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Nora batch 4




she needed someone to comfort her just the same way Freddie did to Lynn,she sighed heavily and immediately her tears disappeared and she ran outside
After break, everyone came back to continue the day work in class and Nora seemed to be lost in deep thoughts which only Freddie noticed,during closing hour, students troops out individually and in troops talking one or two things,why Freddie could be seen talking to Lynn at the back of the class telling her to always be careful and Lynn appreciate his kind effort,Nora who went out walked in the class and packed her books in her bag and glance at Freddie and Lynn,Freddie removed his neckless and wore it on Lynn neck, ..”but I thought u never take it off and beside u need it,” Lynn tell Freddie but freddie shook his head and said ”u need it more than I do,” Freddie said.
”thank u”,Lynn muttered slowly and smiled while Freddie reciprocated and nod his head, ”u have to go now,I will see u tomorrow”,Freddie said while Lynn nod and carried her bag to go,Freddie called her and hug her warmly,and Lynn was surprised and happy more than happy,Nora who saw the hug and everything became angry but stayed quiet,Freddie carried his bag and walked out but Nora stopped him and said ”u know freddie,u just made the worst mistake of ur life by giving Lynn ur neckless,ur protection and now u will be more easier to kill,” Nora said devilishly while freddie smiled handsomely and said ”pls do,I will like to see u try it,” Freddie said and walked away, Nora gritted her teeth together feeling angry, why will Freddie hand over his neckless to that good for nothing human girl or does he have feeling for that Lynn,the thought of that made Nora so angry that all the chairs started shaking and the window glass broke into pieces.


Freddie got home that afternoon feeling a bit stressed,he drank some bottle of chilled water,he began to think about Nora and her set of devilish plan,he couldn’t believe Nora could be so heartless,.. meanwhile Lynn sat on her bed,she kept touching the neckless,she couldn’t believe Freddie could ever talk to her neither could he hand over his neckless to her,she felt happy but worried,wat if anything bad happens to freddie,Freddie the love of her life,the guy she stare at everyday at school,the guy she send love letter to and he will throw it away,that is the same guy that handed over his protective neckless to her and still hugged her,she bit her lips playfully and say in her mind ”i love u so much Freddie,”.
Freddie could be seen in his room lying on his bed,staring at the ceiling,he is hundred percent sure that Nora is going to try something tonight and he is ready to face it,he knows Lynn is already protected,he just pray Lynn doesn’t take the neckless off, …9:55pm Nora could be seen spacing out in her room, an old woman watched her as she moved, ”nora just do it”,the old woman cautioned ”i know granny I am just thinking,”Nora said breathless,her hair was now red in colour and she looks more beautiful from the candle light that lit the room, ”ur mother sent u away from backing down,just do it ok,just kill the boy,”the old woman persuaded (the old woman is a witch who takes care of Nora on earth and she treats her like her own,but she can be very deadly).
”i can’t kill Freddie,”Nora said.
”why can’t u kill Freddie,but u said he is not with the neckless u said the neckless is with a girl,”the old woman said while Nora nodded and sighed ”i want to but I can’t kill Freddie,I want to use another person in place of Freddie,”Nora flinched, ”look nora am not a mermaid and I know u can’t change him because u have his name written down already,dont u want to rule over everything,”the old woman said.


or don’t u want to rule over everything,”the old woman said while Nora slowly sat down and her hair turn black again ”i don’t know what is wrong with me I never back down in anything but I feel awkward around Freddie,” Nora said while the old woman laughed and said ”i can’t believe u,but I know wat exactly is wrong with u,” ”u do,”Nora said sounding strange ”yes dear,is because u re in love with freddie, the old woman yelled sounding angry, ”love”,wat is even the meaning of that,”Nora backfire standing up and her hair turned red, ”well just know granny,that am not killing Freddie and don’t asked me why,”Nora added while the old woman smiled and said ”suit urself”,and then she disappeared,..Nora stared at one of the candle and said ”love”, she sighted and brought out one of her special mirror,she lay it beside her and close her eyes, she gulped and waited patiently to be connected to Freddie to know wat he is thinking at that moment,finally she got connected to him and she listen carefully as his minds says,
*Nora is up to something*I must stay awake*she is doing something even now*thank God Lynn is protected,’hearing the name Lynn Nora angrily opened her eyes with jealousy, ”why does he care about that girl Lynn,I must get rid of Lynn,I must kill her,” ..Freddie waited all night but nothing happened,the next morning in school Lynn happily walked in the class and met Freddie,the both exchange s smiles and Freddie asked ”how was ur night? ”it was great and your?Lynn said ”better than I thought”,Freddie said timidly and they both laughed,Nora who walked in sighted them and became angry and jealousy,she cast a spell on Lynn but it didn’t work,”d–n that neckless,”she thought and turn her gaze to freddie but Freddie and Lynn didn’t notice her,she got her mind connected to Freddie and she said to him through their minds, ”leave Lynn alone or I will hurt u and her,”Freddie moved back suddenly.

