November 29, 2021

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 12



Damilola was on the floor, groaning and rolling on the floor in excruciating paìn.

I couldn’t believe seeing my one and only partner in the house in this pàìnful condition. For more than a minute, I wasn’t myself again. Before I could come back to sense, My eyes had filled with tears. I was trembling, shivering and crying sàdly.

“Ahaha olohun ooo, ___Oh God! ” I cried out loud.

Her mother was also there, She was crying uncontrollably and saying ruèful words.

“I’m dòòmed” she said.

Our crying noises were what the gateman heard. He entered the room pantingly.

When he saw Damilola on the floor gasping breathlessly, He carried her up and his white clothe was stained with blòod. I couldn’t believe my baby was rounded with blòòd. Even though damilola couldn’t mutter a single word then, I felt as if she was waving a goodbye to me. Or maybe my mind was picturing that.

When the gateman was about to leave the room, carrying Damilola on his hand, He turned back and shook his head.

“Innah lillah wa inah ileihi rojiun” He said, as tears rolled down from his eyes.

Our Gateman was a muslim, he is a religious man. He doesn’t play with his five time daily prayers. I understood what He meant by that arabic words. Even If you’re a christian, as long as you’re living or ever lived in Ilorin kwara state, There are some Arabic words you would undertand surely. Among them is “Innah lilllahi wa Innah ileihi rojiun”. Muslims commonly say this when Someone d!e.


dropped Damilola on the floor and his eyes were reddish.

My uncle’s wife couldn’t predict what was going on. She Didn’t Undertand what the gateman said. She was just crying and sobbing règrèfully.

“Hospital oooo… Please don’t drop her on the floor”, my uncle’s wife was saying, as she was held the gateman.

Damilola Unlike her stup!d brothers loved me and I loved her very much also. It got to a point, I was forgetting my siblings because of the love I had for Damilola. A person who has lived or is living with a nice and funny little kid would indubitably understand me.

After few minutes, Our gateman packed her dèàd body. Even as he was carrying her away, My eyes kept rolling tears.

I left there to my room in upstair, I locked myself up and sure, I started crying. I would miss Damilola. She was such a lovely baby to me. She doesn’t eat without seeing me, she always mutter my name in almost everything she does. Even at her two years, She was brilliant and clever. My hope was, she would grow up to become a superstar. She was different from her brothers. Always with her books, Reading and repeating. And whenever she want to play, she would come to me.


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was there upstair, crying and sobbing, when I heard my uncle’s voice

“What’s happening? ” my uncle said.

As I heard his voice, I came down from upstair.

Mallam shehu, The gateman laid his hands across my uncle’s shoulder and took him to his room.

My uncle’s wife’s mind wasn’t at rest again. I could see how she was forcedly breathing.

“See where your w!ckedness has led you to, Màd woman” I said to her in an inaudible voice.

She couldn’t say a word, rather she continue crying.

“See how you used your hand to k!ll your own children” I said again, With flowing tears on my face.

From long distance, We heard my uncle’s àngry voice.

“But what happened to her? Damilola doesn’t play in the kitchen. How how how”” my uncle started crying.

Immediately as my uncle’s wife heard this, she knew that would be the next problem she would face in the house. My uncle would undoubtedly want to know what happened to his daughter.

My uncle’s wife Knelt down for me and Continue crying. But this time, tears were rolling down from her eyes like raindrops.

“Please please please” she was saying.


didn’t Understand what she meant by saying this continuously. But when it got to a stage, I told her

“Why are you begging me? Go and beg God to forgive you.what’s my own? ” I said.

I haven’t been able to swallow the sàdnèss then, I thought the best thing to do then was to go back to my room and continue crying. But as I took a step to move, My uncle’s wife held my leg.

“Please don’t tell your uncle” she was weeping.
“i didn’t Understand ” I said.

Truly, I understood what she said. But then,I had make up my mind.

“Even if you offer me billions of naira, I will not keep this from him. ” I said àngrily.

As she heard this, She was saying hatèful words to herself.

“I’m in tròuble, I’m dòòmed, My life is ruìned” and all those kind of words.

I don’t like seeing someone begging and pleading me as this much..

The way she was beseeching, pleading and begging me had been bringing mercy to my mind. It had been warming and extinguishing my ànger. But I roared suddenly.

“No” I shouted.

That was where we were, When we started hearing footsteps to the door. It would be my uncle. Before he could enter, we had gone back to our position. Me and my uncle’s wife.

as my uncle entered, he thundered

“What happened to my daughter? ” with tears on his face.

Me and my uncle’s wife were looking at each other, we couldn’t mutter a single word.

This added to my uncle’s ànger. He roared

“I said what happened to my daughter? ”

To be continued.

If you were the one in my shoe, what would you do?

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