No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 45

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No m©r£ Room For Love Episode 45
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‘Cath£r!ne, i th!nk someth!ng is wrong with your daughter.’ Wilson said on th£ir way to th£ cops.

‘What do you mean by my daughter? And $h£ is your wife, right?’ Cath£r!ne said roll!ng h£r eyes.

Th£y had a fight earlier over Wilson ask!ng Stacy for h£lp with h¡s kidney which h£ doesn’t want to !nvolve h¡s children.

‘I’m sorry ab©vt earlier, i would call up Doctor Juanz later and put myself on th£ transplant list aga!n though it would take a while to get up to th£ top but Cath£r!ne, i promise to give you anoth£r child before i pa$$ on.’ h£ said jok!ngly at th£ latter part, which got Cath£r!ne giggl!ng.

‘Funny.’ $h£ giggled aga!n.

‘But j√$t don’t ask me to !nvolve Stacy, $h£ might not even be a match.’

‘Okay, but what do you mean by someth!ng is wrong with Kate. Are you referr!ng to h£r rude attitudes.’ $h£ asked.

‘No, i mean $h£ seemed pale like someone who j√$t exhausted h£r n!nth life.’ Wilson said with a worried face.

‘What are you say!ng?’ $h£ enquired with a confused stare.

‘I may be wrong Cath£r!ne.’

‘Are you th!nk!ng what I’m th!nk!ng Wilson but we have to take some tests to be sure Wilson.’

‘Don’t both£r, i already did that wh£n $h£ was born.’ Wilson replied.

Cath£r!ne was surprised Wilson had Kate ch£cked ©vt for any sign of what h£ was suffer!ng from h¡mself.

‘Emm how?’

‘Don’t sweat it Cath£r!ne, you were still !n th£ !ntensive ¢ar£ unit and i j√$t had to [email protected]!$fy my curiosity.’ h£ revealed.

‘Talk to h£r th£n.’

‘$h£ won’t talk to me wh£n i tried f!nd!ng ©vt if $h£ was sick.’ Wilson said with worry.

‘Wilson, your daughter is pregnant with two babies, of course $h£’s stressed ©vt.’ Cath£r!ne !nterjected.

‘No, take anoth£r look. You are a woman and should be able to tell th£ difference b£tweeΠ a h£avily pregnant woman and a sick one.’ Wilson tried to clarify and that got Cath£r!ne worried.

‘I’m sure Nectar would have said anyth!ng if it was that serious. You know that guy loves your daughter so much, and you did a good job pick!ng a wonderful man Wilson.’ $h£ said try!ng to take h£r m!nd off th£ fear breed!ng !n h£r m!nd.

‘Yeah, that i’m proud of.’ h£ gr!nned.

‘Did I tell you, h£ was th£ fath£r of th£ babies?’

‘You never mentioned, how did that happen?’ Wilson replied.

‘You were so angry that you didn’t pay attention to your daughter’s rant!ng ab©vt sleep!ng with h¡m th£ first time Nectar came to th£ house. But that’s f!ne now so you j√$t have to f!nd a better way of gett!ng through to h£r as a friend not as h£r Dad.’

‘Okay, Can we see h£r on our way [email protected]¢k from th£ Cops? Wilson asked and h¡s wife nodded.


“Kate.” Nectar called up h¡s sleep!ng wife. $h£ has been sleep!ng s!nce that h£ated argument earlier.

‘What is it aga!n Nectar?’ Kate asked fa!ntly.

‘Your friends are wait!ng d©wΠstairs for quite some time now.’

‘I will be with th£m soon.’ Kate said and fi$h£d h£r shirt from th£ wardrobe as $h£ was !n a short earlier.

$h£ quickly hurried d©wΠ to meet h£r guests.

‘Kate you look unwell!’ Both Eve and Annette chorused grabb!ng th£ attention of Kate who came d©wΠ to meet th£m.

‘I’m f!ne girls, j√$t woke up but you didn’t tell me you were com!ng.’ Kate asked with a sad tone.

‘Matt’s called ab©vt your husband need!ng some h£lp plann!ng your baby shower.’ Eve said smil!ng.

‘I’m sure Matt’s was ₱v||!ng your legs.’ j√$t th£n $h£ saw Nectar pa$$!ng by with h¡s car keys.

‘Nectar do you need h£lp with any baby shower?’ Kate asked to get Nectar’s attention. h£ j√$t nodded. ‘Not sure.’

‘Go!ng somewh£re?’ Kate furth£r asked.

‘Yes, but can I see you for a m!nute Kate.’ Nectar asked pray!ng $h£ would j√$t talk calmly and not embarra$$ h¡m.

‘Okay!’ Kate replied and walked closer to wh£re h£ was stand!ng. ‘Be snappy with it Nectar.’ $h£ said softly.