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”leave Lynn alone or I will hurt u and her,”freddie moved back suddenly and lynn asked ”wat happened”, ”i..I..don’t know,I heard her voice in my head,” Freddie said ”her voice..who? Lynn asked and immediately they both turned and sighted Nora by the door looking so amazingly beautiful,her lips were more glossy and red, ”stay here”, Freddie said to Lynn and walked up to Nora,Lynn bit her lips angrily hating Nora more and more, ”wat do u want again this time,”Freddie said as he got closer to Nora but Nora kept quiet,so Freddie added ”cant u just leave me alone,I am begging u leave me alone pls,why me! Freddie said bravely while Lynn looked at them like she wanted to smack someone, ”i..i..”,Nora didn’t complete her words when she grabbed Freddie by the neck and kissed him,Freddie surprisingly pulled away from the kiss breathing heavily,Lynn opened her mouth in astonishment,Nora was also surprised by her act,she gasped and moved back ”what the hell did u just do huh,”Freddie yelled.
”i am sorry,”Nora said sounding strange and then she ran outside Lynn immediately walked up to freddie and said ”are u ok,”and placed her hands on Freddie cheeks ”i am fine it was just a kiss,”Freddie said and removed her hands from his face and walked up to his seat, ”but Nora is not human,wat would have happened”,Lynn said as Freddie sat down, ”i don’t know”,Freddie replied sighing,wat just happen, Freddie thought,the kiss kept playing in his head over and over


The kiss kept playing in his head over and over again,he just couldn’t believe it,and Lynn just couldn’t control her anger, ”how can that witch or whatever she is kiss my freddie,”Lynn said to herself, ”what just happened there,”Nora thought to herself pacing out behind the school
building,*wat was I thinking *why the hell did I kiss freddie *or is granny right about it when she says I love him*but wat the hell is this love anyway,”Nora thought all this within herself, she suddenly became extremely worried about the kiss and suddenly her hair turned red,a boy passing saw her and said, ”whoa ur hair just turned red,” the boy yanked, ”and wat is it to u,”Nora asked eyeing him, ”it crazy,how did u do that,wait till I tell my friends and the social media,”the boy said and Nora cast a spell on him and the boy stop talking and walked away, Nora breath a sign of relief,she has never been in her life before until now, ”should I appologise to Freddie,”she thought and swallow hard*maybe if I apologise to him he is going to hear me out and forgive me*she thought feeling irritated by the thought of appologizing to someone,..she has never done it before except to her mother,she calm down breathing slowly and her hair turned black again,as she was about to walk away to the class,she heard her name behind her,and when she turned it was Lynn,her heart suddenly skipped seeing the numbania neckless around her neck, ”wat do u want,”Nora asked with her voice shaking real bad, ”u good for nothing in human,how dare u kiss freddie,ur lips re to be no where near him again,”Lynn said and Nora feelings got hurt, ”i would never hurt Freddie,”she said not knowing when the words came out of her beautiful lips,she suddenly gasped at her outstanding promise and Lynn laughed, ”save it Nora,u killed Chad,and wat is holding u from killing freddie huh,”Lynn poured out, Nora was a bit surprised Lynn knows about Chad stuff and all.


Nora was a bit surprised Lynn knows about that Chad stuff and all but she mostly didn’t care.
”chad isn’t dead yet,so don’t doubt me,”Nora said angrily, before Lynn could say another word Nora disappeared from her sight and Lynn angrily walked away,…Freddie sat alone in the class,his elbow on his desk and his palm on his forehead,he remembered Chad and how Chad would have given him clue on all this stuff,the thought of that and no Chad made him rip the book in front of him,a single tears dropped from his right eye and he immediately clean it not wanting to be seen that way, slowly Nora walked inside the class glowing,but a worried expression was glued to her face she walked up to her seat and sat down,she breathed slowly and then carefully turned to Freddie, ”freddie I am,” ”dont u dare call my name,”Freddie said before she could finish her words, ”but I just wanted to say am sorry for the kiss,”Nora said while freddie huffed ”the kiss, am not mad about the kiss am mad because of my friend Chad, how can u not have a heart,u re not human why can’t u just leave we human alone to leave on our own,I begged u dearly and even gave up my neckless then,just for u to make my friend come back,but wat did u do,u ignored my pleading and u even wanted to kill me,well u know wat Nora, my parents will be glad to hear me dead,just kill me ok since ur heart is made of woods,”Freddie said angrily, ”but I am sorry,” Nora said and her eyes suddenly turned blue,a very bright blue which seem very beautiful as blue water gently came out of her eyes streaming down her cheeks,even her tears are beautiful,Freddie thought but shook the thought off and said ”keep the sorry to urself,”and then he stood up and walked away,Nora was heartbroken she touch her cheek and felt her eyes w€t ”wat am I doing,”she thought,..for her seventeen years of life she hasn’t cried for anyone,but why Freddie.


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