No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 49

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Cath£r!ne knocked gently on Pearl’s door.

‘Can I come !n?’ $h£ asked softly and avoided h£r gaze for a while, signal!ng th£ nurse who was with h£r to go.

‘I believe you know who I am already.’

Pearl nodded h£r h£ad. ‘Can you talk because I’m furious right now and could slap you !n th£ face right ab©vt now but I’m a woman and can’t hit anoth£r for mistakes $h£ made ©vt of love for anoth£r who didn’t belong to h£r !n th£ first place.’


‘Whatever reasons you had sleep!ng with a married man, I don’t want to know but tell me, would you have preferred anoth£r woman treat you th£ same way?’

Pearl nodded h£r h£ad slightly.

‘I’m ask!ng you a question, so open your m©vth and talk to me.’

‘No!’ Pearl responded fac!ng th£ oth£r end of h£r b£d.

‘Do you plan on do!ng that to my daughter aga!n because next time I might commit murder and you are a detective so you should be able to tell if someone mean th£ir threats but Kate is f!ne now so I would cut you some slack for j√$t th¡s onetime.’

‘Tha…nk you.’

‘Leave th£ir marriage alone though my daughter as stubborn and rude as $h£ always had a good h£art but not to watch anoth£r woman ru!n yet anoth£r relationship for h£r. Trust me $h£ would have hurt you so bad but com!ng to th!nk of it why would $h£ sit [email protected]¢k and watch h£r man sleep with anoth£r woman. Th£n $h£ does noth!ng ab©vt it because that doesn’t sound like a woman who has been hurt severally by men.’ Cath£r!ne was ask!ng h£rself loudly.

‘LOVE!’ Pearl responded.

‘What did you say?’ Cath£r!ne who was caught off guard asked.

‘I said love.’ Pearl answered honestly.

‘Well that’s not a bad attempt Pearl because I thought $h£ was j√$t tired of be!ng s!ngle and probably did all that for h£r kids but thank you for rem!nd!ng me th£re is someth!ng called love. I mean $h£’s capable of love after all.’ Cath£r!ne said with a happy tone.

‘Yes, $h£ is.’ Pearl muttered.

‘What are your plans now?’ $h£ asked aga!n.

‘I would go [email protected]¢k to wh£re I started from and start all over aga!n.’ Pearl answered stammer!ng.

‘Anyb©dy wait!ng for you home?’ Cath£r!ne asked curiously.

‘Yes, I have a family [email protected]¢k home.’ $h£ could barely look h£r !n th£ eye.

‘Are th£y expect!ng you or you need h£lp with that.’ $h£ asked aga!n.

‘Th£y are not and i would appreciate your h£lp with that because s!nce I run off with Nectar, I cut all contacts.’

Pearl said shyly.

‘Children of today, th£y don’t want to grow up!’ Cath£r!ne exclaimed and stared at h£r for a while.

Th£n Pearl broke d©wΠ !n tears. Cath£r!ne, who was compelled to console h£r decided aga!nst it at th£ last m!nute.

‘I’m not sure anyone would accept me with©vt a womb.’ $h£ cried ©vt.

$h£ f!nally m©v£d closer and enveloped h£r !n h£r arms.

‘It’s okay, you will figure that ©vt soon. Not everyone wants a child of th£ir own so be true to yourself and anyone @r0vnd you.’

j√$t th£n Wilson came !n startl!ng th£m. ‘Glover and th£ wife are h£re Cath£r!ne.’ $h£ stood up and patted Pearl on th£ [email protected]¢k.

‘I would ask Nectar for your number so we could talk ab©vt reach!ng your family.’ Cath£r!ne said and walked meet!ng confused Wilson at th£ door.

‘I’m sorry, k!ndly let Kate know that.’ Pearl blurted ©vt to Cath£r!ne. $h£ smiled [email protected]¢k to Pearl seated on th£ b£d still nervous and embarra$$ed.


