My Wicked Uncle's Wife And Her Children

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 10 – 11



“Bàstard” I said as I laughed.

Since when have I laughed like that? I couldn’t really remember again. I would say the last time I laughed like that was on that day I lost my family.

On that day, Me and my sisters, May their soul rest in perfect peace were so very happy and joyous. We were delighted and excited. That was because we hardly go out. My daddy was such a very nice man, But whenever he notice that we wanted to sneak out of the house, He would turn to a lìon.

Me and my sisters were not happy with this, We wished we could be going out and have freedom of movement just like our friends.

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“Why does he always àngry whenever we want to go out to play with our friends” I said, as I went straight to his room.

When I got there,I knocked the door and he asked me to come in.

“Daddy, There is something I want to ask you” I said, Talking to my daddy, As I frowned.

I rarely frown or feel sàd when my parents were alive, That was because our home was sweet. So when my father saw my frowned face, He cuddled me and asked me.

“What happened, My joy? ” he asked.

Then I asked him on that day why he doesn’t allow us to go out, To flirt and to play with our friends.

Daddy hummed, sighed and crooned.

Then he told me.

“I’m only trying to protect you from being hàrmed” daddy said.
“How, daddy? ” I asked

Then he told me that he was protecting us from sèxuàl hàràssment, sèxuàl moleèstàtion and most especially being deceived by pèdophìles.

“Enlighten me more, daddy” I said, as I sought for more explanation.
“That’s all I can explain, Go and meet your mummy, She would explain the remaining for you” daddy said.

My daddy doesn’t advice or talk to us fully, When it got to some extend, he would direct us to go and meet mummy. I’ve once asked him one day why he does that, Then he explained to me that, It was because we are all girls, Me and my sisters. He said hadn’t been we were males, He would have been explaining everything to us fully. Even private issues.

So the excitement I felt on that day knowing that I would be traveling to Abuja was what brought smile and laughter to our face, Me and my sisters. We were so very happy on that day, I didn’t know that would be the last laughter and smile me and my sisters would share together. I didn’t know that would be the last moment we would spend together. That was the day I could remember I laughed like that.

*back to my room*

I sat down on my bed and different thoughts were coming to my mind.

“Wouldn’t I règret this? ” I was asking myself.

I was actually panicking, I couldn’t believe I was the one who talked to my uncle’s wife like that, I thought a spìrìt entered me.

“Abeg, Whatever ” I said, as I off the light and slept.

The next day morning after my uncle has gone to play with his friend, It was on Sunday, My uncle’s wife was still in her room, I didn’t know what she was doing. Maybe she was planning another èvìl on me, who know?. So I went to the bathroom to take my bath.

As I was in the bathroom, I started hearing murmuring sounds coming from the bathroom’s window. The voice was indistinct but I could hear it. Maybe because I was bathing with carefulness.

“Come and see her prìvàte part” the person said with inaudible voice.

I noticed the window’s curtain was being dragged up and down and left and right. I knew then that someone was looking at me through the window. I quickly covered my body with my towel and went to the window immediately. As I got there, I met my uncle’s children there. They were the one looking at me.


held them, Brought a cane and lashed them very well.

“Na your mama unna wan resemble ” I gave them another two two strokes each.

Their crying noise was what their mother heard which made her come down from the upstair.

“What did they do? ” she asked.
“Ask them ” I responded with ànger.

After she heard this, She asked

“Am I the one you’re talking to like that? “She asked.
“Ehn ehn ehn” I responded.

Then she went to the upstair.

I knew she was up to something, I mustn’t just stand there and be watching like a simpleton. I Rapidly went to the kitchen and took a knìfe. I hid it at my back.

She was coming down with a machine belt to beat me.

“You’ll see yourself today” she was saying, as she was moving closer to me.

As she was about to raise the belt to beat me, I brought out the knìfe and roared.

“I swear with my life, If that thing touch me, I’ll stàb you. Don’t try me!! ” I said, with red eyes.

To be continued.



“I swear with my life, If that thing touch me, I’ll stàb you” I roared.

As my uncle’s wife heard this and saw the knìfe on my hand, She stepped back and distanced herself from me.

