Nelson And The Bed

Nelson and the bed episode 12

The black Rang Rover once again set in motion. It could be seen running on a highway as if the president of the country was in,side it, running to catch up a meeting. Who could be the driver? No other person but Sam. Beside him at the front seat was Ben, while Nelson and Jane occupied the back seat. He was never quiet, he kept talking on the steering wheel to the extent Jane became scared of accident. Therefore she said, “Sam, can you concentrate for once?”
“No one is more concentrated than I do here, lady” he replied then continued. “All I’m saying is that this alien gonna pay for the damage she has caused humanity. I must make her pay before she takes Nelson to her planet. But i just wonder the nature of her outfit. Is she like we humans or some kind of robot.”
“Trust me, she will be as beautiful as a human girl. Her beauty won’t even permit you to lay hands on her. You’ll be blinded by her beauty” Ben replied, eating a can-food.
“No way, I’m not Nelson who had been blinded by Christiana’s sugary p*ssy or the beauty of the angel beside him. I am strong and dedicated to my work.” Just then, he slowed down to the sight of a beautiful girl with attractive buttocks. “Wow!” he exclaimed.
Jane smiled. “If that girl was to be the alien, would you still have her ass kicked regarding her beauty” she asked him.
“Hell no” Sam replied then realised himself. “But mind you, any alien as beautiful as that girl is a fake alien”
They all laughed including Nelson. Jane laid her head on his shoulder when everyone became quiet. Not that if Sam wanted to talk he wouldn’t. Of course he saw the rom-ntic posture through a mirror but kept quiet. He really felt for Charlie for her love for Nelson was never reciprocated. Therefore he shook his head.
As if the head on his shoulder wasn’t enough, Jane began to rub her hand on Nelson’s chest like a woman about to demand something from a man. Nevertheless, Nelson placed his hand across her shoulder as she said in a low bedroom voice, “Nelson, will you also kick the alien’s ass if you see her?”
“Why not? She’s the cause of every problem we’re having” he replied using same voice.
“Even if she’s beautiful?”
“You are more beautiful dear”
“Even if you love her?”
The last question got Nelson thinking for a while. When Jane didn’t hear his response, she sat up from his shoulder to look into his eyes. “Will you, Nelson? Will you harm the one you love even she’s the alien?” she stared at his l-ips.
“For no reason must i hurt the one i Iove” he replied, returning the strange eyes contact. Jane placed her head back on his shoulder. Though Sam didn’t hear their conversation, but took notice of their actions.
Maximi city had a great population. People bought and sold, moving around their normal businesses as if the visual virus had not come to their notice. To prove they were aware of it, each individual had a sunglass on his or her face. There was a tall several storey building just beside the main road. Its structure catches the attention of any green horn in the city. Therefore Sam and co couldn’t take their eyes off it. All stared upward with their sunglasses like those watching ecl¡pse of the moon. Suddenly, the voice of a kid came from behind saying, “Keep staring, uncivilized entities!”
All turned to see the owner of the voice; a little boy, riding a bicycle. They didn’t know what to tell him, but someone like Sam couldn’t shut his mouth. Therefore he fires back at the boy saying, “Keep riding, unacquainted scrupulous element!!”
“Better than entities!” The boy’s voice came from afar.
“F-ck you!” Sam turned to others looking embarrassed. “Are you sure this little boy isn’t the alien we’re looking for?” he places his two hands on the wa-ist, while others smiled at his statement.
“Gentle men and woman, behold Tele-air Wizard research and communication” Ben pointed at the building.
“The name sounds brutal” Jane kept staring at the building. She saw a place where they were selling hotdogs then said to others, “Excuse me, let me get a hotdog. I’ll catch up with you guys later” she walked out while others proceeded into the building.
Sam and co saw with their eyes the work of technology when they arrived at the control room. It was something anybody would wish to see. All manner of computer with sophisticated WAN could be seen mounted at different angles. A man seated at the centre of the room, looking ski-ny and wearing eyeglasses turned to them. “Hi, what can I do you for?”
