No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 48

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No m©r£ Room For Love Episode 48
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‘Sly, I j√$t asked you why my wife is ly!ng on that cold table sacred ©vt of h£r m!nd.’

‘Relax Glover.’

‘Or can’t you see h£r look!ng @r0vnd. Have you even told h£r $h£ is ab©vt to watch h£rself go under th£ knife? Nectar asked with a raised tone wh£n h£ realized that was what Sly had !n m!nd.

‘A h£morrhage happened and we need to do an open surgery.’ Sly f!nally said after two m!nutes of silence.

‘No, $h£ can’t [email protected] it. You know I can do th¡s with anesth£tic so give me way!’ Nectar said furiously and Sly block!ng h¡s pa$$age through th£ door.

‘You know you can’t do that Glover. Your license would be revoked. I hope you understand what is at stake h£re.’ Sly said barely ¢©Πtr0|l!ng h¡s emotions.

‘So, what if I get kicked ©vt of practice because I saved my wife. Sly you know I don’t really ¢ar£ ab©vt that now because that woman !n th£re is much valuable than th£ lives I’ve saved s!nce I jo!ned you !n th¡s hospital.’

‘I know but you can’t go !n now.’

‘What k!nd of a doctor would I be if I can’t save my own wife. So i prefer to be a shameless and jobless man than lose my wife.’ Nectar said with an overflow of tears.

‘Nectar.’ Cath£r!ne called from beh!nd ‘Allow th£ good doctor do h¡s job.’

‘But Mom I can’t allow h¡m screw up everyth!ng.’

‘Th£n get h¡m whatever !nformation h£ came ©vt to get from you. I believe that’s why h£’s ©vt.’

‘Okay mommy.’ h£ replied like a good boy.

‘And get over your fears and pray h£ could save your wife so it doesn’t end up as Keisha!’ Cath£r!ne advised barely hold!ng on.

‘I don’t know how to do that mommy.’

Cath£r!ne ignored h¡m for a second because $h£ was also hav!ng troubles pray!ng for h£r daughter.

‘And you still haven’t gone to see Pearl as i !nstructed Nectar. $h£’s a human be!ng so you don’t get to use h£r and dump h£r.’ Cath£r!ne said angrily.

‘Mom, I can’t stand two pressures now and th¡s is wh£re my h£art is so pardon me for now but i would see Pearl once your daughter is okay.’ Nectar said honestly and Cath£r!ne nodded.

‘I would trust you to make th£ right decision.’ h¡s moth£r !n law said and h£ nodded.

‘Now Sly, what did you say you need.’ h£ focused [email protected]¢k on h¡s friend.

Sly drew h¡m closer and th£y got talk!ng. For what seemed like a m!nute, th£ two doctors nodded to each oth£r and Sly patted h¡m while walk!ng away.

‘Sly?’ Nectar called ©vt wh£n h£ was almost through th£ door. ‘Save h£r wh£n it comes to it because we can always have anoth£r baby.’

‘But…..’ Sly was ab©vt to deny wh£n Nectar !nterrupted.

‘No buts so do th£ needful.’ Nectar said rath£r keenly. ‘Whatever cons£nt $h£ signed I believe I can make changes. At least i can ask that of you as a friend.’ h£ said and walked away bump!ng !nto Matts who j√$t stared at h¡m.

Doctor Sly ru$h£d !n and th£ rest watch£d !n th£ auditorium. Nectar could barely concentrate on whatever !nformation h£ was giv!ng ©vt to th£ Doctor’s from wh£re h£ stood.

For a while h£ was grateful everyth!ng was go!ng on smoothly though with some few try and errors, th£ babies f!nally came ©vt cry!ng. Nectar saw Sly fix!ng th£m !n th£ir respective !ncubators.

Sly looked up f!nally and Nectar got th£ same expression h£ normally gives to h¡s patient’s family wh£n th£y pa$$ on.

‘No.’ h£ yelled draw!ng th£ attention of both Cath£r!ne and Matt’s who were already !n tears.

h£ ru$h£d !n th£re as if h£ was be!ng chased bump!ng !nto Stacy !n th£ hall way.

‘Get th¡s on me now.’ h£ sh©vted at th£ nurses while po!nt!ng at th£ green overall.

‘Nectar take th£ babies now because $h£ is already gone even long before th£ last procedure.’ Sly said signal!ng th£ nurses to pick up th£ babies who were fixed !n th£ir small !ncubator and yet to be transferred to th£ir appropriate place know!ng very well Nectar wouldn’t m!nd h¡m.

‘No, $h£ is not so, get th£ children ©vt. And nurse get me a crush can.’ h£ said almost los!ng it.’

‘What are you do!ng Glover?’ h£ asked wh£n h£ put on h¡s gloves and fixed h¡s [email protected] |ns!de h¡s wife’s opened abdomen wh£re $h£ was cut.

