November 29, 2021

Nicklaus The Master Episode 66



Chapter 66.

Written by: Racheal Dennis

Rhoda’s pov 👠

“Thank you!” I told the waitress with a polite smile.

She replied with a nod and left, I turned to Raymond and fold my arms in my chest.

“We should eat first!” He said.. he released a small laugh.

I simply raised my eyebrows at him, keeping a stoic expression on…he cleared his throat and licked his lips.

“Or you eat, I’ll start talking!” He suggests.

I nod at his suggestion, I picked my fork and stabs my salad.

“Please, go on, I’m listening!” I said.

He nods and begin.

“That day, it was your birthday, I had been making a lot of plans awaiting that day…I wanted to give you the best surprise of your life….”

That day was my birthday? Hm, now that I think about it.. he’s right, it was my birthday.

“Well, I did got the best surprise of my life!” I said, referring to that bch wrapped in his arms.

He ignored my words and continue.

“…I was planning on proposing to you, I even skipped class to go buy the ring…”

I nod, he was in his final year and I was just a freshman year!

“…I was so happy when I got the ring, because that was the day I have been planning and waiting for ever since I met you…”

He paused and laughed as he recalls something, I stopped eating and just stare at him… studying as he expression changes while he speak.

“…I even wrote a speech and practiced it, because I wanted everything to be perfect..I didn’t want any mistakes!”

He wanted everything to be perfect?! I had also wanted to have the perfect engagement party.


in life, nothing seem to be perfect.

“When I got back to my dormitory from the jeweller’s, I got a phone call from one of my friends… Tate…he reminded me of Tony’s birthday party, it was been held at a pub!”

I frown, celebrating a birthday party at a pub in daylight?!

“Who host a party at the pub in daylight?”

“I thought so too, I asked him if he confused the time but he said no… He said Tate will go back to Texas in the evening, to celebrate with his family. I said ok, but I told Tony I won’t stay too long at the party… because I had something very important to do later…”

He paused and pours me some water when he notice I’m frowning.

“Here, have some water!”

I snatched the glass from him and slammed it on the table, splashing some of the water onto the table.


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I remember correctly, I wasn’t feeling well that day… I called you but you didn’t pick up!”

I glared at him.

“So you were having fun with your friends, that’s why you neglected me and I had to go to the hospital alone!”

He shakes his head and quickly continue.

“I didn’t see your calls, when I arrived at the party I shoved my phone into my pocket…the music were too loud and I didn’t hear my phone ring… I didn’t even feel it vibrate!” He defends himself.

Looking at his eyes, I can see he’s telling the truth… but he’s always got an innocent face, he might just be making up excuses.

I’ll let that slide though, I’ll just take it like he said.. he didn’t see my calls because that’s not what got me really angry.

What got me really angry is…

“Then how did you end up with that bch?!” I asked, banging on the table as I recall the scene.

“I don’t know, I only remembered having a bottle of beer and I started feeling dizzy… I left the boys and went to the restroom, then I fainted… everything that happened after that is what I can’t give account of…I woke up the next morning to find myself on my bed, holding another woman!”

“Hmph!” I huffed unbelievably.

“Believe me, I swear, I didn’t know when I got back home… I didn’t remember bringing another woman with me!” He desperately defends himself.

I frown and studies his expression more, I look into his eyes and search them if he’s lying… but he’s not lying, he’s telling the truth.



“If you only had one bottle of beer and got drunk, it only mean one thing… ”

I trail off, I reached for the glass of water he handed me earlier and shakes it… I stared at the water.

“The beer was spiked!”

“The beer was spiked!” we both said.

I glared at him for saying the same words as me, he raised his hands in surrender and zips the imaginary zipper in his mouth.

“Did you noticed anything unusual before drinking the beer that day?”

He frowns as he thinks about it, after a few moment of thought.. he snapped his fingers.

“I remember, when I first stepped into the pub she had approached me…she wanted me to have a drink with her but I refused her!”


“Do you know her or have you seen her from somewhere before?”

He nods.

“Yes, she was my classmate, I saw her attended my class but I never spoke with her before!”

