Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 5

Nick the house help

Episode 5

*I was still looking at her,,after packaging the iphone in,side the shopping bag,she kept quite. she expect me to say something,to break the silent between us. I have to say something.

Me : Yvonne, please don’t take think am rejecting something from you,, I barely know and you just came yesterday.. At least, I have to know you more. So am sorry.

Yvonne : No ,Nick you don’t have to be sorry ok., I get it all, Am fine
(She stood up and left me at the sitting room)

Me : (I called her back) Yvonne… Yvonne… (She never answered me)

(Hmmm,what is even wrong with this one sef? I slept off in the sitting room,until it was 2 : 00pm when some tapped me, I looked up, and it was sara.

Sara : Wake up jaaree,, you can sleep ehhn

Me : (to my self*,me and you who sabi sleep) Oh you are back. Mehn don’t mind me o.. I was tired.

Sara : Whatever, where is yvonne..?

Me : She is in,side the room.

(She went straight in,side her room,she got there and i can hear whatever they say, they were both laughing loudly.. Sara was telling yvonne about a guy she met in school.. And how the guy invited her for dinner today, she also ask yvonne to join her,, yvonne said nothing,but the way they were both laughing signify yvonne accepted to go out with (she) sara.
I just move straight to my room,I don’t want to listen to that kind of rubbish gist. Sara is known for going to parties especially now that her mum is out. Now she wants to initiate yvonne #Rubbish. I slept off again,when i wake up again it was already 5pm.. *Chai, I scre-med.. I was supposed to go and play street football.. I rushed to my bag drag out my jersey with full speed,take my football boot.. Walked straight outside my room and i saw sara and yvonne watching movie in the sitting room.

Me : Hi girls, am off to the pitch o

Sara : Ok.. But in case you did not meet us at home when you’re back,we’re going out to see a friend.

Me : *Friend indeed* No wohala, bye guys.

*sara replied but yvonne ignored,who cares?*

(I rushed out of the exit door, I got to the gate and saw tunde playing card with his friend but i was in a hurry.

Tunde : Haaaa Nick,, come join us make i finish unah

Me : (still running out) I no get your time o

(When i got there,I met my street friends,we formed our group,and we played till it was 7pm,I took bike home because am sure the two girl are out already.. I got home, i saw tunde fetching water.

Me : Haaaa,babatunde, how far nau?

Tunde : I dey o,but were your wives dem go this evening,if you see as dem dress eeh.. Where dem even talk say dem dey go?

Me : dem tell me say dem wan go see friends,but na lie o.. Na one guy wey sara jam dem go see sha

Tunde : Hmmm.. Na there matter sha.

Me : Ok o.. Make i go freshen up

(I left tunde.. I walked in,side to take my bath,and was expecting sara and yvonne should be back before 9pm. After bathing,I cooked rice and stew. Served tunde,then clean the kitchen and ate mine.. I was still thinking of what’s gotten over yvonne,its it because i refused collecting her phone ehh? (Hissed)
It’s 10pm already,I waited for the two girls to come back but they never showed up,(this time,I got worried) where the hell did this girl went to all in the name of meeting a friend? I never got the answer to that. I watched movie till it was 11:30pm.
(now this girls are getting on my nerves) this time i was gonna shout on them if they are truly gonna come back this night, I stayed awake till i heard the sound of the gate,I think it should be them this time,they drove in and i checked the time and it was exactly 12am.
I was provoked,they packed the car and came out of it,I waited till they got in,side the house.

Me : *Angry* where the hell are you girls coming from?

Sara : it’s that just a question?

Me : *still angry* Answer me or I’ll…..

Yvonne : *shut me up* Or what huh? Listen and listen good Nick,you have no right over us,where we go to or what we do ok. The next time you try asking us this kind of question you will be sorry for your self. Sara let’s go in.
(They both walked in,side there room)
I stood there not uttering any words with my mouth wide open.. I keep on imagining,yvonne for that matter. I was silent till i managed to lock the sitting room door and went to bed straight.

This  time my day went bad.. Omg!! What is all this?

To be continued….

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