‘I can feel a tear !n th£ lower abdomen and i j√$t need to get it fixed.’

‘Th£re’s noth!ng th£re because i ch£cked very well.’ Sly said as h£ realized Nectar was practically los!ng it because h£ made sure everyth!ng went on well.

For a wh0l£ thirty m!nutes, Nectar gave up and sat on th£ floor. h£ fixed th£ supposed tear but still Kate didn’t wake up.

Matts who was peep!ng through th£ th£atre w!ndow couldn’t [email protected] h£rself, $h£ turned away and met Wilson com!ng h£r way.

$h£ was hold!ng h£r tears [email protected]¢k but th£ look on Wilson’s face made h£r cry ©vt loud.

Stacy on sight!ng h£r cry!ng Dad, practically ru$h£d !nto h¡s arms.

‘I’m sorry Dad.’ $h£ cried ©vt.

Nectar was ab©vt to turn away after a few m©r£ m!nutes wh£n a miracle happened. Th£ monitors started respond!ng.

h£ stared to be sure h£ wasn’t dream!ng. Nectar only came ©vt of h¡s trance wh£n Doctor Sly filed pa$$ h¡m and started patch!ng h£r up.

‘Glover, get over h£re and h£lp me fix th£ Oxygen! If you are los!ng your job, you should lose for a good reason.’

‘I told you th£re was a tear.’ h£ murmured with tears !n h¡s eyes.

‘You were right and def!nitely have good eyes for th¡s k!nd of surgeries.’

‘Be gentle you don’t rip th£ thread apart.’ Nectar said [email protected]!ng.

Th£y did a collective f!nal work and cleaned Kate up who had been ru$h£d d©wΠ to th£ !ntensive ¢ar£ Unit for furth£r monitor!ng.


‘Wilson, it seems th£ worse is over but wh£re did you go s!nce morn!ng.’ Cath£r!ne asked h£r husband who had gone miss!ng s!nce Kate was brought !n.

‘I went to see Jane!’

‘Jane? Why?’

‘I had to warn h£r to stay away from my family.’ Wilson said with relief.

‘How did it go th£n!’ $h£ asked though h¡s facial expression had already given h£r th£ answer.

‘Cath£r!ne my mom is sick !n th£ h£ad, i believe that now.’

‘Wow, f!nally someone has agreed i wasn’t wrong.’ Cath£r!ne made a joke.

‘I realized that wh£n $h£ was bragg!ng ab©vt how $h£ wanted to get rid of Nectar but Mandela happened to get to th£ir meet!ng po!nt first which got h¡m killed. Sorry i doubted you all along but $h£ doesn’t get to hurt anyone aga!n.’

‘You mean jane was responsible for Mandela’s death.’ Cath£r!ne asked.

‘Exactly so if everyth!ng works ©vt, $h£ should be gett!ng a death s£ntence.’ Wilson said pa!nfvlly.

‘No wonder th£ cops couldn’t f!nd anyth!ng dur!ng th£ir !nvestigations.’ Matts who was eavesdropp!ng to th£ couple’s conversation chipped !n.

‘Yeah, my mom was very ¢ar£ful but $h£’s already pay!ng for it.’ Wilson said and Matt’s walked away from th£m by th£ door meet!ng Sly and h£r broth£r watch!ng Kate closely.

‘Glover, whatever you did !n th£re was above my expertise.’ Doctor Sly said after th£ worse was over.

‘I’m not sure if $h£ would wake up th£ same though I have tried my best.’ Nectar replied rath£r sadly.

Matt’s spied th£m for a while and walked away to get a seat beside Kate while h£r broth£r followed to get a seat by h£r as well. Sly gestured h¡m slightly and was walk!ng ©vt wh£n th£y got !nterrupted by a voice and footsteps.

‘Matts, is th£re any change yet.’ $h£ turned and saw Drake and h¡s friends walk!ng to wh£re $h£ was seated with Nectar as th£y ignored each oth£r.

Th£y have been frequent!ng th£ hospital for th£ past one week.

‘Nectar sit d©wΠ and let h¡m be!’ $h£ said wh£n Nectar angrily stood up to stop Drake from com!ng any closer to th£m.

‘I don’t need h¡m h£re.’ Nectar said.

‘Katie would have wanted h¡m to be h£re, besides I’m [email protected]¢k with h¡m now !n case you hadn’t noticed so i don’t need you fight!ng my love troubles for me.’ Matts told h¡s broth£r with anger.

h£ frowned and hit h¡s [email protected] on th£ b£dpost th£n th£ monitors started beep!ng.

Nurses kept rush!ng !n while Nectar did h¡s ch£cks. For ab©vt ten m!nutes, $h£ f!nally started breath!ng.

‘$h£ is com!ng @r0vnd now.’ Nectar sigh£d and slumped !nto th£ seat beside Kate’s b£d.

To be cont!nued

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