No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 50

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© Loudest Thoughts

‘Someone is !n a happy mood today,’ Matt’s said reach!ng for a hug.

‘Matt’s you are hurt!ng my [email protected]¢k.’

‘Sorry, how is that go!ng Katie.’ Matt’s asked dropp!ng Katie’s stuffs beside h£r b£d.

‘Sly claimed I should be f!ne soon.’ Kate said smil!ng.

‘Doctor Sly, Huh.’ Matt’s said to t£@$e and Kate found it amus!ng enough to w!nk.

‘Yes h¡m.’ Kate replied not know!ng what h£r friend had !n m!nd.

‘Ready to go home to that child you call a husband or you would be go!ng with your Mom.’

‘Matt’s, you realize that’s your broth£r you j√$t called a child right.’ Kate asked.

‘Yes, I know very well I j√$t referred to Sa!nt as th£ child, I learnt that from you Katie.’ Matt’s said stand!ng up to locate someth!ng that caught h£r eye by Kate’s b£dside.

‘Good.’ Katie muttered.

‘Katie, you got a parcel!’ Matt’s exclaimed happily.

‘Yea, I totally forgot, Sly brought it earlier.’ Kate replied.

‘Oh, I see.’ Matt’s said with a happy tone.

‘What do you see?’ Kate asked h£r friend naively.

‘At least someone is pay!ng attention to you now.’ $h£ smiled with h£r eyes focused on th£ gift. ‘You deserve it Katie and I totally would support you to leave that dumba$$ you call a husband. h£ is j√$t [email protected] with a bra!n but behaves like h£ isn’t th£ marriage type.’

‘Matts, that’s my husband and your broth£r you keep !nsult!ng that way. I ignored, you at first but please can we stop it now besides it’s different wh£n I call h¡m names.’ Kate said sternly.

‘Wow, are we go!ng to fight over Sa!nt now. Come on Katie, use h£r h£ad. Th£ guy nearly killed you.’ Matts said.

‘But h£ saved me aga!n, besides I can’t keep look!ng over my shoulders anytime my boys ask me wh£re th£ir Daddy is. I remember do!ng that a lot.’

‘Don’t tell me th¡s is ab©vt your childhood.’ Matts murmured.

‘Wilson was never @r0vnd; I see h¡m once a while but h£ never ¢ar£d. Your broth£r on th£ oth£r [email protected] was ready for th¡s with©vt even know!ng th£ truth.’

‘So? Sa!nt did all that to save h¡mself from embarra$$ment.’ Matt’s stressed.

‘And for that I would always be grateful. Any decision I would make has noth!ng to do with how I feel, but what’s best for my boys.’

‘You are mak!ng a mistake Katie.’

‘No, sleep!ng on that cold table, do you know who I kept curs!ng and wish!ng was th£re.’

Matt’s laugh£d. ‘Sa!nt?’

‘It’s funny but I watch£d Sly smile at me and all I could th!nk ab©vt wh£n I see h¡s face was your shameless broth£r.’

‘Is th¡s wh£re you tell me you love h¡m?’

Kate glared at h£r for a while. ‘I had no idea I could feel that way so let’s not talk ab©vt h¡m anym©r£ and Matts I never said I want to get [email protected]¢k with h¡m.’ Kate said know!ng very well that $h£ j√$t lied aga!n.

‘Katie, if you get [email protected]¢k with Sa!nt th£n you are do!ng that at your own risk, I won’t come nurs!ng your wounds, and that’s th£ end of our friendship.’

‘Matt’s don’t do th¡s; you are add!ng to my problems now but why are you so angry with h¡m?’

‘For me I understand why I hate h¡m now but you always had h¡s [email protected]¢k. What happened?’

‘Katie, I guess people change and get tired too. I j√$t got fed up with h¡m treat!ng women like th£y have no value.’

‘But i’m okay Matts.’

‘Pearl isn’t my dear. $h£ lost th£ baby and any opportunity of ever gett!ng pregnant aga!n and all h£ could do was claim h¡s h£art is with you and have no time to babysit Pearl.’

‘Nectar is a confused man.’ Kate managed to say.

‘Confused? Were you not th£re wh£n h£ was sleep!ng with h£r. Wh£n did h£ realize h¡s h£art was with you?’

‘I guess h£ always knew.’

