Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 15

Nick the house help

Episode 15

(Through out the night,I didn’t sleep,I was trying to find out who wants me dead,I watched yvonne sleep. I walked through the window,opened the curtain slowly,The police were gallant.
I thought of so many things,

*What is happening to me?

*What wants me dead at this stage?

*Hmm,is it natasha? No i don’t think,tho she threatened me back then,but she didn’t mean it.

*Or is it Mrs Amanda?.. I don’t think so,she’s more like a mother to us.

*to many questions,no answers.

(While i was thinking about all this,I tried to stay out of the scene and set my own spy against the people in the building.
I planed on going back to ikeja to meet my gons over there,I have guys that are ready to take bullets for me,this time i have to do it on my own without letting anybody know what am planing except yvonne and tunde. I went back to bed,when day break i’ll let yvonne know what i planed so far. it’s morning already,I opened my eyes,the day is so bright,it’s wednesday already. Yvonne is already awake.

Yvonne : Good morning love

Me : Good morning dear,how was your night.

Yvonne : You don’t accept it to be cool,after that call right?

Me : I know.. But we’ve got to move on

Yvonne : Yeah.. How is your arm?

Me : Not bad.. Hmmm,baby i have a plan.

Yvonne : what plan?

Me : I don’t trust anyone in this house,so i decide put up spy’s against everyone,I know you trust Mrs Amanda,but what if she has something to do with this,even natasha or rebecca.

Yvonne : What do you mean,Mrs Amanda have been with us for a very long time. No,she’s out of this plan of yours.

Me : Calm down,and let me handle things the way i can,Ok?

Yvonne : Please honey,you have to stay away from all this,the police are here to fight for us.

Me : (smile) Did i just here you say the police? Common! Where were the police when your mum was missing huh?. The police did not even trace the ones that killed your dad,you’ve got to let me handle this my own way or I’ll leave this house and go to where i was when you called me up here

Yvonne : (crying) You want to leave me here right? After all have done for you huh?

Me : And do you want to watch me die like a c*ckroach,just in only One day,I was hit by bullet,the enemies are in here or out there planing on there next mission and you want me to believe the police will solve my problem..Hell No! I quit, if you can’t trust me now.

Yvonne : (cleaning are tears) Ok,ok.. Have heard you, but promise me no one will get hurt.

Me : I promise

Yvonne : So what’s the plan?

Me : like i said before,I can’t trust anyone here, I want to go to ikeja, I have guys that are ready to take bullets for me.. When i tell them about this,am sure they will act fast.

Yvonne : Haaa,Baby? How do you think this will work out?

Me : Just watch and see.

Yvonne : Then,how do you think you can go out without the police following you around.

Me : (laugh) leave that to me,do you have kingsley number

Yvonne : Yeah,what for?

Me : just dial it.

*She laughed,and shake her head in disbelieve,as she dialed kingsley number,he picked.

Kingsley : Hello,Madam

Me : Hello,Kingsley it’s me..

Kingsley : Oga,Good morning o

Me : Yeah,how is your family?

Kingsley : They are fine sir,hope you are getting better sir?

Me : Yeah,yeah.. Please i need your help of a taxi cab,I want you to be the one to drive it,, just find a way you can hire it.

Kingsley : No problem sir,I’ll do just that.

Me : When you get it,start coming to sky limit hotel immediately.. When you get there beep me.

Kingsley : Ok sir.

Me : Do keep me waiting please ,Bye
*i hanged up*

Yvonne : What are you planing to do baby

Me : Calm down

I watched my face and brushed my teeth,put on something light,spray perfumed. I was ready to go,yvonne told me to take something,I told her i will when am back. She,we both walked down stairs,I saw Mrs Amanda and Rebecca talking,they saw me and pretended as if they where saying nothing.. But i greeted them, I saw tunde and one of the police man talking about politics,they saw me and tunde came and shake my hand.. We both step outside with yvonne. I know tunde needs an explanation on how i got rich. But i don’t have time for that, I need to fight for something hurting me. I only told him to drive me,the police starts there van,yvonne already told them were i was going to, tunde starts the engine,while the police van lead us.

The war is about  to start…
…Remember,I have my plans.. Calm down and let me carry you along..

To be continued……

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