“Are you the Wizard?” Sam asked him.
“I’m Canny” the young man stretched his hand to Sam.
He grabbed it happily. “Canny the Wizard. I’m Sam and these are my friends” he pointed at Nelson and Ben. Without much waste of time, Ben stated their purpose of coming, waiting to hear if it would be possible or not. Canny smiled as a sign of hope that their case was as simple as arithmetic.
“Here we see the world and everything in it” he began as he rushed back to his chair like a squirrel. His fingers moved randomly on a keyboard before him like a scorpion in motion. “This system scans every city to detect the location of anything existing like human but not one. Like a robot”
“We aren’t looking for a robot, Wizard” Sam clarified.
“I know. That’s why I’m using a different program. Robots will appear yellow in colour while aliens red. So let’s start from my city, Maximi” he pushed a button then the map of every nook and cranny of the city appeared. He began to scan for an alien. “Wow!” he exclaimed.
“What’s it?” Nelson asked, approaching closer to the large screen computer.
“The signal is strong. It seems the alien isn’t far from us.” A red signal appeared on the screen. “Yes! Here we go. The location of the unidentified element is… Oh my God!” he exclaimed.
“Where is the location?” Ben became curious just like others.
Canny hurried up to one of the glass windows, followed by others. “Here is the location. The alien is one of those at the hotdog stand.” he finally replied.
All looked at the position to see Jane glanced at the window with a hotdog in her hand and began to walk away briskly. All turned to the computer screen to see the position of the alien changing. Canny said, “The girl leaving with a hotdog is the alien”
“It can’t be!” Ben shrieked in disbelief.
“Jane is the alien?” Sam asked rhetorically.
“You know her?” Canny queried.
“She’s with us on this mission” Ben answered.
However, Nelson had been speechless, reflecting the strange questions the poor girl asked him on their way to the place. He just realised the reason why she was so inquisitive. What would he do now that the girl whom he felt like loving is an alien and the masterpiece of the problem in the world? He couldn’t believe It, so he said, “If Jane is the alien, why is it that we are not infected with V2 coz I have been stupidly looking into her eyes like a charmed he-goat”
“From my study, she can manipulate it to whosoever she wants to infect it with. Maybe she never wanted any of us to carry the disease” Ben replied.
Nelson walked around. “Now is clear. Delgado knew about this that’s why Jane killed him”
“What are you talking about? I thought you said Delgado killed himself” Sam objected.
“Delgado never killed himself. Jane did” Nelson replied….
“First bird killed” Nelson looked at Sam. “Go make sure the pr-stitute doesn’t step out of here” he instructed. Immediately Sam took off through the elevator, Delgado stared at Jane from the floor. He was as frightened as a man at the point of death. He quivered.
“Jane how dare you betray me when you know you’re the epicentre of this wh0le problem?” he said. Hearing that, Nelson and Charlie directed their eyes to her. “Ask her, she knows about what is coming. She’s isn’t who you think she is” Delgado added.
“What are you saying, old man?” Jane pretended. “You think you can manipulate story to turn me against the people I have chosen to be with? You are evil and deserve to die”
“You are the..” A bullet from Jane’s gun returned the words to Delgado’s mouth. He dropped dead on the floor. The sound of the gun made Charlie run to Nelson. Ernest also buried his face on the floor thinking he would be the next to die.
“Please, spare my life. Never will I watch live p-rnography again” he pleaded.
Nelson glared at Jane. “Why did you kill him?”
“He wanted to turn you against me. He’s evil” she replied. “As far as everybody in this room is concerned, Delgado killed himself” she finalised and kept the gun in dead Delgado’s hand…
All the men in Tele-air became amazed and speechless after Nelson narrated the incident. “She killed Delgado because she didn’t want him to expose her.” He concluded.
“Oh, I’m really gonna kick that bitch ass!” Sam ran out from the control room followed by others…

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