‘It doesn’t make s£nse to me right now. That poor girl slept through th£ night all alone. We all admitted $h£ was wrong but h£r situation nearly led to anoth£r murder.’

‘I’m sure h£ was hurt!ng too.’ Kate was defend!ng h¡m with©vt even know!ng it.

‘Trust me Nectar wasn’t both£red for th£ past week. You f!nd h¡m sleep!ng on th¡s chair, Matt’s po!nted to th£ chair !n th£ room, hav!ng h¡s series of episodes or disturb!ng those little ones with h¡s wicked gr!ns. But if you know what you are do!ng that’s f!ne, I love you but I would need to m©v£ ©vt once you get [email protected]¢k to that house aga!n.’

Matt’s said and f!nally opened th£ parcel left by Sly. ‘h£ doesn’t even know how to apologize properly. Arhh i was th!nk!ng it was Sly.’

‘Matt’s, th£re’s noth!ng b£tweeΠ Sly and I.’

‘Who apologizes for th¡s sort of mess with a travel ticket, I bet it’s only a man like your husband.’ Matt’s murmured and [email protected] th£ envelope over to Kate who j√$t stared.

‘Okay Matts, you’ve won th¡s argument, maybe I’m stupid to th!nk of my kids !n th£ middle of all th£se but please don’t end our friendship j√$t like that. Besides wh£n I leave to anoth£r man, what guarantee do I have its go!ng to end well and h£ is your broth£r.’

‘h£’s not my broth£r anym©r£.’ Matt’s muttered with©vt remorse.

‘I feel I came !n b£tweeΠ you two. Please fix it and I promise to let you give those weird names to my kids.’

‘Haa! Someone is brib!ng me h£re; no way I’m go!ng to [email protected]|| for that lie Katie.’

‘Please Matts! Th!nk ab©vt it th¡s way, Drake ch£ated on you with me….’

‘I beg of you, don’t br!ng my man !nto th¡s. I don’t want to sleep tonight hav!ng nightmares ab©vt you and Drake.’

Matt’s !nterrupted before Kate could work h£r humor magic.

‘So, would you th!nk ab©vt it.’ Kate murmured ₱|@yfvlly.

‘If I get to name those cute ones, th£n I would try.’ Matts said smil!ng.

‘Are th£y cute, do th£y have my nose and my eyes?’

‘Katie th£re is noth!ng !nterest!ng ab©vt your nose and eyes.’ Matts t£@$ed.

j√$t th£n th£ door opened s1©wly. Nectar came !n and quickly turned @r0vnd to leave. h£ was !nformed by Sly earlier Kate was asleep and h£ was j√$t com!ng to watch h£r sleep and go [email protected]¢k.

Matts who was fac!ng th£ door s!nce Kate has decided to face th£ oth£r end watch!ng th£ weath£r through th£ curta!ns called ©vt to h¡m before h£ could bounce [email protected]¢k.

‘And how long would you keep runn!ng away from your mess Sa!nt. You had better get your a$$ d©wΠ h£re before I hit you !n th£ face as your Dad did earlier.’

h£ paused for a while and retracted h¡s steps after a few seconds of f!nd!ng it difficult to decide.

‘I would leave th£ two of you alone,’ Matt’s said and Kate pleaded with h£r eyes. ‘Katie it’s your mess too, face it. I need to meet Drake ab©vt an hour ago but I’m still h£re.’

$h£ quickly ru$h£d off.


‘Do you plan to stand th£ wh0l£ day?’ Kate suddenly asked Nectar who was stand!ng all th¡s while but managed to ₱v|| th£ chair Matts vacated earlier closer to h£r b£d.

‘Okay I would speak first,’ Kate said while nectar nodded. ‘How is your face because i h£ard you got hit !n th£ face by your dad? Get some ice on it Nectar.’

‘And you s£nt Sly to deliver a parcel, what happened to you br!ng!ng it yourself and what does a plane ticket to Paris have to h£lp solve nectar? Who should I leave my barely a month-old kids I haven’t even seen or h£ld yet with and go cruis!ng with you to an unknown land.’

Nectar was still mute steal!ng glances.

‘Th¡s was one of th£ reasons why I keep call!ng you childish, I can’t be th!nk!ng for you all th£ time. If I need vacation, I can afford that myself and wh£n did you realize you haven’t done anyth!ng for me s!nce we got married but if you want to do someth!ng for me, do it right.’

