New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 4

New girl on block
Episode 4

Emma pov
After the teacher told me to look for a seat I checked for one n found one close to that jerk it was at his front I didn’t want to be around him in fact I didn’t want anything to do with him but I had no choice that was d only available seat i sat while the teacher left the class d moment she left the class became rowdy with everybody pointing their hands at me d tin was becoming annoying don’t they have manners I bowed down my avoid causing a scene its a new sch dont want to cos anything dat would destroy my reputation I bowed my heads thinking about how I hate that jerk I hated him and I planned to hate him forever no amount of apology would make me forgive him never I was still thinking about the sch wen I felt someone tapping my back I knew it was him but didn’t want to look or talk to him so I didn’t move I remained in my position but the tipping continued it was becoming annoying so I had to raise my heads I looked back to see d jerk smiling like a person who just won a medal I wonder why but honestly I don’t care he stopped smiling n looked at me saying hi do u remember me Me met on Saturday and on sunday at my house in my mind I was like how can I forget u my number one enemy he said am sorrh for wat happened on Saturday during our first meeting it was unintentional am sorry I didn’t no wat to say she i just said ok and bowed my heads thinking about if he was truly sorry I didn’t care I was not ready to forgive him yet few minutes later a man who looked like he was In his later fifties walked In I guess he was our maths teacher.

Emma pov
I raised up my heads to see a man who looks like he was in his late fifties he had started to have white hair he walked in and we all stood up and greeted him and he answered back we took our seats during the class I got to know that his name was mr tayo the first class was funny we were asked different questions while we solved during d class there was a invisible battle between me and that jerk (I refuse to call his name) as we both kept answering all d questions d teacher asked I guess he was not as dumb as I suspected but still he is a jerk our rivalry between the maths questions finally came to an end wen the bell was rung before the teacher left he gave us assignment and left I got to know that we had ten minutes break before every nxt period nice I decided to go to the restroom so I thought the school map I got from d receptionist and went to look for d restroom I tried using d map to look for the restroom but I couldn’t the map was so complicated I was still thinking about how I as going to find d restroom wen someone tapped me and the back I looked back to see a girl of my age she was smiling looking at me hi she said I said hi then she said sorry for been a weirdo I just wanted to congratulate on been able to compete against elias in maths today.

Emma pov
I and the girl were talking I asked her for her name she told me it was sandra we both talked about everything concerning the sch she told me that the sch holds an annual camping every year and that it would soon be time for dis year camp trip I was excited I had never been on a camp trip and wonder how it felt and now I will have the opportunity to experience one I was over joyed I tried to hear how excited I was from sandra cos I didn’t want to tell her that I had never been on a camp trip I didn’t want to be laughed at and I smiled and it worked I don’t think she suspected anything after that we talked about other things I got to no dat there was a drama club in d sch I was already eager to join she told me that audition for the play would be held on monday day she said that the play that was going to be acted would be a play that at the end the major characters k-ss in front of the audience I knew i wouldn’t be selected as a major character so I didn’t consider it we talked for a while but we got cut of the ringing of the bell which indicates nxt period we both checked wat he had and we had d same subject history one of the most boring subject but I still had to attend it since she was going to the class I followed her becos I didn’t know the way there and the map was not helping we took the stairs and went to the three floor were we entered a lab it was like a cinema house with stairs and a big tv at the front I wonder why we entered to see that some students were already there we took our sits in the second row and waited for the teacher before the teacher came I got to know something about sandra she was the only child of her parents her parents were both medical doctors and so on few minutes later the hall was filled with students everyone looking for a sit while those who had found a seat were gisting with their friends we waited for the man and finally he arrived but…

Emma pov
A man walked in I think he is our history teacher I quickly asked sandra if he was and she said no that the man there was the secretary that maybe he came to look for d history teacher we greeted him and he asked for d history teacher we were about to ans him wen any man walked in d lab I think he is the history teacher I looked at sandra and use eye contact to ask her if the man was d history teacher she nodded her head positively we also stood up to greet him he answered back he and the secretary went out of the class to talk few minutes later he walked back in he wrote history on the board with a marker and wrote second world war he wrote something on the board and explained them then he told everyone to keep quiet and off anything mobile phone witb them some did it made d room look dark I wondered wat d man wanted to do my mind was going through different thoughts ( you dont want to no ) I quickly called sandra and ask her wat was going to happen she didnt ans instead she just smiled I was somehow worried I have watched different movies of bad tins happening in class rooms so I was feeling uncomfortable with the way d class was I soon calm down down wen the big tv turned on it showed a movie on the second world war I quickly relaxed and enjoyed the movie ( I love watching movie spoiler alert iron man died in avengers endgame so with black widow) the movie was fun although there was alot of killing I could see some girls hiding there face especially during the part of killing the movie was also educated I got to no some tins about d second world war other than the ones the man wrote few minutes after the bell rang but before it did the teacher explained some few tins about d 2nd world war and that we went out of the class I walked over to my locker picked my timetable from it and checked wat I had nxt I found out dat It was lunch time I set out to the lunch hall lucky sandra gave me a tour of the school so I was able to locate it I opened the door entered d lunch hall it was filled with students talking to each other some of the students eyes were on me I felt nervous I went to buy my lunch I bought a milkshake with an hotdog I carried them and went to look for a sit was still looking for a seat wen someone called me I turned around wandering who and…

To be continued

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