Nectar sat beside h£r b£dside, looked on as Sly ch£cked h£r ©vt. Kate who could barely talk or see clearly kept mak!ng gestures but nob©dy both£red to ask what $h£ was referr!ng to so $h£ drifted to sleep.

‘Sly is $h£ go!ng to be alright.’ Nectar asked after a long while.

‘For now, yes but you can monitor h£r for th£ next few hours because you still have a few days to get an official letter revok!ng your license.’ Sly mentioned.

Kate though asleep but could h£ar everyth!ng @r0vnd h£r.

$h£ dropped a tear from h£r ducts upon h£ar!ng th£ two men talk, th£n $h£ knew Nectar had to put h¡s job on th£ l!ne for h£r.

‘Sly I would really appreciate it if you could take ¢ar£ of th¡s. I’m not sure $h£ would want to see me after all that I did.’

‘Glover, at least $h£ is still your wife for now.’

‘Not for long Sly!’ Nectar replied.

‘Are you giv!ng up already?’ Sly asked.

‘What should I do th£n because I realized from th£ very onset I was j√$t focused on fight!ng for th£ love I feel for h£r, I didn’t give h£r th£ chance to work on whatever $h£ didn’t feel for me. $h£ did all that alone and all I did was add to h£r problems.’ Nectar said with emotions.

‘So, you want to let go with©vt f!nd!ng ©vt what $h£ wants.’ Sly asked aga!n.

‘I already know what $h£ wants and I would give that to h£r with©vt any hustle.’ Nectar said focus!ng on Kate’s m©v£ment.


‘I was busy blam!ng h£r for what looks like h£r personality but $h£ probably didn’t open up to me because $h£ doesn’t trust me.’

‘Was that why you ru$h£d off to Pearl?’ Sly asked.

‘Do we have to do th¡s now Sylvester?’ h£ asked ch£ck!ng if Kate was awake.

‘Yes, we have to because you have destroyed h£r womb for Christ’s sake Glover and that’s not okay with me and $h£ has been ly!ng !n th£re s!nce i brought h£r !n.’

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘$h£ has no one Glover but $h£ would love to h£ar from you because we spoke at length and $h£ kept ask!ng if you and your wife are okay. Honestly $h£ loves you and ready to let go now.’

‘You told h£r ab©vt Kate?’ Nectar could only respond to th£ later part of h¡s conversation with anoth£r annoy!ng question.

‘Yes, what do you expect wh£n you refused to see h£r and what k!nd of a man are you Glover? Pearl has been h£re s!nce three !n th£ morn!ng and s¢ar£d ©vt of h£r m!nd while carry!ng th£ rema!ns of your child which was eat!ng h£r up.’

‘I can’t see h£r Sly?’

‘Give h£r that respect as a woman and talk to h£r because you both made a mistake and clean up your mess so you start afresh with whatever decisions you might make later.’

Doctor Sly couldn’t h£lp but felt like smack!ng h¡m !n th£ face.

‘What should I be tell!ng h£r th£n? Oh, Pearl I’m sorry you lost your womb and I can’t be with you anym©r£.’

‘Yes, exactly that.’

‘Come on Sly it’s not that easy.’ h£ said.

‘But it was easy sleep!ng with h£r wh£n you had a wife at home who could give you all that you need ©vtside.’ Sly retorted.

‘Don’t patronize me Sly! That wasn’t what happened.’

‘What happened th£n?’

‘Kate wasn’t th£re at all and I was j√$t used to Pearl listen!ng to my worries because aside th£ s£×, $h£’s a good listener.’ Nectar said regrett!ng h£ even said that !n th£ first place.

‘So, you run to h£r because $h£ listens to you better than your wife?’ And don’t you th!nk $h£ wasn’t th£re to [email protected]!$fy your needs because you forced h£r to marry you?’

‘Kate was j√$t be!ng selfish from th£ beg!nn!ng Sly.’

‘You are sick Glover! That’s not a reason to ch£at on a woman as Kate.’

‘Wait until you f!nd yourself !n my shoes.’ Nectar announced.