They never spoke, then why did she spiked his drink?

It’s not as if they have some kind of grudge between themselves or could it be….I laughed.

“Now I get it, she was having a secret crush on you!”

“A secret crush?”

“Yes, but she I guess she couldn’t approach.. so she resorted to using such silly trick!”

Raymond thinks about it a few seconds then nod.

“That seem to make sense!”

“My words always make sense, I’m no longer that naive little freshman!”

I didn’t mean to make the atmosphere awkward, but my words just made it awkward… Raymond just stared at me.

I averted my gaze from him and focused on my salad, stabbing it as hard as I can.. imagining it to be that female goat.

She made me broke up and ran away from my beloved from no good reason…she made my son fatherless for 7years!

*Ba$tard!* I screamed in my head.

“So… now you know it’s not my fault, I didn’t mean to cheat on you.. no! I never cheated on you, I didn’t do anything with her… ”

I raised my hand and cut him off.

“We’ve clear the misunderstanding between us.. I should at least my food in peace now!”

“Does that mean you believe me? Does that mean you forgive me?”

His explanation just made me realize I made a fool of myself back then, I should have waited and demanded for an explanation.

“I’m not angry, I shouldn’t have been angry in the first place had I waited for your explanation!”

“You forgive me?”

I nod…he smiled brightly, he looked so happy and I can see the happiness in his eyes.

He reaches for my hands and grab them tightly.

“Does that mean you’re giving me another chance? I can be in your life again? I can take my place as Bill’s father now?”

I stared at him closely, he’s not changed since all these years.. he’s still as handsome as ever, with his cute dimples and beautiful blue eyes..

Which Bill got too, whenever I stare at Bill’s face it reminds me of Raymond.. wait, what am I thinking?!

I withdraw my hands from him.

“Raymond, it’s too late for us.. Bill already thinks he doesn’t have a father, you can’t just show up now and tell him you’re his father”


“Beside, my family won’t welcome you and by that, I mean my brother…he already have a bad impression of you!”

“I’ll prove myself to them, I can start courting you again.. I can show Bill that I’m a good father, I’m a very patient man.. I’ll do it slowly!”

He looked so sincere.

“Just give me a chance to prove myself again, I can show them that I’m not a bad person…”

“Give you a chance? What if I no longer feel anything for you?”



“I can make you feel something for me again, just one chance.. I swear, I won’t screw it up this time!”

There’s a brief silence, as he waits for my response.. but I simply turned to my food.

“Let’s eat, we’ve done enough talking today… We can talk about other things next time!”

“But we… ”

“Shh.. let’s eat!” I said.

Nicklaus’s pov 👠

“Mr Statham, I already fired those guards per your instruction!”

Graham reports as he drives into garage, he carefully parked the car and comes to my side.. he pulled it open.

“Good, assign new guards and make sure they’re competent this time!”

“Yes, sir!”

I walked out of the garage, with Graham trailing behind me.. he’s checking something on his phone.

“The reporters are gone, you can use the front door now” he said.

I stopped walking and he bumps into my back, he quickly take two steps back.

“I’m sorry, Mr Statham!” He apologised.

“It’s fine, you’re dismissed!”

“Thank you, Mr Statham!” He said and walked towards his bike.

While I proceed towards the front door, I grab the door handle and pushed the door open.

I stepped into the living room and my eyes fell on Nina, she’s talking to someone on the phone.

Somehow, she noticed my presence, she quickly hangs up and turned to me with her eyes widen in fear… Like a deer caught in daylight.

Is she scared of me? Was I too harsh towards her? Did I pass the impression that I’m mad at her?

I walked towards her and stopped in front of her, I stared in her eyes and all I saw was regret.. guilt.. fear?

At that moment I recall my father-in-law’s words…

*don’t be hard on her, she’s just a kid and always acts on impulse!*

If only he knows she’s not a kid any longer, she’s 21 and can do great things in be….

“Klaus, you’re back!” Her voice cuts off my thoughts.

“How was your meeting with your friend?” She asked, her voice trembles as she speaks.

“It was great!” I answered her question.

I sit next to her on the sofa and pulled her closer to me, I kssed her forehead.

