November 29, 2021

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 3 – 4



“Dad, Mum, Are you seeing this? ” I said, as I started crying uncontrollably.

I was about to take the second hand to my mouth, when my uncle’s wife came from indoor and started laughing.

“So, You’ll eat this food? Na so hunger dey make person stay humble” she said, as she bursted into laughter.

Her mockings and jesting made me feel sàd again, and that brought tears to my eyes all over again. From a pampered Girl to a girl who’s being mocked while eating dumped food. I couldn’t imagine being in this terrible situation.

As she was about to enter the room, she hissed on me and said.

“Well, I don’t blame you. you resemble your stupìd father” she said, As she took a step to enter.

Even at gunpoint, I don’t use my parent to joke, Most especially my mum.So addressing my late father as a stupìd person has made me feel angry. I angrìly stood up and confronted her.

“Ma, Did you just call my father a stupìd person? ” I said, as I confronted her.

She turned back, As she held her waist with her hands.

“Wait, you want to beat me?. Even your mother is a stupìd person. What will you do? ” she said.

How I wished my mum was alive to hear her calling her a stupìd person. I could remember what happened to her that nearly sent her away from my uncle’s house after one year they married.It was this same my mother she called a stupìd person that helped her then.


uncle caught her and a man on his matrimonial bed having sè_x_ual inter_course and sent her out.Later when my father heard that my uncle sent her out from home, he called him and he visited us the next week to explain what she did. My father was even angry on that day at him in the first place.

“How would you sent your wife out of home? ” my father asked him angrily.

Then my uncle told my father to calm down and then explained everything to him that he caught her and a man on his matrimonial bed having s_e_x in_tercourse. Then my father supported him.My father said “if a promiscuous wife doesn’t k!ll herself, She would definitely k!ll her husband”. He supported my uncle for sending her out of the house.

After a week, she came to our house to beg my father to help her beg my uncle but my father insisted that she would never step into his brother’s house again. It was my mum that later helped her to beg my father and her husband untill they forgive her and she was later permitted to step into my uncle’s house again for my mum sake. So I couldn’t believe that this same woman would come one day to call my mother a stupìd person.


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it’s a joke, like stop it” I said in my mind,As I moved a step to her.

“Is this how you’ll repay my mother’s kindness?” I asked her, with tears on my eyes.

“I’m talking and you’re still talking right? Don’t worry, I’ll show you the stuff I’m made of”, she said, as she went outside. She slammed the gate and locked me inside the house compound.

I couldn’t predict what she was going to do but I knew I was in tròuble already. after few minutes, she came back with three men,on their hands were canes.

As i saw them, I started shivering and sobbing.

“Mum,please but____” I was about to say, when those men grabbed my head and tied my mouth, As i was struggling to escape, They gave me dirty slaps to calm me down first.

“Who’s your mum? Ìdìot” she said, talking to me.

Then she turned to the men and told them.

“Deal with her mercile.ssly ”

I was gesturing with my hands to plead and beg her but then she didn’t listen to me at all.


time, You’ll not be disrespectful again” she said as she left.

I was still a teen then but my bwess have grown.Those men didn’t even care at all, They removed my clothes, poured water on my body and started beating and whipping me unm.ercifully.

Even If a person k!ll a person, he or she wouldn’t have being punished as I was punished on that day. It got to a point that I was no more begging them but begging God to please take my soul and let me go and rest in his hand.But then, My prayer wasn’t answered, I went through the excruciating pain. When they left me, I couldn’t even say if I was still alive or not again, I just knew that blòòds were coming out from my body flowingly as I was groaning in pain.

Then she came outside, Thanked them and gave them money.

I was still in pain,rolling on the floor, when she entered and came out with a bucket of water. She then poured the water on me purposely to wash away the blòòd on my body and the one on the floor.

“Stand up like nothing happened!, If you tell your uncle anything, Remember if I leave this house, You’re leaving this world” she said, as she left.

But then, I couldn’t talk, I was only hearing everything in pain.