From afar where you she stood, she shouted

“Won bi ò da___you dare not” she said.

Though, I didn’t plan to stàb her at all. I only wanted her to know that things were different. So I kept moving toward her. Meanwhile, she kept running.

“I’ll make sure that I Kìll you” she said, as she was about to climb the stair to the upstair.


you use dèàth to thrèàten a person who has gone through what’s dèadlìèr, pàinful and drèàdful than dèàth? ” I asked out of àngèr.

As I asked her this, she stopped walking and I move closer to her too.

“Daughter of stūpìd parents” She said, thinking it would pain me.

I bursted into laughter

“Gone are the days this thing pàins me. Try another thing, màd woman”

She àngrìly opened her room’s door. As she was about to close it, I held it,using my left hand to hold the knìfe.

“Before you go, I want you to know that, Your father who comes here and walks like a duckling is stūpid, Your mother who talks like a parrot is màd, Your uncles, Brothers and everybody in your family are crazy. Konidafun ò. It shall not be well for you” I said with ànger.

Her parents are still alive, I don’t really care. If she could open her dìrty mouth to àbūsè my làte patents, Why wouldn’t I ìnsūlt her living parents too?. I knew this would pain her and to pain her, that was the reason why I ìnsulted them. I want her to know that my parents are precious to me, just like they’re precious to her. One is not bigger than one.

“Did you just abūsè my parent? ” she asked with surprise.
“Your parents are stûpìd, Even they’re màd” I responded.

With anger, she threw the machine belt in her hand away and moved closer to me fight. As I saw this, I also threw the knìfe in my hand away and we started fìghting.

She slapped me, I gave her double.She hit me with her fist, I gave her double punches. I thought she could fight. I didn’t know she couldn’t even fìght a hen and win.

When she realized I was giving her double of what she give me, she altered it to a rough fìght. I was ready for that also.

As we began the rough fìght, I smashed her on the floor. She stood up back, Trying to overpower me. But all her efforts were in vain. God doesn’t support the w!cked ones, He stands behind the innocents. So as we continued fìghting again, I smashed her on the floor again. But this time, I sat on her, blocking her from moving, shaking or stirring.

“You taught me w!ckedness. I was once a gentle and calm Girl. I’ve lived my life in this house to respect and honor you. But you proved it to me that you didn’t deserve to be respected. Now, from a Gentle girl, You’ve turned me to a disrespectful person. Not to all the people but to you only. Know this, as from today, I’m ready. Even if you stay calm, I’m ready to find your tròuble. I want to be selling màdnèss for you in wholesale price” I said, as I roared.


stood up from her and left to the parlour in downstair. But as I was about to go, I told her.

“Normal normal, I be gentle Girl. Na you find my tròuble. ” I said as I left.

As I was in the parlour, damilola, Her two years old daughter came to me. There’s something about this Girl, She love me, even though she was just a little Girl then.

“Aunty, Lettuusssss tray lide and chick game” she said.

I couldn’t understand her, so I told her.

“Abeg, Leave here” I said with ànger.

After hearing this, she started crying. I don’t like to see her crying. She knew that. That’s why she cries when I deny her something. She knew I would finally do it for her.

I drew her closer to me and cuddled her.

“What did you say you want? ” I asked with calm voice.
“Lide and chick game” she said.

I couldn’t undertand still, but after few minutes, I comprehended.

“You mean hide and seek? ” I asked her.

She started smilling and nodded

“Yes, aunty” she nooded.

We began the hide and seek game, damilola was hiding and I was searching for her. Once I caught her, she would laugh.

As me and damilola were playing the hide and seek game, I heard foot steps at my back. As I looked back, it was her mother carrying a pot on her hand, heat was coming out from the pot. It wouldn’t be anything else but hot water. Damilola was under the chair then, Her mother didn’t know.

“Bàstard, You’ll d!e today” My uncle’s wife said, as she poured the water, her aim was to pour the water on me but I dodged it.

“Dammmmyyy” I screamed.

But unfortunately, the water was poured on damilola.

“Yeeeee, You’ve k!lled your daughter ” I said, as I went to check damilola.

Damilola was on the floor, rolling and groaning in pàin.

To be continued.

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