November 29, 2021

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 5 – 6



Immediately as I was crashed by the car, The driver reversed back and ran away.with the little strength I had to talk,I looked back to shout for help but there was nobody there to help me. After my uncle’s wife saw that I was crashed by the car, she slammed the gate and entered the house rapidly. She thought I was going to d!e or has d!ed already. She knew if people know that she was the one who was chasing me to beat me till I was crashed by the car, she was going to be blamed and insulted by people. Since I couldn’t find anybody to help me, I fell on the ground helplessly. That was all I remembered.

Then I found myself in a sacred place, where all I was hearing were humming noises.I was walking in the sacred place like a lost dog who doesn’t know where it was going. I kept walking, till I saw a gate which was built by mud. It was boldly written on the top of the gate “The land of the ghòsts”. As I was about to enter, I heard a thundering voice.

“Go back! It’s not your time yet” The person said.

In the first place,The person didn’t appear to me but when I replied him, he appeared to me.

“Please sir, let me’s not my time yet but please I’m tired of life, let me rest” I said, as I was begging and pleading.

I kept begging and he kept declining. Then I heard a voice from my mother.


let her enter please ” a sobbing voice from my mum.
“Please don’t let her” my father added.

I felt stranged, It been a while I heard my parents’ voices.

“Please, mum and dad, appear to me please!. I have a lot to tell you. Life hasn’t been easy for me since you left me. Please come to my aid” I said, with tears on my face.

I couldn’t hear any response from them, so I shouted, with tears on my eyes.

“mum, dad! , please reply me. I’m suffering. I’m going through pain and agòny.I’m being tòrtured. I’m in excruciating pain. Please help me. Don’t be cruèl! Please help me. I’m in pain! ” I was shouting., as tears was rolling down from my eyes.

But still,They didn’t reply me and that added to my sàdness.I kept crying.

“Please let me enter ” I said, talking to the person.
“No, you can’t ” he replied.


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I was about to enter forcefully, he pushed me back and I woke up to found myself lying on bed in hospital.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself being surrounded by people. On the right side was my uncle standing, on the left side was my uncle’s wife standing, on the edges were doctors and nurses.

My uncle’s wife was crying, she was crying bitterly. Infact when it got to a point, my uncle had to be consoling and begging her to stop crying that I would be fine and healthy.

Immediately as she saw me opening my eyes, she cuddled me and said.

“Thank God you’re back” she said, as she was using her hand to clean the tears on her eyes and beaming.

“can you talk now? Can you see? ” my uncle was asking.

So I nodded, giving him a sign that I could see and talk.

“But what happened exactly? ” my uncle asked me.

As my uncle’s wife heard this, she gave him a straight reply.

“This is not the right to be asking this. She will explain when she’s healthy” my uncle’s wife said.

“okay okay” my uncle said.

Then my uncle’s brought out food from a bag, and gave me to eat.

“Eat it my daughter ” she said, as she started acting being care..

As I was I about to raise my hand, I couldn’t, because it was among the part where the car hit me. So my uncle’s wife said.

“I’m sorry. Let me give it to you to eat” she said, as she started giving it to me to eat.


I was done eating the little I could eat, she sat closed to me, put my head on her lap and started asking me questions.

“How’s now your health? Hope you’re now fine? hope you’re not feeling headache? Hope there’s no problem?” She was asking.

I couldn’t talk then, I was just gesturing and nodding.

“Will you drink “five alive”? ” she asked.

I was gesturing to say “No.

“okay, what about yoghurt? ” she asked again.

I was shaking my head, left and right to “No.

After few minutes, she brought out my drugs and gave it to me.Infact when I couldn’t raise the water up, she took it up and gave me to drink.

“Has this woman changed” I was imagining.

After few minutes, my uncle stood up and said.

“Well, I’m going home now. Your mother is here, she will be taking care of you, take care there” my uncle pecked me.

Immediately as my uncle left, my uncle’s wife stood up to check If he has gone, as she confirmed that he had gone, she came to me and asked.

“Why didn’t you d!e? ” she asked.

I couldn’t believe a woman who was being in few minutes has turn back to b a l!on.

I was only hearing, I couldn’t reply.

“This is just little, this is just the beginning. I’ll show you pepper” she said, as she àngrily took her food and water away from me.

