My Wicked Uncle's Wife And Her Children

My wicked uncle’s wife and her children episode 7 – 9

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I ran to the doctor and held her

“Please help me me” I said with tears on my face.

Then the doctor cuddled me and wiped my tears

“Don’t worry dear. I know what to do again” the doctor said.

Then my uncle’s wife turned to me and said.

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“I don’t care. You’ll suffer for this” she said.

With ànger, the female doctor roared.

“Your own children will also be treated like this” the doctor said.

She turned to the doctor, held her cloth and said

“Are you cursing my children? She asked àngrily.
“So you know you’re tòrturing and making life very difficult to live for this innocent girl?” The doctor answered her with this question.

My uncle’s wife was about to say another word, when my uncle knocked the door. We all get back to our seats and act as if nothing happened.

“Hope there’s no problem? ” my uncle asked.
“No, there isn’t any problem” my uncle’s wife replied.

The doctor didn’t say anything but just turned to my uncle and told him.

“Please let me see you in my office ” the doctor said.

Truly, when my uncle entered, he didn’t enter like a person who wanted to stay, he hurriedly came in.

“Hope there isn’t any problem? ” he asked the doctor.
“When we see, we will know if it’s problem or not” the doctor replied.
“Please give me thirty minutes , I’ll be back. I didn’t plan to stay here, I just came to check on my ailing daughter ” my uncle said, as he was about to leave.
“Well no problem ” the doctor said.

When my uncle left, my uncle’s wife turned to the doctor.

“Wait, what are you trying to do? ” she asked, as she was gesturing surprisingly.
“just wait and see” the doctor said.

As the doctor was about to leave, My uncle’s wife gently held her hand and started crying.

“I wished you could know, She is the one that causes it. I have my own children and I’m not cruèl. Just that she provokes me.” She said, as she was pleading.

I could see that her words and tricks had been extinguishing the doctor’s ànger. So I walked up to the doctor and told her.

“Don’t mind this w!cked woman, doctor. I haven’t known my offence till today. “I said as I was pleading the doctor not to listen to her.

On that day, I couldn’t say whether she used chàrms on the doctor or anything, but her tricks really worked on the doctor.

The doctor then asked her.

“What if it happen again? ” she asked her.
“Tell my husband then. But I promised it Will never happen again. But please help me to tell her to be well mannered too. Tell her to be nice to me and I’ll indubitably nice to her too.” My uncle’s wife promised the doctor.

The doctor then called me to her office and gave me some pieces of advice.

“I’m not sure she meant it, ma” I told the doctor.

She then promised to come to my aid, if that happen again. That I should give her another trial.

We expected my uncle to come but we didn’t know why he didn’t come. So when the time was 8:00pm and we couldn’t see him, I was discharged and me and my uncle’s wife left to house.

We boarded a cab to home. As we were in the cab, my uncle’s wife was just looking at me. I couldn’t say what she meant by her look but I knew it wasn’t a good or pleasant look. Later when we dropped down from the cab, we had to trek like ten minutes to our house.The junction was a little far from our house. Though there were bike_men that stay in that street to take people to their houses, but rain had just finished falling on that day, so everyone of them has gone home.

When me and my uncle’s wife walked for like three minutes, she turned to me and asked

“Where is your doctor? ” she asked, with red eyes.

I knew this would happen, but I didn’t plan it well.

“Know that, you’re dèad today”

She then took her phone and called one of her children to boil water

“Today, You’re going to receive the most pàinful punishment ever”

Fear gripped me when I heard this.

“Did she want to p-our h-ot water on me” I was asking myself in my mind, as I was feeling afraid.

“Ma, please, I beg you in the name of God, Please have mercy on me. I didn’t tell the doctor anything. I didn’t know how she knew. Please, ma” I was begging.

“You’ve played the part one in the hospital, now i’m going to play you a season film. Have you ever bathed with h-ot water? I mean h-ot water? Has anybody ever p-oured it on you? ” my uncle’s wife was asking, as she was stylishly telling me that she was going to p-our h-ot water on me.

“Please, ma. I promise not to do that again” I was begging but she didn’t listen.

I knew she can do it, I didn’t doubt it. This woman is w!cked and crùel. I couldn’t wait till she p-our h-ot water on me. I threw the bag on my hand away and started running away.

I didn’t know anywhere or anybody in Abuja, and also, it was dark already. Everywhere was dark. So when I ran to an extend, I stopped and rest my back on an uncompleted building grasping heavily.

I haven’t stay there for more than a minute, when someone tapped me. I was scared, as I took a step to run. But then the person told me.

“Don’t run! Come here.! What happened? Why are you here in this darkness? ” the person asked.