‘I don’t need to f!nd myself !n your shoes because wh£n I first saw your wife, I wondered what a soph¡sticated woman like h£r was do!ng with a broken man like you because th£n you were still hang up on your ex-wife.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean Sly?’

‘Kate was d©wΠ to earth, !n case you hadn’t noticed.’

‘And you know that how?’

‘We don’t only talk ab©vt th£ h£alth of h£r kids and as a doctor I had to f!nd ways of gett!ng through to h£r if I was go!ng to tell h£r $h£ might not live long and luckily $h£ was ready to open up and you should know how th¡s works Glover. Most at times we end up talk!ng ab©vt you and before you even knew you were th£ fath£r of h£r kids, I was one step ah£ad of you.’

At that po!nt Nectar fla$h£d h¡m a jealous eye.

‘Don’t look at me that way Glover, I needed to know th£ medical h¡story of th£ children’s parents and $h£ seems to have no idea but i saw h£r cry many times !n h£re especially on th£ days you don’t make it to antenatal.’

‘Sorry, I was busy.’

‘Busy? Do you even know what $h£ likes ab©vt you most! I bet you didn’t pay m©r£ attention to h£r [email protected]!ng and rant!ngs and you judged those attitudes as h£r weakness because i understand th£y can put you off but that’s th£ only way $h£ could get through to you, dumb a$$.’

‘I guess i deserve that !nsult.’ Nectar !nterjected.

‘You ever wondered how $h£ could be so soft at a po!nt and th£ next feel like smack!ng you?’

‘Pride, i guess.’ Nectar replied.

‘Yes, $h£ has pride but to make a conversation with you $h£ could only rant h£r frustrations and it’s not every day, a woman as such marries a random guy from a bar.’

Nectar’s eyes popped ©vt.

‘Oh come on Glover, I’m sure at th¡s po!nt I know your wife m©r£ than you do because we do th¡s every day to h£lp our patients and !n your case you were a friend but don’t worry $h£ kept th£ !ntimate stuffs to h£rself, though most of h£r rant!ngs were genu!nely because of h£r past experiences, sometimes !nstead of talk!ng to you softly $h£ j√$t had to rant.’

‘Wh£re are you go!ng with all th¡s?’

‘You remember th£ first time you compla!ned to me and I told you to laugh it off. You were a new experience !n h£r life, $h£ thought wasn’t possible.’

Sly f!nally said gett!ng fla$h£s of tears from Nectar.

“What a waste Nectar? You are so dumb and still a child.” Kate thought with closed eyes th£n $h£ h¡ssed.

Th£re was silence b£tweeΠ th£m for a second and th£y thought th£y h£ard someth!ng.

That sound caught both doctors’ attention th£y looked to h£r direction j√$t th£n Nectar’s parents came !n tak!ng th£ir m!nd off that sound earlier.

‘Sly I have to go.’ Nectar quickly made to rush ©vt wh£n h£ got a h£avy slap from h¡s Dad.

‘You better have an explanation to why you chose to embarra$$ me th¡s way aga!n.’

h£ h£ld h¡s face while h¡s mom fidgeted with h£r [email protected]

h£ gave anoth£r slap, j√$t th£n Wilson and Cath£r!ne came !n to h¡s rescue.

‘Glover, that’s okay because my daughter is f!ne now and besides i should be react!ng that way.’ Wilson said.

‘Wilson you don’t know what I had to go through for th¡s shameless boy h£re, h£ calls h¡mself a man but yet still a child who keeps repeat!ng h¡s mistakes.’

‘You slapp!ng h¡m won’t resolve th£ issue.’ Wilson responded.

‘I wasn’t aga!nst h¡s marriage to Kate because of h£r rude attitudes but because I was afraid of yet anoth£r Keisha repeat!ng itself but h£r moth£r thought it was a good idea Kate wasn’t timid so $h£ could h£lp tame th¡s ch£at!ng bas***d but see wh£re we are now.’ Mr. Glover said fum!ng while Nectar still clutch£d to h¡s ch£eks.

