Nick The House Help

Nick the house help – episode 9

Nick the house help

Episode 9

(The next day was thursday,tunde woke up so early while i was sleeping,he washed the bus and make sure it was perfectly clean.. You guys never asked me the name of our bus? Its not fair o. Anyways, its
“TOYOTA HIACE” that type of GOD is GOOD nau #Lolzz
When he was done,he woke me up..

Me : Good morning bros.

Tunde : Good morning Oga mi, e be like say na only me go dey do play this parol o.

Me : (Rubbed my face) which parol?

Tunde : The transportation stuff nau, I no wan stress you.. As you dey so ehh,no be this kind work fit you

Me (looking at him) wetin you dey talk sef? You think say i come lagos to do fine boy ehh.. See bros,I no finish school but i sabi book.. I wan make money o

Tunde : Ok,make i start am this week,if the work dey some how i go let you know as e dey go.

Me : So make i dey house till monday?

Tunde : yes nau.. We go start fully on monday,I wan follow one of my friend wey dey do the same transport business,make him teach me road to some states.

Me : (Reasoned for a while) Na true o.. And you know say yvonne say make i open account.

Tunde : Go open am shap shap.. No for your hand for where yvonne dey o.

Me : Tunde, Natasha enter our room yesterday o

Tunde : Wetin she come find?

Me :Na me o, She tell me say she wan invite me for one kind party.

Tunde : I notice am o,, the way she dey look you yesterday sef.. But wetin be your reply?

Me : I tell am say i go dey busy,but she don corner my number before then

Tunde : I go advice you sha.. I no know natasha well o,but her way no pure.. With the kind guys wey she dey follow ehh.. Bros forget that girl.. I don dey go o

*He stood up and leave the room*

Meself no carry natasha for budget qan.. I slept back.
It was my phone that woke me up this time,I looked at the screen it was a strange number.. Who be this one? I said to myself. I picked

Me : Hello

Caller : Hello boo? How are you this morning?
*who is this one’s boo?*

Me : who are you please?

Caller : Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten this voice?

Me : Hmmm.. Natasha

Caller : (laugh) God saved you tho

Me : What is it this morning?

Natasha : I just called to check on you,and to remind you of what we discussed yesterday night.

Me : I told you I’ll be busy

Natasha : (laughs again) I’ll come and pick you up myself tho. this is my number,save it.. Bye sweet
*hang up*

*see this girl o*

(What does she want from me? I’ll save the number and when she calls again,I won’t pick. Since she wants to play a fast one one me. I checked the time and it was already 9 : 30am “Chinekeh mu ehh” I scre-med on top of my voice. See as time dey rush.
I got down from the bed,brushed my teeth and bath. I got dressed, I offed all electric appliances and zoom off
I saw kelvin outside the building talking with a different girl this time, *the guy too dey change girls like cloth* I walked through were he was,

Me : Good day kelvin

Kelvin : Good day my Gee? Thought you went out with tunde this morning?

Me : Not really,something came up. Please i want to know where i get banks around this base.

Kelvin : (pointing at one nearby junction) get to that junction.. Tell the bike man you are going to diamond bank,pay him 50box. Its not too far from here.

Me : Alright,See you later *I bounced*

I stopped a bike and told him,I was going to diamond bike,he carried me there,the bank is not even far from my street.
I got to the bank,entered in,side, got a form,which i filled immediately. I went to summit the form as the securities directed.
But there was so much Queue,someone tapped me at my back and said “please sir am at your back” wetin concern me. It was just ten personnel before me. I was still there when i got a call from yvonne.

Me : Hello yvonne

Yvonne : Hello Dear, How are you?

Me : Am fine,you?

Yvonne : Am Good.. Hope you received my text?

Me : Yeah,but why this sunday

Yvonne : that’s when I’ll be chanced,please also try and open the bank account

Me : Am at the bank right now

Yvonne : Ok do so, Sara mum called,she said she will be coming back tomorrow.

Me : Hmmm,Ok o

Yvonne : Or are you not happy she’s coming back.

Me : Why won’t i be happy,am there no more,anyway.. I’ll call you back when am through.

Yvonne : Ok darling

*Dealing ko,Drilling nii*

Me : Bye (hang the call)

(It is almost my turn,until it got to my turn where i did everything,gave them my passport,valid ID card,paid in #4000.. I was told to go home,They told me they will send me my account number as soon as it’s activated.. I walked out of the bank,but this time i trekked back home, I got home around 11 : 12am,opened the door and fell on the bed,called yvonne,but she wasn’t picking. Someone knocked at the door..

Me : Yes come in

It was NATASHA.. What does she want??


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