“Anastasia, are you scared of me?” I asked her.

She didn’t speak, she remained silent.

“Answer me, are you scared of me? Did I scare you?”

Now she shake her head, she pulled away from me and stared in my eyes.. then she looked away.

“It’s just.. you’re mad at me and…” She cuts herself off.

“I’m mad at you?” I asked.

I frown slightly, why would she think I’m mad at her? Yes, I’m mad but not at her…

“You’ve been… ” She swallows her words.

My frown deepens, she seems to wanna speak, she seems like she’s holding something inside but she’s scared to say it.

I sighed.

“You can tell me anything, I’m ready to listen.. why do you think I’m mad at you?”

She stared in my eyes for a moment, then tears starts running down her cheeks.

“Anastasia, are you ok?”

“it’s just, since morning you’ve been scolding me and yelling at me.. you’ve been mad at me and wouldn’t pay much attention to me… I miss you!”

I reached for her but she moved away from me slightly, she wipes her tears but they just keep coming more.. making her cheeks glisten.

“Yeah, I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have gone to Jack’s place, I’m a fool, I get that…but blaming me won’t change what has happened, I’m hurt and I feel myself slowly losing my dignity… all I need right now is my lover to stay by my side…. ”

She’s right, I was too angry and hurt that I kinda neglected her.

“…to comfort me, to assure me that all is gonna be well, to wrap me in his arms and wipe my tears.. but all I got was scolding…”

She wipes her tears harshly, then look into my eyes.

“…I’m sorry, Klaus, I’m really, really sorry.. I swear, I’m never gonna repeat this mistake but please don’t mad at me anymore.. don’t be angry, I miss you and I really want you to embrace me right now, I…. ”

I crash my lips on hers cutting her off, I guess this is all she’s been bottling up.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

He kssed me so possessively, I was shocked for a moment but I quickly recover from my shock… And reciprocated

Soon he breaks the kss and rest his forehead on mine, we both pant from the heated make out session we just had.

“Anastasia!” He called my name and caresses my cheeks.

“I wasn’t mad at you, I was never mad at you”

My brows draws together in a frown.

“But you were scolding me and…”

“I was just mad at myself for not saving you in time, I was just outside the door and I couldn’t break it down in time… ”

He cuts himself off, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

“… I let Jack succeed in his plan, I was just outside the door when he was molesting you…I’m just so mad at myself for being so useless!”

So, he wasn’t mad at me, he was just feeling frustrated… I was wrong.

“I’m useless, I don’t think I’m worthy of you… ”

I placed a finger on his lips and shut him up, I shake my head.

“Let’s stop casting blames, this is nobody’s fault… You tried your best!”

He kssed my finger on his lips and I quickly withdraw my finger, he narrowed his eyes.

“It’s that ba$tard’s fault, I’ll make him rot in jail!”

I nod, I thought Jack was my friend too, if only I can see him now and ask him why he did it…but no, I don’t wanna see him ever again!

“I’m not mad at you, Anastasia, I can never stay mad at you!”

“So.. you don’t hate me?” I asked slowly.

“No, I can never think of hating you… you’re my everything now”

His words woke up those butterflies in my stomach, they started dancing..

I didn’t know when I engulfed him in a tight hug, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to himself.

We stayed in that position for a moment, before I remembered something and pulled away from him.

I cleared my throat.

“Er… earlier, I saw you holding Claudia, are you….”

“I’m not cheating on you! I swear, there’s nothing going on between us!”

I laughed lightly at his words, like seriously I wasn’t gonna talk about that.. why is he defending himself?

“I just wanted to ask if you’ve cured?”

He breaths in relief and nod.

“Yeah, I’m cured.. I didn’t even realize it until today!” He said.

I nod. “Well, it’s a good thing, at least now you won’t have to keep avoiding aunt… she can hug you now!” I said.

He nods, he reached forward and moved away some fallen hair strands from my face.

“Right, now that we’re saying heartfelt words.. how about I ask you a question and you’ll answer me honestly?” He asked in a gentle tone.

I nod, wondering what he wanna ask me.