‘You can see h£ has regretted h¡s actions and my daughter is sleep!ng so could we not make enough mess !n h£re already.’ Wilson spoke up and h£ld Nectar by th£ [email protected] firmly.

‘Don’t ever do that to my daughter aga!n. $h£ deserves better and whatever your reasons were don’t let it repeat itself because you would h£ar from me as I’m not dead yet and I wasn’t any better than you eith£r.’

‘Ok..ay’ h£ muttered stutter!ng.

‘And you don’t want me rem!nd!ng you that you didn’t work for th¡s marriage as i did all th£ work for you so don’t let me regret it and learn from your mistakes to make th¡s right but if you can’t [email protected] Kate, return h£r [email protected]¢k to me !n one piece.’

Nectar’s face was d©wΠ all along and as h£ was rush!ng off to escape th£ embarra$$ment h£ managed anoth£r response.

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘Now don’t run away from your mess and wh£rever you are rush!ng to now, make sure you get [email protected]¢k and fix whatever you broke.’ Wilson said and let go of h¡s [email protected]


‘Mom.’ Kate spoke up and try!ng so [email protected] to ignore h£r dad !n th£ room.

‘Yes, my dear. Do you need anyth!ng?’

‘No!’ $h£ said with much strength th¡s time.

‘Are you expect!ng someone?’

‘No mom?’

‘You’ve been look!ng @r0vnd and through th£ door for th£ past ten m!nutes. Are you look!ng for Nectar?’

j√$t th£n, Matt’s and Stacy walked !n and Kate got a surprised gr!n on h£r face. Obviously expect!ng someone else to walk through that door.

‘Stacy, come h£re! Are you okay?’ $h£ h£ld h£r [email protected] wh£n Stacy walked over and sqv££sed it for a while.

‘I’m much better today.’

‘Good but i won’t thank you j√$t yet and that’s your punishment.’ Kate said sternly.

‘Kate is that how you say thank you to your sister who j√$t saved your life?’ Cath£r!ne asked glanc!ng at Wilson to put h£r daughters on th£ right path but h£ barely bl!nked.

‘Mom don’t ask me to do that yet because th¡s girl h£re, I mean my sister needs to be puni$h£d somehow.’

‘Puni$h£d?’ Matt’s asked.

‘Don’t you all th!nk so?’ $h£ asked and no one responded. ‘Unless I lost my bra!n dur!ng surgery.’ $h£ said and looked [email protected]¢k at Stacy who only smiled.

‘It’s okay because i deserve it.’ Stacy said sadly.

‘I’m glad you agree with me.’ Kate muttered and turned to h£r friend. ‘Matt’s, no one is tell!ng me ab©vt my kids. Is everyth!ng alright with th£m because I asked you guys to save th£m and I’m still h£re.’

‘Save your breath£ pr!ncess.’ h£r mom !nterjected to save h£r from ask!ng too much questions.

‘I also h£ard some busy b©dy saved me. I hope h£ didn’t do that at th£ expense of my little ones.’

‘Katie relax, your sons are f!ne. Premature though but th£y would need time and you can see th£m once you are able to walk ab©vt.’ Matt’s said mov!ng to h£r side.

‘Th£n why are you sad.’

‘You nearly made me run mad. Don’t ever do that to me aga!n?’ Matt’s said runn!ng h£r [email protected] through h£r hair.

Kate smiled [email protected]¢k. ‘With th¡s your love for me, I should [email protected]|| sick m©r£ often so you can pamper me Matt’s.’

Kate t£@$ed fa!ntly frown!ng with th£ pa!ns $h£ can’t obviously endure and focused h£r gaze on h£r Dad stand!ng opposite h£r mom.

‘It’s not funny Katie.’

‘I know and thank you for be!ng by my side through it all.’ Kate gr!nned and turned to h£r dad. ‘Dad, can I have my freedom now or I have to leave my children for h¡m, s!nce that was th£ agreement you two made.’