I felt relived, as I was moving to the person gently. Though, I was perceiving the smell of màrìjùànà but I thought it was coming from somewhere else. I haven’t move to him much, when he ran to me, covered my mouth with his hand and dragged me inside the uncompleted building. Before I could raise my head to look at him, they were four men in the room, on their hands was màrìjùànà and different alcòhòlìc drinks.

“Please, brothers” I was begging, on the floor I was thrown to.

Before I could say any other thing, They had started mòlèsting me sè_x___ûally.

“Hummmmmmmm” was all I could mutter.

That was how I was r__à___pèd by four men. That was how I lost my vìrgìnìty..

To be continued.


I was on the ground grasping, blèèding and rolling on the floor painfully,When one of the men said, Talking to me.

“As younger as you’re, You’re sweet oh”

I couldn’t imagine being dìsvìgined at this earlier age, Talkless of being dìsvìrgined by four different men. When it got to some extend, I couldn’t roll on the floor again, I was just scrawling like a snail. When I was about to scrawl out of the place where the men were, One of them told his friends.

“My dis thing don dey stand again oh” the man said.

As I heard this, fear gripped me.Even the last one they did, My prìvàte pàrt had torn, I couldn’t endure the pain again.

“Shebi na she be that, she never go nah, Go and do another round ” one of the men said, telling the one who said he wanted to do another round.

Then he stood up to come and meet me. My body had weak, I had loos£n blood, I was feeling dizzy. But I overheard what they were saying.

Immediately as I saw him coming to me, I pretended as if I had d!ed. I held my breathing.

When he got to me, He yanked away my torn pànt that was torn by them, And then entered me forcefully. I was enduring it as he was riding me, I didn’t mo-n or shout even though it was paining me. Suddenly he looked at me, rest his head on my chest to check w€ther I was still breathing, Then he realized that I was no more breathing. So he rapidly removed his màñhhòòd and then called his friends.

“Yeeee! We are in trouble ” he shouted.

His friends stood up and asked him.

“Oga w€tin happen? ” they asked him.

“This girl don d!e” he replied with fears.
“What are we going to do now? ” one of them asked.

Then Two of them replied him.

“No wahala. Just like we did for the last girl” They nodded

I realized on that day that, That was not their first doing.

They carried me to a far forest, It was a very big one. Infant as they were carrying me there, I wished I could just stop pretending and told them that I wasn’t di!e, I was only pretending. But I couldn’t predict what would happen next, so I kept pretending even though I was feeling afraid.

Later when we got to a silent place in the forest, They dropped me there and left. Because I had loos£n blood, Maybe because it being a while I eat good food or because of the accident I had just had, I fainted immediately as I was dropped into the forest by them.That was all I remembered.

Then I found myself in “The land of the ghòsts” again. But as I was about to enter the forest this time, I met two ghòsts blocking my way: A man and a woman. They were indubitably my parent. They didn’t face me, I could only see their back.

“I see everything you go through my daughter ” my mother said, as she started crying.
“And it saddens us to see you in this painful condition after our dèath” my father added, as he also started sobbing.

Seeing my father and mother being clothed with white cloths was what brought flowing tears to my ears. I couldn’t believe that my parent who promised to always take care of me are now in that position.

“Mum, Dad, please help me!.. Remember all the promises you made to me. Please help me! I’m in agòny and excruciating pain. Please mum! ” I was begging, with flowing tears on my eyes.

as my mum heard this, she cried loudly. With shaking voice and trembling body, she said

“It wasn’t our wish to leave you to suffer. But we accepted God’s wish. It saddens us to see you undergoing this h-rdship at this young age., Not even every minute but every second. ” my mum said, with tears.

When my mum was done taking, Daddy said

“Jumòkè my daughter, You know I love you. you’re the apple of my eyes. My happiness and my joy. But who on earth will say no when God say yes? ” daddy, asked me.

I couldn’t replied his question, rather I kept crying.

“Dad, Mum, See my cloth. see blood! See, Mum, Dad. look at me. By four men. At this age. What a sad memory” I said, as I continue crying.

Neither my mum or my dad turned back to looked at me.But then my mum shook her head and said.

“I wished I was alive to tell you this, I wished I was alive to celebrate you, My daughter.Your birthday was yesterday, Happy and sad belated birthday to you my daughter ” my mother said, Somehow smiling and somehow crying.

The miserable life I was living in my uncle’s house didn’t let me Remember it. I had forgotten my birthday.

“Mum, leave my birthday. What’s gladdening me? Is this how my mates celebrate their? Please come to my aid” I said, as I was moving closer to them.

