My Wicked Uncle's Wife And Her Children

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 13 – 14



“I said what happened to my daughter? ” my uncle ròared angrily again.

Me and my uncle’s wife were just looking at ourselves. We couldn’t mutter a word. Our eyes were filled with tears.

When my uncle couldn’t get even a single reply from us, He went to the other side of the chair, Knelt down, started Knocking his head on the floor and started crying uncontrollably.

Even since the day I stepped my feet into the house, I’ve never seen my uncle crying. Even I’ve never seen him in a bàd situation like that. Damiola, May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace was loved and adored by my uncle. Unlike other children, My uncle cuddles and embraces her carefully. I couldn’t say the person who love her the most between me and my uncle. However, The deed has been done. What are we capable of doing after God’s wish come to pass?.

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So I move closer to my uncle and started consoling him. I did all my possible best to made him sit down on the chair. So after the consoling and comforting, He sat down on the chair. But he kept crying and sobbing.

On the third day after the incident occurred, I called my uncle secretly and explained all what had happened to him.He shook his head and said

“Why then have you been keeping all this from me?”My uncle said.

I couldn’t muttered a single word

“Truly, The doctor told me everything. She only said I shouldn’t react àngrily. That she had said she would change to better”. My uncle added.

“Which doctor sir? ” I asked surprisingly.
“The female doctor who treated you on that day when you were cràshed by a car” my uncle said.

My uncle further explained that he later went there on that night. But unfortunately the female doctor told her that me and his wife had gone home. So as he was about to be going, The female doctor called him back and explained everything to him.

“That was the night I was ràped by four different men. That was the day I lost my vìrgìnìty” I said, as I started crying.

“I asked you, You didn’t say anything. ” my uncle said, as he bent down his head.

But when I told him what happened to Damilola, How the water was mistakenly poured on her by her mother, My uncle found it so very hard to believe.

“Truly, My wife offended you and I know she’s w!cked. But she can’t do that! ! How cruel!. “My uncle said.

“believe me sir. I can’t tell you even a single lie sir. Believe me and trust me please!. I said.

“I will know what to do. I’ll find every means to find this out. Because she told me that, Damilola was about to put the hot water down from the pot on fire, when it poured on her” my uncle said, as tears was dropping from his eyes.

Me and my uncle then left to the parlour. He found it very hard to believe me still.

after a month had passed, I was in the parlour on that day, When my uncle came in.

“Where’s my wife? ” he asked.
“She isn’t around” I said.

Then my uncle went to the upstair to confirm it. When he checked everywhere and couldn’t find her. He came back to the parlour and told me.

“Jumoke, I want to do something. Please give me some minutes. Go to your room now” my uncle said.

I couldn’t predict what was going, I rapidly stood up and started going to my room.

When I was about to climbed the stair to my room, I gazed at my uncle, But I couldn’t see him clearly again. So I sneaked back to see what he was about to do clearly. As I was there, he looked back and saw me. He shouted at me.


said you should go to your room” he shouted.

I quickly went to my room. If I failed to follow his words then, He would beat me. I could understand from his word that he was angry. All I saw was, He was rearranging the curtain and on his hand was a thing.

“Well” I said, as I shut my room’s door.

The next day morning, Before anybody could wake up, I had cooked and did all the house chores.I had set the table with food.Unlike before, My uncle’s wife woke up early, She didn’t see me but I saw her. I was in the kitchen then, cleaning everywhere. I knew she was up to something. So as she was going, I was following her silently.

She went to the food I set on the table and put something on my food. then she went back to her room. I didn’t know what to do. w€ther to shout or keep mute. She went back to my uncle’s room. If she hadn’t been in my uncle’s room, I would have went straight to my uncle and told him what I saw.

So I went back to my room, Planing on what to do. I was there for few minutes, when I heard a loud voice.

“Mummmmy____” it was one of her children’s voice.

Everyone of us in the house went to the parlour, Only to see junior, Her second born on the floor groaning in pain.he was holding his stomach, as liquids were coming from his mouth.

“I hope it’s not what I’m thinking” I kept imagining.

“Poìson” my uncle screamed.

Before a blink of an eye, Junior had given up to ghòst. He had d!ed.


uncle who carried him on his hand put him down and with ànger, He went to the curtain and took something with ànger.

“No one among you will leave this house” my uncle said, as he locked us up in the house, Together with junior’s dèad body.

I was breathing up and down. I couldn’t predict what would happen.

“I saw you. You put poìson on the food. See how you k!lled your son. Kaiiii” I said, with tears on my face.

She couldn’t mutter a word, She was just crying.

“When did Damilola even di!e. You this w!cked woman! ” I added with sobbing voice.

After few minutes, We heard footsteps on the door. My uncle appeared with policemen.

“Modaran” I said, as I was urinating on my cloth.

“Yes, She k!lled my son. She was the one who cooked. Take her away ooo, policemen! ” my uncle’s wife said.