‘Kate don’t worry, I got that sorted ©vt after you m©v£d !n with h¡m so you can leave wh£n you want to though I would love you to work th¡s ©vt but I won’t dictate for you anym©r£.’

‘Thank you.’ $h£ said smil!ng.

‘Was that a smile I j√$t got from you Kate?’ h£ asked stupidly.

‘You want me to take it [email protected]¢k? Fath£r of th£ year.’ $h£ h¡ssed aga!n. And mom don’t say anyth!ng because I can h£ar you make noise.’

$h£ muttered sarcastically and adj√$ted h£rself clos!ng h£r eyes.

‘You h£ard right but take it easy with Wilson from now on.’

‘Why should I do that?’

‘Because I love h¡m and you can’t hurt h¡m with©vt it gett!ng to me, besides h£’s still your fath£r.’

Kate was quiet for a while and frowned !n pa!n.

‘You two can take your love games ©vt because I need to th!nk now.’ Kate ignored h£r mom’s advice earlier.

Th£y all left later on leav!ng Stacy beh!nd. Kate wanted to be sure $h£ could [email protected] th£ office !n h£r abs£nce s!nce $h£ has given h£r half of th£ company shares.

Th£y both kept talk!ng until Kate slept off while Stacy covered h£r up and adj√$ted h£rself beside h£r sister.

**** *

Nectar walked to Pearl’s door. Stood th£re for a while. Pearl who was [email protected]¢k!ng h¡m but struggl!ng to fix h£r drip saw h¡m a few m!nutes ago but ignored.

[email protected], you eith£r come !n or step ©vt.’ Pearl blurted ©vt, rais!ng h£rself off th£ b£d.

‘Pearl, I’m sorry it ended th¡s way.’ h£ managed to say while walk!ng to h£r b£d.

‘Sorry for what exactly, Sa!nt because i lost a baby two times for you and to add up to it, i lost th£ only th!ng that would make me a moth£r. Is that what you are apologiz!ng for?’

‘I don’t know Pearl.’ h£ said honestly.

‘Or you are apologiz!ng for th£ fact that you can’t love me.’ $h£ snarled and made a mental note. ‘Oh yes! You are probably apologiz!ng for your refusal to answer my calls wh£n I needed h£lp.’

$h£ said and started cry!ng.

‘I apologize for both.’ h£ uttered with remorse.

‘It’s not your fault Sa!nt, I brought all th£se on myself because of my a$$ociation with Andy which i always knew would cause me someth!ng big but I didn’t th!nk it would be th¡s way.’

‘No, it’s my fault so you don’t have to blame yourself.

Pearl tried to make s£nse of what h£ said but $h£ couldn’t at th£ end.

‘For a moment I thought you poisoned me.’

‘How would i have done that and why?’

‘Because you slept off at my place with©vt me ask!ng you to which I could have framed you for attempted murder and get away with it but my conscience wouldn’t allow me do that to you anym©r£.’

‘Why didn’t you th£n?’ h£ asked curiously.

$h£ cleared h£r throat while wip!ng h£r face dry.

‘Though that was all I wanted to do wh£n I couldn’t reach you after I ate th£ pizza i thought came from you, i remembered ask!ng Andy for Pizza th£ very day you met h¡m at my end and i knew h£ must have ©vtsmarted me.’ Pearl said wip!ng off h£r tears.

‘I wasn’t capable of do!ng that to you Pearl.’

‘I know that so i’m releas!ng you now from th£ seduction I had over you. You can go now.’ $h£ f!nally said and rested h£rself gently on th£ b£d.

‘Pearl, I thought th£ call was one of those……’ Nectar was ab©vt to say wh£n $h£ !nterrupted.

‘You thought it was me worry!ng you aga!n with my numerous sweet words.’

‘Yes and i would have come if i kne…..’

‘I j√$t said you can go so don’t let me change my m!nd.’ Pearl yelled which startled Nectar.

h£ stood for a while, stared at h£r and walked ©vt of th£ door. h£ leaned aga!nst h£r door and murmured to h¡mself, ‘Forgive me.’

To be cont!nued

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