No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 46

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No m©r£ Room For Love Episode 46
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‘Pearl, how long was I ©vt?’

‘j√$t a few hours I guess. It’s now six !n th£ even!ng.’ Pearl who was stand!ng by th£ kitch£n door with a cup of what seemed like coffee.

Nectar frowned and h¡s eyes fell on th£ coffee cup !n h£r [email protected]

‘Are you sure, you should be tak!ng coffee?’ h£ asked locat!ng h¡s phone on th£ table beside th£ couch.

‘It’s tea Nectar. You ¢ar£ for some?’ $h£ asked walk!ng closer.

‘Pearl, I have overstayed my visit so I got to run now.’ Nectar said and stood up almost immediately.

‘Okay Sa!nt, your wife kept call!ng!’

‘What and why didn’t you wake me up? You did th¡s on purpose Pearl.’

‘Nectar relax, I j√$t thought I shouldn’t be answer!ng your calls.’ $h£ said honestly.

‘But you could have woken me up at least but never m!nd and don’t forget you have an appo!ntment with Sly.’

Nectar said and ru$h£d ©vt of th£re !n a hurry.


Nectar entered th£ house and all eyes were on h¡m. h£ met Kate at th£ door who probably came to open th£ door wh£n $h£ h£ard h¡s car driv!ng !n.

‘Kate I’m sorry, I j√$t slept off.’

‘That’s f!ne Nectar and for what it’s worth Pearl has actually done someth!ng good for once.’ $h£ walked away from h¡m to wh£re h¡s family was seated.

Kate was however relieved h£ came [email protected]¢k home because $h£ thought h£ would sleep over at Pearl’s aga!n.

h£ walked closer and greeted h¡s !n laws and fla$h£d Kate a smile while Matt’s j√$t chuckled focus!ng on h£r f!nd!ngs from th£ envelope Pearl brought.


Nectar looked from Wilson to Cath£r!ne th£n from Kate to Matt’s. Th£y were so engrossed !n whatever th£y were read!ng.

h£ tried to sit beside Kate who rolled h£r eyes earlier. h£ got th£ message loud and clear and s!nce th£ oth£r spaces were filled up with papers, h£ walked to th£ d!nn!ng and ₱v||ed a chair while h£ listened !nto th£ir discussions.

‘Dad are you sure, th£se were all th£ women you slept with?’ Kate suddenly asked after a long silence.

h£ kept to h¡mself for a while and realized all eyes were on h¡m.

Kate j√$t asked a question for th£ first time with©vt be!ng rude and Wilson knew h£ had to answer ¢ar£fvlly because that might be th£ breakthrough h£ needed.

Cath£r!ne shook h£r husband by th£ shoulder to get h¡s attention.

‘Emmm yeah! Except your mom.’ h£ said quickly and looked away.

‘Okay but I don’t understand why or how Pearl got Mummy Claudia’s picture.’ Kate asked confused. ‘$h£ wasn’t part of your league of concub!nes, or was $h£?’

‘Kate! Don’t start.’ Cath£r!ne called ©vt.

‘Sorry Mom, but it doesn’t make s£nse. I get why Andy’s picture is !n h£re because h£ probably had a th!ng with Pearl.’

‘Katie don’t sweat it ©vt, th£ b***h is a detective and probably j√$t got !nformation’s on everyone.’ Matt’s said with a frown.

‘Matt’s that’s not th£ problem and it seems you forgot th¡s picture.’ $h£ [email protected] th£ picture to h£r friend.

‘Was I supposed to remember?’

‘It’s th£ same one I carry along all th£ time [email protected]¢k th£n with Andy. How did h£ get it Matt’s?’

‘Katie, I’m a lawyer and not a detective so ask th£ b***h h£rself.’ Matt’s said and h£r eyes fell on someth!ng on th£ paper.

‘You ladies should m!nd your terms.’ Cath£r!ne said watch!ng Kate sternly.

‘Okay mom.’ Kate replied.

‘And who is th¡s Pearl you keep mention!ng, a friend to th£ family?’

Kate and Matt’s looked weirdly at each oth£r th£n th£ir eyes located Nectar sitt!ng !n th£ d!n!ng with a confused expression.

‘Nectar’s Mis…’ Matt’s was ab©vt to say wh£n Kate !nterrupted.

‘Mom, $h£’s a detective Nectar hired.’ Kate said and looked to h¡s direction, $h£ thought $h£ saw h¡m say thank you.

h£r mom kept look!ng at h£r for a while and wh£n th£ir gazes met $h£ smiled.

‘But th¡s is Stacy’s birth cert! Ch£ck th£ date and time on that, Mr. Wilson.’ Matt’s suddenly blurted ©vt.

h£ quickly grabb£d th£ file. ‘Let me see that.’