‘Don’t get mad please. I j√$t want to clear my conscience with what happened th¡s morn!ng with… …’ h£ said and begun to stammer.

‘You mean Pearl and you want to ch£ck on h£r h£alth right. Well that’s not a problem Nectar so you can go.’ $h£ was ab©vt to walk away, wh£n h£ h£ld h£r by th£ right [email protected]

‘Please I will be [email protected]¢k soon and I want you to know I don’t plan on sle…. e…’

Kate !nterrupted aga!n. ‘You don’t plan on sleep!ng with h£r. I get it Nectar, k!ndly go and if you would need to sleep over, j√$t give me a call so I wouldn’t worry.’

Kate walked away while Nectar smiled to h£r friends th£n bump!ng !nto Matt’s who j√$t chuckled.

‘Wh£re is your husband off to now?’ Matt’s asked wh£n $h£ walked to meet h£r friends.

‘Can we focus now Matt’s?’

‘Sure.’ Matt’s replied realiz!ng $h£ didn’t want to talk ab©vt it.

‘Why did you lie to th£se two h£re ab©vt a non- existence baby shower?’ Kate asked smil!ng.

Matt’s smiled weirdly.

‘I j√$t thought you needed company so i asked th£m h£re.’

‘Thank you, Mrs. Drake.’ Kate t£@$ed while th£ girls started ask!ng questions.


‘Mr. Santa! Th£se are serious allegations aga!nst your mom and you know we would need an evidence to at least collaborate your claims.’

‘That’s not a problem at all officer.’ Cath£r!ne who has not said a word !n th£re all th¡s time f!nally spoke up.

‘Okay, let’s have it tomorrow so we can do th£ arrest soon.’ Th£ Officer said a$$ur!ng th£m.


Nectar arrived at Pearl’s and saw someone rush!ng ©vt who doesn’t look so familiar.

h£ tried to call h¡m but h£ quickly got |ns!de h¡s car and drove off.

‘Pearl its Nectar, please open up.’

$h£ opened th£ door immediately but still hold!ng on to it.

‘I j√$t saw someone run off from h£re. Who was that?’ Nectar questioned Pearl who looked quite better.

Pearl h¡ssed wh£n $h£ realized it was h¡m. ‘You ru!ned my sleep.’

Nectar glared at h¡s face and sigh£d.

‘You look f!ne now but let me ch£ck you ©vt.’ h£ said and walked to th£ couch wh£re Pearl seemed to have been ly!ng earlier.

Th£re was silence for a while and h£ tried to do h¡s ch£cks. ‘Pearl you still haven’t given me an answer to my question.’

‘Which question?’

‘Who was that?’ h£ stressed.

‘Why are you so curious? And you are suddenly act!ng as if you ¢ar£ ab©vt anyth!ng that has to do with me.’

‘I do ¢ar£ but not th£ way you want me to.’

‘Well, that was Andy! I bet you didn’t take a look at th£ envelope I brought because if you did, you would have recognized h¡m.’ Pearl furth£r said.

‘My wife’s Andy?’ h£ asked surprised.

‘Aha!’ $h£ glared.

‘What do you have do!ng with h¡m Pearl?’ h£ asked.

‘Don’t ask me that silly question wh£n I got !nto th¡s mess because of your search for love. You brought all th¡s on me.’ $h£ said fa!ntly while [email protected]!ng !n pa!n.

‘You want to tell me you were work!ng with h¡m and Jane all th¡s while?’ Nectar asked th¡s time not surprised.

‘Nectar I gave you everyth!ng I got on th£m. Ch£ck it ©vt and leave me alone because i need to sleep.’ $h£ said and covered h£rself with h£r $h£ets.

‘Matt’s would look !nto th£m.’ h£ replied calmly now.

‘Why are you even h£re !n th£ first place?’ Pearl asked wh£n $h£ realized h£ was calm.

‘I came to ch£ck on you because i told you to call me and you didn’t but obviously you had your [email protected] fvll.’

‘What is that supposed to mean Nectar?’

‘You might have been sleep!ng with Andy all th¡s while. Is h£ th£ fath£r of that child?’

h£ asked hop!ng th¡s burden would be lifted off with a confession from h£r.

‘You know what, th!nk whatever you want to because i know you are responsible for th¡s child as I would never ch£at on you unlike you do to your wife and i hope $h£ knows you are h£re.’ $h£ asked and coiled [email protected]¢k !n h£r $h£ets while Nectar raised h£r h£ad to give it some ease on h¡s laps as h£ had occupied part of th£ couch earlier.

h£ watch£d h£r sleep! Th£n h£ wondered what has gotten !nto Pearl, $h£ was act!ng weird. Could $h£ have really changed? h£ kept ask!ng h¡mself until h£ slept off.

To be cont!nued

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