Nectar was tempted to look up but h£ j√$t kept h¡s face d©wΠ aga!n.

Kate h¡ssed. ‘All you ever th!nk ab©vt is yourself, s£×, my loudness and why I met someone at a certa!n time. That was th£ foundation of our marriage. Nectar we can’t live that way.’

$h£ glared at h¡m and h£ still wasn’t ready to talk yet.

‘Have you ever thought ab©vt th£ fact that I need th£ s£× too, and how [email protected] it might have been for me, to see my life sl¡pp!ng away and yet enjoy myself?’

Kate figured h£ wasn’t go!ng to reply so $h£ cont!nued h£r rant!ng as $h£ had a lot to say.

‘To tell you th£ fact, I’m m©r£ of a s£× freak than you, so don’t ever make all th¡s ab©vt I don’t make time for us. Marriage is m©r£ than th£ s£×, and how much babies you can make, it’s also companionship. I must admit I got !nto th¡s with a wrong start but I was even m©r£ pleased at a po!nt I did married you, which I’m start!ng to regret now.’

Nectar took h¡s gaze off h£r now. Kate didn’t know h£ was watch!ng h£r earlier.

‘You see you can’t even look me !n th£ eye.’

Kate said fa!ntly. Nectar was embarra$$ed and !ndecisive at th£ same time. h£ keeps nodd!ng h¡s h£ad.

‘I also h£ard I have you to be grateful to as you made a mess of everyth!ng but redeemed yourself wh£n you saved me so I would give you one chance to tell me what you have on your m!nd.’

Th£re was silence for a while. Kate fidget!ng with h£r phone at th£ same time. $h£ stole a few glances towards Nectar whose face was d©wΠ !n h¡s palms.

h£ h£aved a sigh of relief that grabb£d Kate’s attention who was busy text!ng Matts.

‘You look unkempt, have you had any sleep at all and wh£n was th£ last time you took your bath?’

Kate asked aga!n j√$t to make a conversation. $h£ j√$t doesn’t know how to [email protected] th£ wh0l£ issue.

!n as much as $h£ hates th¡s man so much now, and wants to pounce on h¡m that very moment $h£ also understood h£ has suffered a lot for th£ past weeks.

$h£ would have wi$h£d to see h¡s reaction wh£n $h£ was sl¡pp!ng away. That would have best !nformed h£r f!nal decisions.

Stay!ng with th¡s man would rem!nd h¡s conscience every s!ngle day of h¡s life, what h£ put h£r through.

That’s enough punishment for h¡m, but anoth£r h£ll of a marriage for h£r. Kate thought silently.

“I would be hurt!ng myself too and our children.” $h£ was murmur!ng quietly. “Yes, our children! Can th£y survive with©vt a fath£r’s love? I know what that did to me.”

“And th£ tension that would be home, I don’t th!nk I want to let my children go through that.”

Nectar wasn’t sure if h£ should hold h£r !n h¡s arms and console h£r so h£ j√$t kept h¡s cool.

‘Why does my h£art b**t for h¡m even after all that I went through, I’m I stupid or a coward? Th¡s is no way to love.’ Kate kept th!nk!ng while star!ng at nectar who for a few seconds rested h¡s h£ad on Kate’s b£d.

‘Wh£re did I go wrong?’ $h£ practically cried with h£r words, try!ng so [email protected] to hide h£r emotions.

Nectar, raised h¡s h£ad s1©wly to meet h£r gaze wh£n h£ realized h£r tone was talk!ng for h£r now. Kate saw tears !n h¡s eyes and wondered why h£ was cry!ng.

‘What should your cries do for me? I want to h£ar you say someth!ng because you claimed I’m not a good listener and i’m ready to listen now.’

Kate was expect!ng h¡m to start talk!ng but h£ was still mute which was gett!ng on h£r nerves.

‘Nectar I have been talk!ng for th£ past five m!nutes now, h£lp me h£re.’ Kate said mak!ng to shake h¡m but decided aga!nst it.

‘If you are not ready to talk you can get ©vt of my sight and don’t come [email protected]¢k h£re look!ng like you j√$t buried your wife.’

h£ kept star!ng and every word failed h¡m. j√$t th£n Cath£r!ne walked !n.

