’s dèath.I was the only one that survived. My mum and dad d!ed immediately, But my siblings spent a day in hospital, before they also passed away. From happiness, My life is filled with sàdness and sorròw.It would’ve been better if I had d!ed together with my family on that day, Than staying alive to go through this painful life experience.

After a month had passed, The head of the family called a meeting,The meeting based on where I would be living after my parent’s death.At the end of the meeting and discussion,The family concluded and agreed that I would be living with that my uncle me and my family were going to visit in Abuja when the accident occurred.

His wife was also there, I could see how she frowned after hearing that I would be living with them, But I thought she was being angry and mád at something else.

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“Darling,what did you feel? ” my uncle asked her.
“Its okay like that dear” she said as she smiled.

she didn’t smile as we do,her smiling face on that day was savory.she didn’t smile like a person who was happy with the decision.

“Are you pleased with that? ” my uncle asked me.
“Yes, I’m. I would love to be living with you” I said as I beamed joyfully..

After everybody had left, I went to my room to park my luggages, when my uncle’s wife entered:

“You’re welcome ma” I said.
“I’m not here for greeting. Just know that you’re now going to abuja, Another person’s house, Not your father’s house. So, Behave yourself and maintain your championship”

I was still a teen then, I was just 13yrs old then, I haven’t grown up enough to understand what she meant. I thought it was just a piece of advice. So I nodded.

“Thanks so much ma, I’ll know the child/daughter of whom I’m” I said, And she left.

After a week when I had been living with them, Tòpe, one of my uncle’s children offended me, so I beat him lightly. But there’s something about this boy, he’s spoiled. Even if you tap him, he would be crying spitefully.

As my uncle’s wife heard his crying noise, she came down from upstair and roared at me.

“Ehn ehn, what happened? ” she was rànting.

I was trying to explain what she did, when she gave me a d!rty slap.

“But ma, he was the one that____”

I was trying to say “that offended me” when she started beating me mer_cillesly.

The way she beat me on that day made me remember my parent. they have never beaten me like that before, they use to pamper and cuddle me carefully.

Her beatings had caused damages to my body, I had being injured.Every part of my body was paining me; my joints and everywhere.

So I went to my room, Brought out my parent’s pictures and started crying hopelessly.

“Dad, mum, how could you be so cruèl? How could you leave me for sufferness and agòny? ” I started shedding tears uncontrollably.

To be continued.


“If not cruelty, how would you leave me for suffering? I said, as I looked at my late parent’s pictures, with tears rolling down from my eyes.

I have never found myself in such a bàd situation, I’ve never being treated or beaten like that since the day I was born.My father doesn’t beat me when he was alive, neither my mum too.Should we call it too much of caring or an act of spoiling? No, My parent usually warn me whenever I offend them.But once I amend, I would be set free.


I was about to sleep, I laid down my body on the bed but I couldn’t sleep still. The wounds and injures her beatings had caused to my body couldn’t let me lay my body on bed. I turned right,Turn left and did everythig I could to sleep but i felt as if my body was being placed on fìre.I couldn’t sleep till morning.

Later in the morning, Before anybody could wake up, I had woken up and did all the house chores.I was about to mop the parlour’s floor, when I heard my uncle’s voice.

“Good morning, my daughter ” he said.
“Good morning, sir” I replied, as I turned to him.

When he saw my eyes being swollen up, He asked me curiously

“What, what, I mean, What happened to you? ” he asked me.

Because I didn’t want him to kmow what happened,I touched my eyes,smiling, And said

“No, nothing happened to me. Maybe because I didn’t wake up early” I said, as I faked smile..

My uncle knew I was he shouted at me this time.

“What happened to you? ” he thundered.

I explained everything to him with tears rolling down from my eyes.

“You mean it was my wife that did this to you? ” he asked

With tears on my face,I nodded.

“Yes, sir” I added.

“What did you do? ” he asked.

So I explained how his son offended me and how I beat him lightly.

“But he was the one who was faulty, how could she beat you even thought you were on your right? And meanwhile, Who permitted her to be beating you? ” my uncle was saying angrily, As he was climbing the upstair.


was where I stood, when I started hearing him shouting and roaring at his wife, He was blaming and abusing her for beating me mercilessly.

I didn’t tell him purposely to be abusing his wife but when he was shouting at me, I couldn’t resist it.

When my uncle was set to go to work, he left without eating his food that was placed on the table by his seems like my uncle was still àngry and màd at her. I didn’t know that he would take it seriously.If I had known, I wouldn’t have told him even if he would beat me for not telling him what happened to me.

After he left, My uncle’s wife turned to a liòn.I thought how my uncle abused and insulted her for beating me would make her change, But rather it worsened the matter on ground.

She looked at me from afar and threw a bottle at me, It nearly hit my face but I dodged it.

“You this dìrty orphan, I’m going to show you hèll. By the time I’m done with, you’ll be praying for death.” She said, thundering like an angry lion.

I moved closer to her to beg her but then she gave me a dirty slap.

“Just that I don’t want to see you in my husband’s house. Better go and còmmit sùìcìdè” she said, biting her fingers.

After few minutes, I went to the kitchen to take my food but she blocked my way and took the food to the dustbin where we dump wastes and garbage.Then she told me.

“If you want to eat,You can go and take it there” she said, as she pointed at the dustbin.

“God forbid ” I said in my mind as I entered the room.

But when it was about 2:00pm, I couldn’t hold it again. When my parent were alive, we eat as earlier as 7:30am, The latest time is 8:00am. I couldn’t imagine not having my breakfast by that time.

When I started feeling dizzy, feeling like fainting as a result of hunger, I couldn’t help but went to the dustbin and started eating the dumped food like a dog.

I couldn’t control the tears

“Mom, dad, Are you seeing this? ” I started crying uncontrollably.

To be continued

© Heamam Babatunde Harbolore

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