New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 9

New girl on block
Episode 9

Emma pov continues
Why elias just why, was giving u my heart not enough u even pretended to like me i wonder why people call you the cutest boy because to me your attitude makes you the ugliest person i have ever knew i completed my statement while bursting into more tears seriously can someone please tell me what i did wrong why why i guess what my mom said was true not everyone knows your Worth.
I ran away from him running at me top speed i heard him calling my name said emma please let me explain but still i ignored him i just cant see him what explain would justify everything he is doing to me i ran hurriedly to my car and drove off even dor my hands were shaking i was still able to manage, i got home horned for my gateman who opened the door immediately i got down from the car and ran in,side i could hear mr sam ( name of my gateman ) calling me asking me how my day was normally i would answer him but today i just wanted to run to my room and cry my eyes out and that is what i did luckily my parents were not at home yet ( at least i dont have to give an explanation why my eyes are red ) i got in,side my room and cried my eyes out the pain was unimaginable i couldn’t take it i felt like my heart was been ripped out of my chest i cried out my eyes and with that i slept off.

Elias pov
Like seriously it not fair she misunderstood the situation i was actually pecking my elde sister she was the one who gave me the idea on how to confess to emma about my true feelings and about the pendant remember i told you she was my adviser when it came to girls affairs and the peck was just a means to thank her for her brillant idea but emma read it wrong she thought i was making out with other girl after she told yes she didnt give me the chance to explain.
I walked over to my sister who had watched the drama from afar i told her about what lead to the slap and instead of pitying me she pitied emma wow girls are some how always supporting their fellow girls she said she understood where emma was coming from that if she was in emma shoes she would have thought the same after that i wondered something ( isnt emma suppose to know my sister she as been to my house before so she should have surely seen her but then i remembered that day she came over my sister had an emergency at the hospital she walks she is a doctor there) i was wandering no how i would meet emma to explain to her wat was happening i knew her house was close to mine but…

Elias pov
But i knew she would come over to my house today cos my dad told me he had invited them over for lunch so i just have to be patience but still i was uncomfortable seeing her cry like that is the most hurtful thimg i have ever see it hurts and the worst part is that she didn’t even give me a chance to explain she just concluded but still i dont blame her from what i have heard from her mom dis is d first time she has even been in my relation and due to the fact that our first meeting was not pleasant but i just pra she gives me a chance to explain myself before she close the door to her heart lord please. I was still thinking like dis when i felt someone shaking me i looked up to see my sister she was looking at me worriedly tgen she asked why are you crying if about emma calm down u will see her soon and then you can explain to her i didn’t say anything i just nodded i fear that my voice may not be stable and also i didn’t realise i had been crying i quickly used my hands to clean my tears and also before i forget am currently at home in my room i guess my sister came to check on me that was why she was in my room but she is leaving.

Loveth pov ( first time ever )
I looked at my brother he looked sad i felt a pain in my chest i really hated seeing him like dis especially since we had a perfect brother and sister connection and it hurts more to know that am partiallly at fault i looked at my again with the way he looked ( completely sad and restless ) the pain i felt doubled i reasoned something i guess my brother was madly in love with this girl it would have been something to celebrate because elias had been a player for long time and it has always been my wish for him 2 find true love damn please God help him change her heart.

Emma pov
I woke up with someone shaking me calmly it was my mom i guess she is back she had that mom worried face on i quickly used my bedsheet to cover my face to avoid her from seeing my eyes which were currently red as a reault of excessive crying but it was too late she had already seen it. My mom looked at me and said baby wat happened why are your eyes red i knew i could not tell her the real reason i was crying so i so lied saying i had a nightmare it was so scaring i was crying in the dream maybe that why my eyes are red.
She believed me because her face instantly calmed down a little she walk over to side and pulled me for a motherly hug saying it’s going to  be alright.
After the hug.

Emma pov
After the hug my mom left my room before she did she said hon i would have let you stay at home but am scared that you may fall asleep again so you are coming with me and your dad to elias house his parents invited us over for dinner so get dressed i was about to protest when she left i guess she as already made up her mind and when my mom mind is made up about something u cant change it, i sighed in defeat and walked sluggishly to the bathroom had my bath went over to my wardrobe and wore something simple i looked at myself in the mirror i looked ok although my eyea were red i knew it was managable i tried using make up to cover the tear bags that could be easily seen in my eyes i tried but still it was visible so i gave up.
I open my room door to find my househelp at my door step i think she was about to knock she greeted me saying good evening young madam madam said i should call you i said ok and i left to meet up with my parents they were outside my dad was warming the engine of the car i wonder why elias house was not far i looked around and saw my mom she was talking to someone on the phone i guess it was work i met with them i greeted my dad and he answered after that we got in,side the car and drove off we got to the elias house packed the car outside ad went to the gate we knocked once and the gateman opened immediately i guess he still remembers us from last time we walked in,side the house, dad knocked on the door and a girl came to open it THE girl ( the one i caught elias pecking ) she was smiling i wonder why i guess she may consider the fact that she was dating elias and was using the smile to make fun of me i ignored it she greeted dad and mom and they responded dad asked for elias dad and she told him to follow her dad followed the girl while me and mom followed dad we got to their dinning table to see everyone seating elias parents were seating down so was elias the moment i saw him i felt a sharp pain in my heart seeing him he seemed unaffected by what happened it made my heart bleed the more it waa like i was the one make a fool of myself over a boy who seemed unaffected by fact of what he was doing i greeted his parents and they responded his mom looked at me and said; emma love wat happened y are your eyes red i looked at her son who was looking elsewere i guess he didn’t care abouy what he did i looked at her and told her ma i slept beforw coming here and had a nightmare i woke up crying


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