As I was about to touch them,They varnished in the air. Then I coughed and found myself in the bush.

knowing that I was dìsvìrgìned by ràping, by four men on my birthday was really disheartening and saddening!! . So rather to be happy that I came back alive again, I kept crying.

What a sad thing to be remembering on my birthday, Being ràpèd and dìsvìrgìned by four men on my birthday.

I knocked my head on the floor, and tears rounded my eyes.

To be continued.

© Heamam Babatunde Harbolore


I knocked my head on the floor, as tears rounded face.

I was there in the forest trembling and $h¡verying as the result of the deep coldness. If I had known the road to pass to our house on that tèrrìble night, I would’ve left there and went home straight. Because everywhere was dark, I tried to swallow my fear and dreads till 5:30am in the morning.

Although, The brightness of the day hadn’t shown then, but I left when I heard the Muslim’s callings to prayer. As I stood up, I saw a road in the forest. I didn’t even know where the road headed to but I kept passing through it. Later after walking for fifteen minutes, I found myself in an express road. I knew the road. Me and my uncle had passed there.

“Thank God” I said, cuz I thought the best thing to do was to go back to my father’s state.

I stood on the road flagging down commercial busses. Five busses had passed me by without stopping to pick me.

“It seem they had being filled with pass£ngers” I said, as I nodded.

When the sixth bus was about to pass by, I flagged down and it stopped.

“Na one person remain, Motor scarce, you are going to pay 6,500naira” the driver said.

As I was about to enter, he asked me

“Where your money? ” I was asked

I searched my gown’s pocket, Nothing was in it. So the driver hissed on me , entered his bus and drove away.

It was already 5:00pm, I couldn’t imagine being beaten by the h-ot sun for hours before it was finally replaced by moon.

I begged for help but only one person help me, everybody kept saying Nigeria is h-rd and they don’t have money. The person who even gave me money only gave me 100naira. she told me not to be àngry, that everything wasn’t fine with her too.

“maybe I was destined to sûffer” I said, as I made up my mind to be going home ;my uncle’s place.

As I was about to leave, A small car stopped by me. The car was filled of men, It was only one seat that was left in the middle.

“Where are you going? ” the driver asked me.
“Ilorin kwara state” I replied.
“Your money is 1,000 naira oh” the driver said.

As I heard this, I felt happy. Such a cheap price.

“Please can I pay when I reach Ilorin? ” I asked.

Truly, There was no one in Ilorin I would call rapidly to pay my transport fare but even if the driver would k!ll me for not paying, I just don’t mind.

“No problem ” the driver said, as he told me to enter.

But when I looked inside the car, The people were suspicious. They may likely be one. They look like kidnàppers with their action.

So I changed my mind.

“Don’t worry, Be going” I said, as I turn back.

As I was about to leave, one of them pulled me. Before they could pull me into the car, I shouted

“Kidnàppersssssssss! Help me! ” I shouted.

Immediately as they heard this, They left my cloth and drove away.

I felt relived and Thanked God.

“It’s better to accept defeat than to d!e a looser” I said, as I make up my mind to go back to my uncle’s place.

But before I went there, I had already strengthened myself with words and I had planned.

As I stepped into the compound, I took one of my clothes that was on the wire where it was spread, I changed my cloth and pretended like nothing happened.

As I was about to enter, I heard my uncle thundering at his wife

“If anything happened to that Girl, You’re going to pay for it” my uncle said.

Then I entered.

As my uncle saw me, He cuddled me and asked where I had been.

“Where have you been? Hope nothing happen to you? ” he said, as he was looking at my cloth and everywhere I might be hàrmed.

I lied to my uncle, I told him some series of lies and he believed me. I wouldn’t have lied to him, But then, I was ready to play the game with my uncle’s wife.

My uncle felt relived and told me to come and be watching television with him but I wasn’t in the mood, Rather I started going to my room.

As I was going, My uncle’s wife followed me. When I was about to enter my room, She held my room’s door and asked me

“You didn’t d!e still? ” she asked me.
“You haven’t d!ed still also? ” I replied her with question.

She felt strange, and asked me surprisingly.

“Remember you’re talking to me” she said, as she show a facial surprise.
“Who or what are you? ” I asked mockingly.

She looked serious this time.

“What’s living in you, You this smelling soul? ” she asked.
“What’s living in you, you this màd woman? ” I responded.

She kept mute for a second, she couldn’t talk.

So I told her

“Leave the door or I slam it on your hand. I don’t f-ckìng care” I said, showing a sign of ànger.

“Wòn bi ò da.__You dare not” she said.

She thought I was joking. As I was about to slam the doctor on her hand, She rapidly removed her hand.

“Bàstàrd! ” I said, as I laughed.

To be continued.

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