New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 7

New girl on block

Episode 7

Emma pov
I opened the door to find the mostly least expected person that jerk I walked in closed the door I used my eyes to scan for sandra but she wasn’t there and then an idea popped into my head I just decided to go with it I said elias were u did one wjo asked one of our classmates to call me he said yes I asked why he didn’t say anything he just looked at me and stared back looking at the city from the roof top I looked Into and I noticed that he was not smiling he looked seriously this was d first time I had even seen him dis way I wandered why

Elias pov
I know I was the one that called her I also though that I may have the courage to tell her how I felt but I just couldn’t the exactly she walked in I lost my voice I could not talk I froze like a statue she asked me a question I couldn’t say anything I just nodded I pulled back my face from staring at her cis I know that if I continued i may lose control of my self so I just stared off into space I just did like I was viewing the city wh0le in,side my mind and heart they were having a battle between whether I should tell her or not I could feel her stare on me

Emma pov
I have been here for the past ten minutes he refused to say anything and I didn’t want to leave I just dont no why but I feel safe close to him my subconscious told me dont fall in love with a player he can break your heart I was stilling contemplating on what to do when someone opened the door I looked at the person and realise it was

Emma pov
The door burst open and the least person I expected walked in sandra she was keeping on a straight face she wasn’t smiling I wonder why few minutes ago in class she was smiling even during lesson she looked at me and then at elias .

She walked over to where I was pulled me hands rudely and dragged me down I was about to leave the roof top when I glanced at elias he was just staring at me keeping a straight face I would if todat was keeping a straight face day because all my friends were keeping a straight face sandra dragged me down she let my hands go and we started walking down we got to my floor and started walking to tge school garden or so I thought we were close to the door of the school garden wen she went to a door I had never seen the door open she pulled the knob and we both went in,side I looked at the room the place seem isolated and clean there was a bench there she sat down and I sat with her I looked at her and noticed that some tiny drops of tears were falling from her eyes I took out my hankie and used it to clean her tears I looked at her again and asked sandra wat happened she was quiet just silently sobbing I felt a pain in my heart I had that feeling that feeling wen u see a person u love crying and u didn’t even know y she was sad I felt bad I felt like killing who so even that was making her cry so I asked again sandra y are u crying pls tell me instead of answering me she broke into heavy tears I pulled her to my chest and started patting her telling her it was ok.

Inbetween her crying she started murmuring words like he told me he loved me he told me he would marry me then why is he breaking up with me why I gave him everything my heart my love even money during the times he was broke y nw I guess she was going through a breakup I felt pity on her not knowing wat to say I continued patting her telling her it ok it his lose not urs it enough stop crying.

She rised her head up looked at me and said how did I end up so lucky emma thanks alot u are throughly a good friend she hugged me at dis rate her crying had reduced few minutes later she had stopped crying but her eyes were still red they had alreay rang bell fir nxt subject but I couldn’t leave he so I decided to cheer her up.

We sat in that bench and started talking about different things she told me about her relationsh¡p with the girl the promises she made and alk how she gave him money when he needed.

Emma pov continues
She asked me what I was doing at the roof top with elias and I told her what happened, I also asked her why she was angry at me was it because I was with elias who she seems to hate very much she said no that she was angry because she had been waiting for me that she left a note on my desk telling me to me her in this room she said that after waiting for me and I didn’t show up a d sent someone to call me still she didn’t see me she said she went back to class ti ask for me and one of our classmates told her I was at the rooftop and she there to find me with elias , she also apologied and I forgave her instantly honestly I get where she is coming from.

We both stayed in the room till the bell was rang signifying break time I seriously can’t be believe that I missed a call but I had to, we set out to the lunch hall lucky we were able to find an empty seat we both sat down I asked her what she wanted and ahe said anything so I left to get something from the place they were selling snack I got us 2 chicken pie and 2 friut drink exotic the big can I paid and left to the table I saw from far that martin, David and sharin were Currently occupying some of the seats they were talking about something and sandra was laughing I smiled and walked them I said hi and sat down I gave sandra hee own sharr of wat I bought they had already bought something.

We al were eating were telling and laughing as martin kept cracking different jokes I laughed so hærd that my stomach was paining me even sandra was laughing we were all begging him to stop but he refused as he kept on cracking more jokes luckily we were saved by the bell.

We disposed our food and left for our class sandra and I went to ours while the rest went to theirs.

We got to class to find at that we had free period whoa free opinion we went to my seat and started gisting about the music industry arguing between lil Kesh an olamide he is better sandra kept supporting olamide but I was against it we started arguing but got interrupted by elias he walked over sat down at my left side he asked me if he could talk to me privately.

I told sandra and we excused our self we walked over to the school garden it was empty I looked around to see anyone but nobody was there I turned my back to see elias holding something a pendant so it can’t be so it him not it can’t be it a very long time even though I had not been able to love anybody since lord why…

Elias pov

I showed her pendant that seven years ago we were just ten years old when she gave me the pendant I hope that she remembers it I guess from her expression she does

Emma pov

I no u guys hmare curious about the pendant so let me explain it happened seven years ago but I can still remember the day vividly.


Here I was looking for my parents we visited the park and I lost my way I was looking for my parents when I saw a boy around my age he was also looking for his parents we both confronted our sides we sticked to each other and started looking for our parents together.

We looked for our parents for hours I was about to cry when he suddenly ran away leaving my hands I looked up and saw him hugging his parents,he brought his parents to where I was and they helped me look for my parents I later saw my parents I ran to them when they saw me they were happy my mom eyes which were watering before saw now calm.

They thanked the boy who saved me and his family I never knew that they knew each other and tgat was how we left the park but before we did I gave the boy my pendant telling him that one day in the future we would meet again and I pecked his cheek he smiled he was happy and that was how we parted ways I thought the pendant was lost forever because after that day I kept forcing my parents to go to the park every week end to see the boy but stil I didn’t see him or the pendant again I cried because of thag for months I guess even though I was young I still fell in love with the guy few years later I gave up and totally forgot about the pendant not until now when worst jerk I no is holding the pendant right in my face claiming to be my long lost crush pls if u were in my shoes wat will u do I couldn’t feeling something for him but I just didn’t want to embrace it seeing him holding my pendant it was like all my locked feeling were scre-ming to be release I was  dumbstruck I manage to sat where did you get that from…

To be continued

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