“You said you know Dr ghost, right?”

I tensed, Dr ghost again? I thought he wasn’t gonna ask that anymore.


I blinked and nod, he paused and stared at me briefly.

“You went to Dr ghost’s pharmacy few day ago…What did you do at Dr ghost’s pharmacy?” Klaus asked.

His expression is blank, no smile or frown…though he’s not mad… according to him…but judging from his expression it’s best I speak the truth.

“I went to get some drugs!” I replied.

“Some drugs… for what?”

For what?! What should I say?! How should I answer this question?!

“For headache? Fever?” He looked in my eyes. “Or after pills?!”

I gulped, what will happen if I tell him the truth?

“Anastasia, you just agreed to be honest…and a quick reminder, I hate lies!”

Well, I should just say the truth, he’s my fiancee and I should trust him.

“Yes, I went there to buy some after pills!”

“Why? Are you don’t wanna get pregnant now? Or you don’t want to have my baby?” He asked in a gentle tone.

He’s not reacting the way I expected, he’s calm and reserve.

“I wanna have your baby, but not now…I don’t want a baby now”

“Why? We’re gonna get married soon, so, it shouldn’t matter if you’re pregnant”

I nod.

“Yeah, we’re gonna get married someday but I wanna go back to school..I don’t wanna go back with a baby bump, it won’t be convenient for the baby”. I explained.

He thinks about it.

“Yes, that a good reason but I can make it convenient for you and our baby”


“I’ll go to school with you… I’ll take down notes for you… I’ll carry your bag and drive to and back from school.. it’ll be very convenient”

I raised an eyebrow at him, why do I feel like he wants to have a baby so badly.

“Anastasia, I’m 27years now, I wanna have my first child before 30”

“Well, I’m only going back to school for a year, you can still have your first child before 30!”

He’s 27 now, he’ll be 28 going on 29 when I graduate…I might even get pregnant few months before my graduation.

“I just don’t wanna go back to school with a baby bump!”

He sighed deeply and nod.

“Fine, we’ll do it your way but we’re not gonna abort our baby if you get pregnant before going to school”

I nod quickly with a grin, I know that’s not gonna happen..I’m on pills.

“Whatever, but I’m not getting pregnant before our wedding…I won’t live to explain it to aunt, she’ll kill me before I even get the chance to explain!”

He pinched my nose softly.

“If aunt’s the problem leave her to me, I can explain it to her and coax her to spare your life!”

I rolled my eyeballs, he held my head still and studies my face…he frowns.

“Your face looked so messy from all your unnecessary crying!”

I glared at him, he’s the cause of all these tears…I thought he’d break up with me and chase me out, that’s why I cried.

Also, I cried because my best friend betrayed me…I can still feel my heart hurting.

“Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up!” He said and swooped me in his arms.

Matilda’s pov 👠

Marc law firm….

“What are you doing down here?” I asked.

Marcus’s sitting on my chair, going through his phone…he keeps his phone in his pocket and turned to me.

“I’m done with my work, so, I decided to wait for you here to give you a ride home”

“How did you know I wasn’t in?” I asked with a frown.

I opened the takeout and hands him a hamburger, he takes it and mouths a thank you.

“I saw you leave, I was coming down then”

I pulled my coworker’s chair and sit next to him, I take the remaining hamburger and take a bite.

“We’ll leave after eating our hamburger” I said.

I dropped my purse on my desk and something falls off, Marcus quickly picks it up.

“My girlfriend is so thoughtful, she bought me my favorite hamburger….”

I rolled my eyes and tone him off, I reached for my coffee and takes a sip.

“Baby, is this yours?” He asked showing me the flash I picked earlier.

“Nope, I bumped into someone and it fell off his pocket”

“Hmm, can I have it? I’ll refund it tomorrow”

I paused and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Why do you need it?”

He pouts his mouth and shrugs.

“My instincts said I should check it, it looks suspicious… there’s a dark magic surrounding it!”

“Must you turn everything into a joke?”

He shakes his head.

“No, but I can feel the dark magic around it!”

I rolled my eyes.

“Just eat up let’s go home, I’m tired!”

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