New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 6

New girl on block

Episode 6

Emma pov

Then the bell rang signifying that it was closing time I quickly finished what I was writing from the board, said bye to the jerk and he replied back and I left.

I came out of the class hall to find sandra by the door I guess she has been waiting for me I called her and she came over to were I was and we both left, I got to know that sandra had a driver who would pick her from school and also take her to school while as for my I have my own car and I was my own driver.

We got out of the school building and left to the school’s car park I esc-rted her to where my car was her driver was already there, she made a suggestion to drop me house I quickly and politely down her offer down I told her I have a car and she said ok we said our good bye and she left.

I walked over to where my car was and drove off to my house after a e

Ten minute drive I was at house I horned for my gateman sam to open the gate he quickly opened the gate and I drove in,side the compound I got down and asked him if anybody was at home he said no that it was only him and our house girl beauty I left him and went in,side the house I knocked on the door since it was lookes and beauty opened the door at once she greeted me and I responded back I left to my room wen I got there I pulled the clothes I worn to school I pulled them and went to have my bath.

After having my bath I wanted to sleep but my stomach growled ohh I just remembered that I had not properly eaten since morning especially in the cafeteria because of david cos he kept staring at me and made me uncomfortable to properly eat I silently cursed him for wat him did I stood up from my bed and went down stairs I went to the kitchen I took my food ate and also prepared a sandwich that I ate I drank cold water I was finally feeling satisfied I left back to my room I got there jumped on my bed and started thinking about how today my first day of sch was I would say it successful I was able to make new friends I thought about that jerk I no he may be feeling proud cos I easily forgave him but I had ro forgave if not I would have missed a class I was happy I was able to meet up with the class before the teacher came I was still thinking about how today went wen I fell asleep I woke up late in the evening I checked the time it was already 8 I went down stairs I checked if my parents were back but they weren’t I left back to the kitchen to eat I took my food and as I was about to eat

As I was about eating my parents walked in I paused my food and with to greet them I greeted them and they answered back mom asked me with I was doing I told her I was eating and that they can join me mom said sorry honey we are just coming back from our date and we were pretty full mom said then dad continued y wont u be full wen u almost ate a full restaurant me and dad started laughing mom turned to you saying : so both of u have ganged up against me ok o don’t worry I will see who will cook for you cos tomorrow morning I am sending our cook away, up on hearing that me stopped laughing and dad said ; honey we are sorry u no we were only teasing u ok sorry pls, my mom didn’t say anything she just walked upstairs to her room and dad followed I resumed back to my food which I finished in no time I guess teasing mom dos take a lot of effort, after I retired to bed.

I woke up the nxt morning due to the sound my alarm was making I stood up turn off the alarm and went to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and had my bath, after that I came out if the bathroom with a towel around my wa-ist I went to my wardrobe to pick my clothes I picked a jean, a white top and a black slippers.

I worn them and went down stairs I got down stairs to find my mom and dad eating I greeted both of them I looked at my mom and said ; mom it like u are adding some weight after you came back from ur date with dad, dad nodded his head saying ; yes I agree with u honey mom looked at us and said ; both of u want to start again o it not fine mom said forming sadness dad said sorry honey we were only teasing u I joined them in the dinning table had my breakfast and left for school as I was able to leave dad said something that shocked me he said honey pls come back early we will be having supper at the smith’s house they invited us over since dad didn’t no about wat happened between me and that jerk

I guess that is y he even accepted that invitation and besides I had forgiven d jerk so dis will at least help me get over the hate I have for him I just said ok and left for school

I got to sch pretty early just few people were around I walked over to my class to see if sandra had come unluckily sje had nothing I just went to my seat and bowed my heads few minutes later I felt a person tapping me on my head

I rised my head to see that jerk smiling I would why but I seriously don’t care all I want to no is why he was tapping me so I askes elias what at that moment I would who I remember his name cos it nevered really occured to me until just now he interrupted my thought saying sorry to disturb you I just wanted to ask how you were doing and I also wanted to ask if u would be coming for supper at my house today becos dad told me he invited ur dad so I just wanted to know I said firstly am fine the school is nice and secondly I will come just becos my dad is forcing and I dont want dem to suspect anything about us he just looked at me smiled and left to his seat sorry did I forget to tell u dat his seat was just above mine I think I already told u but no worries an telling u nw.

I kept my heads back down again few minutes later someone was calling my name and also tapping me I rised my head to see sandra she was putting on a short jean and a white shirt it really made her look cute which she already is I asked her we she came and she said just know we started gisting but got interrupted by the bell which signified that it was time for assembly we left for assembly but met david sharin martin on our way we greeted each other and left together for the assembly we got to the hall and sat down dis was my first assembly in the school since I came last on my first day which happened to be yesterday but seriously it didn’t feel dat way it felt like a long time ago.

Assembly time was very interesting we did praise and worsh¡p said the national anthem the principal also gave a short talk about d schol it was interesting few minutes after the talk we all left for our class since martin and the two others were not In our class we all parted ways whil ne and sandra went to our class we entered the class we got yo my seat and started talking or lets just say gisting we were talking about davido’s wild and out invitation where he was invited as a guest for a show known as wild and out we were still talking about it when….

Emma pov

We were talking about davido’s wild and out invitation where he is invited as the special guest I would be really interesting watching davido participate in rap battles join a team to rap against another team just to earn points damn I just can’t wait for dat day I think I may go crazy because of the anxiety I was feeling just waiting for the date 29th june but seriously I can’t be blame it becos of my love for davido’s music I have a passion from it and from the way sandra was telling me about davido’s last show in uk she was as much as a fan of his music like me I guess we both had the same passion for davido’s music but I think I love davido’s music more but that is an argument for another day we tell talking about davido and his arch rival wizkid wen our maths teacher walked in the once rowdy class became silent all of a sudden who would blame them wen it was the maths teacher everyone I repeat everyone is afraid of him he takes no nosense and is vert strict I wonder how I was about to impress him on my first day of school I guess he was just been friendly on my first day of school and he wanted to make a good impression which he did sandra quuckly left for her seat we all stood up and greeted him GOOD MORNING SIR and he replied saying gud morning to u all hope u enjoyed ur night and we replied uniformly yes sir and he said have ur seat we seated the class went on.

Forty minutes later it was over we had ten minutes of leisure before the nxt period I was walking to sandra seat when someone told me that a person was calling me on top of the roof since sandra was not in class I thought she was the one so I left immediately.

I think I may be crazy I can’t stop thinking about emma she everywhere in my dreams wen I closed my eyes even just for a second I cant keep feeling dis way I think I may run mad I talkes to my sister about it she was surprise because dis was the first time I was really inlove with a girl she administered a plan to me she I am currently fulfilling I am on top of the sch roof waiting for emma I sent a friend of mine In my class to call her i told him not to tell her it was me just one if her friend cos I know if she knows am d one she wouldn’t come.

To be continued

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