Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 8


Nick the house help

Episode 8

(I was with tunde in the room,untill my phone rings,I looked at the screen of my phone,she have even stalled her number,so fast?, I picked her call.

Me : Hello

Yvonne : Yes dear,how are you?

Me : Am good,you?

Yvonne : Am not fine,you just left us like that and you never told us tunde is out already.

Me : Am sorry but you never asked me tho.

Yvonne : Anyway we’ve replaced tunde with someone else,we also called sara mum.

Me : Hmmm,When is she coming back and hope you told her am out already?

Yvonne : Yeah,we did.. But she said nothing. She only told us she will be back next week.

Me : Ok.. How is sara?

Yvonne : she is sleeping,Nick please am so sorry.. Where are you right now, am worried o.

Me : Am fine here.

Yvonne : Can you give me your home address?

Me : Not yet,I just came here.. Maybe later.

Yvonne : Ok, Hope you have a bank account,or go and open one,when you are done.. send me your account number,ok?

Me : No problem… Thank you yvonne

Yvonne : Don’t tell me sorry dear,am sorry for pushing you so hærd.. Am regretting it right now. I just have to see you.

Me : You will, first thing tomorrow,I’ll open a bank account. Meanwhile i need to rest.

Yvonne : Alright dear,I’ll call you back later then. Bye

Me : Ok,bye

*I dropped the call*

Tunde : That girl really sorry o

Me : Na her business be that sha.

Tunde : She wan send you money shey?

Me : Ehn.. She say make i open account o,but i no know where that girl dey see money,imagine girl wey dash peson iphone 6.

Tunde : O’boy no miss this fresh meat o.. She like you scarra,, hold am tight o.. Maybe she get peson wey she dey shop sha.. But na you she dey fall for.

Me : Peson wey i no even know her background.

Tunde : Carry am go one bar nau,from there ask am about her background,no fall my hand guy o, we get work to do tomorrow sha.

Me : Hmmmm.. No wohala sha

(We engaged ourselves in different conversation. until we got tired,I slept off.. Around 5pm i was up.. I saw five missed calls from yvonne, *This girl self,I taya for you o* I stood up,tunde was already out of the room, I went straight to the bathroom,I took my bath and wore my long white polo.. I was fresh than ever.
I walked outside the room.. I saw tunde talking with kelvin and a girl was also with them,Kelvin sighted me and wave at me,Tunde called me to join them,I got downstairs to meet them. I greeted them.. And sat behind tunde, kelvin introduced me to the girl.

Kelvin : Nick this is Natasha,Natasha is a friend of mine,Natasha meet Nick,our new guy in the building

Natasha : welcome Nick.. Nice meeting you

Me : (smiled) Me too.. We both shake hands,So guys what’s happening here guys.. Let’s have something on the table.

We all walked outside our building,move to the beer parlor where we got a sit and a round table.. They served us beers,while Natasha requested for chicken pepper soup.. We all gist,laugh.. we had fun.. Through out my stay with them,I noticed natasha looking at me me and smiling.. “She is not serious” I spent like 15k,, *Abeg make una no chop me o,I gats to enjoy myself,at least am no more in bondage*
Natasha took my phone from the table while i was talking with kelvin and tunde,After little while my phone rang,natasha gave the phone to,it was yvonne again.. I picked,she told me she wants to check on me. We talk for a long while,Natasha was still looking at me.. After dropping the call,we stayed outside till it was 10pm,I told them i was going in,they told me they will be in later, I got in,side and immediately someone knocked on the door,without knowing who it was, Come in.
The person came in an it was Natasha.

Me : *shocked* Natasha,what are you doing here?

Natasha : Are surprise seeing me in your room uninvited?

Me : No, at least,you should be with kelvin out there.

Natasha : Are you gonna welcome me in and stop acting like a kid.

*Kid kwa?,you still dey lean sha*

Me : Come in sha (she came in) so what did you tell kelvin?

Natasha : Hmmm, I only told i wanna come and pee., but what is with you and kelvin? Or you think am dating kelvin.. The last time i checked,he told you i was his friend.

Me : I never asked if he was dating you

Natasha : Anyways, I’ll be inviting you on a friend’s birthday party this coming sunday and it’s gonna be fun,hope you will come?

Me : I don’t think so,I’ll busy for the week

Natasha : I won’t take that for an answer, am sure you will come tho,the party will start by 5pm, I have your number already tho. Good night dear
*she left while i opened my mouth wide,this natasha must be a crook o,so it was my number she collect while she was with my phone?
I played video games that night till i got a msg from yvonne.. I read
“Hello dear,please i need to see you very urgent this coming saturday by 5pm,please don’t say no.. I’ll text you the venue soon, thanks.. Sweet dreams

Me : *To my self* what does this girls wants from me self,natasha invites me for a party,yvonne said she wants to meet me very urgent,, nah dem sabi sha.

I dropped my phone and slept off.. The drink was having effect on me tho

*Yvonne and natasha wants to meet me on the same date and time,which one will i accept?

*Anyway, work starts tomorrow.. Till then

To be continued…

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