Nelson And The Bed

Nelson and the bed episode 11

Ernest teleportation to another planet using the Tunalin brought about the sudden disappearance of the souls. Nelson and co just discovered that in,side the lab. Nobody said anything rather looked astonished after the discovery. Even Sam had to be dumb for sometimes, wondering why old Ernest could do such a thing. Suddenly, he broke the silence saying, “I guess there’s no reason to be mad at the old man’s disappearance to the next planet coz he gonna free the souls”
“I don’t think so” Ben began. “This brings us to the reason why Nelson was the only one who could open the lock. Listen, his father wanted him alone to use this device coz he is sophisticated with life he gonna face out there”
“What are you saying in essence?” Jane asked.
“Look, I don’t know the reason why the old man went there, but I strongly believe he’s not there to rescue the souls. In fact, he is as in bondage as the souls. He also needs help right now”
Another tranquillity took over the lab. All this while, Nelson had not said anything. He placed his hands on the wa-ist, staring at the floor as one who had a heavy load on his shoulder. Of course he had. He couldn’t help to think about what the governor told him: “After all your father brought this upon humanity.” Nelson exhaled then looked up to see everybody staring at him to say something. He also saw Kate, the wh-re, then remembered he promised never to allow anything happen to her which got him more upset. So he shouted, “F-ck!” breaking a glass of element before him. That startled the two ladies especially Jane who was closer, but none said a word.
“Are you not tired of f-cking?!” Sam couldn’t shut his mouth. “Christiana and Kate aren’t enough for You? Who else do you wanna f-ck?”
Nelson grabbed him on the shirt as if to blow a hell out of him. “I swear to God if you don’t shut up, I’ll have you bleeding in the hospital bed” he glared into his eyes.
Sam raised his two hands. “Easy man, I mean no harm. All I’m saying is that we need a f-cking solution” he returned the glare.
Nelson freed him, rubbed his head vigorously. “I’m sorry, man. Just that the burden is much on me now” he apologised then looked at Ben. “We have no space-sh¡p neither do we know the planet. How can I get there?”
“I know someone who can take you there” Ben replied.
“The Alian”
“The alien?” Sam repeated.
“There is a chance that the alien Anthony Clifford had s€× with as an experiment is out there infecting more people with V2, hence trapping their souls to her planet. If we find her, she must take us.. sorry, take you to her planet.”
“How can we find this creature?” Nelson asked.
“I know how, but you need to get prepared” Ben concluded.
“This is one hell of a mission. I must be part of it to see this alien” Sam said.
Nelson looked at Ben. “Give me few hours. Need to see my mom” he began to walk out. Charlie stopped him at the general sanctum and said, “May I follow you? Need to see my granny too.” Just then, Jane walked-passed them, making her presence noticed. Nelson knew she was still angry with him, but didn’t want to worry about it. Therefore he said to Charlie, “Sure. Join me in the car”
Nelson drove faster on the road to the city hospital with Charlie sitting beside him in the front seat. Both never exchanged words, Nelson occasionally glanced at her, remembering the k-ss. Though both wanted to talk about it but didn’t know how to begin. Truly, Charlie was dying in,side of her, hopping he say something about it, but he never did, rather he said “I believe you are fine”
“I am” she replied without looking at him. She was always on short skirt and fitted top. She had a slim beautiful body and innocent face. hærdly would anybody believe that she smokes. As she seated in the seat, her thighs became a thing of visibility to Nelson’s eyes. It looked more attractive than initial. Yet the young man was never moved. Truly, he took her as a friend nothing more.
“Listen Charlie,” he held her on the shoulder, handling the steering wheel with a single hand. “Remember the old times we gambled together. Those times you supported me against Joe and when we smoke together on top of an uncompleted storey building, looking at the stars in the sky. I miss those periods and I promise you, very soon all this will be over. We shall have fun time together again”
Charlie smiled. “I miss those times too” she glanced at him to see him returning the smile. Both kept quiet again as the air conditioner filled the car. “I’m just surprise how your life changed over night” she added.
“What is yours is yours. It’s just a matter of time for you to get it” he replied, while they smiled again.
Charlie looked at him after another series of silence. “Nelson?” she called to see him looking at her to proceed. She swallowed hærd. “About the k-ss yesterday, I meant it. It was from my heart” she said, feeling her heart beat like a drum.