Then my uncle pointed at his wife and told the police.

“That’s the mudèrèr. Take her away and handcuff her” my uncle said, with uncontrollable tears on his face.

Then he fell down and started crying helplessly.

I couldn’t believed that my uncle had set cctv cameras round the house.

To be continued.


After a week, my uncle recieved a message from the police station where his wife was taken to.He was called to come.His wife was about to be charged to court for mûrder offence. Then he called a person on phone. After few minutes, My uncle told me to follow him to his car. He said we would go to the police station together.

My uncle didn’t go to the police station straight. He crossed to the hospital where I was treated on the day I was cràshed by a car. Then the female doctor who treated me on that day appeared. But I was suprised when she called my uncle “sweetheart”.

“Hii, sweety! “The female doctor greeted my uncle as they hugged.

I couldn’t predict what was happening,But I felt surprised.Then she waved at me.

“Jumòkè, My daughter, How are you doing? ” she greeted.

“Wait, Did she just call me her daughter? ” I asked myself as I felt surprised.

“You’re the one I’m greeting” she said again.

I was shocked, Because I had lost in thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry mum. I’m fine” I replied, as I smiled.


beamed after hearing me calling her mum and then my uncle pecked her to say Goodbye.

I wouldn’t have called her “mum”, But I don’t want her to feel as if I was disrespectful.

“Well, Maybe___” I was saying in my mind when my uncle entered and kicked the car.

As we got to the police station, My uncle’s wife was dragged her out. As I saw her, I couldn’t hold my tears. The policemen had pûrnished and beat her mercilessly. I don’t know it happens in real life, I thought it only happens in nollywood movies. My uncle’s wife was beaten ùnmercifully.

We were at the d.p.o’s office ; me, my uncle’s wife and my uncle.

“Your wife will be charged to court on Monday ” the d.p. o said.

But as they were talking, My uncle’s wife kept crying and sobbing. Then she turned to me.She knelt down for me and held my leg.

“Jumòkè,I know it’s late already, But please forgive me for everything. I’m sorry” my uncle’s wife kept begging me.

I couldn’t look at her face, I kept crying and sobbing. My eyes were filled with tears. How I wished I was the d.p.o, I would’ve set her free.

My uncle didn’t look at her at sll, rather he kept talking with the d.p. o.

While my uncle and the d.p.o were talking, I saw a poster at the back of the d.p. o

“Policemen are you friends. If you have any issue, Kindly contact us on 0708367318____” Was written on the poster.

I took out my pen and wrote the number down.

“It would be useful for me” I said in my mind.

When my uncle and the d.p.o were done talking, We left there to his car and started going.

While we were in the car, I found it so very hard to control my tears. I kept crying. So my uncle shouted at me.

“Hey, Don’t disturb me abeg! ” he said.

I couldn’t imagine seeing a person being beaten and tòrtured like that. I’m too merciful. I hàtè to see a person being beaten or treated bàdly.

“Please sir. Forgive her and please do anything to set her free please. She would’ve learnt her lesson now” I said, begging my uncle.

“Don’t tell me that again. I will slap you. We don’t pity crìmìnals. They’ll do worse. Shut up, if you don’t know what to say” my uncle said as he continued driving.

*in court on Monday*.

“No sinner will go unpunished.This court sent you to life imprisonment with hard labour after much pleading from your lawyer” The judge said.

I could see in my uncle’s eyes in the court that he wasn’t happy. But he managed to smile.

“That’s good” my uncle said, as he smiled. But sure, It was a fake smile..

Then my uncle’s wife sought for a permission to talk.She was granted.

“My husband, I’m sorry.. Jumòkè, My daughter, I know it’s very late to call you this but please forgive me. I’m so really sorry. Please forgive me. I’ve learnt my lesson. and this would be a lesson to all the w!cked people outside there who are maltrèating the orphans”. my uncle’s wife said, While tears filled her eyes.

I couldn’t hold my tears, I went to where she was

“I wished I had power to bring this case down. I wished I had anything to prevent you from being jàiled. But sadly, it’s over already. I’ve forgiven you, Mum. ” I said, as I hugged her.

Then my uncle àngrily separated us and took me to the car and we went home.

I knew my uncle wasn’t fine even though he was acting bravely. I knew something was wrong.

Later in the night, My uncle couldn’t eat.

“Why are you not eating sir? ” I asked him.
“I’ll eat it” he said.
“Good night sir” I said, as I did as if I was going to my room to sleep.
“Ok” my uncle responded.

I hid somewhere next to where my uncle was. I saw him crying from afar. He was crying bitterly.

I knew this would happen. My uncle was being strong a while. He needed it. I pitied him. I cried too.

“Well, It’s over” I said, as I went to my room.

As I got to my room, I smiled because I could live a peaceful life now. But then I remembered the men who ràped me.

“Mission continue jumòkè ” I said to myself.

To be continued.

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