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New Girl On Blog – episode 5

New girl on block
Episode 5

Emma pov
I turned to see who was calling me I looked in the direction of where I heard my name and saw sandra she was seating down in a table she wasn’t d only one there two girls and three boys she was waving at me I carried my food and went to sit down with them I got there dropped my food on the table I sat down close to sandra since she was d only person I knew in the table I looked at the people around the table they were all staring at me and also keeping a very awkward sulence that was eating me up in,side luckily for me sandra broke d silence saying guys dis is emma she is d girl I have been telling u about d one that was able to compete with elias in our maths class they all said ohh so she is d girl sandra continued emma these are my friend her name is jenny she said referring to one blond girl she is very cute and her name is sharin referring to the other girl siting on the table she had redhead and she has that bad girl kind of personality but like my parents taught me dont judge a person by their dressing but by there attitude sandra also introduced me to the three guys on the table one name was Alexander which I had decided ti call him Alex he is cute has curly hairs but he kind of looking like a nerd he wears nerdy glasses the other guys name was martin be was blond colour hair I dont no if it sprayed or not but it made him look handsome while for the last guy he is the cutest of them all ( dont starting thinking rubbish am just been honest ) his name is david he is the silent type through out the break time he hærdly altar a word but he krpt staring at me and it was making me feel uncomfortable I was going to ask him y he was staring at me but didnt want to embarss myself I needed to make a firat gud impression luckily the bell rung saving me from his staring I quickly left d table I didnt even wait for sandra since we had d same class I went to my locker checked wat I had nxt I had physics I quickly took my book and went to my class as a was about to go I met with sandra she asked me why I left d lunch hall in rush I didn’t have any reasonable excuse so I just came up with a minor excuse dat I had to go to d restroom she believed me and we left for class.

Emma pov
On our way to the class we met that jerk on the stairs I had decided that I was going to ignore him throughout my stay in the school I tried passing him without talking to him but he blocked my way with his hands and said can’t u atleast say hi I no I had wrong u and am truely sorry I looked at him his face looked really sorry but stil I wasn’t buying d wh0le sorry issue I turned my back to look at sandra she looked puzzled I guess she was trying to understand wat was going on I had not even told her about me and the jerk first meeting on Saturday so I understood why are facial expressions was like this I quickly mouthed a little a I will explain later so her and I think she heard me because her face cleared up a little I turned back to the jerk and said ok I forgive u his face brightened up and he said are u sure u completely forgive me and I said yes I removed his hands from my path and we all walked to the class together although it was awkward I was able to manage cos it waa either dis or been stuck in d stairs with dis jerk and also missing class so I had to go with dis option we got to class found our seat and sited like the teacher was waiting for us the teacher entered immediately I was happy at least I was able to prevent causing a scene in the class whereby I step into d class and the teacher calls me and ask me why am late and I start explaim while at the front of the class I was over joyed that I was just saved from such embarrassment the class later ended but during the class it was interesting cos d man kept on cracking jokes during his teaching so this made his teaching lively I think I might have laughed my heart out if that class had not ended becos I waa already feeling slight pain In my chest as a result of laughing to hærd the class ended and as uaually we had ten minutes to spare before the next period sandra made a suggestion of us going to the school garden I had never been there before but I agreed I wanted to see the place we got to the school garden and saw.

Emma pov
I got to the garden to see martin and sharin they were smiling and talking to each other like couples if u saw them from afar u could mistakely think they are couples sometimes I wonder if they are I seriously dont no but I will note myself to ask sandra later we got there greeted each other and we started gisting it was really fun as martin kept on cracking jokes from time to time we all gisted like frienda who knew each other for years few minutes later the bell rang signifying that it was time for the period I didn’t want to cos being with Martin and sharin I d garden was really fun and interesting but I didn’t want to set a bad reputation for myself by skipping a class on the first day of school sandra and i parted ways with them and left to our locker butsandra had different class so we parted ways too and I left for my class I was currently have french while she was having gym class luckily for me I alreafy knew tge way to my class all tanks to sandra because of tge school tour she gave me.
I took my book from my bag and left to my class I got there but weren’t so luck cis the woman was already there I think she just got there because the students were just greeting,
Since everyone was standing up I quickly walked in side d class and behaved like I was among the students greeting after greeting her she told us to sit down I quickly used my eyes to look for a seat cis if I was standing I will have to give her some explanation why and I wasn’t ready for that luckily I found a seat but it was beside that jerk I had no chioce but to swallow my pride and sit down with him and beside I had told him I forgave him so me not sitting down with him could make him doubt my sincerity about forgiving him and could to him disturbing my life through out my stay In the sch so technically I was killing two birds with a stone 1 avoiding trouble from the teacher 2 avoiding trouble or disturbance from the teacher I quickly sat down.
He said hi to me and I answered that all that transpired between me and he throughput the own class I has happy cos I thought he wanted to distract me from class but he did the opposite few minutes later.

To be continued

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