Nick The House Help

Nick the house help -episode 11

Nick the house help

Episode 11

(It’s sunday morning,I tried getting things ready for church,tho am new in the area,my plan was to go to any church.
“After all,nah only one God them dey worsh¡p” then after church I’ll rest before going to see Yvonne.
But she have not send me the venue.. She only told me she will send me the venue soon. I did not see tunde when i woke up,but he kept me a note saying “Bros i dey go come back very soon..
Can someone please tell tunde to get a phone for christ sake,I prayed to God for a beautiful sunday morning.. I brought out a T-shirt,my chinos and polished what i call italian shoe. Lols!
I ironed my clothes,take my bath,I was about to dress up when i saw a message sent by yvonne.

“Good morning dear.. Happy sunday, take a bus to oshodi,when you get there,call me.pls make sure you’re at oshodi before 3pm,don’t keep me waiting.. Bye”

Trust me,oshodi can never be a venue,what is she up to?

I squeezed my face and was thinking why she will tell me to drop at Oshodi.
-I dressed up and walked out of the room,I got down stairs,and walked outside the gate of the building,I saw people going to church,I stopped one lady and told her am new in the area and i need to go to church,she smiled at me and told me she is also on her way to church,she is a Redeem christian church of God member.. I stayed for a full service before heading back home,am so exhausted,the way the sun was shining,the sun can actually fry *Akara* I got home at exactly 1pm and cooked noodles,slept for 1hr.. My phone was already ringing,this time a strange number. I picked the call

Me : Hello

Caller : Yeah,please is this Nick? (A female voice)

Me : Yeah,who is this?

Caller : Can we see?

Me : see? When I don’t know you.. You must be joking.

Caller : please it’s urgent.. I got your number from a friend,can we please meet at Agege by 3pm.. I won’t delay you,just for one minute.

*She hanged up*
This girl must be insane,I mean,how can someone call me and tell me to meet her at agege, even when i don’t know her,she’s even telling me it’s urgent.
I checked my time it is 2:20pm already,I reschedule my plan, let me get to agege and know who this person is first,since she said she’s not gonna delay my time.
I got ready before 2:30pm.. I don’t want to keep yvonne waiting,especially at oshodi..I got to iyana – ipaja bus stop,I was trying to get bus to agege,when i saw yvonne call..

Me : Hello yvonne

Yvonne : How are you dear,am already on my way to oshodi,please don’t keep me waiting.

Me : Ok,I won’t

I cut the call,and decide to go to oshodi straight.. I entered bus to oshodi when the strange number called again.

Me : Hello

Caller : Hello,where are you now?

Me : On my way to oshodi,I have an appointment with someone special to me.

Caller : Please Don’t……

I hanged the call immediately
*i don’t know you,I said it to my self* I got to oshodi around 2:59pm,oshodi it’s known as where all stealing and other ugly events take place,I hold on to my pocket and called yvonne,she directed me to a G-wagon packed at the corner of the road.. Hmmm,who knows where she got a G -wagon.. Maybe she came with a friend tho.. I saw a black tinted glass G-wagon.. I walked closer to it,someone wined down and was waving at me.. Am sure it’s yvonne.. I entered the front of the car,yvonne hugged me and k-ssed me on my l-ips.. She was so happy to see me again.
Someone cleared throat at the back of the car.. I looked back,to my greatest surprise i saw Natasha and a lady i don’t know.

*They were both smiling*

Me :*Shocked* What is she doing here yvonne?

Yvonne : (smiled) calm down nick,I’ll explain when we get to our destination.

*i wasn’t comfortable through out the ride*

She carried us to a big hotel,The hotel is so cool.. The name of the hotel is
“SKY LIMIT HOTEL AND SUIT,I need to know what’s going on,how did she get to know natasha? I didn’t say anything until we get in,side the hotel,people where welcoming her,it seems they know her here.. What da f–k is going on?? I asked yvonne. How did you get to know all this workers in this big hotel?
She said noting but smile. We got to a point were a round cleaned table was set,with a lot of champaign,with all this expensive drinks,pepper soup chicken and all that,with 3 huge men were standing at one corner of the entrance where we sit. Yvonne sits down and cleared her throat..

What’s she got to say this time?

To be continued….

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