“Dad, mum,Please call me to where you’re.I’m ready. please don’t be cruel.I can’t just bear this pain.” I was saying in pain, with tear on my eyes.

To be continued.


“Dad, mum,Please call me to where you’re.I’m ready. please don’t be cruel.I can’t just bear this pain.” I was saying in pain, with tear on my eyes.

Telling me that if my uncle met me on the floor crying and groaning in pain after being beaten would send me to heaven made me painfully stood up and walked to my room to freshen up. Did I just say I walked? No, I couldn’t say whether I walked to the room or crawled because the scars the beatings had caused to my body had made me weak.

As I got to the parlour, I met my uncle’s wife watching movies. She paused the movie and lowered the volume down.Then she told me.

“Your mother is stupìd and your father is a bastard. What did you say? What will you do? What can you do? ” she said, as she continue to abuse my late parent.

But then, I couldn’t say anything. I just started crying. I couldn’t imagine finding myself in a situation where a person will be abusing my parent and I’ll kept mute.

“God will interfere into this” I said in my mind, as I left to my room.

The wounds and scars her previous beating caused to my body hadn’t healed and yet she added another ones to them. Yet I must bath, because my uncle mustn’t come back and meet my body being w€t with blood. As I was even removing the clothes from my body, it was paining me excruciatingly, how would I then bath with it? I cried again.

When I entered the bathroom, I painfully removed the cloth from my body and started bathing. Like I’ve never spent on bathing, I spent more than two hours bathing with just water and not with soap. I bathed in excruciating pain. I took my clothes and burnt them. Then I sat down on my bed crying all over again. I couldn’t imagine being an orphan at this early age, talk less of being a suffering orphan.


in the night when my uncle came back from work,he sat down in parlour together with his wife and then called me.

“Jumòkè” he shouted.
“Sir” I came down from an upstair.

My uncle nearly knew that something happened but I found every way to convince him.

“Why are you walking like that? ” he asked me.

I would’ve told him what happened again, but as I was about to talk, I saw my uncle’s wife showing me some signs. What did she mean? She was saying with her signs “if you tell him anything,I’ll k!ll you””.

“Why did you keep mute?, Hope there’s no problem? ” he asked.
“ehm, emmmm,heemmmmmm” I was stammering.
“Why humm emmm heemmm? Tell me, did you need anything? ” he asked.
“No sir, I don’t need anything. ” I said, as fake smile.

As I was going back to my room, my uncle’s wife followed me, telling my uncle that she wanted to go and bring his food.

“God save you” she said, as she hissed on me. Then she entered the kitchen.

The torments and torturing continue like that.

But on one faithful Monday,I was sweeping the floor, cleaning the house, washing the clothe and cooking at the same time. When my uncle woke up and saw me doing everything, he asked me.

“Where are your brothers, Tòpe and others? Haven’t they woken up? Why are you the only one doing all? “My uncle asked me, somehow angrìly.
“I’m adapted with it sir, that’s how I do it” I said.

When I said this, I didn’t say it to cause any tròuble in the house but it actually did.

“Tòpè, Tùnde, Esther!!!!! ” my uncle called his children.

He called them three times before they answered. When they cane to meet him, on there hands were phones. Then my uncle asked them.

“What are you doing inside when your sister alone is doing all the house chores? ” he asked them angrily.

“We are playing games. That’s her work sure” the elder one among them said, and the remaining ones nodded.

That was the statement they uttered when my uncle started beating them. Their noises were heard by their mother. So she came to check what was happening.

“What’s their offence, darling? ” she asked my uncle.
“You’re asking me stupìd questions. Better be mindful, if you don’t want to be lashed too” my uncle said, as he continued beating them.

immediately as my uncle went to work, the children told their mother that i was the one who lied against them. And she said I would be beaten too.

I thought it was a joke, untill when she entered her room and came back with canes. As i saw this, I quickly ran out of the house and she was chasing me as I was running. As I ran out from the house gate unconsciously and was about to cross to other side of the road, I was crushed by a speeding car.

That was all I remembered.

To be continued.

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