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My woman episode 8

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My woman episode 8


After discussing school work for a while, Amelia quickly changed the subject.


Amelia: Sir, my apologies… It’s not like I’m trying to be nosy, I’m just a little curious… Who’s the lady on your wallpaper? She is really pretty.


Mr. Wilson: You mean my daughter?


Amelia: Daughter? Who is your daughter? I mean, the lady in that photo on your desktop background. The one the whole class saw the other day you were at our school for the seminar on entrepreneurship.


Mr. Wilson: Yes, I know the one you are referring to. The girl in the photo is my daughter. She is in the UK now


Amelia was stunned. “You mean Brenda is your daughter for real?!”


Mr.Wilson: Yes, that’s her name. Do you two know each other? How do you know her name?


Amelia hated Brenda even more but she quickly seized the moment. “Your daughter is not in the UK sir, she is in my school. I get it now, that’s why she was hiding away from you!”


Mr.Wilson: Hold on lady, you must be mistaking someone for my daughter. My daughter had been abroad for the past 8 years, I’m sure this is a mistake.


Amelia: I’m sorry sir. I know your daughter very well. Her attitude on campus has made her very famous.


Mr. Wilson: You seem so sure it’s the same person we are talking about here. What attitude are you talking about by the way?


Amelia quickly reached out into her handbag and brought out the photos of Brenda with Mr Edwards… both of them looking very intimate.


She showed them to Brenda’s father.


Mr. Wilson was shocked when he saw the pictures.


Mr. Wilson: This can’t be! What?! Brenda has been lying to me all this while?


This was turning out better than Amelia had hoped… She was enjoying herself thoroughly. She continued: “Your daughter has been in our school for the past four weeks and she has been going out with some of the lecturers. She also has a guy who she is dating on campus. I’m even meeting her this evening to talk to her about her attitude, as a good friend.”


Mr. Wilson: Do you know where she is now? Take me to her place right away!


Amelia: No sir, I don’t. But like I said, she will be meeting me later this evening. Maybe you can come along then?”


Mr.Wilson: That’s a good idea. Call me when it’s time. I will be there.


Amelia left the office in a hurry so she could prepare for tonight’s meeting.


She hadn’t seen all these coming, but it worked for her. Things only just got better.


Soon it was time for the meeting… Mr. Wilson and Amelia got to the venue an hour earlier.


Brenda and Dave, on the other hand, were preparing to set off. Dave wanted to go with her but she insisted on going alone.


She wanted a girl to girl talk with Amelia.


Eventually, Dave agreed and Brenda left. But Dave couldn’t trust Amelia alone with Brenda so he followed her without letting her know.


Brenda called Amelia on the phone when she arrived the entrance of the proposed meeting point. She came to pick her and ushered her to a table.


She got to the table and came face to face with her father.


Mr. Wilson: “Brenda”




She couldn’t handle it. Nothing had prepared her for this moment. This was certainly not how she planned to meet her father. Without thinking, Brenda ran out of the pub and headed for the road side.


Dave saw her from a distance and tried calling but it was too late. A vehicle came out of nowhere, took a sharp turn and crashed into her. Brenda fell down with a thud…


She laid there motionless while the driver who hit her fled the scene. Mr. Wilson and Amelia came out at that moment. They had followed her when she ran out of the pub.


Dave got to the spot where Brenda laid and cried out her name, but she remained lifeless. Mr. Wilson quickly brought his car around and together with Dave and Amelia, rushed her to the hospital.


At the hospital, nurses rushed Brenda to the emergency ward and got a Doctor to attend to her.


Mr. Wilson, Amelia and Dave waited at the Out-Patient section of the hospital. That was when Dave realized that it was Brenda’s Father who had driven them to the hospital.


Before he could think any further, Mr. Wilson was standing in front of him with Amelia.


“Young man, how do you know my daughter?” asked Mr. Wilson.


“Sir, we are in the same School” Dave answered.


Mr. Wilson: “Ok. Thank you very much for your efforts; I appreciate it. What’s your name?”


“Dave, sir” he answered.


Amelia didn’t like that Mr. Wilson was being too nice with Dave. She needed to do something quickly to destroy the bond they were establishing.


Just then, the Doctor came out. He turned out to be Amelia’s secret admirer from high school… The same Sam guy that recently made contact with her again.


He and Amelia had already scheduled a date.


“What a coincidence Amelia! Are you with the lady that was just brought in? Dr. Sam asked.


She recognized him instantly and answered the question “Yes”. Nodding at Mr. Wilson, she added “and that’s her father”


Mr. Wilson: “Doctor, please how is my daughter?”


Dr. Sam: “She is responding to treatment. We are yet to see the extent of the damage done but for now, she is doing well”


Mr. Wilson: “Thank you, Doctor. May I see her now?”


Dr. Sam: “Unfortunately no. You can only see her in the next two hours. For now, she needs rest.”


Mr Wilson: “Thank you so much, Doctor, thank you. We will wait for her.”


Dr. Sam: “Very well sir. Who is Dave?”


Dave: “I’m the one”


He said to him “Kindly follow me to my office.” He then turned to Amelia and said “I will call you soon”


Dave followed him to his office.


Mr. Wilson was a little surprised when the Doctor asked for Dave but he trusted that he knew what he was doing.


He turned to Amelia “I see you know the Doctor” he said.


Amelia:” Yes, we were together in high school. He was a couple of years my senior, though”


Meanwhile, back at the Doctor’s office, Sam was talking to Dave: “It appears my patient is eager to see you. Your name was on her lips when she woke up. I’m giving you the opportunity to see her but only for a few minutes. It could help her get well faster”


Dave was both relieved and happy. He had wondered if something was wrong, when the Doctor had asked to see him. He thanked him profusely now. Sam then called a nurse to take Dave to Brenda’s ward.


Right after Dave left, the doctor called Amelia to come to his office.


She arrived in no time.


“Good to see you earlier than planned” Sam said.


“Yeah. I must admit you have grown very handsome. You definitely look a lot better than you did way back in school. I actually couldn’t make out your face when you called the other time.” Amelia responded.


Dr. Sam: “I know, right?! I was pretty much the timid type back in school… hardly noticeable. I just admired you from a distance”


Amelia smiled sweetly “I notice you now Sam”


She was well aware of Sam’s interest in her. She planned to use that as an advantage in getting back at Brenda.


The office was filled with awkward silence… Sam wasn’t sure how to proceed. He didn’t have to worry, Amelia was in charge. She came close to Sam where he stood at the edge of his office desk and without warning, landed a deep kiss on his lips.


The Doctor was amazed but he, however, enjoyed it while it lasted.


They kissed for a couple of minutes and when they were done, he asked “wow, what was that for? I sure was not expecting it.”


Amelia who by then had gone back to her seat answered: “There is more where that came from. I actually like you too”


The Doctor felt like he had finally found the wife of his dreams… Until Amelia’s next request.


Amelia: “Sam, I want you to do something for me”

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