‘Oh sorry, I would j√$t come [email protected]¢k later ….’

‘No mom, h£ was j√$t leav!ng.’ Kate replied h£r mom.

Nectar stood up and filed pa$$ Cath£r!ne.

‘Nectar go home, I would watch th£ kids for you. I realized you’ve been sleep!ng ©vtside th£ir ward lately.’

h£ smiled and walked ©vt.

‘What was that all ab©vt love?’ Kate’s mom asked settl!ng on th£ chair.

‘Mom I can’t do th¡s anym©r£, I want to be home with you.’ $h£ tried to raise h£rself up.

‘And your marriage?’ Cath£r!ne asked with worry.

‘It’s over, I have done th¡s several times, I would be f!ne.’ Kate said support!ng h£rself with th£ pillow.

“Except th¡s time, it’s different Kate.”

“How mom?”

‘You are married with children, and secondly you went !nto that marriage not because you loved h¡m but you endured to th£ po!nt you can’t even admit to yourself you are !n love now.’

Cath£r!ne advised hop!ng h£r daughter would j√$t listen to h£r.

‘I’m not !n love with Nectar, so I’m left with only one option my kids.’

‘Kate you can’t fool me, I’m your moth£r. I know wh£n you really love someone.’

‘Whatever.’ $h£ h¡ssed. ‘I still want to leave h¡m.’ Kate muttered not so sure.

‘You th!nk I would m!nd you leav!ng Nectar. I don’t but I’m not ready to nurse anoth£r broken h£art.’

‘Mom, what’s th£ po!nt wh£n h£ doesn’t even appreciate it but wants th!ngs done h¡s way. Like a while ago, h£ never said a word. I did all th£ talk!ng so tell me how I’m supposed to live with such a man.’ Kate asked.

‘I’m sure you kept runn!ng your m©vth and h£ felt bad.’ Cath£r!ne wh¡spered.

‘Is h£ supposed to feel good?’ $h£ h¡ssed.

‘You see what I’m talk!ng ab©vt, you talk as if your [email protected] were clean too but don’t forget you started all th£se.’

‘Are you support!ng Nectar now?’ Kate asked frown!ng.

‘Kate you didn’t give enough respect to your husband. I asked your Dad wh£re I went wrong with you last night; h£ could only tell me I pampered you too much.’

‘h£ said that! Gosh, h£ should die already so I have some peace.’

‘You see what j√$t came ©vt of your m©vth, guard your t0Πge Kate and you would have a happy home. As for what you decide f!nally, I would still support you.’ Cath£r!ne murmured with a sad tone.

‘I’m sorry Mom! It’s not as if I’m not listen!ng to you. I have but I j√$t don’t know how to punish Nectar.’

‘Punish? Does h£ deserve punishment?’

‘I don’t know but Mom, how do I start, h£lp me h£re because I wasn’t prepared for marriage. Dad ₱u$h£d me !nto it with©vt any groom!ng.’ Kate said with a relaxed tone now.

‘Talk to h¡m th£n, if you feel h£ was supposed to teach you how to [email protected] your marriage.

To be honest with you, nob©dy can teach you how to treat your husband, you need to learn that yourself.’ Cath£r!ne said smil!ng now.

‘That’s a trick, my airtime is not call!ng Dad.’ $h£ said smil!ng.

‘Well that’s up to you now. By th£ way, Wilson wants to talk to you and Stacy wh£n you recover.’

‘Is h£ writ!ng h¡s will. Well, tell h¡m I’m not !nterested so h£ can pa$$ everyth!ng to Stacy.’

‘You are so !ns£nsitive Kate. Forgiv!ng your Dad would have been a great start for you but you are so adamant. I don’t know how you would [email protected] h¡s death !n three months.’

‘h£ is dy!ng that soon.’ Kate j√$t had to ask th£ same question.

‘As if you ¢ar£ Kate. I have to go now; Stacy is com!ng home for d!nner.’ $h£ said and smiled.

‘I know you j√$t sidel!ned me but what time is th£ d!nner.’ Kate asked with a different expression.

‘Seven pm.’ $h£ mentioned quickly and fla$h£d h£r a smiled while on h£r way ©vt.

‘All th£ best th£n. I love you mom.’ $h£ wh¡spered and Cath£r!ne smiled and walked ©vt.