To be continued.


“This is just little, this is just the beginning. I’ll show you pepper”

Ever since the day this statement was muttered by my uncle’s wife, I found it very hard to breathe peacefully. My heart was heavy and my mind also wasn’t at rest. This statement actually means my life after being discharged from hospital would be worst that the one I had lived before. I couldn’t stand still to go through the half of what I had gone through in the house, Talk less of going through what’s worst than the one I had gone through.

I was enjoying as I was in the hospital, My uncle’s wife couldn’t beat me, torture or harm me. So I kept acting as if I wasn’t healthy even though my health had restored back. The doctor who takes care of me always get confused whenever she comes to check at me and still met me on bed not playing like a healthy person. I was to be discharged the following week I was admitted into the hospital but because I didn’t give a sign of being healthy,I wasn’t discharged when I was to be discharged.

One day when my uncle’s wife wasn’t with me, The female doctor walked to me secretly, And then tapped me.

Why did she tap me? I always closed my eyes in the hospital, I don’t open my eyes, To avoid unnecessary talking from my uncle’s wife. If had shown her a sign of being healthy, she would have been disturbing my life with threat.

As I was tapped, I thought it was my uncle’s wife,so I didn’t open my eyes.

“Oh! She’s still sleeping ” the doctor said, as she was about to leave.

As I heard the voice, I realized that it wasn’t from my uncle’s wife, so I held the doctor’s hand and grasped her back.

“I thought you were still sleeping ” the doctor.
“Not really” I said.

Then the doctor asked me.

“but, what’s happening? ” the doctor asked.

I was so surprised to hear this. So I replied surprisingly.


happening? i don’t get ma” I replied.

Then the female doctor moved closer to me and use her hands to rub my eyebrow. This made me recalled how my late use to pamper and take care of me. I couldn’t help myself but started crying.

“Anyway, All the tests we carried out showed that you’re now healthy , why the presence? ” the doctor asked me.

“I’m tired of this life ma. Please give me a pòisònous injection. Let me have peace of mind” I said, as I started crying.

“Why? What happened? Kilode? ” the doctor was asking me curiously.

Then I told the doctor to sit down and then I explained everything to her.

The doctor couldn’t help herself, tears were just rolling down from her eyes flowingly. So I quickly use my hand to wipe the tears on her face and said.

“It’s ok ma. I’ll be fine” I said.

The doctor also used her hand to wipe my tears and nodded.

“You’ll be fine. I know what to do” the doctor said.

The doctor was about to say another word, when we heard a knock on the door. It wouldn’t be anybody but my uncle’s wife. The doctor then stood up and went to open the door for her.

Before she could enter, I had pretended as if I was sleeping back.

“Thanks for the care ma” she told the doctor.
“I just came to check her but i met her still sleeping. Well she will be fine” the doctor said.
“Ameeeeeeennnn” my uncle’s wife said loudly.

When the doctor was about to leave, she tapped my uncle’s wife and told her.

“Please, let me see you in my office ma” the doctor said

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I had pretended as if I was sleeping, I would’ve given the doctor a sign not to ask her anything. Because I know she would never change. She hate me passionately.

“Maybe I should follow you now” my uncle’s wife said, as she stood up and followed the doctor.

After few minutes she followed the doctor, she entered back àngrily and gave me two dirty slaps. I didn’t see the slaps coming. It pained me so much that I couldn’t hold my tears,It started dropping like a rainfall.

“What did you tell the doctor? ” she asked me àngrily.

I couldn’t help, I was just begging, I was crying and sobbing.

“I said what did you tell the doctor? ” she thundered.

The sound of the slaps was what the doctor heard. she entered the room rapidly and saw me holding my cheeks with my hands. Then the doctor turned to her and said.

“So you’re as you were described” the doctor faced her.

“Excuse me, mind your business”she said as she replied the doctor.

The doctor was about to say another word, when my uncle’s wife shrilled.

“Shiiiiiiii” she shrilled.

Then she turned to me and said.

“You’re going to leave here today, and sure, You’re going to regret this” my uncle’s wife said, talking to me.

I ran to the doctor and held her.

“Please help me ma” I said, with tears on my eyes.

To be continued.

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