‘That looks familiar to you?’ Matt’s asked.

Th¡s time @r0vnd Kate was look!ng !n h¡s Dad’s direction hop!ng for all th¡s to end soon.

‘Dad is everyth!ng alright because you suddenly look like you’ve seen a ghost. Maybe you should take a seat.’

Cath£r!ne who was seated h£ld h¡s [email protected] to get a seat.

‘Wilson, let me have a look.’ h£ tossed th£ birth cert to h¡s wife and grabb£d h¡s phone from h¡s !nner pocket and quickly dialed th£ last number h£ called yesterday.

‘h£llo, I have all you need so can we proceed th¡s even!ng.’ h£ waited for a response and frowned. ‘It should be possible officer so j√$t get it done or I do that myself.’

‘Wilson….’ Cath£r!ne called softly to draw h¡s attention to h¡s anger.

‘Thank you, I’m on my way.’ h£ replied and quickly hanged up and met Kate’s accus!ng eyes all over h¡m.

‘Dad, th£re is noth!ng extraord!nary on th¡s paper and was that th£ police station?’ Kate asked almost stand!ng up.

‘Yes, and I would have to expla!n later so you j√$t relax h£re.’

‘But what’s go!ng on?’ Kate asked curiously.

‘Jane would need to face me tonight because $h£ has done enough damage to th¡s family. Matt’s would go with us so $h£ can fill you !n after th£ arrest.’ Wilson said and sighted Nectar by th£ d!n!ng table.

‘Okay, Dad.’

‘We got to run son, take ¢ar£ of h£r.’ h£ smiled direct!ng h¡s gaze to Kate’s direction.


‘Andy, are you sure of what you j√$t told me?’

‘Jane, I have no idea what h£ came to do th£re at that time but everyth!ng shows Pearl is pregnant for h¡m.’

‘No wonder Pearl doesn’t pay attention to you.’ Cath£r!ne t£@$ed.

‘How could you be mak!ng a joke right now wh£n our problems are pil!ng up.

‘Pil!ng up how?’

‘Remember I still haven’t gotten th£ money you promised me and Pearl keeps blackmail!ng me with whatever $h£ recorded from that conversation with you !n th£ bar.’

‘Andy you worry too much, Wilson would not dare touch a hair on my b©dy with©vt implicat!ng Stacy and you know $h£ is !n th¡s as well so don’t worry we can’t go d©wΠ for th¡s.’

Jane said rubb!ng h¡s th¡ghs, which looked like th£y were hav!ng a moment j√$t th£n a knock came on th£ door.

Th£ police barged !n hurriedly and quickly h£ld th£m roughly.

‘Wilson what is th¡s!’ Jane yelled as $h£ was be!ng [email protected]

‘Mom, how did you conv!nce Claudia to sign that do¢vment attach£d to th£ birth cert and why would $h£ even want to do someth!ng like that?’

‘You are naive Wilson.’ Jane laugh£d with an evil tone.

‘Was h£r death even an accident? Mom talk to me.’ Wilson was on top of h¡s voice yell!ng.

‘Why don’t you ask h£r wh£n you meet h£r soon.’ Jane said with©vt remorse.

‘What k!nd of a moth£r are you Jane.’ h£ asked.

‘Th£ k!nd of moth£r who took ¢ar£ of your premature daughter for several years. Do you know what I have to go through for that girl while you completely ignored me because of th¡s shameless woman.’ $h£ po!nted to Cath£r!ne stand!ng by Wilson.

‘Don’t call my wife shameless because you are rath£r th£ shameless one so now tell me how you did it. Who’s still born did I bury that day?’

‘Ahaaaa!’ Jane laugh£d aga!n while th£ policeman hold!ng h£r t!ghtened h¡s grips on h£r.

‘Answer me.’ h£ said ₱v||!ng Jane who was struggl!ng to get free from th£ [email protected] Andy who was already ₱u$h£d to th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ police van was speechless as to how untimely it was.

‘Even Claudia knew you were not capable of tak!ng ¢ar£ of any one less alone Cath£r!ne.’

‘What does that even mean wh£n Claudia was a happy woman?’

‘You th!nk any woman would be happy with anoth£r woman hav!ng h£r husband’s child wh£n $h£ j√$t found ©vt $h£ could get pregnant after all.’ Jane said.

‘It still doesn’t make s£nse mom because th£ Claudia I knew would never give h£r cons£nt to whatever went on and if $h£ was afraid h£r child wouldn’t receive th£ best ¢ar£, $h£ would have talked to me.’ Wilson said ₱ush!ng [email protected]¢k h¡s tears.

Jane laugh£d. ‘You are laughable right now Wilson.’

‘Th¡s isn’t funny mom.’

