New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 2

New girl on block
Episode 2

Emma POV continues
I woke up feeling better I brushed my teeth and took my bath today is Sunday so I had to get ready for church I opened my wardrobe wandering what to wear I took at one of my cream coloured gown wore it with matching flat slippers worn my golden necklace that spelt my name my dad got it for me during my seventeen birthday last year I did a little make up applied lip gloss and some face foundation I was done I looked my self in the mirror and I looked how I looked delegate I was about going out to meet my parents wen the maid came to tell me that dinner is ready I followed her to the dinning table I found my dad there he was wearing a black suit it really looked gud on him i greeted him with an early morning peck he asked me how my night was and i said fine I sat down at my favourite seat using my eyes to scan for my mom I was about to ask my dad where is was wen she looked in looking beautiful she wore a silver dress she bought from america last year during her marriage anniversary last year they went on a two weeks vacation to america it was fun although I was left at home she got me a lot of gift wen she was coming back I really loved them OK continuation I greeted her she answered and pecked me on my cheek before going to sit beside my dad we Ate the meals which was bread and tea and left to church since dis was our first time going to a church in dis area I was expecting my parents to looking for the whereabouts of any church but they kept driving forward like they knew were they were going and indeed they knew my dad parked his car in my catholic church St peter I wandered how he came about to know the church we got down I took some few pics and we went in,side the church was beautiful it had a drawing of Jesus on the wall and some of his saying on it they had just started later the service finished it was first mass so they were getting ready for second mass

Elias pov
I regretted k-ssing that girl if I jad known that she was sensitive I wouldn’t the look on her face after she slapped me was awfuland she left I just stood still didn’t move I was shocked n confused at the same time dis was d very first girl who had been able to resist me I known for a fact dat she was different from other girls I regained my senses back checked if I will d girl so as to apologise but I couldn’t find her after searching for her for hours I gave up and went home I got home to find my sister she was in the parlour watching king of my heart she saw the sadnes in my eyes and asked me elias wat happened u look sad I thought u went to the gym she asked I replied yes n she continued then y are you looking sad since she had always been my advisor wen it came to girls u decided to tell her wat happened I narrated the wh0le story after I was done telling her wat happened she said elias y did u do dat u should know dat all girls ars not desame but just pray both of u meet again so dat u can correct ur mistake she said with her last words I felt better again I went up stairs took a shower worn something nice then went to eat I ate and decided to visit a friend I went to my best friend’s house Benjamin he was at home benjamin had bern my best friend since forever we grew ul together we gisted a while ohhh sorry I forgot he lives alone his parents are mostly abroad on my best trip I left his house in the evening n went back home mom n dad were already around I saw their cars I entered the house to sed them about to eat I greeted my mom n dad n quickly joined them for supper since I had not eaten

Elias pov
After supper with my parents I went up stairs to my room I got there entered and locked d door I just didn’t want anyone to disturb I kept thinking about her about how she looked wen I k-ssed her thinking about her tears she was about to shed before she left me it really pained me to the heart although I was a player girls crying about me was not a new tin especially to the girls I had broke up with so it wasn’t now dat I started seeing a girl cry but something about dis girl was different I was not feeling d pain I kept thinking about her throughout the night I kept seeing her face it was hunting me I couldn’t sleep not until 2’0 clock in the morning I even dreamt of her her tears that were in her eyes dat moment I woke up from the nightmare I touched my eyes watery substance were on it ohh I had been crying in my sleep I cleaned d tears I checked the time 6’0 clock since it was sunday I did a little early exercise by 7’0 clock I was done I went In took my bath n got ready for church I wore a black suit I went to my parents room my sister was just finishing my mom’s makeup they were already dressed we got in,side d car and went to our church named St peter on our way to the church dad told us dat he had invited one of his old gud friend over n dat we had to be on our best behaviour we got to our church it was first mass we stayed till d mass ended I was waiting for my dad who saw a friend n decided to go greet him my mom went for her women meeting while my sister was with d churh choir she was part of them I was pushing my phone n looking up from time to time then I saw something sorry someone to be exact I saw d girl giving me nightmare d girl who was stuck in my head I saw d girl who slapped me I quickly package myself n went to talk/apologise to he

Elias POV
I quickly package myself I went to her and said hi
She didn’t answer me instead she turned her head to the other
Direction I moved closer to her and said hi sorry for the misunderstanding of our last
Meeting it was unintentionally am sorry for making you cry
Am sorry I said concluding my speech she looked at me and then said
I only have two things to easy to you one I didn’t cry for you n two can you pls get out of my face your presence irritates me she said finishing her statement and left I just stood there although I was expecting her to say dis from d very start cos I know I hurt her but I
Nevered expected it to hurt did bad it was like my heart was dieing I knew for a fact DAT did girl had a say in my heart I wanted her close n I would try anything I regained myself and went back to my car i waited for my parents my sister came few minutes later and we both waited for my mom and my dad I used dat opportunity to tell her wat happened just know she said that I should keep trying to apologise and that maybe fate was on ourside I looked at my sister well I was allow trying to apologise not marry d girl on but I still couldn’t Denie wat my sister said about fate she was right we talked for a while then my parents came my dad and my mom came together we got in,side d car and drove off on our way home my parents informed us that they were able to meet his friend he had previously invited my dinner and that they assured them DAT they were coming for it
My dad said that they had a beautiful daughter her name was Emmanuel after that he cracked a joke saying Elias I hope no funny business would take pls and we all laughed u guys maybe wandering y so let me explain my parents never about my escapades as I like to call it
We got home I quickly dashed out to take my bath before the expected visitors arrived I had my bath and started looking for something homey to wear I couldn’t wear a suit for dinner it would seem somehow for me after that I went to the parlour and started watching my favourite series the flash I just finished watching season five episode twenty I was about to watch legacies wen a knock came to our door .

To be continued

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