Nelson didn’t say anything, rather concentrated on the road. That was actually making the young girl to feel disappointed and cheap as she anticipated for his response. “I appreciate that, Charlie. I really do” he finally replied, holding her shoulder again.
“Does that mean you love me too?”
“You are my best female friend, and I love you as one dear”
Charlie became heartbroken after hearing the response. It could be shown on her face. She bent her head and suddenly brought out a cigarette swiftly. She placed the stick in between her l-ips, trying to lit it but the lighter refused to activate. Nelson took it from her saying, “Let me help you.” Just a single press, he lit the cigarette.
“Thanks” she turned her face to the glass of the car as she smoked with a heart full of disappointment. Sooner did she drop at her place before Nelson got to the hospital. He gently opened the door of the mother’s ward to see her sick bed empty. Just then, a doctor walked in. “Mr Nelson”
Nelson turned to him. “Where is my mom?”
“I was about calling you”
“That’s not the answer to my question” Nelson moved closer with a glare.
“She has just been moved to Morton. She contacting the virus. I’m sorry” the doctor left, handling the mother’s medical details to him. If Nelson wasn’t serious about releasing the trapped souls, he made up his mind right there to do everything possible to save his mother’s soul and that of other victims. Therefore he began to hurry through the long passage of the hospital that led to the exit. On his way, he placed his phone on one of his ears saying, “Get ready, we are leaving now in search of the damn alien.” He hung up the call, entered into the car and blasted out. He stopped in front of Charlie’s compound to see her coming out but stoped at the door.
“Come on, Charlie, let’s go!”
She shook her head. “No, Nelson. I can’t go back there”
Nelson went closer to her. “Is your granny okay?”
“She’s fine” she replied. “What about your mom?”
“She got infected”
“Oh mine! I’m so sorry”
Both became quiet, staring at each other. Charlie never left the door neither did Nelson go closer than he was. Both obviously had the same thing in mind.
“You need to go save your mother, Nelson” Charlie broke the silence. “I can see there is nothing I can do to prove to you that I love you more than just a friend. I can’t follow you back to see you look at Jane the way you have never looked at me before. I’m sorry” she entered into the house to shed tears. After staying there for a moment, Nelson reluctantly drove out. Who should he get worried about? The mother, the governor, Kate or is it Charlie and Jane? He couldn’t think straight as he sped on the road.
Already, Ben, Jane and Sam had prepared to leave immediately Nelson returns. They were all at the bar when he came back, looking worried and sad. Jane noticed it but Sam had a better understanding. So he spoke up first, “Don’t tell me your mother is dead and gone”
“She will if we don’t move now” he replied.
“What happened to her?” Jane showed concerned.
“She has been infected by V2”
“Holy shit!” Sam exclaimed.
Nelson looked at Ben. “How’s is our movement?”
Ben opened up a broad paper. “We shall be going to Tele-air Wizard as they call it.” He pointed on the paper. “It’s located at Maximi, several miles from here. These people have a device which is capable of detecting any being which is not from this planet earth. I guess they will help us find the location of this alien, then we strike from there”
“Okay, let’s go” Nelson said.
“What about Charlie?” Sam asked.
“She isn’t coming according to her”
Nelson refused to answer as his eyes caught with Jane’s. Of course Sam understood so he didn’t bother to ask further questions. As they were about to leave, Nelson called Jane back. The girl watched him scratch his head as if he was about to get mad.
“Nelson you really have to calm down” she suggested with a caring voice.
“I’m ..I’m … calmed, okay?” he exhaled. “I know you’re still upset. But it was at gun point. You know there is no way I would have agreed to make love to Christiana. Everything happened so fast”
“Is okay” she said as an afterthought, staring into his eyes. “I know I’m the reason why Charlie didn’t come back. Look, I’m sorry for k-ssing you or feeling the way I feel about you. I guess you should let her in. I don’t wanna come between both of you” she wanted to leave, but Nelson held her back.
“What of how I feel about you?” he pulled her closer to himself in a way their face came at a close range. “My feelings and who I have it for matters too, doesn’t it?” he asked, staring at her. Meanwhile Jane couldn’t say anything but return the lovely gaze. At that point, Sam’s voice came, saying, “This is not time for rom-nce. Oya, move your asses! I can’t wait to kick the alien’s ass”
Jane left Nelson, but she could se nse his footsteps behind her….

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