‘You were dy!ng even with one kidney so who do you expect $h£ entrust h£r child to? Cath£r!ne th£ street home breaker?’

j√$t th£n a slap came from Cath£r!ne. Jane couldn’t scratch h£r face.

‘I’ve been mean!ng to do that all th£se years.’ Cath£r!ne said and Jane hold!ng h£r tears [email protected]¢k from th£ slap.

‘You should have been th£ one who died !n that car crash but you were lucky to escape.’ Jane said to annoy th£m.

‘Don’t tell me you caused that accident too mom.’ Wilson asked with a h£avy h£art.

‘What if I did?’ $h£ replied.

‘Mom you are wicked. You killed my wife and you stand th£re not both£red and how did you even get your [email protected] Stacy.’ Wilson asked curiously.

‘It seems you still don’t get th£ wh0l£ picture.’ Jane said almost immediately.

‘Enlighten me mom.’ h£ said angrily know!ng h¡s mom’s paranoia would make h£r talk.

‘You trust your Doctor, right? But next time don’t even trust yourself because h£ betrayed you Wilson.’

‘Why would h£ do that and for what reason?’ h£ asked almost !n tears.

‘That you need to f!nd ©vt but maybe a favor from a beautiful dy!ng woman.’ Jane t£@$ed.

‘Mr. Santa, we need to get go!ng because we got everyth!ng we need right h£re.’ Th£ police raised up th£ir recorder. No one was aware th£y were record!ng.

Jane was been dragged away wh£n $h£ paused to face Cath£r!ne.

‘Your guilt should be kill!ng you now because you chose th£ wrong time to go !nto labor and Claudia giv!ng me Stacy after h£r birth was supposed to be a peaceful one but you ru!ned it wh£n you had to drag h£r !nto your car and I hate you for that Cath£r!ne because unlike Wilson who had a few m©r£ years, Claudia had j√$t months but I bet h£ wasn’t even aware as h£ couldn’t make time for h¡s wife s!nce you came !nto h¡s life. ‘

‘Omg, you are evil Jane.’ Cath£r!ne snarled.

‘You will regret to have chos£n th£ wrong family Cath£r!ne because I would still hurt you even !n jail as you took everyth!ng I was ever attach£d to from me.’ Jane said and spat !n h£r face.

‘Officers I th!nk we are done h£re.’ Wilson said and grabb£d a seat barely hold!ng on.

Matt’s who was silence all that while watch!ng th£ family drama [email protected] over h£r [email protected] to Cath£r!ne.

As Jane entered, Andy fla$h£d h£r an I told you so face. ‘I still need my money because I have a sick moth£r so don’t th!nk I did th¡s for myself.’

‘Our deal is over Andy.’ Jane said annoy!ngly.

‘You had better arrange that money.’ Andy wh¡spered to Jane while $h£ leaned h£r h£ad aga!nst th£ van.


‘Kate, your mom called!’ Nectar sh©vted ©vt to Kate who was !n th£ shower for close to an hour.

$h£ came ©vt almost immediately barely cover!ng h£rself with j√$t th£ towel.

‘What did $h£ say?’ Kate asked impatiently.

‘Grams and Andy has been arrested but Matt’s would give us details later.’

‘Okay thank you.’ $h£ said and walked to h£r wardrobe and fixed h£rself up.

‘I would h£ad to b£d now.’ h£ announced scratch!ng h¡s h£ad noisily.

‘How is $h£ Nectar?’ Kate asked!

‘Huh!’ h£ found h¡s voice.

‘I mean is pearl f!ne?’ $h£ asked aga!n ly!ng on h£r b£d while Nectar did th£ same.

‘Yeah, and sorry I missed your calls.’

‘That’s f!ne because i was j√$t !nform!ng you mom and dad had arrived.’ $h£ clarified calmly.

‘Okay but are you okay Kate?’ Nectar asked ₱ush!ng h¡mself closer to h£r on th£ b£d.

‘Yes, why do you ask?’ $h£ queried.

‘Because you ratted me ©vt to my sister. $h£ hates me now and you hate me too.’

‘Nectar what do you expect we do because I’m tired of go!ng [email protected]¢k and forth.’

‘I don’t know yet Kate.’

‘Alright, let me get some sleep and your phone keeps r!ng!ng, you should pick it up.’

h£ looked at h¡s phone and turned d©wΠ th£ volume.

‘Sorry ab©vt that?’

‘Would you be available for antenatal tomorrow?’ $h£ asked. ‘I’m start!ng my second week of th£ seventh month !n case you forgot.’

‘No Kate, I haven’t! I would be available.’ h£ said.

‘Good, I’m sleepy now so turn off th£ lights wh£n you are done sort!ng yourself ©vt.’

Kate ₱v||ed th£ duvet over h£rself and rested h£r h£ad gently.

To be cont!nued

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