Kate $h£d tears for a few m!nutes and realized $h£ had to decide soon.


‘Drake, we haven’t known each oth£r for that long and it’s not right to marry you now. Besides I’m not even sure I’m pregnant yet. It’s j√$t a feel!ng.’

Matts told Drake who came to visit. ‘

‘I have that covered, why don’t you take th£ test.’ Drake said br!ng!ng ©vt th£ pregnancy test kit.

‘You bought th¡s yourself.’ Matts asked with shock on h£r face.

‘Yeah, is someth!ng wrong with that?’ h£ asked surprised.

‘No, I’m j√$t imag!ng how th£ pharmacist was star!ng at you.’

$h£ took th£ kit and went !nto h£r washroom with©vt anoth£r word. After a few m!nutes $h£ h£ard Drake knock!ng on th£ door.

‘Don’t come !n now Drake, I’m still unclad.’ $h£ sh©vted ©vt from th£ washroom.

‘Matts I’ve seen all that before, let me j√$t come !n.’

‘No, stay th£re.’ $h£ was say!ng wh£n a knock came on th£ ma!n door.

‘Matts, your broth£r is h£re.’ Drake yelled ©vt wh£n h£ figured ©vt it was Nectar.

‘Tell h¡m to go away, I would talk to h¡m wh£n I feel like it.’

Nectar upon h£ar!ng that j√$t turned away to h¡s room th£n Drake barged !n.

‘I told you not to come !n yet,’ $h£ tried to say while hold!ng up th£ strip to h¡s face.

‘Okay I’ve seen it, we are not hav!ng a baby but how long do you plan on treat!ng your broth£r that way.’

‘As long as i wish.’ $h£ replied.

‘I also knew ab©vt Pearls pregnancy, wh£n I !nformed you later on, you were not angry with me.’

‘Drake th£ difference is you didn’t sleep with Pearl.’

‘Yes, I understand but h£’s not look!ng too good and you need to be th£re for h¡m wh£n th!ngs [email protected]|| apart from Kate’s end.’

‘I’ve h£ard you. I would go and speak with h¡m now and wait for me h£re. $h£ said !n order not to make Drake angry.

Drake poked h£r nose and $h£ ru$h£d off.

‘I still want to marry you despite my !nability to score that goal.’ h£ yelled after h£r smil!ng.

$h£ ¢ar£fvlly opened th£ door while spy!ng th£ room. It felt different and unkempt and $h£ realized because Kate was abs£nt th£ wh0l£ time. Matt’s eyes were beg!nn!ng to get w€t so $h£ wiped it and th£n noticed Nectar was !n th£ washroom and had picked up clean cloth£s which had been dis₱|@yed on th£ b£d.

‘Nectar, are you go!ng somewh£re?’ Matts asked lean!ng aga!nst th£ door to h¡s bathroom wh£re h£ entered earlier to shower d©wΠ properly for th£ first time s!nce Kate was ru$h£d !n.

‘To spend some time with th£ boys.’ h£ replied.

‘How did your conversation end with Katie earlier?’

‘I don’t know Matilda and I’m f!ne with anyth!ng $h£ has planned for me because right now I j√$t want all th£se to b!0w over so I m©v£ on somehow.’

‘Do you want your marriage [email protected]¢k?’ $h£ sadly asked.

‘Matilda you know what I want but I’ve already hurt h£r enough so I want to let go.’

‘You are very stupid to want to let go!’

‘What would you have preferred I do? $h£ wouldn’t want me after everyth!ng I’ve done.’

‘Okay go ah£ad but for your !nformation that woman has f!nally [email protected]||en !n love with you and to tell h£r you want a divorce yourself would hurt h£r a lot m©r£.’

‘Okay Matilda, thank you!’

‘Don’t thank me yet Sa!nt because if you hurt h£r aga!n you would h£ar from me.’

‘Alright Sis,’ Nectar said and walked ©vt of th£ bathroom bump!ng !nto Matt’s by th£ door.

‘And th£re’s a d!nner at h£r house tonight. $h£ called ask!ng if i can h£lp with that.’

‘Okay!’ h£ said and started fix!ng h¡mself up.

‘Th£ oth£r shirt looks better with th£ jeans.’ Matts said and h£ nodded.

$h£ strolled ©vt and Nectar smiled at th£ same time tried to reh£arse h¡s speech.


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