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New girl on block
Episode 10

Emma pov
His mom said ok and with that i sat down sorry if i forgot his dad is not here i lookee over to elias he was seating close to THAT girl i wonder if he ever felt anything for me even aftet breaking my heart with a certain girl who looks older than him he had the odasity to bring her to a family dinner when he knew i would be there i hate him i looked at a picture in the wall it wasnt there before when I visited last time but is there now in the picture there are four people elias, his dad and mom with THAT girl i guess his family knew he was dating her i wonder since when i was thinking so much that i didn’t realise elias dad come in it was my mom who called me that brought me back to my senses she asked; hon are you ok u seem space out i looked at he and said; mom am fine she then asked are u sure i replied saying yes am sure after that i looked over the table i saw elias dad i quickly greeted him after that my eyes fell on THAT girl she had a striking resembles with elias dad i would why maybe she just had that kind of face that looked like elias dad maybe that was why he parents even agree to his relation with her since she had like his face ( my mind hit me emma are you dis Dummy cant you see that they is a possibility of dis girl been relatef with elias i answered my head saying no she isnt if she was y was she not here when i came late ) i looked at my food it really made me feel like puking but i have to manage so i ate a little out of it the food was tasty normal i would finish my food and even ask for more but today i had no appetite so i ate a medium amount i didn’t finish it but still i ate so no problem.
After dinner the parents ( elias parents and mine ) left to go discuss adult conversation i was left with elias and that girl the tension was high so to avoid it i put on my headphone i didn’t play any music but i wanted it to look that way so i started singing dark side of the moon by lil wayne since i knew the lyric so it would seem like i was actually playing the song i didnt want to play any song so that if they discuss anything i would hear ( hi dont judg me ) i kept singing the song then i started singing another one but still they didnt say anything they just kept quiet the silence was deadly.

Elias pov
I looked at her she was putting on headphone and playing music i wanted to explain to her but i was wait for the right opportunity the my mind told me something hi you have to tell her today

I knew that if she left here with the anger and hate she has for me even when i later explain she would forgive me so i have to do something and i have to do it very fast, with courage i stood up from where i was seating walked over to where she was she was facing the other direction so she didnt see me i raised her up turned her around so she was now facing me she was just looking at me she didn’t say anything so i took that has an encouragement that she still felt something for me
I looked in to her eyes and said baby please talk to me dont get me wrong you are misunderstanding the peck, i paused studied her facial expression it was still like before just straight she looked at me and said ; if u say am misunderstanding it then explain to me how because wat i saw was quite simple i got you k-ssing a girl moments after you confessed your faked love to me you even had the odasity to bring her over to a family dinner when you know i was coming so that is a sign of you mocking me so please explain, after she completed her statement i looked at my sister i turned back to emma as i as about to say something my sister interrupted me saying emma he isnt cheating on you and he truely loves you emma looked at her and said hoe do you know aint you his lover my sister replied so am not and emma said then who the f-ck are you bitch and my sister replied am his sister bitch.

Emma pov
Wait did i just hear that or is hallucination now part of the symptons of a broken heart so to be sure of what i heard i asked again and did time with a cracked voice you are his wat she looked at me and said am his sister you assh-le he was cheating on you i looked at her and said then wat about that peck, she said the peck was nothing he was just using it to show gratitudw for wat i did, i looked at her and asked wat did you do and elias answered she was the one who gave me the idea on how to tell you about the pendant if not for her i might still be wandering how to tell you about the pendant she gave me the idea on how to confess my love so the peck was just a means to show gratitude
I looked at him and then at her and then him again i felt really stupid for thinking the way i thought earlier but i was also happy at least he didnt cheat on me that mean he really love me damn i felt happy all the love butterfly in my stomach rose up again they were singing in my stomach been overjoyed i ran over elias and k-ssed him like my life depended on it i…

Emma POV
I k-ssed him like my life depended on it and honestly I think it did because if I keep stating at his l-ips with out doing anything I could run mad the k-ss was very passionate as we both kept playing with each other’s tongue it felt good he was k-ssing me hærd and I was k-ssing both we were like expert k-ssing which is partially true because am sure with Elias KIIS skills he is an expert but for me I never thought I would be able to k-ss a person dis hærd and who would believe if I told them that did was my third k-ss in my life anyways at least I don’t have too ask anyone the question in a way it would be weird we kept k-ssing but we both pulled at breathing heavy as if we both ran a marathon in my way we did in each other’s tongue I looked at Elias he was smiling I remembered that we were not alone I quickly turned to Elias sister she was smiling happily even more happily than I was I was wandering why then my mind said maybe she is over happy because of the fact that you and Elias are back together and that if you guys had not resolved your quarrel it would have been her fault I smiled, she mouthed to me thank you I wonder why but I still replied saying you are welcome.

Elias sister pov
I looked at both of them k-ssing I felt very happy for them it had always been my wish for my brother 2 find true love and it has finally come true I was so happy I think between our three in the parlour I was the happiest maybe just maybe I looked at them they had pulled away from the k-ss and were trying to catch their breath Emma was looking at me so I quickly mouthed thank you and she said you are welcome ( that tank you was for the fact that she had help me fulfill my long and suppose lost wish )

Elias POV
Wow I feel some happy in fact am super happy Emma coming into my life and heart was the best thing that happened 2 me I have never felt this way until she came and since she came I kept feeling this way every time am with her she is my happy she is a cloud she is my world I want her and not body else in my life, I looked at Emma she was smiling I sat down and dragged he to seat with me I took the remote and turned on the TV I asked her wat she wanted to watch she said Jennifer diaries it is a Nigerian series film about a girl who does no his to speak correct English the show was really hilarious I had watch some episode ( I have watched all the episode I love the film but don’t tell anyone o I don’t want them to start).

Emma pov
We sat down and started watching the film it was very funny i laughed really hærd an hour later my parents came out and announced that we were leaving so i said good bye to elias who k-ssed me in front of my parents this boy is looking for trouble but i guess my parents wont complain especially since his dad and mine are friends.
Throughout the ride to our house my mom and dad kept on teasing me make stupid jeat od me luckily the ride was short especially since our houses were close to each other i was so happy wen we got home i quickly ran out to my room and locked my door i took my phone and called sandra i told her everything that happened she scre-med in the phone i eyes were paining me so i removed the phone from my eyes she was really happy after that i aaid my prayers and waa about to sleep when i saw a text from an unsaved number saying i love you baby i always have and always will have a good night and dream of me i replied back saying u 2 with that i slept off.

Seven years later
Am currently in a room with sandra and sharin and my make up artist she is giving me a make over for my big day which is today am getting married shocker right wasnt it just seven years agk when i started dating elias i can still remember the day vividly it is like yesterday but there have been some changes like for one am now we are now graduates (me elias sandra sharin derek all of us )am now a doctor elias is an engineer sandra a lawyer it fits her she knews how to argue for africa sharin is an accountant david is doctor while derek is a pilot sandra is currently engage ( guess with who ) sharin is married ( guess with who ) aftet the make up i wore my white gown it was beautiful it was touching the floor
One hour later..

Elias pov
Am standing by the altar waiting for my beautiful baby ( emma ) to come my parents are presenr so as with her parents we are currently in a big Catholic church st Peter am at the altar with derek he is my best man.
I looked at the entrance waiting for her to come and then she did looking beautiful as ever she was accompanied by her dad they walked over to me and he handed me over to her we we started walking to the altar together i whisper into her eye u look beautiful baby and she said you too i whispered back how can i be beautiful am not a girl she said i no i was just trying to say u look handsome i smiled we got to the altar said our vows and left for our honeymoon, guess where?


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